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Studies show that it is best to replace your mattress every 8 years even though mattress is designed to last between 5 to 10 years. By proper planning every 8 years, you can actually avoid sleepless nights and have good time on your hand to shop for the perfect mattress.

Here are few reasons that makes sense to switch to a new mattress

Waking up with sore body every day? Do you feel back pain, stiffness or numbness every morning? Do you feel tired even after having good night sleep? Then the mattress you chose are not working good for you and is too old to give you the initial comfort. Another reason is your body might have gone through changes over the years causing discomfort in vital areas. Upgrading to a new mattress will assist in providing maximum support to your body’s pressure points and better sleep.

  • You are in a relationship and sharing the same bed. Does he/she keeps tossing every night? It might not provide your partner with apt bodily support that is working well with you. If you have good space in your bedroom, then it is wise to upgrade to a mattress that suits you both in a right manner.
  • Are there visible holes and ripping in your mattress? Does your mattress sag? Has it lasted more than 6-7 years? Then, it is a best to retire and replace your mattress.
  • Uninviting guests such as dead skin cells, pollens, excess moisture from body and other allergens take a tour and stay at various areas of mattress making it difficult for sensitive people by triggering allergies. While it is a good decision to protect the mattress using toppers/pads or vacuuming or steam cleaning the mattress regularly, these issues still pop up after a while and cause allergens. The Better Sleep Council recommends that people who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin best replace your mattress frequently.

Why You Should Replace Your Mattress?

Just like worn out shoes or dress, mattress too needs to be replaced at times. However, switching from old to new mattress is a huge decision as it asks a good investment from your wallet. This is one of the reasons many people shrug it away. On a serious note, a study by Oklahoma State University, says that participants slept well on a new mattress rather than their own mattress which were almost 5 years old.

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Of course, you can make precautionary measures such as preventing your children from jumping on the bed. Flipping the mattress regularly might extend the life period. However, over a period of 8-9 years, you might as replace your mattress to save some health trouble. As per a poll conducted National Sleep Foundation more than 90% of people claimed that a comfortable mattress is quite vital for a healthy sleep and a proper mental wellbeing. Need I say more?

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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