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Started in 2013 by Dan Hauber, Wright Mattress manufacturer is dedicated to building great products. Their devotion to design and craftsmanship reflects in their two years of R&D in testing foam through 27 iterations.

Sleep & Healthy Mattress – A Review

Sleep healthy within your budget with Sleep and Health mattresses! Today there are innumerable varieties of mattresses in the market, but very few companies offer quality at affordable price. Sleep & Health mattress is one among those few companies. Sleep & Health mattresses give you an opportunity to stay healthy and sleep soundly at an affordable price.

Sleep & Health mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels from firm to plush soft and all levels in-between them. The mattress structure is a combination of top quality design, foam padding of the advanced nature and the innerspring coil structure. This makes sleeping a pleasurable experience. The innerspring mattresses are good at motion isolation and pain relief. The body does not feel any pressure while lying on a Sleep & Health mattress. The mattress easily contours to the body’s shape and gives the body enough support and comfort which helps the user to drift into a serene and sound sleep. The mattress’s motion isolation property makes it a hit among couples. Whatever happens on one side of the mattress can never be felt on the other side. The motion isolation property of the mattress restricts the movement transfer.

The various comfort levels of Sleep & Health mattresses

  • Firm
  • Firm pillow top
  • Plush
  • Plush pillow top

The sizes in which Sleep & Heath mattresses are available

  • Twin – 37.6” x 74.5”
  • Full – 39” x 80”
  • Queen – 54” x 75”
  • King – 76” x 80”
  • California King – 72” x 84”

Sleep & Health Mattress Types

Ridgefield Pillowtop mattress: If you love the feeling of your mattress holding you in a plush embrace, then Ridgefield pillow top mattress by Sleep & Heath offers just the same. In this innerspring mattress, the coils are individually wrapped with extra foam. The coils offer flexibility and the foam offers softness. There are around 704 coils in the mattress that spreads throughout the mattress. Since its a pillow top type mattress, Sleep & Health has given an extra padding on both the top and bottom sides of the mattress which makes the mattress extra soft.

Charleston Firm mattress: This mattress offers a firm support for your body while it is enjoying its sleep. 704 individually wrapped coils with the foam encasement give the mattress its high supportive and weight balancing characteristics. A comfort firm padding at the top and the supportive padding at the bottom adds more comfort to the mattress. All these coils and foam is covered under a safe sleep fiber quilt.

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Montgomery Plush mattress: This mattress also contains the 704 foam encased coils. The top padding is made with a 1 ½ “ supreme quality soft convoluted foam and the bottom layer of padding consists of 1 ¾“ supportive foam padding.

Princess Eurotop mattress: this Eurotop mattress consists of high quality 390 high profile Bonnell Coil System which gives the mattress high contouring flexibility. The mattresses top and bottom padding are made from highly comfortable foam.

Emperor Pillowtop mattress: The mattress has a Dara Tuff insulator pad at the top which is 1 ¾ “ thick and a support foam padding at the bottom. The quilt with which the mattress is covered is prepared out of safe fiber and comfort foam of 1” thickness. This mattress will give you a distinct sleeping experience.

Duke plush/firm mattresses: A plushy comfort and a firm support to the body under which the user will love to rest. The Duke gives a royal luxurious sleeping experience to its users with the help of its highly advanced structure and effective design. It has got 390 high profile Bonnell coil system and extra comfort providing foam padding at top and bottom.

Baroness firm mattresses: Baroness mattress provides a firmness that people will love to lie on. It offers perfect firmness which is neither hard nor soft enough to lose the title of Firm. This mattress contains the 390 high profile Bonnell coil system and supporting foam padding combination. The sleep safe fiber quilt adds to the comfort.

Sleep & Health mattresses ensure that the users get undisturbed quality sleep without having to pay a fortune for the rest!

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