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Heard yourself saying, “Not tonight, honey, I am tired” to your partner? You are not alone in this. In fact, a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation claims that one out of four married people found sex too routine and boring. Know which is the best Mattress for sex in this guide.

While distractions from modern technology provoke us to stay up at nights such as smartphones, kindle etc., it is predictable the number is growing.

Here is what Dr. Michael Breus of American Board of Sleep Medicine says. In  today’s world, the old excuse “I have a headache” has changed to “I am exhausted”. For better sleep quality and a healthier sex life, it is best to keep technology out of your bedroom.

Of course, the right mattress always plays a prominent role in cradling you to better sleep. Lack of proper sleep, insomnia can lead to poor libido that can add up to the stress levels. Sleep disorders can affect the desire for sex and eventually their passion for their partner. Imagine kicking your partner when he is snoring. It not only creates the agitated feeling making you stay awake, but leads to low desire for your spouse as well.

Every person needs their best sleep if they want to enhance their performance in bed. Sleep deprivation can make you fall asleep within five minutes you rest your head on pillow.

To sum it up, you want a mattress that will boost the sleep quality while making you get dirty under the sheets. But, here is where confusion arises.


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Conflicting Interests

Can you sacrifice sex for sleep or sleep for sex? Neither!!! Both are vital for a healthy life but for different reasons. At times, requirements for sleep are entirely different than what you are looking for during sex. For instance, you don’t really move your body when you are sleeping. On the contrary, intimate adventures call for lot of stunts and optimum support from your mattress.

Make your priorities before you purchase a mattress.

Meeting The Criteria

Topper on the list is noise. You don’t want your mattress going ‘oink, oink’ while you “jump” up and down. A silent performance from your mattress can keep your intimate affairs discreet than peeling the ceiling walls off. Therefore a best mattress for sex must be quiet as possible. Most memory foam mattress meet this requirement. However, it is not impossible that foam mattress stay mute at all times.

Stating the obvious, passionate adventures mean more of moving around and it is the mattress’s ability as well to make it easy for you. If the mattress is slow to respond then it is sure to kill the mood. This means your mattress must be dexterous enough to aid in easy change of positions. Spring mattress are known to be friendly in allowing faster climax due to their default “bouncy” effect that adds up to the intimate act. This does not rule out the fact that spring mattress can trigger noises that can wake up the kids in the next room.

So which is the best mattress for sex? While memory foam mattresses are good in “shushing” the sound of bed, they take time from conforming back to original state. Though such silent mattresses are always desirable for better sleep quality they do not have much to offer when it comes to boosting the sex life.

Some of the best mattress for sex not only cradle your body easily but will also react fast. Innerspring mattress are considered best because of their efficient agility to keep in sync with your body. The bouncy effect of the mattress not only keeps your kinetic energy up but also binds with it to deliver a powerful performance.

General Requirements

General requirements gives you features that every other mattress must have including those meant for sex. What are they?

First of all, any mattress is meant to deliver comfort. Of course, a mattress meant for sex this is a very important requirement because when you sleep you are on your own senses and shutting off from the world. Secondly is the person lying on the mattress. When a couple is having sex only one of them is moving around in multiple positions. In few cases none are while at times they both are at dominant positions. This can create pressure points and call for good amount of pressure relief. A quality mattress features pressure points to relieve the stress of couples.

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Best Mattress For Sex That Can Spice It 10 Times More

Simmons Beautyrest mattress is one of the best mattress that can add up some zing in your sex life. The cool mattress features micro diamonds in the foam that wick away all the heat from your body that is obvious from all the ehemm…passionate adventure. The surface cool plus fiber technology encase beneath the mattress heat maximizes the airflow. This means enhanced comfort for a quality sleep as well.

The advanced pocketed coil technology from Simmons Beautyrest provide great durability. They deliver pressure relief efficiently while offering top notch motion transfer. This means even if your partner hops in and out of bed at night, you won’t feel a thing. Simmons beautyrest provides proper back support that makes it ideal for those suffering from back pain as well.

The product comes with different warranty period that ranges from 1 year to 25 years. It all comes to the type of Simmons Beautyrest mattress you opt that speak with your style. It comes with 75 day trial period for you to check how it goes well with your body.


  • Specially designed for sex
  • 75 day trial period
  • Bouncy with silent performance
  • Enhanced sleep quality with cooling surface
  • A complete USA product
  • Resists motion transfer


  • Bit on the expensive side


Innerspring mattresses are the best when it comes to sex. However they can be squeaky and there is no other way around it. Air mattresses or water beds are certainly uncomfortable and you never know you might burst a valve in the process. Memory are sadly slow which leaves us with latex. Though latex has a nice bounce people having allergies to latex tend to ignore them. So the only reliable mattress seen is innerspring. Times have changed and with state-of-the-art features boost the resiliency of sound in innerspring mattress with features such as pocketed coil that lessen the barking of coils while supporting a happy sex life.


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