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The Best Mattress & Topper For Sex

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Best Mattress for Sex 

Less Stress, More Sex…

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What do Mattress Companies have to tell about their mattress when it comes to sex?

A mattress can make sex pleasurable or painful. The choice you make with your mattress will determine how you sleep for the period you own it. It is not all about sex when you purchase a mattress. A mattress serves you at sex for only a few minutes but you will have to spend a long time sleeping in it, alone or with a partner. Your purchase of a mattress will need to consider sex but will also need to ensure your comfort and the comfort of your partner who will share your bed.

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When purchasing a mattress, especially if you are an active couple, takes serious consideration. Sex is a crucial and important factor but it is just the beginning. Some people find a mattress very comfortable in the showroom, think it’s great, and end up purchasing a mattress that may not be suitable for one person or both. It may be great while you are making love but when it comes time to sleep, it’s either too hot, very bouncy, or soft or too hard. Keeping all these into consideration while purchasing a mattress will ensure you don’t go through the grueling process of returning the mattress or losing money.

Sex needs to be pleasurable, Sleep needs to be calming and restful. You need to take into consideration both partners” preferences in mattress firmness and overall comfort. Determining what type of mattress to buy, What budget to set, and what size is comfortable all depends on your personal preferences. Before you make a purchase, be sure that both of you are aware of what your needs are when it comes to sleep and comfort.

Best mattress for active couples

How do you even qualify a mattress to be good for sex? Is it the soft feeling? Is it the bounce? Is it the feeling of luxury fabric that covers the mattress? How do you determine if a particular mattress can be rated as the best for making love? It is easy to put forward a few numbers down and say that it is all in the reviews. But its someone else’s reviews. It is not probably what you may want to buy! Read the reviews but decide on the purchase based on your Needs.

Sex is not the primary purpose of a mattress purchase. It is only a small percentage of time you spend having sex in bed. But its an important percentage.

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Things you should look out for when you are purchasing a mattress for sex

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  • Bounce : The way a mattress bounces has a lot to do about how pleasurable your sex is going to be. IF you mattress is too bouncy its probably going to sound good but its actually not so great. The right bounce is important when it comes to action in bed. You dont want to feel like you are having sex on a trampoline, but you surely dont want it to feel like you are in quicksand either.
  • Responsiveness : Your mattress should not consume your body when you are sleeping and surely not the person under you when having sex. Responsiveness is important . It should be right. It should be easy to move around and make adjustments no matter what position you are in. If you kneel on your mattress, you shouldn’t find that you are going down more than a few inches and when you roll around it should be effortless. Sex is an activity with a lot of movement and a responsive mattress can make things easier.
  • Durability  : Have you ever wondered how long your mattress will last with all the action it has to endure? May be not. A mattress which is not as durable as you are in bed will wear out before you know. Some mattresses last a year and there are others which will last ten. Comfort is important but if your mattress is going to wear out in less than 5 years, its not really good for your pocket.
  • Comfort : Sexual comfort is one thing and comfort when you are resting is another. Both comfort levels are important to both of you involved. When having sex, the mattress should be soft and luxurious and when you are resting it should be medium firm, supportive and warm ( Not hot). If your mattress is not firm when you rest, chances are you will end up with some form of back problems over a period of time. If its too hot or uncomfortable to sleep on, you may end up being sleep deprived. What fun is it if you cant rest after all the action, renew your energy and get on with it again!
  • Noise : ITs common knowledge that everyone has sex. But it need not be advertised to your neighbour or your parents/kids/friends or who ever it is thats sharing the next room. When i am making love i only want to hear the voice of my partner saying my name. Not the squeaky ceiling fan, the speeding car, the barking dogs and surely not a noisy mattress. Traditional Spring mattresses would make a terrible noise every time you stepped on to it. A slight movement would wake your partner up, if not due to the motion transfer, by the noise the mattress makes. Foam mattresses and LAtex mattresses have no springs and are silent. The hybrid mattresses are so advanced in technology that its just as silent too.
  • Edge Support : While active in bed, chances are you are too close to the edge. How would you feel if you were enjoying it so well and you fell to the ground? Embarrassing is one thing, the pain is another and you simply end up breaking from the action altogether. A spoiler moment. Edge support is important for a mattress even if you are not an active couple. Sitting at the edge of the mattress shouldn’t slide you down to the floor. It should be a lot firmer in the edges than in the middle. This ensures that you don’t slip down to the ground when you are fast asleep in the middle of the night.
  • Budget Considerations : Some people look for pleasure and buy a mattress without consideration of money. Good for them. There are others who buy a mattress for finance. Buy now , pay later. And then there are people who know what they can spend and will not take it overboard. If you are one of those who consider a mattress to be an investment, you will spend wisely. Whatever your budget, set it straight and set it first. A few dollars up or down is ok, but there is no reason to purchase a mattress double the price of what you sent out to buy. And believe it or not, you can buy a good mattress for a decent price.
  • Heat retention: Activity in bed is going to make things hot. Literally! You may want to look out for a mattress which will retain heat. Even with the air conditioners on, some mattresses (specially Foam mattresses) tend to build up heat over time. This is not good if you are an active couple and you will find your activity a lot more exhausting rather than enjoyable. Buy a mattress which is cool and  breathable . You will thank yourself for it.

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Best mattress for different weight couples

This is Probably one of the hardest decisions most people will have to make. There is surely no one size fits all when it comes to mattresses. 2 Different people, 2 different mattresses. And when the 2 individuals are of different weight and with a good margin, chances are you will not find a mattress that fits both of them. While one person finds the mattress just right, the other will find it a bit too soft or too firm. You may find the perfect mattress when it comes to your sexual preferences but when it moves to sleep after that, there is bound to be a bit of difference. What are the options you have? The easiest one is to have a mattress for sex and then another for sleep. There are a few adjustable dual side mattresses but they are not just as perfect as you would expect to be. The best option is to go for something which both of you will agree to. A medium-firm mattress will usually suffice if you are different sized. One of them is bound to find the mattress a bit soft but not too uncomfortable, while the lighter person will find the mattress a bit firm but good to sleep on. Add a topper if you find the mattress too firm or too soft and adjust accordingly. Unfortunately, the whole process is about testing what’s right for you when your weights are different and it becomes all the more difficult if the margin is high.

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Best type of mattress for sex

The range of mattresses is one thing and the types of mattresses is another. There was a time when mattress choices were easy because there wasn’t much to choose from. You went to a store and purchased the prettiest mattress and they were all made of spring and foam. Today there are Memory foam mattresses, Gel Foam mattresses. Latex, Hybrid, airbeds and waterbeds among many others. If you are confused with the brand, the type of mattress creates havoc for decision makers. But it is not as complicated as it sounds and you could make a decision much more easily once you know what you want, for now, you are looking for a mattress that is great to sleep on and excellent to make love on.

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Best memory foam Mattress for sex

A memory foam mattress has been popularized a bit too much. Everyone wanted a memory foam mattress. From the granddad who had back problems to the college kid who wanted a mattress for his dorm, Memory foam was advertised to be the affordable and the best solution. The truth is far from it. The mattress industry has evolved over the last few years. The pure memory foam mattress is not the most preferred after all. No, it is not all that bad, but surely not as good as it’s being advertised. Memory foam mattresses come with a few flaws. To begin with, pure memory foam mattresses are hot. If the mattress is too soft, you find it hard to move around the mattress and it will feel like you are sleeping on sinking mud. It’s not a nice feeling if the person under you is nearly consumed by the mattress. Neither you or the person beneath will find that experience comfortable. And what more? Memory foam mattresses lack bounce. Every time you jump, it sinks and takes its own sweet time to come back to the normal position. That’s surely not comfortable!

A lot of new mattress companies are coming up with fixes for these problems. They have multiple layers of latex with varying firmness to make the mattress supportive. They have added gel foam and made the mattress more breathable to make it cooler. But even with all these tweaks, its just not as perfect as some of the other types of mattresses, specially when it comes to sex.

Not all is bad with the Memory foam mattress either. The mattress is very durable. Lasts a lot more than a Spring mattress. There is Zero Noise. And with the right construction, it could have great edge support. It is also free from motion transfer! But then there is a better option and may be even at the same price…

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Best latex mattress for Sex

Latex mattresses are natural, safe, and have no chemicals (at least most of them). Not that you would be looking for a mattress that is free from chemicals but that’s a clear add-on. Latex mattress is everything a memory foam mattress is, and a bit more. The major flaws in a Memory foam mattress is the bounce, heat retention and responsiveness. The latex mattress covers all of those. The free form of a chemical tag is just a bonus.

Latex mattresses are more responsive. They will not sink you into the mattress and restrict movement. While you change positions or move around, this small factor is crucial. If you are aging or have problems with movement in your sleep, responsiveness is key. You want to move around at night effortlessly and the Latex mattress makes it easier. While you are copulating, there is a lot of heat from you and your partner. It is like a mini-workout and all that action is bound to create heat (literally). If your mattress is going to add to that heat, the entire process could be tiring. You tend to be exhausted faster with all that heat. Latex mattresses are more breathable. They are forgiving and the heat is lesser compared to the memory foam options.

Sex comes with a range of other problems too. Sweat, stains and accidents are common. Your mattress needs to endure all that. Click To Tweet

IT needs to be easier to clean your mattress and also ensure that the sweat and stains don’t turn to bacteria and fungus for you a few days later. With a latex mattress, it is easier to dry out. Remember it’s rubber and does not soak in the fluid. Drying time is much shorter and if you have a protector (which is highly recommended) the entire process becomes a lot easier.

Some people, especially those who are on the heavier side, find the Latex mattress a bit firm. ITs not as bouncy as its supposed to be and some even find that it flattens out with additional weight. The weight is experienced more by the person below. For such cases, it is recommended that you go in for a mattress topper and if that does not work, try a hybrid. Hybrid mattresses are the go-to option for sex. IT does not matter what your weight is, the hybrid mattress adds on more bounce, is more breathable, and comes with latex or foam options.

Best Hybrid mattress for sex

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Hybrid mattresses is an evolution from traditional mattresses and newer memory foam or latex beds. ITs a fusion of both these types. It adds Spring and tops it with foam or latex sheets. It doesn’t sound much but there is a lot of testing and science in the whole process. The mattress is tested with various layers of foam or latex. The spring is encased to avoid noise and keep them in place so that they don’t move around. Some hybrid mattresses have mini coils which are tiny but add a bounce to the mattress. It’s a bit better than the normal foam mattress but the bounce is not as much as that of a full hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are breathable, Lasts just as much as most memory foam mattresses. They have a few drawbacks. They are often huge, harder to move around, and not the best mattress for dormitories or guest rooms. The Luxury hybrids especially are mattresses which should be left in place for its entire life. Moving is tedious and is often followed by damages to your furniture or your mattress itself. So if you are not sure if you will be moving around, you may need to keep this in mind.

But when it comes to sex, the hybrid mattresses are some of the best. If it is a luxury hybrid, then its really the icing on the cake, cherry on top or whatever you would want to call it. Click To Tweet

Take for instance the Avocado mattress which is a Latex hybrid mattress. They have some of the best organic cotton covers and feel like the cloud. The Saatva mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress that uses cashmere. The cover gives a soft feel to your skin and you are allowed to sink in it but provides the comfort you require. It is firm and supportive, yet soft. ITs one of the most important features for sex. And with all that spring underneath, the bounce is perfect. These mattresses breathe well and sweat due to the mattress itself being next to none.

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Top 5 mattress for sex

It is not Just the top 5 but also of different types. These mattresses were the best in its own types. So if you are looking for the Best mattress, the Hybrid mattresses are supposedly the best for sex. Latex mattresses are the second most preferred and the last is the Memory foam. We will not be discussing the traditional coil mattresses here. Not that they are not good for sex but, it’s a lot of mattresses to compare, and very hard to conclude on.

These mattresses were compared based on Heat retention, Budget, Bounce, and responsiveness among others. Some rated better than the others in some categories but the overall score is what mattered. The comfort to sleep on is a major point and of concern too while sex was considered of equal importance in this case.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Saatva Mattress For sex

We rated this mattress the best for sex. Not just because it was the best hybrid mattress in the industry but also because it comes in 3 different firmness levels. Click To Tweet

You could choose between firm, medium-firm, and plush. For people who are extremely heavy (above 250 lbs), the Saatva Firm option will give you the greatest feel. If your partner is nearly the same weight, you have a winner. For people of normal weight, the medium-firm mattress is your right mattress and for those who are in the light weight, the plush beds will be supportive and comfortable.

Saatva falls in the luxury mattress category. The cashmere covers are soft and the mattress is just bouncy enough for a perfect action. The price of a Queen mattress is $1299 currently and is cheaper than most other mattresses in the industry including some of the Latex and Memory foam mattresses.

Saatva mattress is also considered to be one of the few mattresses which is tested for people with back problems and pain-related issues. Click To Tweet

They are compatible with adjustable bases and the construction is impeccable. They come with a 15-year warranty and a 120 night Trial. Overall, the saatva mattress is just the mattress you want to buy, and it’s one of the best mattresses for sex.

Avocado Mattress

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is 100% organic, Natural Latex Hand Tufted Hybrid Mattresses. Comes with 180 Night trial and a 15 Year warranty. Natural Cooler, Hypoallergenic and Organic. More details on

The avocado mattress is a Hybrid latex mattress. It’s everything a Memory foam hybrid mattress has but it’s latex. The Avocado Green mattress is 100% organic too and there is a vegan option, which does not use wool. The covers are 100% cotton and free from chemicals.

Being a hybrid mattress it's got a good bounce and is perfect for sex. The Latex layer ensures that you can move around more comfortably and the responsiveness is great. The heat retention is low and the mattress is breathable. Click To Tweet

The mattress is also one of the few affordable mattresses at $1399 for a queen. Considering the fact that most organic mattresses are expensive, the Avocado mattress is a clear winner. They come with a 1-year trial and a 25 year warranty. They come in medium firm but you can add a topper to make them softer for an additional price. The topper adds a luxurious feel to the mattress still maintaining the support .

  • Pure Latex Mattress
  • Flippable
  • Longer life
  • Supportive and Responsive

Latex for Less

Latex for less sells the best Pure latex mattresses. They are organic, Affordable, and made in the USA. at $999 The latex mattress is a clear winner in the latex mattress category. They are good for sex but not the best. They do lack the bounce required. The best part about the latex for fewer mattresses is its conforms and is great to sleep on.

No heat retention, no sweats while you have sex, and just the right firmness when you are in the action. Click To Tweet

The latex for less mattress is flippable with 2 different firmness levels. So if you find the mattress too soft, flip to the other side for a firm experience. This also adds life to the mattress in general. The bounce of the mattress, in general, is not as bad as most of the memory foam mattresses, it’s just that when you compare it to the Hybrid mattresses, the Pure latex mattresses like Latex for less is a bit on the lower side. Overall, the latex for less mattress is one of the best buys for the lower price range. And the 20 Year warranty with a 120 night trial is just a bonus.

Nectar Sleep Mattress For Sex

The nectar sleep mattress is a pure foam mattress which comes in luxury and basic varieties. Both mattresses are pure foam mattresses and the nectar sleep mattress was considered to be the cheapest mattress in the industry. The mattress is not made in the USA but in China (which is not a bonus) but then there are a lot of good things about the nectar sleep mattress. To begin with, they have a good foam with gel technology which keeps the mattress cooler. They are good for sex because they are medium firm and they are very supportive. The downside is that they are still not as responsive as many would like them to be. While making love is comfortable with the Nectar sleep mattress, moving around, especially when you are having sex is not as comfortable. The plus side here is that the motion transfer is minimal to none. So, after all the action when you are fast asleep you will not feel the movement if your partner wakes up or moves around in the bed. The edge support of the Nectar sleep mattress is good. The good thing about the Nectar mattress is that they come with a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty.

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Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Plushbeds is probably one of the most underrated mattresses in the industry. They manufacture some of the best mattresses in every category, from pure latex to Hybrids and memory foams all in one place. We specifically loved the Hybrid luxury mattresses when we were looking for a great mattress for sex. The Hybrid mattresses by Plushbeds are on the expensive side but currently for a limited time, the Queen mattress is selling for $1199. The mattresses are organic and Latex hybrids. They come with a 25 year warranty and a 100 night trial. The Plushbeds mattresses have everything you need for a good sleep and support the action in bed. They are supportive, responsive, Breathable, and Durable. They are also luxurious with the stretch organic cotton covers and the wool for the barrier. The encased coils ensure that there is no noise. Overall Plushbeds has a good reason to be on the Best mattress for sex.

Best Topper for Sex 

If you already have a mattress that is in good condition but is not firm enough or soft enough, the easiest fix would be to add a topper to your existing mattress. This not only reduces the cost of buying a new mattress but increases the life of your existing one. Before you go buy your next Mattress or topper, ask yourself a few questions. Is the mattress in good condition? Is the mattress less than 4 years old? Is there any sagging in the mattress or give? Is the mattress damaged in any way which looks beyond repair? If you answered yes to any of the above You may reconsider buying a topper. The chances are you need a new mattress. Fixing your old one with a topper is not going to help you for long.

But if your mattress is less than 4 years old, if its in good condition, chances are you can use a topper to make your mattress firm or soft. Some of the best toppers in the industry come from plush beds. Most mattress vendors also sell their own toppers but plush beds have some of the best latex toppers. They last long , they are plush and durable. They work extremely well for sex and in general to make your bed better and cozy.

Other vendors include

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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  • Saatva For a foam , Latex and Graphite mattress toppers
  • Avocado For a Latex Mattress Topper
  • Puffy for a firm memory foam mattress topper

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Best Bed Frame for Sex

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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The best bed frame for great sex is the one which is sturdy and does not make any noise. Since we are looking at some action in bed, we want the frame to be as durable as it can be. That means we usually leave out wooden frames unless it has an extremely sturdy construction. The ones with headrests on a wooden frame with 4 legs don’t fit the bill of a durable bed frame. The ones which looks motel quality is off too. You are looking at bed frames that are solid wood and supportive in their construction when it comes to wooden bed frames. On the contrary, Metal frames are much more sturdy, Durable and if the screws are in place, make no noise at all. They are easier to transport and in most cases fit into the aesthetics of your room easily with some adjustments, especially if you can get the right piece. There is a wide range of frames in the market but you should be looking at one which will place your mattress one and a half feet below your waist level with the mattress placed. This height is the most desirable for most people who look for some action and adds to your advantage when it comes to certain positions. Unfortunately, there may be a problem getting on and off the bed if you are not very young. In this case, you may want to get to the most comfortable height a frame can provide. When it comes to frames, we don’t have a lot of recommendations. Most of these mattress companies do come with their own set of frames. Most of them last well through the life of the mattress itself and some even longer.

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