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Do all of us give mattresses the attention and care they deserve? Do we buy mattresses with proper care? Maybe all we do is buy something that “looks” thick and comfortable and let’s see, maybe they are. But for how long? By definition, mattresses are just a large cushioned pad on which we stretch out at the end of the day or maybe plunk down to read or talk. Admit it, when you were kids you probably bounced on it at times, too(or maybe a lot). They usually contain straw, cotton, foam or fiber and they have a lot of springs that form a framework. Mattresses can be inflatable, filled with air or water, too. The first thing that we look for before buying a mattress or any product for that matter is the reviews and if you look at Saatva reviews, then you will find that it is a big hit among its customers.

The Saatva Mattresses covers are made with organic cotton wool and they also try to use recycled steel for their spring coils. The memory foam used by Saatva is organic rather than the memory foam invented by NASA which was unsafe and was prudently not used for space vehicles. The one used here will give you no toxins. It is actually made of visco-elastic foam. Memory foam is notoriously known to heat up like a furnace at night. But these memory foam is not chemical based and doesn’t smell. They use very little foam in the lumbar area so that it doesn’t disturb your precious sleep. The pillow foam on top uses urethane and Dacron which is very Eco-friendly. They use plant based soy . The steel is tempered and oven based. The flame retardant is plant based. When you buy Saatva mattresses, you can be sure of these.

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Saatva luxury mattresses acclimate to your body and align to it. It is designed to contour and mold perfectly to your body so that it can compensate for changing positions at night. Even if you turn to your side, Saatva mattresses fill up the gaps and curves and give great support to the spinal cord. The support is from the lower back to the lumbar area. There is good foam balance for without giving you a hard surface with foam resistance. Plush soft molds to the body but with a cradling effect for people who prevent that. If you decide to buy Saatva mattresses, you get to choose from these varieties whether you are a firm, soft or medium type, the user. These mattresses are engineered using the advanced coil-on-coil method. The lower coil is hourglass shaped and this gives a steel support at the base. The uniquely wrapped top coil system that is designed to fit your body perfectly and it also removes the discomfort from a change of positions. The coils being separate will not affect each other, i.e. when one contracts, the other wouldn’t bend along with it. Saatva mattresses are long lasting and will continue to give you it’s the best performance in the long run. They would last for 10 or 15 years with a little care from you.More Details »


Saatva mattresses have an encasing system that prevents sagging at the edges. It uses a dual perimeter edge support system that enhances its durability. The steel coil support system also contributes to the durability. It uses euro pillow top for padding and so much more of the cushioning than in most other tops. This is what gives Saatva mattresses the neat look. It also has a lumbar support enhancement made of really good foam and this provides stress relief to the back, especially the lower back which often creates the most trouble. You can’t lose if you buy Saatva mattresses!

People are different. This calls for choices and people like having choices. And so, buy Saatva mattresses which have different mattresses to suit anyone’s needs. They thought of comfort and softness ranges which would help people decide which type of mattress they want even if they are not so sure of it themselves. They have three comfort levels ranging from plush soft to firm. The middle one is Luxury firm for people who like having the best of both worlds.

The plush soft Saatva mattresses are laid out with extra soft and comfortable foams to give it the extra softness you prefer. The cradle-like feel of this mattress ensures that you sink in just the right amount to feel the soft embrace of the mattress but not too much that you feel buried. It fits perfectly to each unique body. This will suit you well if you tend to sleep on your side or back. It will make you feel enveloped in softness and gives your body a uniform softness even with the cradling effect.More Details »

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Saatva mattresses have been around since 2010 and they disliked the idea of being a conventional and confusing mattress choice. They came up with the idea of letting us buy Saatva mattresses online, use organic material and by only selling online, they have succeeded in cutting around 70% of the cost that would have consumed this wonderful product. Saatva would have required stores and displays and that would have just spoiled the whole thing for us. This way they let the mattresses speak for themselves. And they do have a rather soothing voice that lures us to sleep. If you buy Saatva mattresses, you will have the best value for money in any mattress ever found. These beds are extremely comfortable. Saatva mattresses have a base support made of steel coil with pocket coils on top of them. The next layer is a layer of memory foam The mattress look neat because of the pillow foam on top. They go organic. Saatva is also trying to be Eco-friendly (though not as eco-friendly as Sneaky with his bunch of leaves, obviously). It isn’t exactly 100% organic and does not work on an adjustable base. If you buy Saatva mattresses, you will have a good return and exchange policy, in case you think you won’t find the mattress up to your expectations, which is actually not true. You would find that Saatva mattresses will exceed your expectations for the cost you pay and the unbelievable comfort you get in return. So the idea of you not being satisfied is laughable.

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 Locations , Dealers , Distributors

Saatva is actually a brand that sells mattresses only online. To the question, where to buy Saatva mattresses, we have to buy Saatva mattresses online. Saatva mattresses are not sold in any particular location. There are queries where people ask whether Saatva Mattresses are available in the UK, Saatva in Australia, Austin or Canada. But Saatva is not sold in any particular country and there are no Saatva Mattress dealers or Saatva Mattress Distributors. Saatva mattresses are only available online. The benefit in buying Saatva mattresses is you save a lot of money by cutting out the middle guy and you can directly reach the manufacturers to buy from them. Apart from its 18 partner factories and 120 distribution centers, Saatva has now started a manufacturing unit at Canada and is distributing mattresses there.