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Sure2Sleep Mattress with Side Edge Support is perfect for anyone who tends to migrate toward the edges in sleep. This mattress provides enhanced side edge support by adding stiffer foam to the sides. Extra Edge Support is the USP of Sure2Sleep along with providing all the benefits of Gel Memory Foam. This is a 10-inch thick mattress, available in two comfort levels. Choose from Medium Firm or Plush; Medium Firm is a Sure2Sleep top-selling model. Read on to know more about Sure2Sleep Mattress Reviews, Features, Specs, etc.


Sure2Sleep 10 inch Medium Firm
Sure2Sleep Gel Mattress with Gel-infused memory foam provides a comfortable neutral temperature surface and the premium high-density polyurethane foams at the base offer full body support for durability.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

You will find an impressive number of positive Sure2Sleep Mattress Reviews online. People appreciate the company’s effort in offering two different comfort levels to match every sleeper’s need. Users say Sure2Sleep is a good medium firm mattress with strong support. Users also find the plush model to have perfect softness with adequate support. There is no sinking in feeling, and you wake up pain-free. Most users say with added side support and quality these mattresses are well worth the purchase price. These are super value mattresses with every bit as good as or better than the more expensive brands on the market. Also, they arrive quickly and are easy to set up. They provide great back support for the side, back, and stomach sleepers. Most Sleepers would recommend Sure2Sleep mattress. On Amazon, it has received 4.2 out of 5 stars from 72 Customer Reviews.

Independent Reviews On Sure2Sleep Mattress

  • Terri is very pleased with their Sure2Sleep Cal King mattress. She says there is no motion transfer and cannot feel her husband movements. Also, the bed is very comfortable, and the side support is excellent. The mattress delivered on time and is convenient to set up. This mattress is an excellent value for the money, and she would purchase it again.
  • Kim bought a Medium Firm mattress and cannot believe the quality of the bed, at such a fantastic price point. She says it is the best mattress that does not sleep hot like many memory foam mattresses.
  • Karl1066 bought a plush model and is surprised. He says this mattress is so comfy, no painful pressure points but the right plush that cradles the body, and is firm enough to not sink into it.
  • JJ says her Plush mattress is softer and hotter than expected. She doesn’t recommend this for heavier persons like her husband.

Bad reviews of Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The majority of the Sure2Sleep Mattress Complaints are regarding the comfort levels. Some people find plush to be too soft and medium firm also more like soft/ plush. Due to these issues, some sleepers wake up in pain in the neck, shoulder, and back. Few users also complain about the mattress sleeping hot and the new bed smell. These mattresses won’t work great for heavy sleepers.

Best Mattress Models from Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

In Sure2Sleep Medium Firm Model, the top gel-infused memory foam layer is 1.5 inches thick, the middle comfort layers are 4 inches thick, and the foundation layer is 4.5 inches thick.

In Sure2Sleep Plush Model, the top memory foam layer is 2.5 inches thick, the middle comfort layers are 4 inches thick, and the foundation layer is 3.5 inches thick.

How is Sure2Sleep Mattress Made? – Design, Materials, and Construction

These mattresses are 10 inches thick. Their straightforward design starts with a solid base layer for stability and durability. Then the added comfort layer offers support, and the top gel infused memory foam provides a comfortable, cool sleeping surface. The additional side support makes the entire sleep surface comfortable and useable.

  • Gel Infused Memory Foam – The top is the high density (3 Pounds per cubic foot) Gel infused memory foam to keep your bed cool and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep. It easily adjusts to your shape and sleeping position while reducing motion transfer and eliminating uncomfortable pressure points.
  • Adaptive Support Layer – Beneath Gel Infused Memory Foam lays the support layer (1.8 pounds per cubic foot) that cradles your body for a perfect night’s sleep. This layer conforms to your body’s natural curvature, ensuring your ultimate comfort.
  • Firm Side Edge Support – These mattresses are designed and built with firm side edge support. The added stiffer foam on the side gives you the supportive and comfortable surface area of mattress entirely.
  • The Foundation Layer – The base layer is a solid foundation of premium high-density foam engineered to provide your mattress with structure and stability. This premium base layer allows your mattress to set up on any bed frames.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Size, Dimensions, Weight, and Price Of the Sure2Sleep Mattress






38 inch (width) x 75 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)

43 pounds



54 inch (width) x 75 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)

56 pounds



60 inch (width) x 80 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)

66 pounds



76 inch (width) x 80 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)

85 pounds


Cal King

72 inch (width) x 84 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)

83 pounds


Please note that all mattresses are compressed and packaged in a shipping box measuring 17 inches x 17 inches x 45 inches.

Adjustable base For Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It works well with a flexible frame.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Cover

Elegantly designed, Sure2Sleep Mattress Cover is soft, breathable and luxurious that wicks away moisture to sleep cool and dry all night long. The cover material is a blend of polyester, rayon, and lycra. The fabric is light and breathable. It is imported from Portugal and China but is cut and sewn by expert craftsmen in the U.S.A.

Sure2Sleep Mattress Comfort levels

This mattress comes with two comfort levels, medium firm, and plush. The medium firm mattress is a top selling model. Designed and manufactured with just the right amount of “give” combined with a superior level of support. The plush mattress model is on the softer side, offering a more comfortable surface, yet supporting your body evenly.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bedding Accessories

  • Sure2Sleep Mattress Topper – This 3 Pound High-Density Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Made in USA 2-Inch is available in all standard sizes. Prices start from Twin – $80
  • Sure2Sleep Mattress Pillow – This Ventilated, Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam Pillow, Made in the USA combined with a luxurious bamboo cover, keep this pillow comfortable, cool. It is available in one measurement 26 x 16 x 5 inches for $59.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Firmness Analysis

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress medium firm model delivers a plush comfort rated at 7.5 on the firmness scale where ten is firmest, so people who prefer firm mattresses have to look for another option. Also, Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress plush model is pretty soft rated at five on the firmness scale. So people who prefer to feel like sleeping on the mattress and not in the bed may not find Sure2Sleep mattress the right option.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Frames & Foundation

This mattress works great on any frame or foundation be it the floor, a slatted base, a box spring, and a platform bed.


Sure2Sleep Mattress Return Policy/ 100-Night Sleep Trial

This mattress comes with a risk-free 100-night sleep trial. You can try it in the comfort of your home for 100 nights, and if you are not completely satisfied, request for a return. Contact the company, and they will send a service to pick up your mattress from your home and refund your full purchase price. Please note that priority shipping fees are non-refundable. Your bed will either be donated to a local charity or recycled. However, the company recommends sleeping on the new Sure2Sleep mattress for at least 30 nights to allow your body time to adjust to your new bed.

Sure2Sleep Mattress 10-year Limited Warranty

They are proud to offer a full 10-year, no-nonsense limited warranty. Unlike many companies that provide worthless prorated warranties, they provide full return or replacement coverage during the warranty period.

Sure2Sleep Mattress Coupon Codes

Currently, there are Sure2Sleep Mattress Coupon Codes and discounts available from Amazon, eBay, etc. Save $75, use code ‘GET75’ at checkout from Amazon, get up to 20% on Sure2Sleep no promo code required, etc.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress On Amazon

Buy Sure2Sleep 10-inch Medium Firm or Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Side Edge Support on Amazon for best discount. Save an extra $75 by using the coupon at checkout and get free shipping too. Please note that if you purchase your Sure2Sleep mattress on Amazon, you have only 30 days to request your return. 100-day sleep trial is only available if purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Shipping & Delivery

All Sure2Sleep mattresses include standard free shipping or avail priority shipping for an additional non-refundable fee. Your new mattress will be delivered within 5-7 business days, but it can take longer in more rural areas. All Sure2Sleep mattresses are shipped in a box measuring 17 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 45 inches tall, weighing from 48 pounds for a twin to 91 pounds for a King.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Setup & Installation

These mattresses are easy and quick to handle all the instructions readily available with the bed upon delivery. Once it reaches you, unbox the mattress in the room you desired to place. The company recommends leaving it in the box no longer than 30 days. But then think about the 100-Night Sleep Trial which begins from the day your mattress arrives.

The mattress arrived in a compressed, sealed and rolled plastic packaging. For installation, keep the mattress at one end of the bed/ frame. Then, carefully cut the two plastic layers using the special cutting tool provided. Unroll onto the frame/ foundation and watch it expand to full size.

Are Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Any Good

All premium high-density foams in Sure2Sleep Mattresses are made in the USA. Also, they use CertiPUR-US certified foams and a water-based bonding solution. These mattresses do not use chemical fire retardants. Plus, in a community contributing gesture, they proudly support LifeBUILDERS Detroit in their rebuilding of the Regent Park neighborhood.

The Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Blog

You can check the latest blogs on their official website –

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

You can contact the company on 800-649-9880 or avail email support at

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

These mattresses are delivered free of cost to your doorstep in all the contiguous 48 states of the USA, Alaska, and Hawaii in usually 5-7 business days. Priority or expedited shipping is available for an additional non-refundable fee.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Financing

Buy Sure2Sleep Mattress today and pay later with Affirm financing. The company partnered with Affirm to support customers for finances. Customers can make easy monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months with rates from 0.00-30.00% APR.

Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Stores

This mattress is not available in any physical stores near you. You can purchase them online only from its official website or retail affiliates like Amazon, etc.

Safety & Certifications – Is Sure2Sleep Mattress Non-Toxic?

High-density, high-quality polyurethane foams, and materials are used in creating these mattresses. Additionally, all foams are certified by CertiPur-US, which means they are free from known harmful chemicals and carcinogens, PDBE’s, heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde. Also, the cover material is a blend of polyester, rayon, and lycra. The covers are sewn in the USA with fabrics from Portugal and China. Latex material is not used in the construction of the Sure2Sleep mattress.

Maintenance On Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress cover is non-removable and non-washable. You can clean spots or spills, using a mild detergent and cool water. Apply by blotting and dabbing. Do not scrub or apply any strong force.

Sagging Problems in Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sagging Problems in Sure2Sleep Mattress

This is a young company with the mattress introduced hardly a few years ago, so there are no reports of sagging. However, few customers on Amazon reported that the bed started to get unbearable impressions in short use.

Sleeping cool on Sure2Sleep Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are known to trap heat. But Sure2Sleep’s top layer consists of gel-infused memory foam that regulates temperature and keeps you comfortable in hot as well as warm weathers. Also, its cover is too soft and breathable that wicks moisture away to help you sleep cool and dry.

Sure2Sleep Mattress Edge Support

Significant edge to edge technology support is something very rarely seen in mattresses from other companies. This mattress is designed with a built-in side support system with stiffer foam on edges providing you added support and the surface of the bed entirely usable. It also makes it easier to get in and out of the mattress or sit on the edge without falling.


Sure2Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Side Edge Support is a genuinely excellent product for people who prefer a soft, comforting mattress that feels like sleeping on a cloud. But people who like firmer mattresses should look elsewhere. However, considering 100 nights sleep trial, several positive customer reviews, unique side edge support system and competitive pricing ($549 for Queen), it is recommended to try a super value for money Sure2Sleep Medium Firm Mattress.


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