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Do mattress protector prevent yellow stains on your mattress

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Mattresses are a bit too expensive to buy every other year. You would want to keep your mattress for as long as you can. Its important that you change your mattresses every 7-8 years. If you use the mattress sparingly (guest mattress) it could be replaced in 10-15 years depending on its condition. But sometimes, your mattress may function perfectly but looks horribly bad. It either has yellow stains or if you live in a damp area, you may see mold in your mattress. Yellow stains are common in mattresses which are frequently used and mold is common if you live in a damp area and rarely use the mattress. And Yes, Mattress protectors can reduce the Yellow Stains on your mattress to a good extent.

Why do Yellow Stains occur on mattresses?

The yellow stain on your mattress surface is due to constant use which results in accumulating sweat and dirt, often dead skins on the mattress. It gives the mattress a dirty look and you wouldn’t really want to sleep on it if you see it on the mattress. Most of the time, these are stains. Its usually safe to use the mattress after drying the mattress in the sun or after airing it out. But the stains dont go and it looks bad. Yellow Mattress stains on your mattress does not occur overnight. It happens over constant usage of the mattress. Some mattresses yellow out after a few months while a well protected mattress keeps its surface stain free for years.

2 things you can do to keep your mattress clean from stains.

  1. Get a mattress protector. Mattress protecotrs and pads will give you one or 2 layers of protection from stains. The stains will be transferred to the mattress pad or the protector. Most cases, the protector is washable and you can get the stains off. Also the mattress protectors and pads are far more cheaper to replace as opposed to changing a mattress.
  2. Keep clean and get a shower before bed time. This is the simplest thing you can do but it does not assure a 100 % protection from sweat stains on your mattress. In hot and moist areas, even after a good shower, chances are you will start sweating out in your sleep after an hour or 2. But if you are in a cooler area, chances are that just getting a good shower before going to bed will keep your mattress stain free for a few extra years. Its also a good idea to be hygienic before going to bed .

Cleaning a Mattress from Yellow stains.

Now this is a process which is far more Tedious. Yellow stains on mattress, usually sweat stains happen over a large patch. You can expect at least 35-40% of your mattress covered in sweat stains after a few years. Cleaning a mattress which is covered with that area could be a lot tedious and not so effective. There are a lot of chemicals which can do the trick but be warned that some of these chemicals , though looks very natural and safe, could ruin your mattress. Common chemicals used to clean a mattress from stains include

  1. Hydrogen peroxide
  2. Baking soda

Well these are the safer household chemicals used. They are partly effective but safety cannot be assured. The chemicals could react with some of the components in your mattress, ( the Gel layers, the glue between the layers).  Most people use soap to clean the mattress surface and it seems far more safe and effective.

Unfortunately, cleaning a mattress may render to be far more problematic if you dont dry the mattress well. Airing it out, leaving it on the sun are required to ensure that the water leaves the mattress. If the mattress is moist, you will sooner or later experience a bad smell and mold on your mattress. If you are in a hot area, chances are you will be able to dry the mattress effectively. If you are in some place cold or wet, its better you dont try cleaning your mattress by yourself.

Preventing Yellow Stains on Mattress

When it comes to mattress stains, prevention is a far better method than cleaning it up. A small investment in the beginning while you purchase your mattress in the form of a mattress protector will save you a lot of trouble. Mattress protectors cost less than a $100 and is one of the best investments you can make for your mattress.  Add a mattress pad to your mattress and you can be sure that your mattress will be safe from yellow stains for its entire life. You can use for 8-10 years and the only reason you would want to get a new mattress is because its old and uncomfortable. You will never want to change your mattress because its decoloration or has stains.

Mattress protectors are usually washable and water proof. You could wash your mattress protector every other month or even every month. A mattress protector will last 3-4 years. A range of mattress protectors are available in the market from 100% cotton to polyester mix . All mattress protectors are usually 100% waterproof and you should ensure that it is so.

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