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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Puffy Lux Mattress – Luxury Mattress for Back pain

The Puffy Lux is a Chiropractor approved mattress. The Luxury mattress is Conforming and pressure relieving. The Cool mattress is designed to help with back pain. the Hybrid mattress with pocketed coils provide the pressure relief and Support for your back and specifically the lumbar region. The Puffy mattress works for all sleeper types and positions.

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Saatva Classic Designed for Lower back Pain

The Saatva Classic is chiropractor approved mattress, crafted for people with back pain and pain related problems. it is conforming and supportive. the Pressure relieving ability’s of the Saatva classic is commendable. The mattress features one of the best Lumbar Zone Technology that ensures spinal alignment. The Euro pillow top is plush, conforming and Supportive and relieves pressure points

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Nolah Evolution Luxury Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain

The Nolah Evolution 15 inch mattress may look like a luxury mattress and it is but what’s under the sheets makes the Nolah Mattress one of the best for people suffering from back pain related problems. The Nolah Evolution is a Hybrid mattress with HDMax Trizone coils which are perfect for pressure relief. Awarded the best mattress for Back pain and pressure relief, the Nolah hybrid is Comforting, cool and pain reliving.

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Plank Mattress

When you need a relatively firm mattress and no other mattress has the firmness you really want, the plank comes to your rescue. The plank mattress is the firmest mattress that is comfortable. the Plank mattress comes in 2 models to choose from. The mattress by Brooklyn bedding is specially crafted for people with back pain and need a firm mattress. ITs also one of the firmest mattress for sex

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  • Firmnest Mattress
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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

The Bear elite mattress is a high-end mattress from Bear. Copper-infused foam is an anti microbial, for a cool healthy, clean sleep that eliminates body heat. cool to touch hand quilted hyper soft cover, Dynamic transition foam for excellent support, Contouring with the seamless progression of your body weight. Encased coils for that extra bounce when you are having sex and the high-density support foam for durability. The bear elite hybrid is one of the best mattresses for sex and its luxurious

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  • antibacterial copper infused foam
  • 120 Night Trial, Lifetime Warranty

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Midnight Luxe is best suited for Side sleepers and offers a medium-firm feel. The mattress is cool with Tencel covers and can be upgraded to a Glaciotex Cover for extra cooling. The wrapped coils provide the bounce required for comfortable and pleasurable sex while the design of split coil separation in the centre reduces motion transfer. The mattress has dedicated edge support and provides advanced lumbar support.

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  • 100-night trial
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Medium Firm , supportive

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Saatva Latex 5 Zone Hybrid Mattress

The Saatva Latex Hybrid has 5 zone pressure reliving latex mattress which provides optimum pressure relief to the lumbar region. The mattress is cool and the encased coil prevents motion transfer. The Saatva Latex hybrid provides the responsiveness of the latex and is naturally hypoallergenic. The mattress is natural, organic, Hypoallergenic and non toxic.

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  • hand Tufted Natural Organic
  • Responsive and Pressure Relieving
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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Loom And Leaf Mattress with Dedicated Lumbar support

The Loom and Leaf mattress has a dedicated lumbar crown layer which makes the mattress the best memory foam mattress for people with back pain. Most memory foam mattresses have a 5 zone layer but they dont do as well as the loom and leaf. The Loom and Leaf mattress has better lumbar support which makes it the ideal mattress for people with back pain.

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  • Lumbar Zone Quilting and Crown
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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Layla Mattress Copper Infused Foam Mattress For Allergies

The Layla mattress comes with 2 firmness levels and is flappable the hybrid mattress comes with Copper infused foam which is naturally antibacterial and prevents allergy. The mattress is medium firm on one side and plush on the other. It is perfect for people with lower back pain and are not sure of the firmness levels, specially for those who are below the weight of 180 lbs.

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

Amerisleep AS5 For Better Circulation & Lower back pain

The Amerisleep AS5 and AS3 Are pressure relieving and supportive but the AS5 is more plush and luxurious. Amerisleep Mattresses are made of Bio-Pur which is conforming and Supportive. The mattress is suited for people with lower back pain. The cover is designed to improve circulation and increase recovery from pain and increase muscle recovery

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  • Excellent Lumbar Support
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Herniated disc problems are often painful and can limit movement for the patient. Most treatments at least in the initial stages are non invasive and conservative. Limiting activities and maintaining a light schedule is recommended by most doctors. Doctors recommend that patients do not go into bed rest if they are suffering from herniated disc problems. But when you do sleep and get some rest, be sure that the mattress is firm enough and supportive and does not strain on the injured area. 

For most people with cervical herniated disc, the problem occurs in the top area of the spine. This affects your arms and shoulders and the pain is often felt from your neck towards your arms. A good mattress coupled with a pillow should help relieve the pain. For people suffering from Lumbar herniated disc problems, a good mattress with the right sleeping position or placing a pillow to support your spine area should help. 

Before diving into the shopping part, its important that you know what kind of mattress to buy and which mattresses are good. Also knowing what firmness levels are good for you plays a major role into the decision of buying the right mattress. Too soft or too firm is not going to help your recovery process and may actually delay the entire process. Also understanding your health issues will make the decision easier and faster.

Best mattress for herniated disc and sciatica

Lumbar herniated disc is often the cause of sciatica in most patients. The pressure on your lower back , specifically on spinal areas L1-L5 and S1-S4 (in medical terms) are often the cause for lumbar herniated discs. Apart from a medium firm mattress its important that you maintain a good sleeping position. Sleeping on your back is usually recommended. Add a pillow under the knee to elevate your knee and relieve pressure from your lower back for quicker recovery and better pain relief.

This may seem inconvenient the first few days but once you feel the benefit of it, you may come to enjoy this position. If you sleep on your sides, the fetal position is the best. Curl your knees towards your torso. Ensure that you change sides to balance the pressure on your body. 

A good mattress for Herniated disc and sciatica should be medium firm. If the mattress is too firm, chances are that the injured area will flare up and induce more pain. Too soft a mattress, and you will have lesser pressure relief again resulting in pain and worsening the condition. Before you purchase a mattress ensure that you have tested it for at least a few hours. If this is not possible, try a mattress which has a trial period and which guarantees a return with minimal process.

Most mattress companies offer a 100 night trial but returning the mattress if you don’t like it may be a hassle. If you are not sure about the firmness levels, opt for a firmer mattress and add toppers to soften it up a bit. Toppers are convenient ways to increase your mattresses life and comfort levels. You sometimes may not even require a new mattress and a topper could do just great with your existing mattress.

Recommended Mattresses

Saatva Hybrid : The saatva Mattress is one of the best mattresses recommended for all spinal problems and back pain related issues. The spinal zone technology helps with proper alignment of your spine when you sleep , no matter which sleeping position. The mattress is well researched and comes with guaranteed results. Doctors recommend these mattresses and use them for their personal use and also recommend them to their patients. 

Amerisleep AS3 : The AS3 is a memory foam mattress which is cooler than most other memory foam mattresses in the industry. Its supportive, conforming and pressure relieving. The mattress has been recommended the most for people with back problems. 

Layla Mattress : the layla mattress is not just about looks and feels but also is extremely pressure relieving. For people with sciatica and lumbar herniated disc problems, better support is key to recovery and this is exactly what the Layla sleep mattress offers. The mattress offers variable comfort levels for deep compression areas providing a better support for the torso and mid section , guaranteeing perfect spinal alignment. The Layla comes in both hybrid and pure memory foam and is also copper infused. 

Best mattress for herniated disc in neck

For herniated disc problems in the neck area , the solution is usually non invasive and conservative. Massage, hot packs and minimizing activities can help speed recovery. A good mattress can help you rest better but more importantly it’s also the pillow which plays a major role when it comes to herniated discs in the next. The right pillow height , conformance and comfort will help you to sleep with a straight spine, relieving pressure on the upper spinal area. 

Sleeping positions also play a major role in speedy recovery. For side sleepers, ensure that the pillows are not too high and the mattress is not too firm. A firm mattress is often not pressure relieving and supportive. The result is lesser support on your hip area which creates an imbalance in the spinal alignment.

People often think that a firm mattress is good for herniated disc in the neck but this often creates more problems than solve them. Opt for a medium firm mattress and if you have already purchased a firm mattress, add a softer topper , 2-4 inches thick to provide better support and soften the mattress a bit. 

Adding too many pillows is also not a recommended practice for people suffering from herniated disc in the neck

Recommended Mattresses

Layla : The perfect mattress when it comes to pressure relief, the layla is recommended if you are suffering from cervical disc problems. The mattress is pressure relieving and supportive. 

Saatva Solaire Air beds: The saatva Solaire is one of the few airbeds which are still worth recommending. While most air beds have problems over a period of time, the saatva Solaire comes with a 25 year warranty and peace of mind. Its one of the best mattresses in the industry and comes with a long list of features. The pressure relief of these mattresses are excellent and they come with state of the art design. Its supportive and adjustable. Its everything you can ask for in a mattress and tops the list of mattresses for herniated disc problems.

Nectar mattress For Heavy people : for those who are a bit on the heavier side, finding a mattress which is supportive may be a problem. If you have cervical disc problems, the problems are a bit concerning too. The nectar is one of the firmest mattresses in the industry and its a bit too uncomfortable for people who are below the weight range of 150 lbs. But for those who are on the heavier side and suffering from Cervical Disc problems, this may actually be the best product you can buy. The mattress is found to be extremely supportive and pressure relieving, not to mention , they are cheap. 

Best mattress for lower back herniated disc 

When it comes to lumbar herniated disc or disc problems in the lower back, there isnt much difference when it comes to mattresses that you choose. The mattress for cervical and lumbar herniated disc have to be medium firm, supportive and pressure relieving. For Lumbar herniated disc problems, you have to ensure that the mattress is not too soft. A firm mattress will most often be ok but a softer mattress is going to be a problem. Also , getting a firmer mattress is a better option because you can always find a topper which is soft, if you ever find the need for it. 

Softer mattresses will not keep your spine aligned and will sink much lower in the hip area, putting more pressure in the lower back section. A good sleeping posture is also key to keeping lumbar disc problems in control. Keep your knees elevated if you are sleeping on your back or keep a pillow between your knees if you are a side sleeper. For stomach sleepers you will always find a medium mattress right and it’s always to avoid a pillow.

Best mattress for spine herniated disc sufferers Post surgery

There are some cases where surgery is recommended by doctors. This is rare but still recommended. Resting after a surgery is completely different from a normal rest when you have health issues. Some surgical procedures are minor and doctors will do it in an outpatient basis but some will require that you spend a longer time in the hospital. No matter what the case, sleep will be crucial during the process and a good bed could speed up things a bit. 

Unlike normal Disc degeneration which does not entertain full bed rests, Recovering from a surgery will require you to consider bed rest for at least a small amount of time. For minor surgeries it may be a day or two and for major ones, it may extend to a week. Spending a week in a bad bed after a surgery is not pleasant. As a matter of fact, it could worsen the situation if not taken care of. 

A good mattress after surgery should be supportive and pressure relieving. But more importantly it should be soft to feel , firm to support your body. You will find the saatva as one of the few mattresses which is the best for post surgery patients. Saatva is not the only option though. There are plenty of other mattresses which are good for post surgery but saatva is simply the most preferred.

Also ensure that you pick a mattress which is adjustable. If possible get an adjustable base too. This may look like a big investment in the beginning but you may thank yourself for making this decision later. 


  • Saatva Hybrid
  • Saatva Solaire
  • Plushbeds Botanical Bliss

Mattress topper for herniated disc

 Discover the best mattress for herniated disc that provides optimal comfort and support for relieving pain and promoting healing. Learn about the key features and benefits to consider when choosing a mattress to alleviate discomfort caused by a herniated disc.

Not everyone needs a new mattress. Most people prefer to make small adjustments to their already good mattress to accommodate their needs. You may find that your mattress is perfect but a bit too firm or soft. A small adjustment is all that you need to make the mattress perfect. This not only saves money but also helps you keep the mattress you are used to. Small adjustments are often easier to make than huge ones. A complete change of mattress may seem like a good idea to some, but most people worry if the new mattress would be as good as the one they already own. They also have the thought of letting go of a mattress after just one or two years of use when the mattress could have lasted 5 or 6 years. Mattresses are big investments for most people and spending $1000 on a mattress every second year is not a good idea.

For people suffering from herniated discs, make your topper choices wisely. It’s always a good idea to get a topper for your mattress from the same vendor or brand as your existing mattress But there are a greater range and variety of toppers available from other sources and companies you can choose from.

Memory foam mattress topper for herniated disc

Memory foam mattress toppers are great to adjust your comfort levels. The benefits of memory foam at a lower price is enticing and its surely a bettter option than getting yourself a new bed . while getting a new mattress may be your only option at times, when you already have a mattress which is in good condition and you just need to make a small adjustment in firmness, the Memory foam mattress topper is perfect.  Most companies offer memory foam mattress toppers with variation in firmness. If your mattress is too firm, opt for a softer topper and vice versa. Always remember to purchase a topper which is not very thick. 3 inches is good but more than 4 inches is not usually recommended. If its only a small adjustment you are looking at, opt for a 2 inch mattress topper. Sometimes more is not all that good.


Latex Mattress toppers for herniated discs.

Latex, may it be talalay or Dunlop has a benefit over memory foam. Its more responsive and is also durable. They are pressure relieving (if its from the right brand and is constructed well) and supportive. You can use a Latex topper on a memory foam or a hybrid mattress. What type of topper you use will not affect your herniated disc conditions at all but its the firmness levels that matter.  Dunlop Toppers are more firm and talalay is a bit soft. opt for the right material, then choose the right firmness. The firmness level of a talalay will be a bit lesser than that of the dunlop even though both may advertise as being firm. 

Type of mattress for herniated disc

90% of the time, doctors will recommend a memory foam mattress for your herniated disc problem and one that is medium firm “FOR YOU” . While some mattresses will state that they are medium firm, they may feel a bit too firm for you if you are below 100lbs and a bit too soft if you are above 150lbs. The heavier you are, the softer the mattress feels. The lighter you are , the firmer the mattress feels. Getting the right firmness matters a lot when it comes to herniated disc sufferers. 

With that said, the type actually has no importance at all. Its the features that matter when it comes to conditions like herniated disc problems. You should be looking for a mattress which is supportive, Pressure relieving, With the minimum bounce and motion transfer and conforming. If you sleep hot, opt for a mattress which is cool and memory foam is not the right option for you in these cases. Go for a latex or even a hybrid.

When you are not really sure about the firmness, its a great idea to find a mattress where you can adjust the firmness levels to your preference. This is one option which is possible with an air mattresses. Air  mattresses were not really the best option a year or two ago but today, it has come a long way and the improvement in design and technology enables most people to embrace the product. They are much easier to use and maintain, provide you with the right firmness levels and some companies have a great warranty too. 

Why memory foam mattress for herniated disc

Memory foam has been one of the best types of mattresses in the industry for a long time. Its well researched and people have tried this mattress for a longer period of time now. The results are well documented and available for public use too in most cases. When it comes to herniated disc, or any medical condition, its not the material of the mattress which really matters. You should be looking at some of the key benefits of the mattress itself. A hybrid mattress is a bit bouncy and thats not recommended for a patient. A latex mattress on the other hand is perfect for most health conditions. Its cooler than the memory foam, its natural and it feels almost the same as the memory foam mattresses in the market. Some are even better than most memory foam mattresses in the market. But, Memory foam has a long standing reputation and is thoroughly tested.

Memory foam mattresses are conforming, pressure relieving and supportive. These are key benefits for a person suffering from Herniated disc problems. You want your weight evenly distributed and dont want excessive pressure in any one part of your body. This is possible with the right firmness level of a memory foam mattress. Keep in mind that a plush soft memory foam mattress or a firm memory foam mattress will not benefit your condition in anyway though. Getting the right firmness level is key.

Air mattress for herniated disc

Air mattresses are excellent when it comes to choosing the right firmness levels. If you have a partner, some air mattresses do allow custom firmness which are different for each sides. A well designed air mattress will maintain the firmness level through out your sleep cycle and provide the right comfort. 

It does not matter if you are a bit on the heavier side or a bit on the lighter side, getting the firmness level right is a few button clicks away wit some of the air mattresses in the industry today. 

When you think of an air mattress, most people relate it to a camping inflatable mattress. These air beds do not look or feel anything like those camping beds. These are luxurious and safe to use for almost all medical conditions. Some of these mattresses are even compatible with adjustable bases.

The Saatva Solaire


what kind of mattress for herniated disc 

Remember its not the kind or type of mattress that matters when it comes to any health problems including herniated discs. Its the features and specifications you need to worry about and the firmness levels. Firmness level is key but bounce, motion isolation, pressure relief and support are equally important. Most doctors will recommend a memory foam mattress for your condition and they are right to do so. Memory foam mattresses are perfect for your conditions and more importantly, its the most researched mattress too.

which mattress is best for herniated disc

If you are looking for the BEST mattress, chances are you are not going to find any suggestions or reviews to be correct. Every person will have their own individual preferences and what’s firm for you may be just right for me. So don’t go by the reviews online. Check for the firmness level of your existing mattress and if you find it too soft and the mattress company claims it to be medium firm or even firm, you know that you have to find a mattress which is firmer that what you have and that would require you to get a mattress which is firm. If you are overweight or underweight, this may influence your decision. Always go for a slightly firmer version of a mattress and then if you find it too firm, you can always add a topper to it. Chances of you going wrong with a firmer mattress is much lesser compared to mattress which is soft or plush.

is a firm mattress good for herniated disc

A firm mattress is usually not as supportive as a medium firm mattress. Now remember that firmness levels and preference to the same will differ from person to person. A firm mattress will usually not support your hip area, creating a curve in the sleeping position. If you want a perfect mattress, it needs to be medium firm, supportive and pressure relieving. A medium firm mattress is all that and a lot more. A firm mattress will usually put strain on some parts of the body, usually the shoulder or the neck area. With a bad pillow, the condition could be a lot worse. 

soft or firm mattress for herniated disc

When it comes to soft mattresses, your body will sink in. and depending on your weight and body structure, you may find the hip area to sink in more while your legs and neck are float above. There is medium support on the upper back. This creates an uneven shape for your body, putting excessive strain , especially in the middle and lower back. With a firm mattress, the hip area is usually not supported at all and it will create an uneven spinal alignment, especially for side sleepers. A medium firm mattress is usually perfect for most sleeping positions.

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