Which Is The Best Mattress For Herniated Discs?

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Recommended Mattresses for Herniated Discs

If you are Looking for a mattress specially designed for patients suffering from Slipped disc, Herniated Disc , Lumbar Herniated Disc, Bulging disc, Herniated disc in Back or neck, then read on. Mattresses for Cervical disc herniation & Intradural disc herniation, Researches and references.

Herniated disc can usually be overlooked but when you detect the problem you know you cant overlook it. If you are reading this article, i would assume that you or someone you care for is suffering from the problem herniated disc and you are looking for a mattress to improve comfort level for the person. A good mattress for herniated disc can speed up recovery. Minor problems with herniated disc will heal naturally with rest and time. There are some cases or situations where things could go a bit complicated and requires surgery. Even when it comes to that , you will still need a good mattress to rest on. 

When it comes to herniated disc, you have a few important factors to consider.

  1. The person suffering from herniated discs are usually recommended to sleep on their sides, usually in a fetal position
  2. If the person is sleeping on any other position, you would want to ensure that there is no pressure on the area affected.
  3. You may need to consider the use of right pillows, not just to support the neck and head but also to place between the knee are for better support.
  4. A mattress which is compatible with adjustable base is always a good addition if you have an adjustable base already or willing to purchase one.

Your mattress and pillows are also required to be of certain quality and should meet a set criteria or standard.

  1. The mattress has to be as firm as possible, yet comfortable. 
  2. The mattress should not retain heat, bounce too much if their partner moves
  3. The mattress should be supportive and balanced to ensure that it does not add pressure to any particular area of your body.
  4. The pillows should be breathable and supportive. 

While the only condition required for most people who are suffering from Herniated disc is that they use a firm mattress, its important to ensure that the mattress is comfortable too. Excessive heat or movement while sleeping will usually disturb a person and not allow them to go back to sleep . disturbed sleep is often not good for people who are recovering from an injury. 

Mattress for herniated disc in neck and back

 Mattresses can play a role in herniated discs in neck but its the pillow which is the major contributor. Bad posture while sleeping could increase strain in the upper spine area resulting to herniated discs. This condition is entirely avoidable and with therapy, curable too. Choosing the right mattress for herniated discs is important. A firm mattress will be a good choice. A softer mattress will be create more depth while you lie down on it and the height from the pillow will be different. Choosing a firm mattress will help with the right balance between the height of your pillow and from your mattress and the neck , shoulder area to accommodate correctly. A right pillow should be 2-3 inches from the mattress surface for a back sleeper and 4-5 inches for a side sleeper. Getting the right height is key to getting the right posture. Sleep on your desired position and see to it that your necks is not craning to down or elevated. It should be even and straight. If you can get this position, you are in the right position and its safe to say that its the right mattress for you. 

A Mattress for a herniated disc on the neck patient should always be  

  1. Firm or medium firm
  2. Supportive and on a firm base. Avoid innersprings
  3. Should be complemented with the right pillow of the right size and most importantly right height


Saatva Mattress : Saatva mattress comes in 3 firmness levels. ITs an innerspring mattress and will give you the right bounce. The firm mattress should be your choice. In case the mattress is too firm for your taste after the first week or two, you should get a topper which is not more than 2 inches thick. This adds comfort to your mattress and will feel good. The saatva mattress is also one of the few mattresses recommended by chiropractors. 

SpineAlign Mattress: Specially crafted for people with back problems, the spine align mattress is one of the best mattress for spine related problems including Herniated discs. The mattress comes in medium and firm category and is a hybrid mattress. The spine align mattress is doctor approved and comes with a 100 night warranty 

Bear Mattress : Though bear mattress does not claim that its good for your spine, its one of the most recommended mattresses in the industry for people with injuries. Its compatible with adjustable frames and comes with celliant mattress covers. The mattress is specifically designed for sports people to recover from sports related fatigues and its one of the reasons why its good for back problems too.

Recommended Pillows for herniated disc in neck

 Easy Breather Pillow by nest bedding: The Perfect pillow should be not more than 3 inches thick for back sleepers and 4-5 inches thick for side sleepers. We recommend the Easy Breather Pillow by nest bedding. Its one of the most sought after pillows in the market and is shaped perfectly for back and side sleepers alike.

 Mattress for herniated disc and sciatica

 Its always a bit complicated when it comes to choosing a mattress and you have more than one condition. When you are suffering from Herniated disc and Sciatica the problems are different and usually needs serious consideration. A firm mattress should work well for herniated discs but for sciatica, the mattress shouldn’t be too firm. A medium firm mattress is your right choice. When you can’t get both the features on one mattress, you have to chose something in between. We recommend that you choose a firm mattress and then add a topper if you need one. If your comfort level is good on a firm mattress, you should be good to go with both the conditions. Buf if you still experience pain or discomfort and if you feel the mattress too firm, you can add a topper which is no more than 3 inches to your firm mattress. Its crucial that you do not add a topper which is very soft of very thick. A mattress topper should not disturb the support the firm mattress provides. 

 Memory foam mattress for herniated disc

 Memory foam mattresses were researched to be one of the best mattresses for back problems until lately. Though some of the memory foam mattresses live up to the promise, there are better options now in hybrid mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are good for certain qualities they possess if it is of the right firmness. There are some disadvantages too, to memory foam mattresses


 It conforms to your body well and provides the right pressure relief

  1. It helps evenly distribute body weight and pressure.
  2. It has minimum motion transfer and if you share the mattress with a partner, a memory foam mattress fares a bit better than other options. 


 Its a bit hot at times and can be countered with a gel foam

  1. Its hard to turn around on a memory foam mattress and some people often wake up because they cant turn around in the mattress easily

 Considering the Pros and cons of a mattress is important while choosing a mattress for any back problems. Be it Herniated discs or a normal back pain, a mattress could make it better or worse. Research finds that Mattresses can relieve pain in your back but often, mattresses are the reasons for the back pain too. Choose your mattress wisely. With that said, a memory foam mattress may be a good option but there are better options now. 

Latex mattress for Herniated discs

Latex mattresses are considerably new to the industry. Its expensive though it lasts longer than memory foam mattresses. You also get an organic option which is considerably hard in a memory foam option. In a memory foam mattress, you may come across mattresses which have organic covers but the foam is almost always synthetic. If you are conscious about using synthetica material in your mattress and need a mattress which will support your health condition, you may want to consider Latex mattresses. Latex mattresses come with all the features of the Memory foam mattress. Its conforming, Comes in different levels of firmness and is less allergic. The covers and the latex itself are available from various vendors as organic.  

Latex mattresses conform well and it does not retain the shape. Its easier to move around and retains less heat. The design of the mattress usually has a major role in heat retention , If you find a mattress which is designed for better air flow and promises lesser heat retention, you should opt for it.  

Some of the best latex mattresses come in hybrid variations too. You can opt either the hybrid version or a pure latex mattress if you are suffering from herniated disc as long as the mattress is firm. 

Hybrid mattresses for Herniated discs.

Hybrid mattresses are the most sought out mattresses today. Hybrid mattresses bring the best of both an innerspring and a pure foam or latex mattress into one bed. These mattresses are bouncy enough , adds comfort and retains less heat. The down side to the hybrid mattresses is that it has a shorter life span. Most mattress companies assure you a 20 year warranty. Some even go up to 25. Rarely do you see a hybrid mattress company coming with a lifetime warranty unlike the Memory foam or Latex mattress companies. 

With that said, The hybrid mattresses are the most sought after and recommended by chiropractors for back problems. Hybrid mattresses come with the right comfort levels and a firm mattress will add a bit of bounce and feel good on your back. The springs in most hybrid mattresses are encased individually to create the right pressure on any sleeping position. You will feel a uniform pressure throughout the body and this makes hybrid mattress one of the most preferred options. Hybrid mattress , be it Memory foam hybrid or a Latex hybrid, Should be firm to sleep on for a person suffering from herniated discs. An option to add a topper is always available if the mattress is too firm. If the mattress is soft, Chances are you will have more problems than you anticipate and that’s not really good for your back. 

Why a Medium Firm mattress for herniated disc

Herniated Disc patients are recommended a medium firm mattress because its the most comfortable firmness which provides pressure evenly through out the body, specially the areas which affect the problem. If the mattress is too soft, there are chances that the pressure will be more on certain points which may not be suitable. If the mattress is too firm, blood circulation may be hampered with patients experiencing stiffness. Moreover a firm mattress is often uncomfortable for most patients. A medium firm mattress is more supportive and thus recommended. A lot of research has been conducted on Back problems and mattresses and doctors concur that a firm mattress should be used if suffering from any form of back problems including sciatica. Refer : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK263383/ for more information.

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