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When it comes to choosing the right mattress, it depends on individual preferences and specific back conditions a person has. Many people change their mattress very often complaining that they don’t get relief from back pain issues. For instance, people with osteoarthritis may prefer to sleep on their sides with their knees curled up. The only way they can get relief is to sleep in a reclining chair or on an adjustable bed that allows the head and knees elevated.

A herniated disc doesn’t ruin your life, but it sure ruins your sleep. Disc pain makes standing, lying down or sitting for prolonged periods of time very painful. It takes a lot of patience to deal with herniated disc. Those of you with disc pain need to get rest when going through it. So here comes the point where you need to choose the right mattress for herniated disc. Finding the right mattress for a herniated disc is important for that recovery process and for getting relief from pain.

Apart from herniated discs in the lower back, there are people who suffer from herniated disc in the neck, slipped disc, bulging disc, etc.

Shopping for a mattress for those with herniate disc/ bulging discs/ slipped disc/ herniated disc in the neck

Damages to the disk can be very painful. Finding the right mattress to sleep on, reduces the pain to a large extend. Finding the right mattress for individual needs is a tough option and will differ for individuals. Sleeping on a wrong mattress worsens the back pain. A good mattress will help for better sleep by relaxing muscles.

A good mattress will offer support, firmness and also comformability.

The mattress type to be used also differs for different types of sleepers.

For back-sleepers, a mattresses should be firm enough to support the lower back and soft enogh to contour to the body. So a medium firm mattress is ideal.

For side sleepers, the mattress can be softer to support the hips and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers need a mattress which is firm. Most stomach sleepers sleep on their stomach because of the pain in the back.

So before you pick your mattress, you need to know your comfort. Your comfort depends on the location of your herniated disc. The sleeping position can also help alleviate the disc pain and the associated nerve pain that comes with it. If you have a herniated disc, then lying on your stomach would give you more relaxed feeling. A herniation in the neck requires supportive pillows along with appropriate mattress.

Doctors recommend firmer mattresses because they offer more support for the spine. The trick is finding a mattress that is not too firm, as a hard mattress triggers pressure points.

Choosing the right mattress for herniate disc/ bulging discs/ slipped disc/ herniated disc in the neck

Memory foam and latex mattresses are the most preferred mattresses for those suffering from back pain. They provide the right amount of firmness, support and also comfort. A gel memory foam also helps keep the body cooler than the traditional memory foam.

A number of companies offer good memory foam mattresses at affordable prices. Depending on the sleeping position, try out a medium firm mattress, as very firm mattresses can trigger pressure points and cause more pain.

Once you have come to know your comfort position for a herniated disc, here comes the next phase of selecting the mattress. Since the location of the disc and the symptoms vary from person to person, the only way to discover the right mattress is to simply try them. Get to your nearest store with your herniated disc and try as many beds as you can. Experiment with memory foam mattress, innerspring, latex and gel memory foam mattress to see which feels good for your back. Give 15 minutes time for each mattress.

Memory foam mattress for herniated disc? Some of the best types of mattresses for herniated discs

Memory foam mattress works really good for disc injuries. Being originally developed by NASA, memory foam mattress offers support for your spine and relieves pressure points. This is ideal for those who sleep on their side as a too firm mattress triggers pressure points in the hips and shoulders.

Another reason why experts recommend memory foam mattress as the best mattress for people with herniated disc is because memory foam mattress conforms to your body as you sleep thereby supporting you. This means that while your hips and shoulders sink into the mattress, the foam still supports your lower back. Memory foam mattresses come in different densities and thicknesses. A 3-pound density is less firm than a 5-pound density. A 4-pound density mattress offers a medium level – both soft and firm. Look for open cell memory foam mattress for herniated disc as this technology does not heat up the way regular memory foam does. Normal memory foam mattress tends to retain your body heat.

A number of companies like Saatva, Amerisleep and iComfort have good memory foam mattresses to alleviate back pain. Some like Lifekind and Astrabeds have natural latex mattresses which give satisfactory results.

Wright mattress – the memory foam mattress for herniated disc

With so many brands in the market and the deceiving marketing techniques, its confusing to choose the right mattress. But for those who are looking for a mattress that can provide comfort and support for a herniated disc, you can rely on Wright luxury memory foam mattress.

The result of Wright W1.27 came out to the market after a lot of researches and studies including 27 different models. The technology and materials used in for Wright mattress help to cope with skin allergies. When it comes to comfort, Wright mattress offers you 4 layers of different comfort with the top offering you gel infused memory foam layer. On a 11 inch of Wright memory foam mattress, the top is 1.5 inches are made out of 5 lbs memory foam that is quiet a density compared to other brands. It gives a balance between soft and firm. This means that sleepers who prefer a cool sleeping surface could find the mattress warmer than a gel foam. Still the mattress could be one of the best mattresses recommended for herniated disc patients.

Apart from Wright mattress, there are some more mattresses that are good for back pain patients. Lets have a look into it;

Dynasty mattress 12-inch gel foam mattress

Dynasty mattress comes with a 12-inch gel memory foam mattress that offers a 120 day trial period and a 30-year limited warranty. The trial period allows you to see if there is any change in your disc pain. The mattress comes with 2 free gel pillows, which help in adjusting your sleep positions. This in turn minimises your disc pain and improves spinal alignment. A high density foam supports your back while the gel infused mattress keeps you cool.

Miliard gel memory foam mattress topper

Mattress toppers help to provide support and comfort to an existing mattress at a reduced price. If your doctor advised you to get a firm mattress and you prefer softer mattresses, a gel foam mattress topper from Milliard could be the best choice. The gel foam technology keeps your mattress cool by alleviating pressure point. Miliard gel memory foam comes with a density of 3 pound which is quiet nice and soft.

Saatva Mattresses

Saatva is a strong contender for producing some of the best mattresses for back pain. Saatva is also the official mattress for Healthbridge Sleep, which is a premium clinic in the Northeast to help people with sleep issues. Saatva mattresses use luxury coil mattresses. They have tempered steel coils to prevent sagging and individually wrapped comfort coils to contour to the body shape. There are also three levels of firmness to choose from, Firm for back or stomach sleepers, Luxury firm which suits all types of people, and Plush soft for side sleepers. Luxury firm is the best for people with back pain. Saatva mattresses also have some of the lowest prices for their mattresses when compared to their competitors as they sell their mattresses only online. Saatva is highly recommended by orthopaedics, chiropractors, and other specialists for those with sever back pain and lower back pain.

Amerisleep, Helix and Bear also offer very good mattresses for back pain. Their prices are also very reasonable.

Coop home goods memory foam pillow

Once you have done with the mattress for herniated disc pain, consider buying a memory foam pillow to help position yourself comfortably. Placing a pillow under your stomach, your knees or under your neck can help alleviate the disc pain. A herniated neck requires the support of pillows in addition to a good mattress. One of the good quality pillows is the Pure Talalay Bliss Latex/Down Pillow

The Coop Home Goods memory foam pillow are made with shredded memory foam that is machine washable. The good thing I liked about this pillow is that it offers a 5-year warranty with a 30-day return policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, the pillow is resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic.


Although there are innerspring and latex mattresses available, not every mattresses will suit you. Ultimately, the best mattress for herniated disc in the back must help the patient feel relaxed and refreshed without any pain and stiffness is the recommended mattress for. As a matter of fact, its been the memory foam mattress with a density of 4 pounds that has found effective for herniated disc patients.