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Mattresses could be interesting. Lots of kinds. Different constructions and plenty of deals. Its confusing at times, most of the times if you ask me . but then its interesting

Vi-Spring mattress review Vs Saatva Mattresses

Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

ViSpring Mattress Review

ViSpring Mattress is of the royal brands in the mattress world. Comfort and quality are the main virtues of Vi-spring that makes it popular among the masses. Vi-Spring mattress is a perfectly designed handmade mattress that will astonish you with its style, quality, and profound comfort. A guaranteed satisfaction! Created out of selected materials of the highest grade the ViSpring mattresses is a combination of quality and luxury. The people who work behind the making of Vi-Spring mattresses are well trained and experienced in the art of making mattresses. Their efforts and experience together result in the production of the finest mattresses in quality and durability making them unique! Every small point is taken care of. Vi-spring mattresses will change your life!

Vi-Spring mattress makers are nature lovers and are well aware of the benefits of using natural materials. That is the reason, they chose natural material to make their mattresses. Materials that are obtained naturally like raw silk, springy horsetail, warm cashmere, supple bamboo and strong coir are used by Vispring. Vispring keeps the glue and synthetic foam away from its mattresses, to maintain the natural composition of its mattresses intact.

Vispring is the pioneer of the pocket spring mattresses. They developed it in 1901. The company has a century of experience and knowledge in the field of mattress making and this can be seen in the quality of the product they offer to their customer and the way they treat their customer.

The mattresses offered by VIspring are

The Masterpiece Superb Review: The Masterpiece mattresses like its name is a masterpiece. The fillings in this masterpiece are hand filled. A combination of Shetland wool, cashmere, alpaca, European long stranded horsetail, bamboo, and cotton is used in the mattress. The sides of the mattress are hand-stitched (5 rows of stitching which takes almost six hours when done with hands), but when you will look at the mattress you will be astonished by the beauty with which it has been done!

The Signatory Superb: the Signatory mattress leaves a signature of it on your life that will change your life for good. 50mm in diameter vanadium wire spring (2 layers) are used in the mattress. The upholstery consists of cashmere, real Shetland wool, and horsetail. These together form a comfortable bedding for the mattress.

The Sublime Superb: These are simply superb! Vanadium wire spring when sewn into calico pockets and then made into a honeycomb nested unit. The sides of the mattresses are hand stitched. The mattress is filled with wool of two different types (Shetland wool and British fleece wool), silk, horsetail, and mohair. The mattress is highly comfortable and is great to rest on.

The Shetland Superb: This mattress consists of 2 layers of 2.35 inches in diameter vanadium wire spring. These springs are sewn into individual calico pockets and developed into a honeycomb nested structure. Mainly Shetland wool and British fleece wool has been used in the mattress and the final touches to the mattress are given with a cover made of worsted wool fabric and woolen tufts.

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The Classic Superb: Superbly classic, this mattress is awesome in look and feel! Horsehair is very skilfully laid into the mattress using age-old upholstery technique. Like every other Vi-spring mattress this mattress also consists of Vanadium springs, the difference is only in the diameter of the spring. It is greatly supportive and highly comfortable!



The Regal Superb: Like its name, this mattress provides a magnificent sleeping experience to its users. Made of horsetail and British fleece wool in balanced proportions, this gives the mattress a perfect blend of springiness and softness. The user will get the proper support that will help the user to get a great night’s sleep.

The Coronet: Again the Vanadium spring and the British wool & cotton, these trios create a magical sleeping space that will cradle the user into undisturbed sound sleep. The mattress offers superb support and contour easily to the body shape.

The Elite mattress review: You will be delighted to have this mattress. This mattress offers extra comfort and support which will make your body feel like it is floating. The Vanadium wire springs topped with thick layers of British fleece wool and cotton offers unmatchable comfort.

Tiara Superb: This is a traditional mattress from Vispring. It uses pure natural materials which are very deep layered to give a very soft and comfortable feel. The mattress can adapt well to different sleep patterns of partners.

ViSpring Mattress Price:

All mattresses are priced on the higher side since they are luxury brands and make use of only good quality natural materials. Prices differ according to the brands.

The lifespan of the mattresses:

Once you shake hands with Vispring mattresses, then it’s a lifelong friendship that you have created. All Vispring mattresses have a lifetime warranty. Once the guarantee has been signed, the mattresses can either be repaired or replaced depending on the damage. The user has to contact the store from where the mattress was purchased.(But, there are terms and condition).

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Unmatched quality, excellent customer satisfaction, absolutely organic products are few of the key features that make SOL Organics a class apart. For those who are looking for eco-friendly comfort beddings, SOL Organix is the best bet.

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The Name is Rajeev. I go by a lot of pseudo names because I just like to have fun. Like Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a Name?” or was is Shakespeare? I love to read. Mostly fiction. I am probably the most unromantic person you could ever meet. Loner, Claustrophobic and often mute! I love to sit on my porch, read a book while it’s raining. I live in a farm surrounded by creatures and my best friend is a dog named Happy.  I have worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years. I have been writing a book since the past 6 which i doubt will be complete anywhere in this century! I love to design websites and fantasize being a Hacker or nerd!

Best mattress for good sleep – Saatva mattress

Saatva Mattress

When you lie down on your comfortable mattress that gives support and rest to your body, you feel relaxed and are able to doze off easily. Sleep is like the ship that takes you away from the shores of stress and chaos.

‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything’ – How does Saatva practice these facts? The Saatva reviews will make you realize that it is the best mattress for a good and long sleep.
When was the last time that you had a great good night’s sleep? Don’t remember? Don’t worry. That is the case with most of the people these days. The chaos that surrounds you the whole day, the stress, the tension, everything affects your physical and mental state, but at night if you have a good mattress that can offer you good sleep, then the next morning you get up with enough fuel (energy) in your body, that will give you the kick to handle the rest of the day’s issues efficiently. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates you and helps your mind to be in a state of balance. But then for a good night’s sleep, the main ingredient is a good mattress, without which a good night’s sleep is something that you can only just dream of. In the market today, you will find innumerable types of mattresses, but the one with quality and affordability are rare. So, when it comes to the best mattress for good sleep, what can be the option better that Saatva mattresses? Saatva, not by its words but, by its actions showed that high-quality mattresses can be made at a low price.

When you lie down on your comfortable mattress that gives support and rest to your body, you just feel relaxed and are able to doze off easily. Sleep is like the ship that takes you away from the shores of stress and chaos. Saatva has created its mattress in a way that it offers a luxurious experience and a great night sleep making the user fall in love with it.

What makes Saatva the best mattress for good sleep? It is its efficiency in providing a sleep experience that is so high in comfort and rest that it awakes the sleeping energy of the user!

The best features of Saatva

  • The coil-on-coil structure: The coil-on-coil structure which consists of a base wherein hourglass-shaped coils are connected together to create a base and on top of that individually pocketed coils are placed. This is an innerspring mattress design that you will find in only luxury hotel beds. The steel used is oven baked (recycled).
  • The bio-based foam: As a part of Saatva’s green initiative, it uses only bio-based foam in its mattresses. The foam is certified by CertiPur as safe and consisting of low VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). The bio-based foam is not infused with any type of chemicals.
  • The smooth cotton cover: The materials of the mattress is covered with a cotton cover. The cotton used is 100% organic and is prepared using hypoallergenic fiber. So the problem of allergies will not be faced with Saatva mattresses.
  • Natural fire retardant: the fire retardant used in the mattress is ‘natural thistle barrier’. The fire retardant mainly consists of pulp from wood and a small amount of polyester.
  • Free of chemicals: Saatva wants its product to be safe for use for its customers and it does not want its mattress to be a cause of health trouble. So, it does not use chemicals in its mattresses.
  • High in comfort: The individual pocketed coils with and the seasoning of foam encasement is a perfect combination that can offer your body with great comfort and rest. The mattress easily changes its shape to support the body’s shape. When the mattress molds easily to the body’s shape, the body’s pressure points get relief and this characteristic of the mattress also helps the body to maintains its alignment.

    Avocado Mattress is good for the heavier people, made with the advanced support system featuring long-term durability. All in all, it can give you a nice foam feel and you will never get suck in this mattress. Read off the features for more…

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    Helix Sleep does not offer the “one-size-fits-all” mattresses. The company is the first online brand that offers a variety of mattress options for different types of sleeping preferences. Learn more about Helix Mattress here.

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  • Patented Spinal Zone technology: The Spinal Zone technology used in the mattress makes the mattress perfect for back problems. The spinal region in the mattress that is the area on the mattress where the spinal part of the body rests is made more supportive and comfortable so that the user gets proper spinal support and the spinal region does not get pressurized. Improper alignment of the spinal region can cause severe lower back pain and may prove dangerous in the long run.
  • Breathable: The mattress is constructed in a way that air can easily travel inside the mattress. A breathable mattress is a live mattress! Proper air ventilation inside the mattress protects the mattress from the night perspiration. A damp mattress can be very uncomfortable to sleep on and will affect the quality of sleep. And moreover, dampness invites molds and fungii.
  • Low in price: Saatva offers its mattresses at the best possible lowest price. It offers its luxurious queen size mattress at just $899, whereas if you search for such excellent quality mattress with such a wonderful design it will easily exceed $2000.

With Saatva mattresses you can be sure that your sleeping hours will be restful and comfortable. Great in feel, design, and price, Saatva mattresses are the best mattresses for good sleep, no doubts.

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The Name is Rajeev. I go by a lot of pseudo names because I just like to have fun. Like Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a Name?” or was is Shakespeare? I love to read. Mostly fiction. I am probably the most unromantic person you could ever meet. Loner, Claustrophobic and often mute! I love to sit on my porch, read a book while it’s raining. I live in a farm surrounded by creatures and my best friend is a dog named Happy.  I have worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years. I have been writing a book since the past 6 which i doubt will be complete anywhere in this century! I love to design websites and fantasize being a Hacker or nerd!

Best Mattress Online – Saatva Reviews

Saatva Mattress

The online market is like a vast shopping sea inside which the options are simply indefinite! When it comes to mattresses, it becomes very difficult to decide which one is the best and which to go for! Here the reviews come to the rescue! After going through various reviews on mattresses, the one which caught the attention was the Saatva reviews. Good, awesome, will recommend it to my friends, is the best etc were the remarks given by the users in the Saatva reviews, every customer was simply happy! Saatva reviews prove the mattress to be ‘the best mattress online’! And why would it not be? The price at which it offers a luxurious mattress is simply commendable. Now many WHY’s? and WHAT’s? Might be coming into your mind, give a halt to your skeptical run and Let’s get to know what makes Saatva ‘The best mattress online!’

The Saatva Mattress in Detail

A mattress is rated mainly according to the comfort it provides. If a mattress is expensive but provides great comfort, then the owner may not regret spending his hard earned money. Price does play a role but then comfort tops the list! Saatva offers great quality comfort, actually luxurious quality comfort to be precise at an affordable price. Saatva mattresses are awesome in the feel, luxurious in their look and cheap in terms of price (cheap as compared to other luxurious quality mattresses!). Now here a ‘HOW’ pops up! How is this possible? Let us have a step by step look into what exactly Saatva is, and in the process, you will get the answers to all your ‘WHY’s’, ‘HOW’s’ & ‘WHAT’s’!

Saatva PRICE

The meaning of the word SAATVA is ‘Truth’ and the company like its name tells every truth about its product. It is very transparent about its transaction and every other detail. It wants its customers to hold no doubt about the company or its product. Saatva has clearly stated the truth about its ‘high quality low priced product’ on its website. No one opens a business for charity purpose and Saatva is no exception, but what sets Saatva apart from other business-profit driven companies is that it along with its profit thinks about the welfare of its customers. (But yes Satava does indulge in a lot of charity works, whenever its fellowmen need its help, Saatva’s helping hand is always present for the service. One of its works include the donation of its 50 luxurious mattresses to the ‘Sandy’ hit victims.)

Why is Saatva mattress cheap? Or how is Saatva offering a luxurious mattress at an affordable price?- because of no physical store, no middlemen and no unnecessary expenditure on advertisements.

Saatva does not exist in a physical store state. It is an online business and it consists of only online stores. The Saving process starts from here. Imagine there are multiple physical stores, each store will need multiple employees, a salesperson, an accountant, cleaning staff etc. Now salary will have to be given to all these people. Then there is electricity bill, rent of the place etc all these are expenses, expenses that Saatva saves! No physical store, no employees that means no salary, no electricity bill and no such kind of extra expenses which a company with physical store has to incur. These expenses are also one of the reasons for a product’s expensive price.

No middlemen, No middlemen commission!! Saatva doesn’t use middlemen to reach its users, it doesn’t believe it needs a mediator between itself and its customers. All the dealings are between the manufacturer and the customer. The customer also finds it very comfortable not to have to go through a second person to reach the company. This has two benefits. Saatva does not have to spend from its pocket for the middlemen commission and the direct interaction will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.

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Saatva does not use expensive advertisements to promote its products. It follows the verbal advertisement technique. The people who use Saatva are sure to recommend it to their near and dear ones. Saatva speaks through its product. Saatva save the expenses from the advertisement sector also.

All these savings that Saatva is incurring is reflected in the price of the product. Setting up a physical store, then its maintenance, then the salary of the employees, bills, middlemen, commission, advertising charges everything adds up the total price of a product. Business people in order to get profit, double the price of a product, whereas, in reality, the real price of the product might be half of the selling price. Reaping profits by cheating the customers by selling a cheap quality product at a high price is not what Saatva believes in. Saatva saves its expenses and helps the customers to save theirs! Saatva is America’s Best priced mattress.

Saatva Sleep Quality & Comfort

Saatva offers exceptional quality sleep. It is soft at the same time supportive. Saatva mattresses contours easily to the body’s shape and helps the body to get a restful sleep. The quality of the sleep Saatva mattress offers can be described in three words:- sound, restful and peaceful. A sound and restful sleep will refresh you and will give you the energy to deal with the day with a positive attitude. A restless, disturbed sleep has a very negative impact on your personal and professional life. If your mattress fails to provide comfort to you then a good night sleep will become a distant dream and insomnia a close reality. With Saatva mattresses sleepless nights will be gone like the wind. You will not get up in the morning with an aching back and sprained neck.

Saatva mattresses have been made in such a way that the mattress provides a soft touch with a supportive base to the pressure points of the body. Too much pressure on the pressure points causes pain in the body since Saatva mattresses easily contour, the pressure points get a lot of relief and are able to rest. Saatva has given special attention to the lumbar area of the mattress. This area is where your torso region rests, your lumbar area of the body is a part of the torso region and one of the important and delicate parts. If this region does not get the proper support and comfort then it results in back pain, sometimes of a severe type. The middle portion of the mattress is given an additional padding so as to provide extra comfort and support to the lumbar area. So when you are sleeping on Saatva mattress, you will never have to worry about back pain or ache.

Saatva Mattress’s Construction

Saatva mattresses are handcrafted in the USA by experienced and talented craftsmen. They are constructed using the coil-on-coil technology. The base layer is made of Bonnell coils and is in the hourglass connected shape. On the top portion of the mattress is prepared using pocketed coils that are wrapped in bio-based foam. Saatva has incorporated the patented ‘Spinal zone’ sleep technology in its mattresses. The edges are also encased in foam to make the edges more supportive and soft. The dual edge support system used in the mattress prevents the edges from sagging and offer extra sleeping space. The mattress is covered in organic cotton fabric.

Saatva’s structure in a nutshell

  • The top layer of the mattress consists of individually pocketed coils encased in foam.
  • Bottom base is prepared out of Bonnell coils designed in an hourglass structure.
  • The upholstery is of bio-based foam.
  • Lumbar region padded with extra layers of bio-based foam.
  • All these are covered in a 100 percent organic cotton cover.

Materials used in Saatva mattress

  • Saatva uses eco-friendly materials in its mattresses so as to make them safe for humans as well as for the environment.
  • Recycled coils
  • Bio-based foam
  • Natural fire retardant – plant thistle
  • Natural covering – 100% organic cotton
  • Saatva is not 100% organic but is safe. It has got certification from various highly reputed organizations.
  • Options at Saatva
  • Saatva offers only three best options:
  • Plush Saatva mattress
  • Luxury firm Saatva mattress
  • Firm Saatva mattresses


NO discount, please! Saatva does not give a discount on its mattresses. So, no matter which time of the year you decide to buy a Saatva mattress, you will get it at the same price. Saatva mattresses price is same for every customer, no partiality here friends!

Customer Service

Saatva treats its customers like kings! Saatva’s customer care executives are highly efficient and knowledgeable. Every question of yours, every doubt of yours will be answered and cleared. Saatva customer executives inform you not manipulate you! They will clearly make you understand what the mattress is, every specification of the mattress. The customer care service has got a 4 star from its users!

Return policy & Trial offering & Warranty

Along with a 45-day trial offer, Saatva mattresses come with a 15-year warranty. According to the 45-day trial policy, you can return the product without any problem, if you find the mattress to be unsuitable for you. But you should try the mattress at least for 30 before drawing any conclusion. The 45 day trial period starts from the date of delivery.

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The Name is Rajeev. I go by a lot of pseudo names because I just like to have fun. Like Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a Name?” or was is Shakespeare? I love to read. Mostly fiction. I am probably the most unromantic person you could ever meet. Loner, Claustrophobic and often mute! I love to sit on my porch, read a book while it’s raining. I live in a farm surrounded by creatures and my best friend is a dog named Happy.  I have worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years. I have been writing a book since the past 6 which i doubt will be complete anywhere in this century! I love to design websites and fantasize being a Hacker or nerd!

Saatva Luxury Mattress

About Saatva Luxury Mattress & its Reviews

The simple and smart place to purchase your sleeping comfort mattress is from Saatva. Saatva Luxury Mattress is ultra premium, best priced, eco-friendly and exclusively sold online only. This mattress is build to offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability. Saatva Luxury Mattress is handcrafted and a made in USA product.

Saatva Mattress

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Saatva Mattress Features

Saatva Luxury Mattress uniquely combines the top 5 features found in very premium bedding. All unique features are handcrafted into one perfect and reasonably priced luxury mattress.

  • Steel coil base support system – Saatva Luxury Mattress is built with a distinctly superior quality feature called ‘coil on coil’ construction. The lower coil unit of the mattress is built with a tempered steel support lower coil. This base has a support from the connected hourglass shaped steel base. This makes the saatva luxury mattress durable and sustain for long period of time while offering the best design to prevent sagging.
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils – The top coil unit contains a lavish individually wrapped coil system that contours and response perfectly to the movements of your body by eliminating major motions. Each of the individually wrapped coils is separate to make sure that the rest of the bed is not getting disturbed by the movement of surrounding coils. Also, note that all Saatva coil units are tempered three times and oven baked to offer you the best final product.
  • Dual Perimeter Edge Support System – Foam enclosed with an anti-sag edge support to offer enhanced durability and more sleep surface. The Saatva luxury Mattress uses a Dual Perimeter Edge Support System. The upper comfort coils are foam covered. This kind of quality can be offered only in the most durable and best mattresses.
  • Lumbar support enhancement – The mattress contains a high-quality memory foam layer to support your lumber region of the body. This provides an added pressure relief by helping to reduce stress and tension from the lower back.
  • Organic cotton cover and euro pillow top – Unlike most regular pillow tops, the euro pillow top in this luxury mattress offers more soft and cushioning material. These materials are inserted beneath the outer cover of the mattress to offer neat and clean appearance. Regular pillow tops which are sewed on the top of a bed are likely to shift and change shape.

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This luxurious construction combined with the advanced euro pillow top is generally found only in premium category mattresses, costing more than $2,000, but saatva offers this quality at almost half this price. Saatva Luxury Mattress is made to last for nearly 10 – 15 years. Over time, this mattress will continue to perform consistently well. The standard premier luxury mattress is 14 1/2″, however, it can also be custom made slim to 11 1/2″. The foundation of the bed is available in two thicknesses such as Standard 8″ and 4″ Low Profile. Ensure that the change in size will not alter the feel the mattress offers.[/restab]
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Types of Saatva Mattresses

For having a peaceful sleep and reducing stress while sleeping, saatva offers you with the three varieties of mattresses for you to choose from. Saatva luxury Mattress comfort level is scaled from 1 to 10, 1 being extremely soft/ minimal support and 10 is extremely hard/ table top. For people willing to have a comfort level 1-2 or 9-10 then saatva mattresses are not the right products for you as the saatva comfort level ranges from 3 to 8 only. The three types of mattress offered by saatva are:

Saatva Plush Soft: If you are a kind of sleepers who want to sleep hugging the mattress then Plush Soft comfort level is the product for you. It contains individually wrapped coils layer with soft and conforming foams to build a mattress that hugs your body while you are busy sleeping. The main idea behind making this mattress is to provide just the right firmness to ensure you don’t sink in too much and match perfectly to your unique body. Comfort level of Plush Soft is 3. This mattress must be selected by people who:

  • Prefers soft mattress
  • Usually sleeps on the side or sometimes back
  • Like to feel surrounded in bed and between linens
  • Having trouble with arms falling asleep

Saatva Luxury Firm: Saatva Luxury Firm offers a flagship comfort level ranging 5 to 7. This is the standard comfort level used by several finest hotels all over the world. It offers just the right balance of cushion firm and contouring support ensuring to give you great night sleep. This also assures proper spinal alignment with the premium foam cushion layers giving you the ultimate and most comfortable sleeping experience. This medium firm comfort level is helpful if you sleep on your side, back or stomach. It is not very hard or very soft, offering the perfect comfort level which is usually the number one rated amongst the buyers. Saatva Luxury Firm is must buy if you:

  • Prefer sleeping on side, back or stomach.
  • Perfect for couples with different sleep needs
  • Prefer a not too firm and not too soft bed
  • Frequently change sleeping positions
  • Looking for the luxury hotel like experience daily at home.


Saatva Firm: Saatva Firm is for people who want firm but not too hard mattress. So Saatva Firm has a Comfort level of 8, allowing your body to float on it. The individually wrapped coils layer along with firmer and conforming foams is built on the mattress to allow your body to float on the mattress as you sleep. On lying down the mattress you will initially feel quick softness that is instantly followed by the firm support you desire. The central idea is to create a right firm balancing mattress that ensures you neither sinks in nor you feel like sleeping on a board. Choose saatva firm mattress if you:

  • The choice to sleep on back or stomach
  • Prefer a firm mattress
  • Prefer a mattress that allows you to float on top instead of sinking in
  • A health professional had recommended a firm mattress


Saatva luxury mattress is American handcrafted and hence, the height measurements may vary slightly.[/restab]
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Prices And Buying Offers on Saatva Mattress

The Saatva luxury mattress business model is distinct but simple to understand. They are the creator as well as the direct supplier of the products. Moreover, saatva luxury mattress is sold only online and there is no retail outlet for you to buy from. Its lower e-commerce cost structure gives an extraordinary competitive benefit of offering the products at lower prices.

Today, you will number of TV commercials as well as printed ads in the newspaper regarding sale or discounts such as 50% Off Sale, One Day Only Sale, Best Sale of the Year and many more on mattresses. In this way, they pretend to sell the best quality product at lowest price. But should you actually believe these? No, selling an item on discount which is going to already fetch profits is the intention behind these kinds of discount offers. What they do is increase the product price by 20% – 30% and offer you 15% discount.

This is because a mattress is a big ticket item and the only way a mattress store or departmental store can support their huge overhead cost is by getting you to spend more. All stores have to incur heavy overhead costs such as, rents, marketing and advertising expenses, staff and maintenance expenses and many more which are strategically levied on the consumers.

Unlike them, Saatva luxury mattress is available to you directly from the creators while eliminating middlemen and additional cost. This allows the company to sell the ultra-premium quality mattresses at affordable prices. Moreover, as these mattresses are reasonably priced there is no need for any coupon codes for discounts. You will find no coupon codes for saatva luxury mattress.

There are many reasons for you to buy Saatva luxury mattress:

  • 75 Day Home Trial, if the bed is unfit for you then return for a prompt and full refund of the purchase price minus the original delivery fee.
  • No penalty fees, pick-up fees or restocking fees
  • Warranty period of 15 years
  • Easy online ordering

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Customer Reviews – Saatva Luxury Mattress Reviews

Every customer reviews of the saatva luxury mattress are positive. Many customers are using the product for the number of years without any complaints. Furthermore, they stated after using saatva for several years, for any reason, sleeping on other mattresses simply hurt their backs and makes sleeping uncomfortable. In several of the Saatva Luxury Mattress reviews, the customers have stated that on arrival of Saatva they were simply thrilled to see the product quality.

Most of the customer reviews on the Saatva Luxury Mattress mentioned of using several branded mattress but their favorite is only Saatva. Saatva luxury mattress is an amazing product that almost all users thought they had found a forever mattress brand. In addition, it’s organic, coil on coil construction, 3 different comfort levels for firmness and quality, in general, makes Saatva luxury mattress a highly recommended product.

[restab title=”FAQ”]

Saatva Mattress Locations

Saatva mattress is an online store. There is no physical location to get the product. Saatva mattress return locations are available on the purchase of saatva mattresses

Saatva Mattress Reviews Sleep like the Dead

There are no current saatva mattress reviews on Sleep like the dead. The product has not been reviewed due to various reasons and we are yet to get a response from sleep like the dead website owners

Saatva Mattress Review 2014

The saatva mattress review for 2014 has been more positive on all products of the brand. Some of the products though, like the Memory foam Luxury mattress had complaints of sagging



Saatva Mattress Dealers

Saatva mattress is an online store with no dealers. Anyone claiming to be a saatva mattress dealer is often not licensed to sell the saatva mattress or is selling a fake product. Always purchase saatva mattress from the saatva mattress website

Saatva Mattress Reviews Consumer Reports

You can read Saatva mattress reviews and consumer reports on the Saatva website and better yet the BBB website. You will see genuine complaints (if any) from the bbb website which is second to none in the consumer world

Saatva Mattress Google Reviews

Google Does not review products. So if you are looking for saatva mattress google reviews, you will be out of luck. I recommend instead you check for consumer reviews or customer reviews.

Saatva Mattress Reviews yelp

Yelp has a range of reviews on Saatva mattress and they are surely unbiased. Some of the reviews are negative and you may want to go in detail on these complaints before you make your purchase. Yelp does indeed make a difference in the decision on making any purchase, not just saatva.

Saatva Mattress Topper

The Saatva mattress Topper is undoubtedly the Luxury memory foam mattress. This range of mattress has seen a great number of sales and raving reviews. The saatva topper, undoubtedly.

Saatva Mattress Amazon

Saatva mattress amazon seller is genuine. But you will find that the cost is a few dollars more. Saatva range too is far lesser on the Amazon site. The chance of people selling saatva products on Amazon is a bit confusing and its safer to purchase Saatva mattress from their site alone.

Can I Buy Saatva Mattress in Austin

Saatva Mattress in Austin. Yes Saatva Mattress is now delivered in Austin area with no extra cost.

Saatva Mattress Australia

At the moment Saatva mattress is Not in Australia and delivery options are not available. You can buy saatva mattress in the USA, but purchasing in Australia is still not possible

Saatva Mattress address

We couldn’t find the Saatva Mattress Address as they are not available on the website.

Saatva Mattress bad review

Yes there are some saatva mattress bad reviews. There have been complaints about the Sagging Saatva mattress since 2014 and it seems to be a complaint which is coming from a range of customers. The company has been notified about the problem and many customers have given a feedback which is positive after the issue was resolved.

Saatva Mattress Black Friday

The Black Friday saatva mattress deal lasted for over a week with special discounts. Unfortunately, black Friday is yet to come this year and we will notify of any discounts and Coupons available for The upcoming deals on Black Friday.


The Name is Rajeev. I go by a lot of pseudo names because I just like to have fun. Like Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a Name?” or was is Shakespeare? I love to read. Mostly fiction. I am probably the most unromantic person you could ever meet. Loner, Claustrophobic and often mute! I love to sit on my porch, read a book while it’s raining. I live in a farm surrounded by creatures and my best friend is a dog named Happy.  I have worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years. I have been writing a book since the past 6 which i doubt will be complete anywhere in this century! I love to design websites and fantasize being a Hacker or nerd!

Comparison Feature – Saatva Organic Mattress vs Other Organic Mattress

Is Saatva  Mattress an Organic Mattress?

Comparing an Organic and Memory Foam Mattress

Saatva mattresses have been in the news lately for gaining very positive responses from customers and popularity within a short period of time. Now the question that many have asked is, ’is Saatva a completely organic mattress?’ The answer is NO, Saatva mattresses are not 100 percent organic, but they partially are. When a comparison is made between an organic mattress and a memory foam mattress, the main difference that is noted is that the organic mattresses are safe and eco-friendly, whereas memory foam mattresses are not. In this case, the difference does not exist, as it is eco-friendly as well as safe. Yes, it is true it too has memory foam in it, but the memory foam of bio-based type. And on top of this, the bio-based foam used in the Saatva mattress is a certified one. The cover of Saatva mattress is prepared using 100% organic cotton and the steel used for coils is of recycled type. The flame retardant is prepared using natural thistle. So, the safe and eco-friendly difference vanishes completely.

The second difference between memory foam mattress and organic mattresses are, memory foam mattresses are more comfortable than organic mattresses. This is true to some extent. It actually depends upon which type of organic mattress is for comparison. If it is a latex mattress with Saatva mattress comparison, then Saatva mattress definitely ranks way higher than latex mattresses. But if it is cashmere wool or organic cotton or horsetail upholstery then Saatva mattress and the organic mattress both will be somewhere in the same level.

Planning to buy a mattress with your partner? Helix Sleep offers you made-to-order mattresses that will work for a couple with different sleeping style. Read on to know how it works.

Visit Helix Website

Live and Sleep is an online mattress company and has its office at Las vegas, Nevada. Since a single mattress type will not suit all users, there are three different types of mattressses offered by Live and Sleep

Visit Live & Sleep Website

The next comparison feature is durability. In the term of durability both Saatva mattresses and other organic mattresses like latex mattresses, wool mattresses etc. all showcase more than average performance. Sagging is a part of mattress life, and at some point or the other, a mattress is definitely going to sag. But how long can a mattress withstand the sagging period determines the strength of the mattress. Saatva mattresses have been very strong and so are latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are considered to be highly durable.

Then comes the pressure relief feature. Saatva wins on this feature completely! Saatva is simply awesome at relieving pressure when compared to other organic mattresses. The Saatva mattress contouring property allows the body to relax completely without body stress. The pressure points wipes out completely with Saatva mattresses, that is the support and comfort they offer.

Saatva Mattress

Durability, comfort, pressure point relieving and the safety are the main points of comparison. There are many more factors like price, look etc. but such comparisons can be done only when the comparison is between two brands, here we have only one brand Saatva. But if we talk about looks and quality, then Saatva is an elegant lady that can comes to you at an affordable price. Saatva mattresses are considered “America’s best priced mattresses”. You can get a luxurious queen size mattress for just about $899.

Saatva mattresses though not 100% organic like other organic mattresses, are safe and are available at the lowest price.

The Name is Rajeev. I go by a lot of pseudo names because I just like to have fun. Like Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a Name?” or was is Shakespeare? I love to read. Mostly fiction. I am probably the most unromantic person you could ever meet. Loner, Claustrophobic and often mute! I love to sit on my porch, read a book while it’s raining. I live in a farm surrounded by creatures and my best friend is a dog named Happy.  I have worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years. I have been writing a book since the past 6 which i doubt will be complete anywhere in this century! I love to design websites and fantasize being a Hacker or nerd!

Eight Sleep – Sleep Tracker Reviews

As much as we try to have the high-quality mattress and all the comfort we can get, it is still not easy to be blessed with a peaceful sleep. Eight Sleep is an innovative bed cover that is smart enough to keep track on all the factors that remotely connects you to get a good night’s sleep.

Eight Smart Mattress
Table of Contents

  • What is Eight Sleep?
  • Importance of Eight Sleep bed cover
  • Features of Eight Sleep bed cover
  • Eight Sleep Detection and Sensors
  • How does Eight Sleep work?
  • Sleep Eight bed cover size and price
  • Setting up the Eight Sleep cover
  • Eight Sleep referral program
  • Safety Instructions on using Eight Sleep
  • Frequently Asked Questions

I had a true wish to have something that can control anything that disturbs my sleep and let me enjoy the peaceful time I want to have. A sleep tracker is not well known. The era of technology does not stop to amaze anyone and has come up with a technology that incorporates all features into the bed cover. Finally, a bed cover that is smart enough to sense and control the environmental and physical factors, around the sleeper.

What Is Eight Sleep Tracker? / Eight Sleep Tracker Review

Eight Sleep is a bed cover that can fit over the mattress like a protective layer and stays firm under the bed sheets. This bed cover contains some sensors at the right areas that can catch the gist of the environmental and physical factors around the sleeper. These sensors adjust these factors for the convenience of the sleeper to let on the peaceful sleep.

Eight Sleep is capable of controlling over 15 factors. The sleeper can adjust them according to the taste and set it to maintain the desired environment. It is the same as a thermostat where you set the requirements and the device adjusting itself. Only here, the factors are not just one but many.

We can control and set all these factors over the mobile app. Mobile apps are the latest thing and Eight Sleep fully comply with it for the ease of use. The motto is to get the bedroom environment favorable to help you rest to the fullest.

Eight Sleep – Sleep Tracker

Importance Of Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

Sleep is no joke. Therefore it needs to have quality, must be adequate for the body to get the needed rest. Most importantly, it should have a specific time frame. Oversleeping and under sleeping are both dangerous.

Getting a comfortable mattress is a big part of quality sleep, but it is only a ‘part’ of the plan. There are other important factors that affect the sleep such as the room temperature, humidity, light in the room and the noise all play important roles in controlling the sleep. This is where you need the help of something like the Eight Sleep.

Eight Sleep Bed cover being smart lets you have control over these factors. It can control the bed temperature if the mattress feels cold; it can lower the room temperature by connecting to the room temperature control if that also has a remote control through smart devices.

Eight Sleep may not be the essential part of the bedding but it has a lot more importance than many other accessories on the bed. It works on electric power and has sensors to detect and respond when expected.

General - 300x50 - Buy Now

Features Of Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

  • Eight sleep mattress cover is a personalized bed cover to help you sleep better. Regardless of what the environment is, this bed cover can adjust the temperature, humidity, and other unfavorable factors and thus bring them under control.
  • This bed cover does not require you to wear any kind of device while you sleep. Once set, it can work independently.
  • It can analyze and record the environmental factors such as room temperature, humidity, the ambiance of the light, the noise level inside the room. It can also monitor the heart and breath rate, movements while sleeping, the bed temperature etc and adjust to make it favorable.
  • Eight Sleep is available with dual sides for couples. This can have separate control units for either side so as to let each partner get the needed sleep. Each side can be controlled independently.
  • Eight Sleep comes with a smart alarm to make you get up in time. It can also set the timer for the coffee machine. The bed cover has sensors and they sense the lightest sleep moment and sets off the alarm to wake you up without causing any annoyance. You just need to specify a 30-minute window where within the lightest moment is looked for.

Eight Sleep Tracker Connectivity with other devices

  • Eight Sleep is smart enough to connect with other smart devices in the home. If you have any device that can be remotely controlled, it could be connected to this smart app. It also lets you lock the door, make coffee in the morning by commanding the coffee machine, turn the lights off.
  • Eight sleep sensors can work its own, or can also be controlled with the help of Smart app. The smart app is available with iOS and also with Android.
  • Eight Sleep can sync with other third-party apps and record the sleep data. Hence it can be used with Apple’s Health Kit or with the Google Fit in android devices.
  • Eight Sleep fits over all types of mattresses as long as it is the right size.
  • It comes with a 30-day free return policy and is also shipped for free all across the US. It also has a one year warranty against any troubles with the product.

Eight Sleep Detection & Sensors

Eight Sleep is a multi-purpose or multi-functional bed cover that is a complete smart device for your bed and thus for home. It has multi-connectivity and controls over a single app. Hence it can sense and detect many factors.


  • Breathing rate: The sensors monitor the breathing rate of the person and also record the data.
  • Heart rate is also checked and recorded. The data will be shown as a graph by taking it from the app data.
  • Humidity: The sensors can detect the humidity level in the room and if you want you can do the needful to adjust it.
  • Light: The sensors sense the light ambiance in the room and record the data. If the light in the room has sensors, it can be put to control it. You can also set a time to get the light turned off at the time for bed.
  • Movement: The Eight sleep records the movements you have while sleeping to check the quality of the sleep.
  • Room temperature: It can detect the room temperature and adjust itself to control it. The control can be done automatically, which is set by the device itself or can be made for a smart move by setting the optimal temperature that you prefer. It can also be done manually in case you want to take a nap in the afternoon. All controls are done through Wi-Fi with the Smart app that can be downloaded.
  • Snoring: The sensors can also detect if the person is snoring or not. It also records the noise level it creates.


Sleep Stages Detection

It can detect the sleep stages and also record the proceedings to get the final sleep score. The sleep score shows how many hours the person slept and how long was each sleep stage spent. The 3 stages of sleep are,

  • Deep sleep
  • Light sleep
  • REM

Eight Sleep can detect each of these and record the duration that finally gives the sleep score or rather the sleep quality score.

Other Features of Eight Sleep Tracker Mattress Cover

  • Bed temperature control: The sensors detect the bed temperature if it is optimal or not. If the bed is detected colder than required, it warms up the bed cover to provide the comfort level. In case the room grows hotter, it can control the thermostat when it is synced. It works well with the Nest thermostat.
  • Control the home thermostat: You can sync with the smart thermostat and also control the temperature to make it to the desirable reading that is preferred.
  • Dual zone for couples: The dual zone allows the couple to have individual settings for the temperature and have independent control over their sleep score and recordings.

How Does Eight Sleep Work?


The Eight sleep bed cover can be slipped over the mattress and stays fit and fine over it. It fits over all types of mattresses, whether it is memory foam, latex, spring, hybrid or any other type. You can use it in the same manner as you would the mattress protective cover.

It has sensors fitted inside the 2 layers of the bed cover material. These sensors are connected to the dime shaped accessory fitted on the exterior of the bed cover. It has a wire attached to it, letting it connected to the power outlet. These sensors, each work on the different aspects. The sensors can be controlled and set over the smart app or they get adjusted itself accordingly.

Most importantly, it requires Wi-Fi connection and power inlet to function. The power cable is provided and the Wi-Fi is your duty.


The sensors are connected to the smart devices like iOS phone or Android phones through Bluetooth or over the Wi-Fi. Eight sleep can track as many as 15 different factors between the sensors. Apart from the temperature and humidity, it can detect the light ambiance in the room and get connected with the sensors of the light to get it off or on, on a timely manner.

It can detect and set the hours of sleep and when the person needs to wake up in the morning. The time can be set. It detects and records the factors like movements while sleeping, whether or not the person snores, check the heart rate, pulse rate, noise level in the bedroom and the time the person falls asleep.

These recordings can be used for evaluation to see how much time you sleep, when you got out of the bed, how much do you toss and turn on the bed while sleeping and other minute details that we may neglect but can be corrected if paid close attention. It can also track the local weather forecast.

In short, the minute sensors that are attached to the bed cover will have an overall tracking of the sleep pattern of the sleeper. It also records the readings and helps you do the needful to adjust the pattern to turn into a healthier routine.

Advantages of Eight Sleep Tracker

The major advantages are that it gets you the real sleep score and make a completely personalized climate control of the bedroom. The blueprint of the sleep pattern helps you update where the improvements are needed. The data points on the climate control help you adjust the home climate control unit to set in the perfect manner that helps you sleep peacefully. All of these can be set in 2 zones for the couples who have different needs of the climate.

Eight Sleep is connected to the smart app that stores all the data. It also has the ballistocardiography – the conversion of the body’s data like heart rate and pulse rate into a graph that helps in the easy tracking. It provides the data like sleep duration, quality of the sleep with the different sleep stages, sleep cycle etc.

Eight Sleep can integrate with the other smart devices like auto door lock, lights with sensors, smart thermostat etc. This makes a single control unit for all the smart devices at home and lets you sleep peacefully at night.

Eight Sleep  Bed Cover Size & Price

Eight Sleep bed cover is available in 4 sizes- full, queen, king and California king. The sizes are all standard. The product material is 100% polyester. The sensors are in between the fabric layers and the other end of them is in the power adaptor. It is also machine washable. The price seems a bit expensive.

The product is not readily available and one must place a pre-order to get the product. The orders are all shipped at the same time. There is a definite time period to place the pre-order and date is also set for the shipping. People who mange to place the order within the time period can avail the product sooner, otherwise, they may have to wait until the time for the next shipment which is a few months, close to a year, away. The upcoming shipment would be done in October 2016.

The Eight Sleep comes free of cost as all orders are eligible for free shipping within the USA. The package comes in a box that contains the mattress cover, a power cable, a smart box with the connector cable and a quick start guide on how to use the bed cover.

While placing the pre-order, you need to pay $99. The remaining amount of the mattress cover will be deducted at the time of the shipment of the product.

Setting Up The Eight Sleep cover

Eight Sleep cover is available in 4 sizes and comes in a box. Open the box and get all the pieces inside ready.

  • The first step is to download the app on your Smartphone. Once it is downloaded. Open it and click Get started. The app opens and will get you through the various steps to be followed.
  • The set up button on the app will lead you to the many steps to have the bed cover spread and place the connector socket.
  • Strip the bed and spread the Eight Sleep over the bare mattress. Place the connector socket at the left top side of the bed. This socket can be connected to the power cable.
  • The power cable has the connector at one end that can be inserted into the socket. The cable also has a hub in the middle. When the power cable is connected to the power outlet and switched on, it blinks.
  • Wait until the light is blue on the hub and you are good to go.
  • The next step is to connect the device to the Smartphone. This is ‘pairing’. Stand close to the bed and check the Wi-Fi connectivity. When all is good, click the next button and it must be connected through the Wi-Fi port in the phone. Once connected, the hub light will be blinking in multiple colors.

Eight Sleep Referral Program

Eight Sleep allows you to refer a friend after you have made a purchase. You can refer a particular friend. If the friend makes a purchase of Eight Sleep through the link that you have shared with them, you get $20 worth Amazon gift card, and the friend gets $20 off on their purchase.

You can refer only one friend with a single link and each referral link is valid only for one purchase. The maximum referrals are 50 in a single calendar year. The referral program works only if the referrer and the referred customer are separate persons.

Safety Instructions On Using Eight Sleep

  • Download the app before you plug in the Eight Sleep bed cover to the power outlet. Only after you are ready to set up should you move to this step.
  • Make sure that the power cords are not jammed or cuddled anywhere and they are free flowing all the while.
  • Eight Sleep is not fit to use while on generator power, it can damage the device.
  • Eight Sleep is made to use within US and the power outlets that are similar to that of US. The power requirement is 110v to 220V.

Eight cover mattresses are also available. These are foam mattresses with four layers of foam which gives good support and also helps to relieve pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair the Eight Sleep – sleep tracker?

Pairing is to connect the Wi-Fi of the Eight Sleep and the Wi-Fi network at home to work in sync. After setting up the Sleep Eight, standing close to the bed, connect the device to the Eight Sleep Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi would be named Eight-XXXX, a 4 digit number that is specific to you. Connect to this network and click the pair the device button. Look for your home network system, choose, connect and you are paired. Eight Sleep cannot connect to 5G networks and if you have one, you may want to do something with that.

The hub in my Eight Sleep is not blinking in blue but in other colors, what does that mean?

The hub light shows various colors and each has its significance. The blinking blue is the setup mode, blinking white means it is connecting to the back end. The solid blue shows that it is paired and connected to the Wi-Fi. This light would also dim in 30 seconds. Solid red color denotes it is warming the bed and here also the light dims in 30 seconds. Solid yellow shows that it is disconnected from the Wi-Fi. Blinking yellow is to notify that it is trying to reconnect to the Wi-Fi and finally the blinking green is that it is updating its firmware.

What does Invite a partner mean?

Couples will get the different zones on the Eight Sleep bed cover. Each partner will have individual choices for the sleep environment and can control it independently. Once you have set up your sleep eight, click the button, invite a partner. This will take you to the page where you are supposed to feed in the email id of the person. The email with the invite to download the app will be sent. The partner can click the link and go to download the app to get his/her Eight Sleep setup. In the end, you will have control over your side and your partner will have control over his/her side of the bed only.

Can I place the socket anywhere on the bed?

No, the socket must always be placed at the top left side of the bed. It is because the sensors are set in such a way that this is the ideal spot for the socket to get connected to them.

Is it ok to spread any kind of bed sheet over it?

Yes, you can have your regular bed sheet spread over the bed cover. It will not interfere with the sensor in any manner. Just make sure that the bed cover under the bed sheet and not over it.

Do I get daily updates about the sleep pattern?

Yes, the app shows daily updates, weekly updates, monthly and also in the last few months as well. The data shows how long did you sleep, what time you were to bed, the time of waking up, from the bed, sleep score which is graded in 100. It also shows how long were each sleep stage, and the records the number of times that you have had restless movements spend that are more than 5 seconds long.

What if there is some disturbing noise around?

The sensors can sense the disturbing noise and play some calming sound to lull you back to sleep. You can set this sound from the options given.

What are the options to warm the bed?

There are 10 temperature settings to warm the bed, you can choose the optimal one form the lot.

What is the sleep score?

The sleep score is the sum of time that you have slept and the restless moments you have had. The total denotes the quality of the sleep that is scored in 100. The sleep score will be shown in different colors, depending on the quality. The color would be red for an OK sleep that has a score of 50-66%, yellow for good sleep with a score of 67-83, green for 84-100% score. The grey color shows no score was recorded.

How do I clean the Eight sleep bed cover?

Eight Sleep has a hydrophobic cover at the top. In case there is any spill, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Do note that only the top layer is machine washable where the sensors are not attached. The cover layers are zipped together, unzip the top layer, and take it to the washing machine for cleaning.

I seem to have misplaced by user manual, what do I do?

Never mind, the user manual is available for download online. You can log in to your account and download the PDF version.

Nomad Beds A Complete Review

Nomad beds are made out finest quality latex mattress. The foam used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. The product has received a lot of positive feedback from users, says Nomad platform bed reviews in their official website. People who are suffering from memory foam mattress have noticed alleviated pain and are excused greatly from surgery to a great extent.

I can totally relate to you when it comes to buying a new mattress. The brands, models, confusing jargon from pitching salesmen and moreover the price makes it challenging to buy a good mattress online. And for that reason I will share what I know about Nomad beds.

What Can You Expect With Nomad Beds?

Nomad beds for sale are manufactured and designed in Salt Lake City, UT. The mattress arrives shrink wrapped and rolled tightly in a package. This is an initiative to curb the carbon footprint as well. Give it 24 hours to bloat up to the standard size. Just like any other new mattress, this mattress too emits a chemical smell. Though its not harmful give the mattress some time before lashing out a review.

Of course, there are many brands in the mattress market that have lot of features to offer, but that does not mean that the hardwork of lesser known manufacturers should be ignored. They too really struggle to bring out a decent mattress that can help with spine and neck pains without robbing you out of your investment. One such company is nomad beds that comes at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Nomad Beds – Things To Expect

Nomad beds are engineered in such a way using advanced quality memory foam mattress. The mattress comes with 11” thick of utmost comfort. The bottom layer comes with 7” of base foam. The second layer is the 2” of density gel memory foam. It meshes well with your body reducing the pain in pressure points. It also helps in correcting the spinal alignment which is also the main reason you are having back ache. The cooling gel in the memory foam also helps in wicking away excess moisture and keeping you dry and cool at night.

The top layer comes with 2” of Nomad energy foam that bounces when you plop yourself on the bed. As the memory foam is quite criticized for its tendency to get “hot”, Nomad beds came up with this trick of using a layer of latex on top. Unlike memory foam it doesn’t craddle you but instead assists in a good support by providing necessary firmness for your spine.

Nomad beds are shipped in a hypoallergenic package that will inhibit entry of bugs. It is recommended to give at least 7-8 hours to allow the mattress to expand itself to its original size. You will notice a smell while opening the package but this is a common issue and within a week the smell usually fades away.

Size Does Matter

Nomad beds is available in different sizes as per your requirement.

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King and
  • California King

Nomad beds go with any standard bed frame or box spring. They are designed to work in any flat surface. Just make sure that the foundation is in the right condition. If there are issues with the box spring, it can also impact the warranty not to mention worsen your health condition. So make sure your bed frame is in proper shape.

Nomad Beds – How It Feels – Features

People suffering from body aches such as waist, shoulder will find the Nomad beds quite useful. In fact it is designed for people to correct their bodily alignment. Once you are in a comfortable position, it will put an end to sleepless nights that you have been dealing with for quite a while now. You are always welcome to check with your chiropractor to check for body pain while verifying if Nomad beds are ideal for your body.

Construction, firmness, good feel, edge support, motion transfer are some of the best features you should look into the Wright mattress . Specially made in America, with standard shipping warranty, featuring great quality materials and design…

Visit Wright Mattress Website

Place an order for Nolah mattress – offering you a great night sleep in a box. This high-quality mattress is reported as the best cool mattress from the users who have been through this product. Further, keep on searching to read the best features.

Visit Nolah Website

Nomad beds are not specifically designed for those dealing with spinal problems. These beds are comfortable for all. So you might be a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, you need not be worried about it. This is the ideal mattress for all who want little firmness in their mattress and people who are a bit on the obese side.

It’s Good To Know

Nomad platform beds send out FREE SHIPPING no matter where you are. Just make sure that you order by 2pm MST if you want the mattress to be shipped the same day. You will find your mattress delivered within 2-4 business days right at your doorstep.

Nomad beds come with a good 10 year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The company also provides certain T&C’s that needs to be followed if you want to claim a warranty in future as is the case with any mattress brands you will buy. Any fiddling with the mattress will void the warranty so make sure you keep a mental note while using the Nomad beds.

Memory foam of Nomad beds are certified with CERTIPUR-US that says a lot about the foam. This means that the product has been verified good and abides with the regulations when it comes to chemical emissions reinstating the fact that Nomad beds are manufactured using high quality standards.

Nomad Beds – Sum It Up

Though still in market, inner coil mattress can be really difficult when you are dealing with body pain. They just don’t align the body proportionately and worsen the health condition. Nomad beds are ergonomically designed so as to assist in healthy body shape and health. Price is certainly a factor that needs to be given a second thought. However, Nomad beds accept returns though the company has not mentioned a specific period within which you need to return the product. In case of any damage, repair or returns, make sure to contact the customer care to ensure proper warranty claim.


My work began as a stenographer for a Currency conversion company in the financial hub of India, moved to Customer relationship and then Content creation and creative writing. With over 9 years of writing experience and Life experience in various forte, creativity is more or less a breeze for me. I love pets but don’t own one. I plan to get a goldfish sometime. it’s not a pet? at least its something to start with! Writing puts me in a position of control around this world of chaos. Music adds peace to the control.

Everything Under The Sun About Helix Mattress

Ancient folks say that early to bed and early to rise are the key to a man’s success but I guess that’s not enough. Having a great sleep in-between is the pivotal point that brings the success factor in a man’s life. And a great sleep can be achieved only with the help of a great mattress.

If you want to kick-start your life and help your body to bounce to the rhythms of a busy life then this article is exclusively for you.

About The Company – Helix Sleep

Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Adam Tishman are the mattress nerds behind the whole concept. They have been working on these concepts since graduate school and later they gave a vent for their ideas to flow in the shape of helix mattresses. They have build Helix Sleep to solve problems of the customers based on real-time data, analytics and never-ending feedback.

This brand aims to offer the best product at value-based price along with top notch customer service. You can talk to them through emails, live chats or call directly to a person on the other side eagerly waiting to hear from you. Unlike other websites and organizations where you need to press all the numbers on your mobile only to get an insensitive customer care representative on the other side. Helix mattress makes things easier for you with an excellent customer support system.

Cutting Edge Machinery & Manufacturing Of Helix Mattress

Every single mattress is hand-assembled and tailor-made at the Illinois factory. They have a dedicated team of designers, craftsmen and engineers who have expertise knowledge about mattresses. They have been laying their hands on this product since 30 years with all the focus being given on the quality side. All the know-how and quality is clearly visible in every single product that is being dispatched from the facility. All the materials and components are made in USA without any doubt. The facility is build with the state of art technologies existing in this field and every mattress gets a human touch on it.

Have deep sleep for cheap prices at Wright mattress . Worth at offering universal firmness options for the numbness and discomfort with cheap mattress online. Keep on looking the best reviews offered at this place.

Visit Wright Mattress Website

Nolah mattress made in the USA features advanced technology and superior comfort. There are billions of air pockets present in this mattress to improve breathability, needed support. Check for the entire reviews available online…

Visit Nolah Website

Helix Mattress
Basically a mattress is defined by the materials used to build it and the overall design. Therefore let’s steal a look at the design and the materials used to construct the helix mattress.

Helix Mattress Review

Everything That You Need To Know About Helix Mattress

Basically a mattress is defined by the materials used to build it and the overall design. Therefore let’s steal a look on the design and the materials used to construct the helix mattress.

Materials Used And Design Of The Helix Mattress

They have made use of three types of materials to construct the whole product and they are latex, springs and foam. Each material is culminated into the mattress with varying density and thickness to tailor the needs of each customer. Each material is arranged in sequence keeping in mind about four major factors; FEEL, SUPPORT, POINT ELASTICITY AND TEMPERATURE REGULATION.

Before getting in to the design of the mattress I would like to present a small concise on ILD rating. This is an important term as far as a mattress is concerned.

So What’s This ILD Rating?

When you go out to buy a mattress make sure to check the ILD rating. ILD can be expanded as indentation load deflection. The ILD value denotes the measure of hardness or softness of memory foam. Technically it is defined as the number of pounds of pressure that is needed to create an indent of 4” to the foam by 25% with a 50 square inch indentation.

Okay… Got it… Technical definition is a bit complex to digest so let’s take a shortcut to understand the statement. If the foam has a value of 13 lbs ILD then it means 13lbs of pressure is required to create a shift or displace the foam by 25%. Again if the ILD rating is around 28 lbs then it means 28 lbs of pressure is required to create an indent of 25%. In simple words higher the ILD rating higher is the firmness level and lower ILD rating means the foam belongs to a softer version.

Design Of The Helix Mattress

The topmost layer is made up of Dunlop latex with a height of 2”. It helps to keep maximum air flow and the bounce effect creates a luxurious sleeping environment. The ILD rating ranges from 15 to 32 for helix mattresses. As there are different types of mattresses custom made according to customer preferences.

The next layer below to the latex is made up of miniature steel forged coils also known as micro coils. They cover around 1.5” and are arranged in a pocketed style. These pocketed coils support sideways, edge and up-and- down movements by handing the pressure evenly. These tiny structures distribute the pressure exerted uniformly and does not create a sinking effect. They have an ILD rating of 18.

The layer below the micro coils is made up of high grade foam. There are two layers beneath the micro coils namely the comfort layer of 2” and base layer of 4.5”. Both are made of poly foam a range of high density foams that helps to keep the mattress sturdy and at its place. The comfort layer has an ILD rating between 20-26/1.8 per cubic feet and the base layer has an ILD rating between 26-33/1.5pcf.

So this is the basic structure and design of a helix mattress but each mattress varies depending on the customer and his wants. The materials listed above are arranged according to varying density and thickness to furnish the requests of the people according to their necessities to provide a great sleeping experience.

Stylish Mattress Cover Of The Helix Mattress

Helix mattress covers are double shaded with a white top portion and a blue side panel. The top part of cover has a soft feel while the blue portion gives a rough & tough feel which protects the mattress from wear and tear. A checkerboard pattern is created on the top fabric which gives the mattress a classic look. Unlike most of the mattress covers this one does not come with padding which helps to maintain ventilation and improves cooling effect. The material used is 100% polyester which is tailor-made to make the mattress breathable and comfortable.

The Helix Approach Of Buying A Mattress Online

Helix mattresses are 200% customized and each product is made on specific customer requirements. In fact they have built an interesting and interactive website which puts a customer at ease while shopping for a mattress online. If you are a totally confused customer and have zero knowledge about what to chose then this one is going to help you a lot.

You can see a questionnaire section in their website where you will be posed with a few set of questions before making a purchase.

Helix Mattress Quiz and Answers

I tried the quiz and I had to answer to a few questions like my weight, height, physique, sleeping positions, problems with my previous mattress and medical conditions. The same sets of questions were asked regarding my sleeping partner whom I share my mattress with.

Well in a short glance one would think what the heck was this all about but the questionnaire covers a wide range of variables.

For example by asking about my height they are deciding on the mattress size that is needed for my length. The helix mattress quiz covers a wide range of aspects like sleeping patterns, body type, weight, height, firmness level, medical problems and number of people sharing the mattress. Once the quiz is completed the helix quiz will pop out with results based on four criteria’s:

  • FEEL – this is decided by the values that you enter for the firmness level or softness level that you prefer to sleep on. The material to be used according to your weight is also kept in consideration.
  • SUPPORT – all your medical conditions, sleeping patterns and body type will be analyzed to decide what kind of support is required for your body.
  • POINT ELASTICITY – it is simply the ability of the material to compress in a small area without affecting the nearby areas. This is a crucial factor as far as a mattress is concerned. Helix mattresses make sure that the mattress outlines and conform to the shape of your body.
  • TEMPERATURE – it determines the temperature at which the mattress sleeps. Some people love to sleep warm while some love to sleep in a cool set up. So each product will require a different construction scheme to cater their personal demands and needs.

Blended & Split Mattress Types

This brand also offers a special advantage keeping in mind the number of sleepers. If you and your partner have different needs as far as a mattress is concerned then helix mattress can be the best bet. If you opt for a blended mattress then the company will keep in mind both you and yours partners specifications. The tailor-made mattress will surely cover all the areas and needs wanted by both of you.

On the other hand if you go for a split mattress then two completely different mattresses will be constructed. From those each halves are taken to build a single mattress by affixing them to one another. A brand new seamless mattress is build with different feel on each side. Isn’t it amazing? Even though this procedure takes a few days longer to construct the mattress its worth waiting. These features are only available in large size mattresses like queen, king and California king.

Highlights Of Helix Mattress

  • Complete personalization of the mattress
  • Made-to-order and will be received within 7 to 10 business days
  • Blended and spilt options for couples with dual comfort
  • Premium materials(latex, poly foam and micro coils) used to build a `10 inch luxury mattress
  • 100 nights free trail
  • 10 year warranty period
  • Free shipping inside the us
  • Roll packed for shipping and unpacking convenience
  • Financing options available with very low interest rates
  • Available in sizes like TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, KING & CA KING.

Why Go For A Personalized Helix Mattress? Customized Helix Mattresses

You are an individual with your own set of needs and demands when it comes to a mattress. You can’t just buy something that your salesman opts or thinks best for you. Your body is distinctive and so are your sleep patterns when compared with another person. Moreover a mattress is to be put into use for numerous nights that are yet to come. So buying the best along with one which suits personal needs is a must. At helix mattress they believe that “personal sleep is better sleep” and that is the main reason why they give so much importance for personalization.

Each product thus manufactured gives unmatched level of luxury and comfort to its customers. These tailor-made mattresses help the spine to rest peacefully after a tiring day and improve sleep with each passing day. Those who have neck pain can get rid of this problem once and for all by personalizing your own mattress at Helix sleep. No more do you have to lend your ears to expensive sales promotions from sales people or give heed to unwanted products that’s not meant for you. Helix sleep, gives you the right choice of mattress easily without a third party intervention.

Who should Buy The Helix Mattress?

  • Customization is the best ever option one can offer to its customer and this is done perfectly by Helix sleep. This brand makes use of quality materials keeping in mind the level of comfort required for every individual customer. Here are a few good reasons why and who should buy helix mattress.
  • For couples who have different sleep choices; they can opt for split mattress which is the best deal offered by helix sleep. Two different mattresses are sealed to each other to become one perfect seamless mattress. Now, that is something really worth buying for a couple with different needs.
  • If you are tired of walking around the stores and searching online for the best mattress for your body type then hang on. Go for customization and order the apt one for your body from helix sleep.
  • If you are one confused buyer and thinking what the heck to purchase that can get rid of discomfort while sleeping. Helix mattress is the best bet you can invest on to have a great sleep and get rid of all sleeping discomforts.
  • You live in a hot climate and want cooling foam then click your fingers at the helix sleep site. You will receive your custom made cool mattress at your doorstep.
  • Want to buy a mattress that breathes air in and out then go for a personalized helix mattress
  • If you are a buyer who loves to give a free shot before buying a product then helix sleep is the best place where you can take a mattress for trial. “100 exclusive nights of free trial”.

Where To Buy A Helix Mattress?

You can buy a personalized helix mattress from their website or if you have an Amazon account then you can buy Helix Mattresses directly from Amazon.

Also they have a showroom in New York City where you can directly step in and talk to a Helix sleep expert. If you live somewhere around that city then you can pay a visit and discuss your requirements. He or she will help you about the materials used and design of the mattress. They also allow taking naps at their store to get a real time experience about the feel of the mattress.

Helix Mattress Financing and Payments Options

You can pay online while placing the order or if you have budget constraints then you can try the financing option available at their website.

They have merged with a third party service to offer the financing option. When you checkout you can click the “pay with affirm “option and follow the prompts to chose an appropriate payment plan. When you chose to pay with Affirm then you will not be eligible to apply any promotional or discount codes which you have earned. The interest on loans may range somewhere around 0 to 30% depending on your credibility and eligibility criteria. Loans are easily approved by entering some basic information and are totally safe and secure way of paying. You can pay the loan after the purchase and complete the payments over 3, 6 or 12 months as per the scheme chosen. Once the loan is approved your order is processed without more ado and you will be given your product within 10 business days.

Pay your monthly installments via bank transfer, cheques or debit cards at

Helix Sleep Mattresses Customer Reviews

Everything is crystal clear and anyone can read the reviews from buyers posted online. Majority of the customers are having a great time sleeping comfortably. Mr. JASON who recently bought a personalized mattress from Helix Sleep was initially reluctant to order a mattress from the same. He saw the advertisement on Facebook but was skeptical to place an order. But he was fed up using his conventional mattress and didn’t want to try the same available in different stores. Finally he decided to give a try for the helix mattress.

He received the package which was pretty heavy but he was able to roll unpack it and set it over his platform. Now he feels like living a new life after sleeping on the Helix mattress. He says “I was tired of taking drugs, over the counter medicines, exercises and other ideas for getting rid of my chronic lower back pain. Now I feel relaxed and bend easily to pick things from below. I feel like my spine is working perfectly without any complaints and all thanks to the helix mattress.”

Kayla a new mom says” postpartum days were really torturing with enduring back pain and I wasn’t finding any comfort with my old mattress. My life has changed for the better and I am enjoying every moment of motherhood. My back pain has vanished when I started sleeping on a customized mattress specially gifted by my hubby from helix sleep. I am totally in love with the product”.

Likewise many customers are happy with the product. Hardly did I get to read any negative comments about helix sleep and its mattresses.

Helix Mattress Promo Codes / Discount Codes /Coupon Codes and Gifts

Like any products sold online Helix mattresses also offers gift codes or promo codes to its eligible customers. Such offers can be redeemed while making a purchase on as long as the supplies are evergreen. You can obtain these codes from third party websites and TV commercials from time to time.

The Helix Discount codes apply for all types of their mattresses. High Density foam mattress discount coupon code, latex and foam mattress coupon code, latex rubber mattress discount coupon code , custom mattress discount code all refer to these discount and coupon codes offered for various Helix mattress types.

Remember all the codes are non-transferable and can be used only for a single time as mentioned by Helix Sleep. These codes can be applied only to the product for a limited time. If you are planning to buy the mattress using the financing option then all these codes and promo offers will become invalid or nullified.

FAQ About Helix Sleep Mattresses

Are There Any Hidden Risks Behind The 100 Night Sleep Trial From Helix Sleep?

Unlike other companies that claim big but when coming to fulfilling the promises they back down, Helix sleep seems to stand apart in such issues. They offer a 100 night sleep trial with every purchase. If you don’t love the mattress you can simply return it and with a full refund assured. Now you might be thinking what will they do with the returned mattress? Helix sleep does not resell used mattress and in fact they donate it to local organizations for charity purposes. If the mattress does not go for charity then it goes to the recycling station.

How Fast Will I Receive The Product And Is There Any Sales Tax?

Since all Helix mattresses are custom made you can expect to receive the product within 7 to 10 business days. Public holidays and weekends are not counted as business days. If you have given the option of buying a spilt mattress then the delivery will be delayed by around 2 to 3 days than the normal schedule. If you live in New York or Illinois then expect a sales tax along with the order, rest other states does not incur a sales tax problem.

Helix Mattress and Allergy Problems -Will The Latex Layer Add To My Troubles?

Latex allergies are pretty common and are great concern for mattress buyers. For those who suffer from allergic conditions, can totally relax as far as Helix mattress are concerned. It is due to the fact that all the latex foams used in building the helix mattress is a blended version of natural and synthetic latex. Such blended varieties do not cause any allergies. Moreover all the latex foams are OEKO-TEX® standard 100, class 1 certified. This certification simply means that they have been accredited for high standards and that they do not pose any risks by skin contacts or ingestion. But as always it is better to talk to an allergy specialist before purchasing any product for being on the safer side.

Are The Materials Used Certified?

All the materials used are quality certified and gone through a meticulous health check-up. Helix mattresses are environment friendly and the foams used are certified by CertiPUR-US®. Unlike conventional mattress helix mattress does not contain any harmful chemicals like ozone gas, flame retardants, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds. They do not create any indoor air pollution and are safe for both elders and toddlers.

Does This Mattress Adhere To All Safety Standards?

Helix mattresses are carefully designed and engineering to cater the needs of the people as well as keeping in mind all the quality aspects. It strictly follows the regulations put forward by the US federal government. Every mattress sold in the US has to pass an open flame test mandatorily to test its reaction towards fire. Helix mattress has passed this test and uses a material called as FR Sock (a piece of cloth) to smother and prevent fire from spreading.

What Kind Of Flame Retardant Is Used In Helix Mattress?

A fabric called as Fr sock is used for this purpose. It helps to prevent the fire from spreading rapidly by cutting down the oxygen. Unlike chemical flame retardants these are environment friendly and do not cause any health issues.

Does The Mattress Give Out Any Odor? Do We Need To Air Out Them?

Helix mattresses do not make use of any memory foam materials. So you can take a chill pill on off-gassing issue. This mattress does not stink out chemicals and just gives a night full of peaceful sleep.

Should I Use A Box Spring To Support The Helix Mattress?

Helix mattress has a sturdy base and due to that there is no necessity of adding a box spring. Any normal platform beds and even floors will do great. Helix mattress has in-built supportive base which makes them long-lasting and supple.

Should I Sun Bath And Flip The Mattress?

A big “no” is the answer. Helix mattress should not be sun bathed and flipped as they are one sided. The white portion should always be at the top and the blue layer should always act as the base. Alternatively you can rotate the mattress but not flip over the sides.


Want a great sleep then go and get your personalized version of your dream mattress from helix sleep. Helix mattresses are made up of great quality materials with sturdy design and offers superior customer support at each stage. If you are a confused buyer then the questionnaire makes things easy for you to choose the best mattress for your body. On the whole helix mattresses seems to offer all the comforts and features as promised. It has been rated as best by majority of its customers and is sure worth for the money invested.

You Would Love The Loom And Leaf Mattress If You Are…

  • Uncomfortable with the mattress smell: Loom and Leaf mattress is made with certified plant-based foam that does not allow any off-gassing. Even the cotton used for the covering is organic and coupled with natural fire retardants than using harmful chemicals. The natural thistle is used as flame retardant which is soft material and also gives a textured feel.
  • Looking for a tempurpedic mattress: If you are looking for a Tempurpedic mattress, Loom and leaf mattress is suggested better than that. The motion transfer is much lesser that the Tempurpedic mattress, in fact it is minimal or none. Where the tempurpedic mattress is too soft for feel, the Loom & Leaf stays around 6 for firmness on a scale of 10. Even for the pricing and warranty, Loom and Leaf takes the prize. While the Loom and Leaf are made with organic and natural ingredients there is no clear explanation of the materials used for the Tempurpedic mattress.
  • Loom & Leaf mattress
    Why Go for an organic mattress ? Its expensive and its probably not worth the cost. Is it even as safe as what they say? The loom & Leaf mattress removes all doubts when it comes to mattresses and organic ones in specific.

  • One who sweats at night: The medical grade gel infused memory foam keeps you and the mattress cool for longer. The cooling gel is placed in the spinal region where the body is in contact the most. The better aeration in the foam below dissipates the heat from the body and cools it faster. The gel works well on the contouring parts and look better for a memory foam mattress. The 5 pounds of memory foam is well combined with the cooling gel to give it an overall aesthetic look.
  • Switching position too often: Not everyone can keep their sleeping position the same for the entire night. I am among those who HAVE to toss and turn every now and then. The relaxed firm comfort level offered by Loom and leaf is made for people like me to have some relaxation. The firmness is somewhere in the middle as not too soft or too hard. Though it may sound as medium firm, but it is softer than that.
  • Not alone in the mattress: Loom and leaf mattress can nullify the motion transfer and suits well for a couple. It is hardly noticeable when someone is getting in or out in the middle of the night. Beware of intruders! The edge support is more than average to keep the shape and strength of the mattress for longer and makes use of the entire surface.
  • Running a tight budget: Loom and Leaf mattress price is pocket-friendly. The largest mattress costing far less than the smallest bed of other leading brands. You buy directly from the manufacturer and not a retailer that saves more money. The price is the mattress is one greater advantage it has over other mattresses.
  • Game for some risk: Loom and Leaf is a new venture from Saatva mattress. If you are game for risks, this mattress is recommended. There is hardly any negative opinion about the mattress. It also helps to have some trial period offer coming with the mattress for you to have a closer look. The return policy is comforting that allows you to have a complete refund.

Sleep easy with Wright mattress available online. The mattress is safe and comfortable to sleep as it has been through several independent testing and approval process. Check for more reviews, benefits, pros, and cons of this mattress.

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