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You may have purchased a mattress for your home and felt that you have done an excellent job with the purchase and you may be right. You may feel confident that you could buy the next mattress for your RV and make no mistakes with it either. You may be right but chances are you are overlooking a few things when you are purchasing a mattress for your RV .

BEST RV Mattresses

Traveling is fun. Driving for hours, the hope of reaching a particular destination, or just enjoying the ride could be really fun. It doesn’t matter if you have company or if you are doing it alone with some music for company, in the end, if you are on a journey, every bit of the time spent should help you relax from the monotonous grind of life. When it’s time to rest, you should look forward to a good bed. Something warm and cozy during the winters and something cool and comfortable during the hot humid summer. 

RV Travelers rarely prefer to rent a motel or spend extra while they have almost everything they need in their RV. The Bed should be comfortable enough not to think of renting a separate place for the bed. They should not feel the pressure to reach a particular destination in time, just because they have a room booked to spend the night. Your room is always booked in the RV so why not make the best use of it. Not some nights, but every single night. 

RV Mattresses are to be chosen with care. It is important to understand that the weather changes while you travel. You may be making a cross-country trip or decide to take a trip during your summer or winter. Whatever the time of year, the RV should be able to accommodate you and your bed needs to be ready for the situation. 

There are also concerns of dust, a travelers nightmare, and when it comes to an RV, a real nightmare. It is hard to clean while on the road and sometimes creates problems for your health. Allergies are common and when dust gets into the bed, it is just going to get worse.

You may have already realized that there are indeed a few points to consider when it comes to purchasing your next RV mattress

But which is the best RV Mattress?

bear Best RV Mattress

Bear RV Mattress

  • Breathable Celliant Covers
  • 1 inch Cooling Graphite Gel Memory foam
  • 1 Inch responsive Memory foam for pressure relief
  • 6 inch high density foam for durability
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Certipur certified
  • Made in USA
  • 100 Night Trial

The Bear RV Mattress features Celliant covers and Graphite gel memory foam. The Celliant cover helps speed recovery from daily fatigue (Yes it’s real and proven) and the cooling graphite gel helps regulate normal body temperature, Both are key features required for a weary traveler. The mattress is responsive, Contouring, and conforming. Its pressure relief system is excellent and the mattress is supportive overall. There are a few cons to the mattress. To begin with, the mattress comes in one firmness level and 3 fixed sizes. If you are looking for a different size or a different firmness level than what’s available, you are out of luck. The Bear RV mattress comes with a 100-night trial, is Certi-Pur certified, and is made in the USA. 

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brooklynbeddingrv Best RV Mattress

Latex Mattress Factory – Custom LATEX RV Mattress 

When it comes to latex mattresses, the Latex mattress factory is one of the go-to companies. They manufacture a wide range of Latex mattresses and you can customize it to your heart’s desire. Latex mattress factory also has a range of RV-specific mattresses, predesigned (if you do not want to do a DIY ) for RVs. 

The key USP of the Latex mattress factory is the quality and the affordability of their product . The Latex mattresses are all-natural and safe. The mattresses last longer than most hybrid and are a perfect fit for an RV. 

The 2 variations of Latex mattress for RV include the 6″ Highway Comfort Natural Latex Hybrid and 9″ Luxerion Natural Latex Hybrid. The difference is in the layers and the foam used. The mattresses come with organic stretchable cotton covers and both the mattresses come in hybrid. You can always create your mattress which is 100% pure Latex and that choice is yours.

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brooklynbeddingrv Best RV Mattress

Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam Mattress

  • Nano Stain Resistant covers
  • Variable depth top layers
  • High Density foam 
  • Durable , Stable and custom firmness levels
  • Open cell technology for better airflow
  • Delivered in a box
  • Made in USA
  • 10 Year warranty
  • 120 Night Trial

RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn bedding makes a range of mattresses, each special in its way. There are real firm mattresses , the luxury mattresses, the memory foam mattress , the cooler ones, and then there are RV Mattresses. 

Brooklyn Bedding dedicates a complete section for RV Mattresses. There is a Pure Memory foam Mattress and a few hybrids. Each of the mattresses fits a specific requirement and the needs of customers who prefer certain key features. While most of the features are common throughout the brand, some features are different from each of the models. 

The wanderlust is a pure memory foam mattress. It comes in a range of sizes and 5 thickness profiles. The thickness of the mattress is directly related to the firmness of the mattress. The thicker the mattress, the softer it gets. So if you are looking for a firm mattress , you may want to opt for the thinnest mattress (6 inches) and if you want a real plush soft feel, opt for the thickest one (14 inches). You could also choose anything in between depending on your fitness preference.

The mattress comes with nano-stain-resistant covers. The covers prevent stains and spills are no problems now. A common problem when it comes to RV mattresses is spills. While you or your fellow traveler is bound to eat or drink on the mattress, especially while driving, spills are inevitable. Spills are usually one of the few major concerns when it comes to mattresses. A spill could create problems with the mattress visually and in terms of performance. Stain and spill-resistant covers keep your mattress in good shape and performance for a longer time

The foam is the only major component in the mattress, especially when it comes to pure memory foam mattresses. 98% of the mattress is foam. The remaining 2% (on the higher side ) is the cover. If the foam is of inferior quality, you can be sure that the mattress is not going to perform as expected. The foam has to be high density, conforming, comfortable and cool. The Wanderlust mattress ensures that the foam is perfect for your needs with open cell technology, the right density, and adjustable firmness levels. The mattress is always cool and breathable.

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brooklynbeddingrv Best RV Mattress

Brooklyn Arctic Dreams

The pure foam mattress is just as durable as the hybrid variation, where the coil layer is replaced with high-density breathable foam. The Arctic mattress is medium firm

The Arctic Dreams mattress comes in 2 variations. A full memory foam with gel Foam and a hybrid with an encased coil. Both the variations have the same top layers which are cooling and comfortable. The gel foam Enables the mattress to be cool and comfortable while the top quilted top layer is for the soft and comfortable feel. The layers are all breathable and allow excellent airflow. The difference between the hybrid and the pure foam mattress is the bounce. The hybrid variation allows a better bounce when in comparison to the pure foam mattress. 

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brooklynbeddingrv Best RV Mattress

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

The signature Hybrid mattress comes in medium-soft and firm variations. The mattress is shipped in a box and is compact when shipped.

The Signature hybrid is the most sold product in the Brooklyn series of mattresses. The Hybrid mattress comes with 2 foam layers instead of the usual single foam layers on most mattresses. The Titanflex layer adds comfort and support at the same time. The top layer is more for comfort and the plush feel while the second layer adds more support. The individually pocketed coils add more bounce to the mattress and give better pressure relief. The bottom layer is high-density foam for support. 

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brooklynbeddingrv Best RV Mattress

Brooklyn Aurora

  • Copperflex Foam for responsive contouring and pressure relief
  • Antimicrobial and free from allergies
  • Titancool to maintain a good 88 degree temperature
  • Advanced fabric
  • Hyper elastic Titanflex Foam 
  • Swirl Visco elastic memory foam for deeper compression support
  • 8 inch coil base
  • 1 inch high density foam
  • 3 Firmness levels

The Brooklyn Aurora is the most advanced mattress in the Brooklyn RV Mattress Series. It comes in 3 firmness levels and features all the best features into one mattress. The 13.5-inch mattress has Titancool foam, Copperflex, and 8 inches individually pocketed coil. It is perfect for people who are a bit on the heavier side. 

The Brooklyn Aurora offers the best when it comes to comfort and pressure relief. It is cool, free from allergies, and antimicrobial with the Copperflex layer. 

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There are 100 odd brands of RV mattresses and many of the companies do offer custom-sized mattresses.  We will add a lot of these mattress gradually so keep a watch out for this space