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Sealy Optimum – Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

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Sealy Optimum Mattress

One of the member of Sealy brands band, Sealy Optimum is all a play of gel memory foam mattresses. You have got varieties in this brand. There are different series that Sealy offers under this brand. The customer satisfaction in percentile is above average for the Optimum brand of Sealy. The Sealy Optimum brand has in its kitty the following series;

  • Destiny Gold
  • Radiance Gold
  • Inspiration Gold
  • Elation Gold
  • Gel Latex

All the beds are loaded with full of different types of gel memory foam. From the top portion to the bottom portion the mattresses are filled with gel memory foam. On the website there is not much detail presented about the mattresses. Insufficient data about the mattresses is a problem with Sealy’s Optimum brand collections.

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Gel beads acts as a cooling agents in gel memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are excellent comfort providers, they absorb heat from the body to become softer, so as to be able to contour easily to the body’s shape and give the body the ultimate sleeping experience. But in the process the heat from the body gets trapped inside the mattress and makes the sleeping experience hot for the users. The memory foam’s main problem is its retention property. But with gel memory foam, the heat retention problems get vanished. The gel beads offer a cooling effects to the mattress. The gel memory foam mattresses are called breathable mattresses as the air flow inside the mattress is very good. If there is proper flow of air inside the mattress, there are two advantages, first the inside of the mattress remains cool and second the air flow keeps the mattress dry. If you have the problem of night sweats then drenched sleep is the result, but properly ventilated mattress will helps in keeping the mattress dry and will help you in sleeping better. Gel memory foam has been labeled as an alternative to the heat retentive memory foam mattresses.

credits: http://www.muschihouse.com/
credits: http://www.muschihouse.com/

Sealy Optimum mattresses makes the body lie in a rested position by easily contouring its shape. This gives the pressure points of the body great relief and the pressure points are able to relax and are prevented from creating problems of back ache and joint pain. The Sealy optimum provides optimum relief from pain and helps the body to sleep in rest. Sealy optimum mattress works well when it comes to isolating motion. The mattress keeps the movement in silence, allowing your partner to not get disturbed by your motions. The Specialty of Sealy Sealy optimum mattresses is that they are not only isolate the motion, they also do not make any noise while you move over the bed, thus allowing you to have a silent and sound sleep. BBB ( Better Business Bureau) has given a “A+” to the Sealy optimum mattresses.

The problems that have been reported with Sealy mattresses are that they do not stay in its healthy condition for long and the customer say that with such durability issues, the Sealy Optimum mattresses should not be so highly priced. Even though the Sealy optimum consists of the classic gel memory foam that too most of the mattress is made up of it, still customers have reported the problem of heat retention with the Sealy optimum.

As long as the mattress is in the original condition, the mattress offers great comfort. But with the sagging and the dents, the mattress’s comfort providing efficiency also starts diminishing. All in all Sealy Optimum mattresses can be called an average mattress.

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