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Saatva Mattress

  • 120 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friently

Dimensions and Pricing of the Saatva Mattresses

Twin38”W x 75” L11 ½” or 14 ½.”$599
Twin XL38”W x 80” L11 ½” or 14 ½.”$749
Full54”W x 75” L11 ½” or 14 ½.”$999
Queen60”W x 80” L11 ½” or 14 ½.”$1,099
King76”W x 80” L11 ½” or 14 ½.”$1,499
California King72”W x 84” L11 ½” or 14 ½.”$1,499


Why Saatva – Luxury Mattresses

Saatva made its entry in 2010. It was the first mattress to be sold online. It was also one of the cheapest luxury mattress at that time. They broke the competition by delivering directly to the consumer, cutting down all middlemen, passing on the savings to the consumer. It is still one of the best mattresses online but not the cheapest if you are to consider only the price. The saatva is a multi layered, coil on coil Memory foam mattress with a Euro Pillow top. Its a mouthful. but its worth every penny. From motion isolation, to edge support, Saatva has evolved over time. Its one of the few mattress to provide multiple firmness choice. It is also an award winning mattress and is entirely Eco friendly. To sum it all up, Saatva is one of the best mattress you can buy online.


Improvements and evolution.

Earlier mattresses were based on simple coil or simple foam. Time has changed everything and technology has added a lot of improvements to mattresses in general. The saatva mattress has improved over time. Unlike other mattresses which has multiple layers of foam over a coil, The saatva mattress has 2 layers of coil, Termed as coil over coil, with the upper coil layer being pocketed individually. Over the coils is a high density foam topped with A pillow top. The construction has been tested for edge support and motion isolation, the bounce is just right and the pillow top gives you a plush feel. The mattress industry is evolving and Saatva mattress is too. From the covers to the coil, everything is state of the art and improving over time. 


Ratings as per sleeper style

Sleep positionLightweight
< 130 lbs

Average Weight

13 lbs – 230 lbs

Heavy Weight

> 230 lbs

BackFairVery GoodGood



The saatva mattress comes in 3 different firmness level. If you want a it goes from Soft to medium firm and Firm. While the ratings for each of these mattress are different, your choice of mattress should depend on your weight. If you are a heavy person, you would enjoy the firm option compared to the Plush or medium firm. If you are a light person the medium or the plush version of saatva would be just about right. While most mattress companies come with one firmness level, saatva has adjusted to the needs of the consumer, providing 2 options of firmness keeping all other features intact.

The firmness levels also contribute a lot to the sex. If you are a light person, there is a high chance that you find sex more pleasurable in a soft plush mattress or medium firm as opposed to the Firm mattress. The bounce, feel and sink is so perfect. 


Saatva Maattress

The Saatva mattress is for you if

  1. You love a floating feeling over the mattress rather than a sink in feeling. .
  2. You have back problems and need a mattress which will help
  3. You sleep hot
  4. A mattress with a great bounce, specially for Sex.

Where To buy Saatva Matterss

Saatva mattress started as an online business, catering to customers online and online only. That hasn’t changed. There are no showrooms and the mattresses can be purchased online ONLY. 

There are no dealers, Brick and mortar store, or a mattress showroom which stocks on saatva mattress. The only way to get your hands on a saatva mattress is to buy it online.

To know more visit the saatva mattress website at or call the customer service sales division at 1-877-792-4019


Buying Saatva mattress in Canada

Saatva mattress is shipped in USA free of cost. No delivery charges and they have white glove delivery. But when it comes to some of the other countries like australia, UK and even some parts of canada, there is no shipping. Shipping to some parts of canada is free while some others may cost extra. Shipping is free for Toronto, Vancover, Edmonton, Calgary, while others may incur extra shipping charges.  They do not ship directly to other countries except parts of canada. So if you are looking tp purchase saatva mattress while you are abroad, you will need to purchase it with a US address and ship it personally to your destination location. NOTE : Shipping your mattress to other countries will void your warranty

Saatva mattress reviews 

Being one of the oldest mattress online, and the first one too, saatva has remained the most reviewed mattress till date. Its one of the few mattress which is reviewed quite highly by consumers and Review websites too. We looked at some of the reviews by customers and by review website and consolidated, what we would like to call a God of Reviews on Saatva mattress. Some of the review websites were affiliates but one wasn’t. was not an affiliate website and it ranked saatva mattress quite well. 

Overall , Saatva mattress is a great choice, but even for the best , there seems to be a lot of place for improvement. Check out the complaints section for whats wrong with the saatva mattress and what we got to know from the bad customer reviews on saatva.


  • 86% 86%
  • 95% 95%
  • 94% 94%
  • 92% 92%
  • 94% 94%
  • 97% 97%
  • 94% 94%
  • 96% 96%

Construction & Material

The construction of the Saatva mattress is unique. They have a coil over coil technology which claims to decrease motion transfer. The coils are oven baked and high tempered steel which again, they claim will last 10-15 years. The memory foam is high density and the pillow top is made from organic cotton and is covered to protect and enhance life of the mattress. For the technology, i would rate it a 9/10 and for the material, a 8 would be good. But again, time has shown that most spring or coil mattress has a life span of not more than 8 years. So far saatva mattress has not had any complaints of sagging or faulty product due to its material.

Edge Support

The edge support is one of the best when it comes to saatva mattress. The Dual perimieter edge design gives a better edge support to the mattress.  You feel safe while sitting on the edge and even while sleeping. You dont feel that you would slip over the edge. This is one great thing about the saatva mattress worth a mention

Complaints and some drawbacks

There have been complaints about the saatva mattress specially when it comes to motion transfer. No matter how interesting the technology and how good the company claims that it helps motion transfer, many review websites agree upon one thing. the Motion transfer on a saatva mattress is not as great as the company claims. 

one other point of concert is the Lifespan of the mattress. Most coil mattress do not exceed 7-8 years of life. So far the saatva mattress hasnt had a complaint and provides 15 Years warranty. Its a wait and watch time for saatva over the next few years. 

Apart from these 2 factors, the mattress seems to be quite satisfactory overall. Customers seem to be happy and there are fewer complaints as compared to other mattresses in the industry.


The best features of Saatva

  • The coil-on-coil structure
  • Individual pocketed comfort coils
  • Dual Perimeter Edge Support System 
  • Lumbar Support Enhancement
  • The bio-based foam
  • Organic Cotton Cover and Euro Pillow Top 
  • Steel Coil Base Support System
  • Natural fire retardant
  • Free of chemicals
  • High in comfort
  • Patented Spinal Zone technology
  • Breathable
  • Best Customer Service 
  • Low in price

Saatva Mattress Green Initiative

I love a company which is outright honest. Saatva is clear about what materials are used and how its manufactured. They clearly state that they are not 100% organic but try to minimize all forms of chemicals at best. The foams are never treated with formaldehyde, undergo a strict certification process, The covers are a mix of organic cotton and hypoallergenic fibers. the steel is tempered recycled. The package is plastic with micro openings which allows the mattress to breathe yet prevent dust and they guarantee that their mattresses are bed bug free. With no stores, their carbon footprint is comparatively lower than their competitors.

Making a luxury mattress affordable is not easy. To get it 100 % organic at the same price is nearly impossible. Saatva tries its best to use as much organic material as possible, hand crafts its products and conduct their core business with integrity. 

Saatva Sleep Quality & Comfort

Saatva offers exceptional quality sleep. It is soft at the same time supportive. Saatva mattresses contours easily to the body’s shape and helps the body to get a restful sleep. The quality of the sleep Saatva mattress offers can be described in three words:- sound, restful and peaceful. A sound and restful sleep will refresh you and will give you the energy to deal with the day with a positive attitude. A restless, disturbed sleep has a very negative impact on your personal and professional life. If your mattress fails to provide comfort to you then a good night sleep will become a distant dream and insomnia a close reality. With Saatva mattresses sleepless nights will be gone like the wind. You will not get up in the morning with an aching back and sprained neck.

Saatva mattresses have been made in such a way that the mattress provides a soft touch with a supportive base to the pressure points of the body. Too much pressure on the pressure points causes pain in the body since Saatva mattresses easily contour, the pressure points get a lot of relief and are able to rest. Saatva has given special attention to the lumbar area of the mattress. This area is where your torso region rests, your lumbar area of the body is a part of the torso region and one of the important and delicate parts. If this region does not get the proper support and comfort then it results in back pain, sometimes of a severe type. The middle portion of the mattress is given an additional padding so as to provide extra comfort and support to the lumbar area. So when you are sleeping on Saatva mattress, you will never have to worry about back pain or ache.

Saatva Chiropractic Mattress Seal (cocsa)

There are claims and there are evidences from study. Saatva’s Spinal Zone Technology (patented) is known to increase Sleep performance by 29% and 34% reduction in back pain. The study conducted by West Virginia university on the Spinal Zone technology tested various patients to clinically prove that saatva mattress was indeed good for the back. The Congress of Chiropractic State associations Seal of approval was granted to Saatva for its excellent use of technology in mattresses. For more information on the Study, Click here


About the Company

Saatva mattress was started in the year 5/5/2010.

Headquarters : 8 Wright Street, Westport, CT 06880-3100

How to contact the customer support : 

Phone Number – 1-877-672-2882
Online Chat – available when you open the official website
Contact form –

Saatva on Social  

Blog –

Better Business Bureau : A+

Other brands of Saatva  : Loom and Leaf ·   Zenhaven


Is Saatva Mattress good
Saatva mattress is made of high quality material. The steel coils and organic cotton covers are of the best quality. The design is impeccable and is researched well. Its proven to be comfortable, effective for people who have back problems and is durable (up to 7 years guaranteed as per user reviews). The Saatva mattress is also affordably priced for a Luxury mattress. All these factors put together, the saatva mattress can be considered good, and at times very good indeed.

Is Saatva Mattress a Hot mattress?
Hot sleepers can purchase the saatva mattress with confidence. The coil design allows better air flow. The Mattress is breathable and is effective in keeping temperature rise in control. The special design of coil on coil makes the design of this mattress effective in controlling temperature for all weather.

How Much does Saatva mattress cost?
The saatva mattress starts from $499 and goes up to $1499 depending on the sizes. Compare to most other mattress of the same quality, the saatva mattress is comparatively lesser priced and often better in terms of quality.

How Long does the saatva mattress Last?
While the company claims to have a 15 year warranty period, experts say that the mattress has a serviceable life of 12-15 years. The lifespan varies based of a few factors including the person using it, the weather in your area and type of usage (jumping kids, Pets etc play a factor in the life of a mattress)

Which mattress is comparable to The saatva mattress?
there are a lot of mattress which have the same quality and lifespan of the saatva mattress. this includes the simmons beautyrest, Dreamcloud and Sleepovation. While the quality of the mattress is the same, the price would be a bit higher than the saatva mattress. also some of these vendors have a lower warranty period. You may also find some of these vendors do not have variation in the mattress firmness.

Does saatva mattress come in a box?
Unlike most memory foam mattress, the Saatva mattress does NOT come in a box. the saatva mattress uses the traditional Mattress delivery method and it has white glove delivery. The mattress comes ready to use. cut off the covers and place the bed on your preferred platform and your good to go. 

Does the Saatva mattress Smell?
the concern of smell or off gassing is a concern in most foam mattress, specially those which come in a box. Fortunately the Saatva mattress does not come in a box and the off gassing process is minimal because the fabric and foam are all organic or free from VOC. You can use the saatva mattress straight away without waiting. The maximum off gassing period for the saatva mattress is a few hours (that is if you feel that it smells. and thats rare)

Do i need to flip the saatva mattress from time to time?
The saatva mattress is designed with coil on coil with foam on top. The base is hard foam . flipping the mattress is not recommended at all. Rotating the mattress on the other hand can be useful and effective in increasing the life of the mattress by a small percentage.

Where is Saatva Mattress Made
A purely American production, Saatva Mattress is an all-in-all American product and all Saatva Mattresses are made in the USA! Saatva has got 11 independent American Factories that manufactures the eco-friendly high quality superb Saatva mattresses. Along with 11 American Saatva Mattress factories, it has got 31 distribution centers in various parts of America which makes the delivery easier and also helps in reducing the delivery time. Due to these 31 distribution centers, the mattress does not have to travel much before reaching its destination.

Who Sells Saatva Mattress
The Saatva mattress company is owned and operated by Ron Rudzin &  Ricky Joshi. The company wa started in 2011 and was decided to operate online only. The company has several warehouses thorugh out the US for logistic purposes but has no showrooms in the country.


Where to buy Saatva mattress in USA
Saatva mattresses are sold only in the USA but there are no showrooms. The company operates online only and you will have to buy the mattress online. though this may seem a bit awkward to buy a mattress without trying it out, the saatva mattress company has a 120 night trial for you to try with Free returns if you dont like it.

 What is the delivery time for saatva mattress
The saatva mattress is usually delivered in 3-5 days. With Storage units spread out through the country, Your orders will be processed in 24 hours and the delivery in 3-5 days. you will get a confirmation call for the order placed which explains the entire process. If there is going to be a delay, you will be informed of it at this time. 

Where to try Saatva Mattresses
The saatva mattress has no stores or showrooms anywhere in the country. We also searched for hotels which have the saatva mattress with no luck. The saatva mattress has a 120 night trial period and you can try the saatva mattress at home. While this may be a painful task for some, its usually considered a wonderful way to try the mattress right at home. If you dont like the mattress, you can send it back within 120 days after calling for a return.