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Reasons to buy the Right Mattress

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause lower back pain. Many of us might have experienced this issue when you wake up the next morning. According to the general idea of the public, a patient with lower back pain should lie on a firm mattress. Lack of support from a mattress results in poor sleeping posture, strained muscles and misalignment of spines – all of which contributes to low back pain. A mattress that supports your back and reduces back pain allows the spine to really rest and rejuvenate during the night. This article helps you to choose the best mattress for both back support and sleep comfort. After going through many reviews, it was found that Saatva mattress reviews are the best and the mattress is said to be a great option for the back pain sufferers. But it is not that it is the only best in the market, there are many others, but one thing is true that it is one of the best!

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The fact is there is no single mattress that works for all people with low back pain. Any mattress be it innerspring, memory foam or airbeds that help you sleep without pain and stiffness is the best mattress for that individual. Patients with low back pain should choose the mattress that meets their requirements for comfort and support and that allows them to get a relaxed good night’s sleep.

Know about the physical components of the mattress. Most of the time, all buyers simply go to the shop and take the best mattress that the salesman tells them. No one is bothered to know about the components involved in the manufacturing of the mattress and they end up with severe back pain. It is the coil or innersprings that provide the support . Different mattresses vary in their arrangement of coils. Even the padding on top of the mattress come in varying thickness. Mattresses depths range from 7-18 inches deep. Choosing the coil, depth of the mattress and type of padding should be determined by individual preferences.

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Choose a mattress that comes with back support. A mattress is said to be good when they support the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The right amount of back support helps the patient avoid muscle soreness in the morning. Till date, there is no much clinical studies proving about the mattresses that lowers back pain, but one study found that medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.

credits; http://mpspringer.com/
credits; http://mpspringer.com/

If you always sleep on the same spot, uncomfortable indentations may form on the mattress over time. To avoid this, you can rotate the mattress and turn it upside down regularly throughout the year.

Where to buy the best mattress for back pain

Saatva Inc., is one of the mattress manufacturer that sells America’s luxury mattresses for a steep discount is well known for offering the best mattresses to lower your back pain. There are also several other mattresses that offer medium-firm mattresses to provide back support and lower back pain. Check their website and consider all those factors mentioned above to make a wise choice.


Because your back and neck move as one unit, they need to be supported as one unit. Buying a good pillow can do this by keeping your neck aligned with your chest and the lower portions of your spine. Never go for a pillow where your neck is positioned at an angle higher than your back and same way, do not use a pillow where your neck lies at an angle lower than the back.

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are waking up with a back pain everyday, then may be it is time for you to change the mattress! Don’t delay for back pain can be a real trouble giver!

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