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The Best Mattress For Hip And Back Pain – Finally Revealed

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The best mattresses for Arthritis, Snapping hip, Malignancy, Pagets disease, Hip fracture and radiculopathy researched and reviewed. These medium firm mattresses are recommended based on its comfort and ability to relieve pain in your hip.

Best Mattress For Back Problems

Are you one among those who has come here with worsened back pain and wanted a mattress that can help you out from this? Good, you are on the right page. Sleeping on a wrong mattress can actually bring you hip and back pain but an ergonomically designed mattress will help you with good sleeping posture. Choosing the right mattress will relax your muscles and provide healthy and wholesome sleep.

Several findings conducted by doctors reveal that back pain patients reported with less pain when slept on a medium-firm mattress compared to those who slept on firm mattress. So are you sleeping on a medium-firm mattress? Continue reading to make an informed decision about buying the right mattress for hip and back pain.

Best Mattress for Back and Hip pain

Things To Look For In A Mattress For Back Pain

If you are having back pain while sleeping on your mattress, it’s time you need to change the mattress to something that suits your sleeping posture. When choosing a mattress for hip and back pain, check out for these things:

  • If you are a back sleeper, check whether the mattress is firm enough to support your lower back. A medium-firm mattress is ideal for a back-sleeper.
  • For side sleepers, it is recommended that you go for a mattress with slight softness to cushion the shoulders and hips.
  • Stomach sleepers can look for a firmer mattress to keep them afloat.

But what happens in reality is that a back sleeper goes for firmer mattress, a stomach sleeper for soft mattresses and so on.

Which mattress type should be used to relieve chronic hip and back pain?

Although there are different mattress types like latex, innerspring and firmer mattresses, doctors recommend memory foam mattress for people suffering from back and hip pain. This is because a memory foam mattress can cradle to your body’s shape and curves while being firm enough to support the back’s muscular and bony structures. Your spinal cord has 3 gentle curves:

  • the C-shaped cervical spine that supports the head
  • the reverse C-shaped thoracic spine that holds up the upper body
  • the C-shaped curve of the lumbar spine

While sleeping for 8 hours in the bed, it is important to maintain these curves aligned or else you will end up with severe back pain.

Best Mattress For Back Problems

Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain?

So should I go for memory foam mattress if am having back pain? Yes, because memory foam mattress is the best in keeping the spine in alignment to prevent back pain and discomfort in general. This is why experts recommend memory foam mattress for a good and restorative sleep.

But if you go to the store, you can see many premium mattresses by coil springs that claim to take away the pain. These conform to the body while still offering a firm surface not prone to sagging. When asked which is the ideal mattress for back pain, I would say the one that is not too soft and not too hard. Below are some of the best picked mattresses that help to prevent hip and back pain.

The Saatva mattress

One of the best selling mattress for back and hip pain is the luxury coil mattresses from Saatva. Saatva mattresses are luxury mattresses made available at reasonable rates by selling directly to the public. They use two sets of coils, tempered steel coils and coils individually wrapped. The tempered steel coils prevent long-term sagging and coils individually wrapped help to contour to the body shape. Have you ever slept in a good hotel and wondered why you felt so well relaxed in the morning? That is because these days almost all hotels are choosing Saatva mattresses. You can get a luxury mattress n your bedroom with the Saatva luxury class mattresses.

When looking for reviews, you would be really surprised to see that they have received hundreds of positive reviews on their website and around the web. This indicates that the mattress has actually been effective for persistent back pain and recommended by chiropractors, orthopedics and other serious back pain specialists. Saatva offers firm mattresses for back/stomach sleepers, luxury firm for almost all people and plush soft mattresses for side sleepers. But those who come with back pain problems, the company recommends Luxury firm mattresses as it comes with excellent firmness levels.

The Wright mattress

The Wright mattress is another mattress you can try for back pain problems. Their mattress collections are wonderfully comfortable and supportive enough to provide full body alignment all night long. Wright mattress comes with 4 layers of foam and precisely tuned density and airflow gradients, thus making you feel weightless, with perfect alignment. If you are looking for the most comfortable mattress, you can go for Wright mattress.

Best Mattress For Back Problems

Temper-Contour Supreme Mattress

For all those memory foam mattress lovers this one’s for you. The Temper Contour Supreme mattress from Temper Pedic are made of memory foam or visco-elastic polyurethane foam. The higher the density of memory foam, the better its motion-absorbing capability. The Temper Contour Supreme is denser than other memory foam mattresses in the same range, therefore making it ideal for couples to share the bed. Experts recommend Temper Contour Supreme as it comes with the perfect level of firmness to help with back pain.

Final words

Although three of these mattresses are bet for back and hip pain problems, its the Saatva mattress that comes with the highest ranking among the three as the price of Saatva is just half the price of Wright and Temper Contour Supreme. Even the reviews add more value to the brand Saatva. Saatva mattress reviews have made it clear that customers are truly satisfied with the performance and cost. Also, Saatva mattress offers 75 days home trial which is long enough to fix your right mattress.

If you aren’t into any plans of buying any new mattress, you can check for mattress toppers. Mattress toppers can be of great help in adjusting the level of firmness to your liking, provided your current bed is still in good condition of course.

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