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Basically a mattress is defined by the materials used to build it and the overall design. Therefore let’s steal a look on the design and the materials used to construct the Helix Sleep Mattress.

Investing in an mattress is a huge decision and you certainly don’t wanna screw that up. Buying a wrong mattress can give you a sore back not to mention poor sleep. Helix Sleep is one of the mattress companies that provides mattress suiting the needs of people and their body types.

Helix Sleep has been in the industry for more than 30 years. They offer you some of the best quality mattress with

  • rich density of foam
  • efficient support of latex and
  • bouncy microcoils

A true USA company, let’s take a dig at how Helix Sleep has worked into the heart of customers.


The Helix Sleep mattress is made out of 5 layers of latex, polyfoam and microcoils. They customize in such a manner to suit the needs of sleeper. You can change the order of layers with their firmness and density as per the personalization that you call for.

For instance, the top layer comes with Dunlop latex that is famous for its durability. It also wicks away excess moisture and infuses cooling while you sleep. The bouncy and responsive features are another crucial element of Dunlop latex. You can choose a firm mattress as your body calls.

The second layer comes with 1.5” of microcoils. These miniature coils provide pressure relief and give a bouncy effect which is great for romantic acts. This micro coils takes you a little near to the innerspring feel.

The third layer is 2” polyfoam transitional support layer. It acts as a middlemen between the comfort layers and base layer to work together. This provides deep compression support.

The foundation i.e. the bottom layer comes with high density support foam. It is split into two separate foam layers for optimum support base.

The mattress cover of Helix Sleep is made out of 100% polyster. It protects the mattress from stains and naughty paws. Nevertheless, the mattress has a feathery soft touch giving a luxury mattress feel. Since it does not come with any padding, the air passes more easily improving the cooling effect.

Helix Mattresses, the Ideal mattress for Support, Firmness and Comfort

Helix Sleep customizes this section as per your body type and sleeping style. Helix Sleep throws you a whole load of questions such as your choice of firmness, cooling, sleeping positions and so on. This will help them to program the ideal mattress setup for you.

Once you complete the quiz section, you will be provided with the results. They are mainly based on 4 major factors – point elasticity, feel, temperature regulation and support.

Blended and Split Mattress

Helix Sleep offers you both ‘split’ and ‘blend’ mattress. Basically, blend mattress means a mattress keeping in consideration the needs you and your partner.

No matter what you choose, they keep your specifications in mind.


Sinking is one of the common issues felt by many users after using the mattress for some time. As Helix Sleep gives you customized mattress, it becomes challenging to predict the effect of sinkage. For instance, if you chose a softer mattress, the sinkage would be more. If you are opting for a hard or firm mattress, then it would be less significant.

Cost of Helix Sleep mattress

The cost of Helix Sleep mattress is affordable compared to other brands. It fits in the budget and doesn’t compromise on quality as well. A well built product, there are Helix Sleep coupon or discount codes that will help you to purchase this product at an affordable rate.

Of course, you have 100 nights of trial period which gives you good amount of time to check out how the product works for your and your partner.

Helix Sleep Reviews

Mattresses of Helix Sleep have been well received by consumers. Many users are gracious enough to give away 5 star ratings for their bedding. Here are few of the user reviews.

“Loved it” – Michael H.

Visited a Helix Sleep showroom in Philadelphia. The guys were quite supportive explaining the importance of metrics that they use to build the bed. After I put up my requirements, they gave a quick example which I tried out and actually enjoyed.

I never planned but ended up buying a mattress few weeks later for my home in Chicago. I am very happy with the experience.

“Good work” – Adam C.

“Was so excited to get fitted for my new mattress at the NYC showroom. I filled out my sleep preference questionnaire and the team gave me my customized mattress which was ready for a test run. It was surprising to find how comfortable the bed was. Can’t wait to have a few Zzzz’s once the mattress is delivered.

Final Thoughts

Should you buy Helix mattress? Yes, I would say you can definitely go with it. They not only sell online but also have retail stores all over USA. If you unsure about your need, then Helix Sleep will ease the worries. They fan out all the options giving you a perfect way to round on a product. Solid ten year warranty, 100 nights of trial run, free shipping and discount codes make this product a definite worth try.

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