Buy Quick Zip Mattress Pads On Sale For the Best price!

A mattress pad is an extra layer of comfort usually prepared of thick piece quilted material. This layer sits on top of the mattress, right beneath the sheets. Buy Quick Zip Mattress Pads to not only to protect your mattress from wear and tear but also to get rid of allergens and enhance the comfort factor. Now sleep tight with Quick Zip Mattress Pads, the best ever choice available in the market.
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Quick Zip Mattress Pads

Quick Zip Mattress Pads User Reviews & Ratings

The makers of this product give a three-point formula that explains the quality and usability of Quick Zip Mattress Pads “Comfort + Protection + Ease”. In addition, they also guarantee other features such as increased breathability, optimum temperature regulation, and moisture wicking.

However, are these claims real? Well, reviews from prominent journals and celeb moms do pinpoint that these claims are actually true. Quick Zip products have garnered a lot of attention due to their high-quality materials, environmentally friendly policies, and high-end products. There are over 900 plus 5-star ratings and reviews available at their official website.

Best Mattress Models from Quick Zip Mattress Pads

There are two models available and they are

Luxe Mattress Pads

The luxe mattress pad offers an amazing sleeping experience. It is made of organic cotton, filled with polyester batting (100% plant starch). This mattress pad offers various features such as surface temperature regulation, stays comfortably in place under quickzip. It is also very easy to change the pad as it comes with no skirt feature. Naturepedic manufactures this product and it is one of the best mattress pads available on the market.

Waterproof Flat Mattress Pads

The Other type is the waterproof pads and they come in three different materials. QuickZIP pads are flat, come with a no skirt feature, and provide ease for quick changing.

  • Cotton – this stitched quilted pad offers total comfort to the baby and a natural cotton-sleeping surface devoid of any chemicals. This pad does not contain any bleaches, dyes or resins but filled with bonded polyester batting. Bonded breathable polyester backing with urethane offers the best waterproofing solution. It also comes with taped sewn edges to give a complete look to the mattress pad. (Produced by Bargoose)
  • Organic – This mattress pad contains 95 % organic cotton and 5 % polyurethane for waterproofing. It comes with surge-stitched edges, giving the mattress pad an elegant look. Manufactured by naturepedic, it also meets the greenguard gold standard.
  • Felt – This mattress pad content 100% polyester felt on both sides. It is Electronic quilted in a special diagonal pattern. It also offers waterproofing solution with a phthalate-free vinyl barrier.

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Luxe mattress pads is a great collection made of organic cotton is available in the following sizes.  If comfort is what you are in search of, try these pads for an all-new sleeping experience.

  • TWIN
  • FULL
  • KING

Waterproof mattress pads for babies are available in three different makes based on the raw material used and available in the following sizes

  • CRIB – organic cotton/ cotton/ felt
  • TWIN – Organic cotton/felt
  • PLAY YARD – Organic cotton/felt

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Specifications

The website does not mention any trial period, but one can surely try these products physically at the nearest retail outlet before making a purchase. For buyers online, you do not get a trial period, instead, you can rely on the return policy if you are not happy with the product. For more details read the return policy.

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Discount Prices On Quick Zip Mattress Pads

Generally, there is talk in town that the price of QuickZip mattress pads is high in comparison to other commonly found brands.  Still, the noteworthy point is that QuickZip manages to be the number one choice when it comes to mattress pads, cribs, and fitted Zip-on sheets. Their unmatched quality and customer support make them stand out. In simple terms, you get the best what you pay for.

Luxe mattress pads come with a great price for the functionality it offers

  • TWIN – $149
  • TWIN XL -$169
  • FULL-$189
  • QUEEN-$229
  • KING – $259
  • CALKING -$259

Waterproof mattress pad for babies

Waterproof mattress pads are tailor-made to suit the needs of the babies and sewn without any sharp edges. They perfectly fit inside the cribs and twin size beds without popping out. There is no wonder why this collection is an ever time favourite of many moms across the US.

  • Crib /organic cotton – $59.99
  • Crib/cotton -$29.99
  • Crib/felt  -$14.99
  • Twin / organic cotton – $99
  • Twin /felt -$29.99
  • Play yard / organic cotton -$39.99
  • Playyard/ felt – $ 11.99

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Quick Zip Mattress Pads

If you want to buy these mattress pads then you can also avail them at exciting prices with the help of discount coupons. Various promo codes and coupons are available online which you can use while making a purchase. At the official website, they also offer a 15% discount on cribs, mattress pads, and fitted sheets. You can find the promo code on the home page of QuickZip. Additionally, if you wish to subscribe to their official newsletter, you may even win extra discounts directly from the company. For more details, visit the official website.

Independent Reviews On Quick Zip Mattress Pads

There are quite a few reviews available at the official website as well as at Amazon. Quick Zip products have hundreds of five-star ratings and reviews, which truly talks about their quality and service. Below are a few reviews from real-time users

  • Lynda “Soft, comfortable, washes beautifully, highly durable and high quality. Highly recommend this product to all and those who wish to keep their mattress in good shape for years to come. Not to mention, these pads also maintains an optimum temperature that provides a comfortable sleep. “
  • Kk Lamoine “I would give five stars or more. I have two of these mattress pads, twin and calking. Working great so far, but have to admit that the price factor is a bit higher than the rest of the brands. The waterproof pads are quite essential if you have a toddler or baby who loves wetting his bed. It keeps the mattress from getting wet and washing/ drying is simply an easy task. One dry cycle will do the job.”
  • Merlin “mattress pads from Quick Zip is one of the best ever purchase I made online. I do not regret my decision and it simply compliments the comfort level of my mattress. I have tried their waterproof collection for toddlers and they were simply worth buying. That is how I chose to go with the luxe mattress pad for our master bedroom. Great price and great functionality”

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Bad reviews of Quick Zip Mattress Pads

  • “Too plush for a newborn I suppose. This product is awesome and gives a plush feel. It is suitable for older babies and definitely not for a newborn. Apart from that, it is a great addition to a comfortable sleep for the baby throughout the night. I am specially mentioning newborn because of the risk of SIDS or suffocation issues.   “
  • “I got a damaged product and I was skeptical whether I would get it replaced. However, things went well and the customer care responded with utmost patience. They replaced the whole product with a brand new one. Even though I was unhappy initially, they did win my trust due to the after sales support. “

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Return Policy

All the Quick Zip products have a 30-day return policy and they come with a full refund option for unhappy customers. They also offer repair or replacement for those who require the same. However, the return policy does not include shrinkage caused due to washing, mistreatment, wrinkling, and damage due to overuse or abuse.

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Shipping & Delivery

The QuickZip items come with free shipping inside the US. The delivery time varies between 2-3 business days for all their products. The Luxe mattress pads take 7-10 days for shipping as per the details available in their official site. One can choose a suitable delivery option mentioned on their website. (US Postal Service Priority Mail or FedEx)

Quick Zip also offers international shipping for selected countries. For more details, visit their official website.

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Setup & Installation

Quick Zip Mattress Flat pads lay flat on the top of the mattress. It fits perfectly under the QuickZip Sheet if you have any or just any other mattress would do. It stays in its place throughout the sleep. One can also change these pads whenever needed with total ease, as they do not come with a wrap skirt.  In short, there is nothing much to worry about the set-up and installation.

Are Bed bugs in Quick Zip Mattress Pads a Possibility

Bed bugs are not a cause for concern as these pads are machine washable and you can do it whenever you want without any hassle. However, taking good care and washing it on a timely basis will keep the mattress pad in good shape and health.

Is Quick Zip Mattress Pads Good For Back Pain Problems

If you have an old mattress that is probably not in good shape, then you can try the luxe mattress pads. The luxe mattress pads help to provide comfortable sleep, it helps in moisture wicking and regulates optimum temperature. The luxe mattress offers a plush feel that supports the backbone and the curvature of the body. This mattress pad will definitely help to provide sound sleep without causing any back pain issues. These pads offer the right type of plush feel and offer the right contouring effect.

Is Quick Zip Mattress Pads Non-Toxic

All the mattress pads from this brand are made of organic cotton and high-quality materials. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, dyes, or bleaches.  The waterproof pads are highly safe and quality checked before delivery.

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Factory Location & Headquarters

The location and headquarters address of QuickZip

7003 East 47th Avenue Drive

Suite A900, Denver, Colorado 80216.

Quick Zip Mattress Pads Customer Services Phone Number

Several retail outlets are available where you can choose to buy the QuickZip sheets, accessories, mattress pads and bedding items across the USA. You can find the nearest store by using the store locator provided on the official website. You can start looking for the nearest store by entering the zip code of your locality. You can also contact them at the toll-free number

Customer service – (866) 325-6837 or the local number –  (720) 929-1099

Email id –

Maintenance On Quick Zip Mattress Pads

The maintenance of these pads is simply an easy task. They are machine washable and easily dry up in just one cycle.  The waterproof pads are great and it is definitely an “all mom’s essentials”. They are easy to clean and keep the mattress safe.

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Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Quick Zip Mattress Pads

There is no off-gassing issue when it comes to quick zip mattress pads as they are made of high-quality materials. However, every newly shipped product will have a certain amount of smell, which will dissipate within a day or two. Initially, during the unboxing, you might find some well, which will go off when you keep the product open for the next 24 -48 hours. This product does not cause any harm to the environment and does not contribute much to the indoor air pollution. All the mattress pads for baby needs come with high-quality checking and undergoes severe safety standards.


QuickZip is definitely a brand that offers excellent bedding accessories and products for both adults and young ones. The mattress pads are simply amazing due to high build quality and strength. They are easy to use, wash and maintain. However, they come at a price higher than other brands, but quality wise they stand tall when compared to all other brands.