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HassleLess Mattresses Review

HassleLess mattress provides you with complete comfort zones both in products and during purchase. When most of us go for purchasing products, one awkward thing that we don’t prefer is discussing all that you want and you don’t want in a product to a storekeeper or a sales person- this is why most of us prefer supermarkets where we can freely pick up what we want to meet all our needs. A third person with over assisting mentality has always dampened our shopping experience. Considering this fact- HassleLess mattress has made all the arrangements at stores such that it is completely employee free- it may sound so odd- but this was reported to be a good experience where we could try out everything and find out which is best of the best mattress for us. There are no salespersons or managers to advertise or stress on a single product for sales. The head of Hassleless mattress says “My stores are completely employee free. That sounds odd, but it is a concept that saves you a lot of money.”
The HassleLess mattress stores and online stores are very easy to access and order- completely free of salesperson pressure. If you want any kind of assistance or help- you just have to call or text or email the concerned person. The delivery of Hassleless mattress will be very fast and with full care and dedication. The HassleLess mattress will help you gain the best mattress that will fit in to provide perfect sleep.

Measurement Of Each HassleLess Mattress

The standard sizes of each mattress are listed below.

  • Twin: 39”x75”
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”

The actual size can vary depending on the manufacturer up to 3%.

The California king which has size 72” x 84” is not stocked in the HassleLess mattress stores because of its huge size. This size is harder to find and also to get beds, frames, sheets, headboards etc.

Products Of HassleLess Mattress Stores

Sealy Posturepedic- Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base

Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base of Hassleless mattress is constructed with headboard hugging design. It is constructed in a fashionable design and in perfect finishing. Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base has a lighted wireless remote control that helps you to set in the right arrangement that is comfortable for you. The wireless remote will easily help in elevating the feet and the head. Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base has 3 preset memory position that will set up the positions in just one click. Sealy Posturepedic- reflexion 4 adjustable base is one of the most sold mattresses of hassles.



Sealy Posturepedic

This mattress series from HassleLess store can be adjusted to 65 degrees upright angle which can be used especially in conditions like watching TV, reading or while using a laptop. If you want a faster response, you just have to full lift within no time- 30 seconds. It is also assisted with wired remote that will help you to control the head up and head down movements when required. This product from Hassles Company is provided with a 15-year limited warranty. Sealy Posturepedic is one of the most sought-after mattresses at hassles stores.

Sealy Posturepedic Select

The Sealy Posturepedic Select at HassleLess stores has many specifications that make it an outstanding product. Sealy Posturepedic Select has 1” cooling Sealy cool gel memory foam. Sealy Posturepedic Select is also fitted with 1.5” Sealy cushion that creates extra soft foam. It has versare inner panel. The gel memory foam zoned Sealy embrace premier coil helps in encasing the coil to move independently. The core support in the center will reinforce the gel memory foam. The solid edge around the mattress of Sealy Posturpedic Select will help to reinforce the full surface and the borders as well as provide a solid seating to the customer.

Cotswold Ultimate Plush – Simmons Beautyrest

Cotswold Ultimate Plush is from Simmons Beautyrest series. These mattresses sold at HassleLess mattress are manufactured with many specifications in order to satisfy all your needs to have a good sleep. The coil unit of Cotswold Ultimate Plush is of 1000 density pocketed coil springs and the edge support is ventilated with air cool beauty edge. This is a quilt with a surface cool fiber of 1 ¼” air cool foam, and ¾” gel touch foam. The deck of Cotswold Ultimate Plush is 3” air cool gel memory foam. The upholstery of this mattress is ½” energy foam and 1 ½ 1000 density micro pocket coil. Cotswold Ultimate Plush comes with 10 years of warranty. The outstanding features of Cotswold Ultimate Plush product are that it is installed with beauty pocketed coil technology that will support and comfort the back with hundreds of wrapped springs. The firmness guide rates this mattress in 8 which signifies that it is plush. This beauty rest mattress that provides you with technologies that helps you to recharge the sleep will also consider the back support and all your health-related matters in your sleep positions. Cotsworld Ultimate Plush is manufactured in the USA.

Calavera Plush – Simmons Beautyrest

The main features of Calavera Plush mattress are that it is designed with beauty rest pocketed coil technology that will provide support and rest to your back with individually packed springs helping your body contour to adjust easily without any discomfort or pain. The air cool and gel foams make Calavera Plush easy for a better airflow through the mattress. A layer of plush comfort foam will additionally provide you a better zone of comfort. The air cool memory foam that is present in this series of mattress will provide additional pressure relief with the right comfort for sleeping and resting.

Goya Plush –  Sealy Posturepedic

Goya Plush HassleLess mattress has the grade 8 in the firmness guide which means it’s plush. The main features of Goya Plush that have to be mentioned is gel memory foam, core support premier center, zoned Sealy embrace premier coil, solid edge HD premier system, premium cover fabric, full side handles and a greater foundation. The gel foam memory in Goya Plush is a layer full of gel that makes your body to experience more comfortable level. The core support will help in reinforcing the gel memory. The zoned Sealy embrace is more precise and with exceptional support. Goya Plush helps in proper alignment of the natural curves of your body.

Bishops Gate Plush – Simmons Beautyrest

When Bishops Gate Plush mattress is rated with a firmness guide – it has the rate of 7 which signifies it is plush in firmness. Like the similar products sold at HassleLess mattress shop, the Bishops Gate Plush has a coil unit of 1000 density Beautyrest with edge support of foam encasement with a quantum lock. The quilt of this hassles mattress is even loft design with 1” 2.5lb air-cool gel memory foam. The air cool design makes Bishops Gate Plush provide more comfortable zones. The foundation of this mattress is adjustable base compatible with Triton foundation w/steel struts. Bishops Gate Plush product comes with 10 years limited warranty.

Thurloe Pillow Top Firm – Sealy Posturepedic

The firmness guide of this Thurloe pillow top mattress is 4 which signifies that it is firm. This kind of mattress is mainly recommended for those who like a firm mattress. Though Thurloe Pillow Top Firm is firm, it is enhanced with better technologies that will help you to have a better sleep. The gel foam memory will provide body conforming comfort. The core support center of Thurloe Pillow Top Firm will help you to gain an additional support and durability. The Sealy embrace plus coil will help to provide the mattress that is arranged more densely. The solid edge HD system will help in using the full surface mattress as well as help in providing a solid seating surface. The premium cover fabric of this Hassles mattress will help in providing you a comfortable feel. The corner handles of Thurloe Pillow Top Firm will wrap around the easy movement of the mattress.

Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm – Simmons Beautyrest

Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm mattress has been constructed with an upgraded technology. The firmness guide rate is 7. This product from hassles mattress will help you to recharge the sleep. The upgraded technology used in Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm is with vertical oriented and the super cool and the fibers incorporated will help in maximum air flow. This product comes with 10 years of limited warranty. The Vernazza pillow top luxury firm has a deck of 2”air-cool gel memory foam and the coil support is 1 ½” energy foam. Vernazza Pillow Top Luxury Firm mattress is manufactured in the USA. This will cost about $ 817.

Vernazza Extra Firm – Simmons Beautyrest

If you wish to have an extra firm, this product from hassles mattress will be the right one for you. Under the firmness guide, this product has been rated 1 which means that it is the firmest. Vernazza Extra Firm is inbuilt with the extra firm technology that will help you to deliver the best extra firm. The coil unit, the edge support, the quilt, the upholstery, the air cool design, coil support and the foundation is additionally modified so has to bring up the firmest product. Vernazza Extra Firm coil support is 1 ½” energy foam; the foundation is adjustable base compatible. The coil unit of Vernazza extra firm is 1000 density, beauty rest with coil spring. The edge support is ventilated air-cool technology.

Corazon Luxury Firm – Simmons Beautyrest

This mattress provides a confirming back support that is enhanced with air cool memory foam with gel touch. The Corazon luxury firm is one of the best mattresses available in the market. It will help you supply with a good platform to have a good sleep. Its coil unit is excellent with 1000 density beauty rest pocketed coil springs. The excellence of its manufacturing has made Corazon luxury form hassles mattress to have a high rating in the online stores. The edge support of this mattress is the best with a ventilated air cool beauty edge method. The foam of this type of HassleLess mattress is encased with a quantum lock. This Corazon luxury firm hassles mattress is provided with a 10-year warranty. The quilt of this mattress has even loft design with a half inch 2.5 lb air-cool gel memory foam. The upholstery of the hassles mattress is good with one and a half inch 3.4 lb contour fit memory foam. The foundation of the Corazon luxury firm sold at Hassles mattress comes with Triton foundation w/ steel struts. Corazon luxury firm mattress has an adjustable base compatible. This is built in the USA.

Ironbridge Plush Mattress – Sealy

Ironbridge Plush has a lot of qualifications that made it to one of the mattresses sold at HassleLess mattress. When measured in the firmness scale – its firmness is rated as 6. There are many specifications that make it an outstanding product. The main specifications of Ironbridge Plush include 2” cushioning Sealy foam, ½” conforming memory foam, 667 posture tech coil, and the advent edge plus system which is basically for firm seating edge makes it a better one to opt when compared to the other local product. Ironbridge Plush has 10 years of warranty. The Sealy foam of Iron Bridge Plush will cushion and conforms the body for more comfortable zones. It is made through a very innovative process which has an equal and uniform cell structure. The memory foam that is used in Ironbridge Plush will provide memory foam with body-hugging conformance. The advent edge plus that is installed in Ironbridge Plush will help in maximum comfort for sitting and usable bed surface. The online service of Hassles mattress allows you to select the size, the foundation/boxspring and the quantity required.

Naples Plush – Simmons Beautysleep

Naples Plush from Simmons Beautysleep mattress is constructed with FR fiber, 1” air cool foam, and ½” gel touch foam. The coil is constructed with insulators- top- quantum lock insulators. The bottom- 1” layer is energy foam. For edge support of Naples plush- the company has used 3” foam encasement edge support that will help in maximum comfort and support while taking rest in Naples plush mattress. Naples plush falls under 700 series beauty sleep individually wrapped coils. This product of Hassles mattress has a warranty of 10 year – non-prorated. The firmness guide of HassleLess mattress rates Naples plush under grade 6 which means it is medium in firmness. This will cost around $ 225. You can select the size required, the foundation, the heavy duty roller frame, and the quantity. The low profile foundation and the premium fitted mattress pad/ protector is included only under your demands.

HassleLess mattress has a wide range of products that are not explained in detail in this article. The online purchase of these mattresses has made the shopping experience easy and simple. The delivery of the product is very fast. The stores that are in three locations will also give a unique and free feel to select your favorite among the best. Ordering it from the store will also help the customers to place the Hassles mattress exactly where you want it to be. You can also place your order by just a call or by a text mail. When all the facilities are well arranged and when you are supplied with high-quality mattress- hassles mattress will help you experience the best shopping and also help to provide the best sleep in maximum comfort by maintaining the perfect health.

HassleLess mattress stores Location

If you are planning to access HassleLess mattress directly, there are 3 main locations- Brookfield- 18110 W Bluemound Road Brookfield WI, 53045 where the working hours are from 7 am to 9 pm all Mondays to Sundays.



Another location of HassleLess mattress is in Greenfield 7740W Layton Ave. Greenfield WI 53220. This store of Hassleless mattress will be open from Monday to Sunday 7.00am- 9.00pm.

HassleLess mattress store is also located in Germantown W188N10707 Maple Road Germantown W1 53022-open Monday- Sunday 7 am- 9 pm.

Another location of HassleLess Mattress is in Mequon 11018 N Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI 53092. This store is available from Monday to Sunday 7.0 am to 9 pm.

Placing Order

It’s very easy to place an order. All you have to do is to order it online through or you can also place an order over the phone through 414-671-9303.

Delivery Of HassleLess Mattress

The delivery of your new mattress is completely free of cost with any purchase and also includes setting up of your old mattress set. Most of the HassleLess mattress that you order are already in stock and are ready for delivery. The delivery is free for orders from Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Jefferson, Walworth and Kenosha countries.

How To Contact Hassleless Mattress

You can easily contact HassleLess mattress by a direct call, drop in a message or mail. You can send a message through online – where you will be replied very fast. You can also contact through a call or message- 414-671-9303

After Purchase Of Hassleless Mattress

Feeling too firm? A new mattress is often firmer than the other worn out mattress that you were using all this while. It is a commonly faced problem as the body needs to adjust to a new support as well and also the mattress needs to adjust to the new forces. Because of this, you will have to give sufficient amount of the time in order to experience the comfort zone. A couple of months are more realistic for the body to get adjusted to the new mattress. That is why the Hassleless mattress comfort guarantee is 100 nights. If you still feel the Hassleless mattress that you purchased is of high firmness- you can follow the exchange policy.

Feeling too soft? A firm base is always necessary under the mattress. If you have an old box spring or a spongy surface, it will be a cause for this mattress to be too soft. If you are not sure of the support- the best way to test is to pull the mattress down and have a sleep on the mattress on the floor for a night. If it feels firmer, then reduce the sponge in the base or if it feels the same, then kindly start the exchange process.

Exchanging Formalities Of Hassleless Mattress

If you wish to go for a comfort exchange – you will just have to fill in your correspondence- your first name and last name, the model number that you wish to have, the invoice #.

To proceed with the comforting return all you need is to place a call, the Hassleless mattress concerned person will schedule a pickup date and will refund the purchase price minus $ 130 service fee.

Why aren’t there any salesperson in Hassleless mattress stores?

This is to help you experience the best shopping experience and will also help you earn the best mattress without any clerks, salesperson, managers or cashiers. A phone call or message or mail is enough to assist you.



What if I need help to know the details of the HassleLess mattress that I am planning to purchase?

The details and the warranty of each mattress are mentioned near to the HassleLess mattress. You can easily compare them and get the better ones. Though the store is completely free of a third person, your enquires will be answered soon through a phone call or an email.

Do you deliver HassleLess mattress worldwide?

Yes. We deliver free of cost in certain counties that are mentioned above. However, if it crosses the borders, it will be charged only $ 17 for each delivery of HassleLess mattress.

Do I need to flip my new HassleLess mattress?

No, none of the above-mentioned mattresses requires flipping.

What guarantee does HassleLess mattress provide?

HassleLess mattress provides comfort and price guarantee

What exactly is the quality of the frame?

The frame is a premium frame that is made of heavy angle iron and wide floor friendly rollers. The bolts to attach the headboard are not included.

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