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Widest choice of Mattresses, from Memory foam, Latex and Luxury series. The Best Mattresses at affordable price

Want to sleep like George Clooney? Heck, why not? And how much would you be willing to pay? $15,000, $50,000? “Sure, coz once I am in the bed, I don’t want to get out“, says Steven Watkins. He is a sales rep at a retail store that has an Aireloom Mattress Collection. That’s where Hollywood celebrities sleep on. 

The Best of the mattresses are custom made and when it comes to celebrities, they have the money, time, patience and resources to acquire one. While most of the commercial mattresses are expensive, the price of a celebrity mattress is astounding. Celebrities pay anywhere upward of 30,000 USD for a mattress. Kim Kardashian and Kanye west were in the news for purchasing a mattress worth 175,000. and they bought a million dollar worth of mattresses for their home six years ago.

The mattress they chose? The Savoir Royal State Bed. Its custom made, takes 700 odd hours to create one and has the most exquisite of material on them. Its Luxury and comfort. It meets the requirement of the user and is custom made and hand made.

Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams Both vouch for the Pranasleep mattress. Yogabeds and mattresses were a hit for a while and then people just did not feel so good about it. Unlike custom made mattresses, the branded ones are made all the same in the factory. They are not perfect for everyone. There is always a bit of compromise. Think of it like this. Not everyone has the same body shape. We do buy ready to wear clothing, but how many of us would love a custom tailored suite? We cannot afford it so we do not buy it. The Pranasleep mattress is a great mattress. Its firm and supports your back very well. But then it’s too firm for some and not so firm for others. The option to customize a Pranaslep mattress does not exist. But yes, there are celebrities who recommend the Pranasleep mattress

Trump for one was all in to the Serta mattress promotion for a while ago. In 2014, Donald Trump, The president of USA redesigned a series of Serta mattresses to be marketed in the USA. The trump Serta hybrid series were all commercial and featured a lot of features and upgrades from the normal iSeries mattress, But trust me , the white house wouldn’t have a Serta mattress for trump. Refer :

Will Farrel owns a Hastens bed. Hastens is one of the few expensive mattresses in the range and I am not amazed that Will Farrel owns one. He is a man of simplicity and his home design will tell you a lot about him. You will see more on


Tom Brady is a proud owner of a Beautyrest Black. The mattress is really high end Inner coil mattress which gives you the right bounce and rest. It provides the right rest for an active person like Tom Brady and is simply a perfect fit.

Mia Khalifa, the porn Actress recently came out to advertise puffy mattresses. Puffy mattress does a bit of social media marketing and Mia’s profile on Instagram featured a discount code “Mia” for 300 USD coupon and some charity for the mattress company. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to contact Mia on what mattresses she uses.

Casper Mattress has a lot of contenders. Some users and others, investors. The prominent ones who use the Casper mattress are Ashley Greene, Kylie Jenner, Kat Graham and Emmy Rossum. Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio (  are known to be investors in the mattress company. ( )