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Can you trade your spine for a billion dollars? Thought so, why would you? It is a predestined part of your body and basically, no one can live without it. So why do you care less while investing in a mattress that assists in spinal support?

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Spine & Stress

Spine and stress have a direct correlation. How? Picture this. You have been tossing and turning all night to get that quality sleep. Waking up every day with a back that feels like a piece of log. You wake up with an irritating pain. To make things worse, you stub your toe on a table while straddling to the kitchen. Thus begins the day of stress. The rest of the day only adds much to the pressure of stress. Not a stereotypical happy ending story, is it?

So how to fix the issue? For starters, if you have been using an old mattress that is reaching the retirement stage, it’s time to bid adieu and look for a new one. You can give them to charity or for recycling.

I, understand, the mattress is a huge investment so make sure you are considering the three factors that can help you find the right type of mattress.

  • SUPPORT – refers to how well the mattress balances the body.
  • CONFORM-ABILITY – how well the mattress responds to the body. Basically, it means how the mattress molds itself or contours to the person’s body. Lack of proper support can stress certain pressure points and aggravate the pain.
  • FIRMNESS – available in three types – medium, firm and soft, the right type of firmness is a crucial factor in preventing any body pain.

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While choosing the mattress, it is also necessary to determine the sleeping position.

Why Loom and Leaf Is Best Mattress For Your Spine

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Rounding on a mattress is getting like jumping on the Pacific without any life jacket. It is quite risky and who knows you might end up getting up the wrong one. We are there to help out.

A product of the famous brand, Saatva comes the all-new Loom and Leaf that is worth every penny you pay. Why am I saying so? Read on to know about it.

Loom & Leaf Layers

A memory foam mattress in all ways, loom and leaf comes with four different layers. It comes 12” tall that is a bit thick than the standard 10” mattresses. The extra thickness provides utmost compression and support. It also gives the mattress a great feel and lasting effect.

  • TOP LAYER – 2” of HQ conforming cooling gel. The ‘gel swirl’ construction technique using medical grade cooling gel wicks away excess heat from the body.
  • SECOND LAYER – 2.5” of visco elastic memory foam that is weighs 5 lbs. The core of your mattress, it delivers deep compression support not to mention takes the shape of your body. This aligns itself with your spinal posture without stressing your body.
  • THIRD LAYER – comes with 2.0” transition loft pad that blends with the above and below layers to prove support and comfort.
  • FOURTH AND LAST LAYER – is a 5.5” of support base that comes with high density foundational foam that stay sturdy to support the entire mattress.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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For more details on the cover visit

The cover of the Loom and Leaf mattress is made out of organic cotton. It’s so soft that you can feel it the moment you touch it. The prominent feature is the natural thistle, a native flame retardant that is added with organic cotton. The soft feel of the cover blends excellently with the cooling gel. This alleviates any pain in your spine area aiding in quick deep sleep.

If that’s not enough, the cover is quilted with a 5/8” layer of foam. This adds to the softness and comfort cuddling you with the mattress.

The gold trim that comes along the perimeter gives it a luxurious feel. The handles are an intelligent touch that assists in moving the mattress without utmost ease.

When it comes to the above three factors – FIRMNESS, COMFORT AND SUPPORT, Loom and Leaf have 2 different levels of firmness – relaxed firm and firm mattresses. You can ordain the one you prefer. While Loom and Leaf relaxed firm is given a 6 out of 10 (10 being the most firm), Loom and Leaf firm is given an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Speaking about comfort, you can see the four different layers of foam that pretty much say it all. Most memory foam mattresses are built up of specialty foam (including visco-elastic, latex, Avena, etc.) and affixed on top of a support foam base that acts as a foundation.

Infused Cooling Gels

More information on the construction of the Loom and leaf mattress is available on the webpage

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However, Loom & Leaf comes with 6.5 inches of specialty foams and gels that no one has ever heard of till now. That being said, more specialty foam may not always result in better comfort. But it does deliver a unique feel not to mention excellent cooling. Once you lie down, you can feel that the mattress vibes with your body and feels great in any position.

COOLING FEATURES are a benchmark feature. The key feature is without a doubt the cooling gel that comes with a myriad set of layers and features.

  • Literally breathing organic cotton cover
  • Medical grade cooling spinal gel that you usually see in hospital or burn unit beds)
  • Plant based memory foam that is infused with gel. It wicks away excess heat from the body

There are many real reviews from people who sleep in all positions (side sleepers, tummy ones, and back). They claim that Loom and Leaf support all the positions.

One of the crucial factors is PERSONAL ISOLATION. No one likes to be disturbed from a good sleep while their partner keeps hopping in and out of bed. Opinions’ from consumers claim that there is virtually no motion transfer and there is absolute resistance to partner’s movements.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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The Final Verdict Is…

That Loom and Leaf are every bit worth your investment and time. The price tends to lean a bit on the expensive side. However, if you are looking for a quality mattress that will give you peaceful sleep, then look no further.

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