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Sol Organix vs boll and branch Mattresses and Beddings

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No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.Sol Organics Bedding is an online website that offers 100% healthy and organic products to the customers at an affordable rate. If you have always craved for an eco-friendly product, then Sol Organix is the right company to deal with. Here is the complete Sol Organix review.

SOL stands for Sustained Organic Living that stands or better price, good working conditions, local sustainability, and equal rights for farmers and workers in developing countries – Fair Trade Certified.

The company offers excellent bedding made using finest non-GMO long-staple cotton seeds from India. The result is a soft and durable fabric that is easy on the skin. If you are a big fan of organic bedding, then SOL Organix Sheets is the company to rely on.

Here is the breakdown of the mattress. These descriptions are based on user’s experience and how they have felt after ordering Sol Organix mattress bedding.

SOL Organix Construction & Materials

The SOL Organics sheets are made up of 100% long staple organic cotton. It comes with a 300 thread count and a 60s yarn count. This indicates that the sheets are designed to deliver both comfort and durability. Yarn count simply indicates the measure of how fine the yarn is. 60S is closer to the higher end of yarn counts.

As mentioned above, SOL organix sheets use a non-GMO seed to grow their cotton. This means there are no harmful pesticides or fertilizers used to grow their cotton. SOL organics uses sateen weave. This enhances the cooling, breathability of the fabric, and the feel.

One set includes 2 pillow cases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. Note the elastic band sewn at the bottom of the fitted sheet. This is to ensure a snug fit around almost any size mattress. The pillow cases come with an open-end design for better airflow and remove it easy.


Overall, the quality of the SOL Organics sheet is quite impressive. There are no guessworks here and you can determine the quality of the product with its material infused, stitching, and the construction. The sateen weave is one of the highlights that says a lot about the expert craftsmanship. All the products are well-made giving an aesthetic appeal while fitting the mattress nicely.

Durability & Performance Tests

Shrinkage of a bedding is one of the most commonly discussed topics. Whenever buying an expensive sheet, we need an assurance beforehand that it will stay intact through several punishments and wash cycles. Not the one that will shrink literally and end up as a dust rag.

Few questions that run through the mind is

  • Are there any loose threads?
  • Have any threads grown in size after daily use and wash cycles?
  • Does the color fade with use?

Based on the above questions, this is what we found.


Shrinkage tests are very much important especially when you are buying from a brand. The main reason is trust. There are few who are also skeptical of ordering from online. Mainly because they want the sheets to last long without fading or shrinking.

Based on sol organix review from users, people notice a few amount of shrinking after the first wash/dry cycle. While the flat sheet shrank by 4.7%, the pillowcase shrank by 3.6%. This is good because any shrinking below 5% (especially cotton) actually indicates a pretty decent product. They didn’t note any shrinkage after next few uses.

Punishment Test

While it is mandatory to check for any loose threads, damages or any other issues post delivery of the product, you need to check the sheet for any damages that might have occurred through normal use or after repeated wash/dry cycles. However, many users reported that SOL organics holds up quite well without any rip issues. Even after repeated use, the product seemed fresh and new.

Color Test

The color test determines the quality and the materials of the dye-infused by SOL Organix. Further SOL organix review showed that the colors stick to their natural personality and do not fade away proving that the company puts customers first.

The Feel, Cooling, And Style

The SOL Organics sheets come with a soft texture. The lightweight texture is combined with a Sateen weave that welcomes you after a hectic day back to sleep. A 100% hypo-allergenic product, the fabric is cool and does not stick to one’s body. In fact, you can easily switch the sleeping position without the fabric sticking onto your skin. This is a great feature for those sleeping with partners as they are not disturbed. It also benefits sleepers who want to eliminate the feeling of being trapped under traditional cotton sheets.

Cooling is another feature that SOL organix fabric possess. Made of pure cotton, the bedding sheets are cool to touch. There is no heat retention when you sleep. This is an amazing feature during hot summers because this bedding will keep you cool all night. It easily absorbs the moisture from your body leaving you dry and cool every night.

Last but not least, SOL organix does not offer any exciting patterns or designs. Of course, no one wants a plain, boring sheet. But then ultimately it’s the quality that matters. That’s why SOL organix offers you three different colors (white, cream, and blue) that brings out a warmth in the heart the moment you lay your eyes on.

For those looking to purchase a neutral, unisex, and classy bed sheet sets, SOL organics are best recommended.

Sol Organix Review

Here are few of the Sol organix review.

  • Laura A – “Really nice product but not quite what I expected. The weight and texture feel like a sheet, not a cover. It looks matte on photos but has a satin like feel to it. The weave too is quite thin and the pink color of my child’s duvet (which I was trying to hide shows right through. The product is so very soft and well-made. However, I have to make sure it matches the duvet.”
  • Lisa F – “These shams are so cozy and soft. I love the blue color.”

Shipping And Returns

Sol Organics offer you FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US. So no matter where you reside, the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

Sol Organix comes with a 30-day return policy on all their products. In case you are not happy, simply return the product and claim the refund. Note that the company charges a $9.99 as processing fee on return.

Why Should You Buy Sol Organics Sheets?

Here are a few reasons why you can rely on SOL organic sheets.

  • 100% pure cotton sheets
  • Absolutely eco-friendly and organic products
  • Lightweight with natural cooling feature
  • No harmful toxic dye materials are used
  • Clean and Classy look
  • 30-day return policy
  • Suitable for all skin types (non-allergenic)
  • Free shipping anywhere in the US
  • Economically priced


Are there any SOL organics discount coupon codes available?

Yes, there are many websites that offer SOL organics discount coupon codes so that you can purchase the product at best price.

Where to buy SOL organix bedding for sale online?

You can order SOL organix bedding from Amazon at best price.

Which is better – SOL Organics Vs Boll and Branch?

It can be difficult to compare two best products in the market that have a good fan following. Here’s why. For starters, both SOL Organics and Boll & Branch offer you pure form of cotton sheets that come with Sateen weave. This gives it a silky and soft touch that gives it a luxurious feel.

Secondly, both are made in the USA with high-grade quality control ensuring only the best reach the customers.

While SOL Organics stick to the plain patterns, Boll and Branch do offer patterns and designs while restricting them to a limit. But then Boll and Branch offer a slightly more color shades as compared to SOL.

Both Boll and Branch as well as SOL Organix indulges in manufacturing eco-friendly material and fair trade practices. They are manufactured in a Certified Fair Trade factory in various areas of India. These bedding come with a 300 thread count in a Sateen weave.

The companies offer a 30-day return policy and FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US.

The only difference noticed is that boll and branch sheets tend to shrink a little less as compared to SOL Organix. However, as mentioned above the shrinking rate is below 5% which is quite acceptable and normal. Boll and Branch, on the other hand, even after few washes gives a soft feel to the fabric.

To sum it up, both brands are best in their own way. Choose at your discretion.

The Final Verdict

Your sleep can affect your body in more than one way. Just like your mattress, your bedding too plays an important role in your sleep. For those looking for non-allergenic products, SOL Organix is best recommended.

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