Best pillow top mattress from Saatva Mattress


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Saatva mattresses have the some of the best pillow top mattresses in the market. In addition to being extremely comfortable, these are very durable as well. They have many special features which amount to the best only online-sold mattress. And apart from its great features, the great awesomely positive Saatva reviews by its satisfied and happy customers plays a big part in making it one of the top mattresses brands. Saatva use memory foam rather than latex. Though memory foam has been known to cause allergic reactions in some people and to heat up, both these problems have been remedied in Saatva. Read on to find out how.

The use of memory foam

Saatva mattresses use memory foam in their paddings. This foam is known to absorb heat from the body placed on it and to react according to pressure. It will mold to the shape of the body placed on top of it and it can re-assume its original form when the pressure is removed. This property of memory foam makes it very much suitable for comfortable mattresses, but it can absorb heat o much that the surface becomes too warm.

Saatva, has a special design. Each individual coil in the upper layer of the mattress is covered in padding and there is space between the layers to let air pass through. This patented airflow deign helps in cooling down the mattress and also to vaporize nightly perspiration’s that fall on the surface. The memory foam they use is bio-based and they are not tempered in formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals. This takes care of the allergic reactions and also due to the air flow, they stay clean. They let out no VOC’s.


Pillow top mattresses

Pillow top mattresses usually have an extra padding sewn on top of the top most layer with a gap in between the layers and this makes them thicker. The trouble with pillow top is that, although they are very comfortable, they tend to flatten with time and use.

Euro Top mattresses

in these, the extra layer of padding is directly attached on top of the mattress and they appear thinner because there is no gap between the extra layer and the top layer of the mattress. This helps them to retain the shape longer and to prevent sinking on the center part. This is beneficial to prevent sagging edges too.

Euro top pillow top

Typically, Saatva mattresses aimed for the best. They use a euro top pillow top design or euro pillow top design in their mattresses. This means that there is a gap between the layers but these gaps are filled with extra wadding and cushion materials. This makes them look neater and gives them support. They have lot of cushioning to support the spine, prevent back pains and other joint pains. They have a longer life time and have all the properties of both worlds.

P.S. The good thing about Saatva is that usually, a Euro or pillow top would cost you a small fortune, but when you come to this brand, you get a price range that is almost too convenient.

Saatva Green Initiative


Saatva is a well know name in the field of mattress manufacturing . It is very famous for its green initiative that it follows in the manufacturing of its mattresses. Green initiative is an environmental way of doing things, where it is taken care that the environment is not getting harmed or affected in a wrong way. The three main raw materials (innerspring, the cover, foam) used in the production of Saatva mattress are all Eco-friendly. The innerspring used in the mattress is created out of recycled steel. The outer cover is prepared out of organic cotton and bio-based foam is used to fill the mattress. The outcome is an organic product.

Saatva gives a lot of importance to customers satisfaction and their well being. Hence while designing their mattresses they made it a point to keep it allergy free. One of the main reasons of people having allergic reaction to mattresses is because of the irritating solutions used in the processing of the foam used in them. Saatva doesn’t uses any of the irritating solutions in the processing of its foam and the foam is also tested to check whether they meet the health,

environmental and safety standards and then certified. The fabric of the cover is a combination of organic cotton and hypoallergenic fibers that are combined together using natural thistle barrier. The materials used in the mattress is fixed together in such a way that air can flow easily inside the mattress. This free flow of air keeps the mattress moisture free. Saatva mattresses are never kept in a warehouse, since they are prepared shortly before delivery. Thus germs and molds doesn’t grow in it, that usually get developed in products kept in warehouses. And even lot of care is taken while packing the mattresses, they are packed in such a way that nothing can enter inside except for air. So, no chances of bed-bugs.

Saatva is a pure online store. So, there is no need of a physical store set up thus reducing the carbon footprint and also the cost of the product. So, you get the quality of a luxury product at affordable price.

Saatva Scam Alert – Reviews Coupons and Complaints



Saatva, the name is derived from the word meaning “truth” is an American based Mattress company that is the only handcrafted mattress in the country with the pioneering Saatva Mattresses . Saatva Company promises you a good sleep with healthy muscle support. It is sold and delivered through online stores. It will be delivered to the customers through online order with 30 days home trial so that the customers can confirm the comfort provided by the Saatva Company and buy if one is fully satisfied with the mattress. Saatva serves 100% efficient service since they focus more on customer service and their satisfactory smiles. Saatva offers the best quality mattress with sale offers and much lower prices.


Saatva mattress is a traditionally created coil product and uses the organic material that is handcrafted with American mattress workers who are experts in this field. They utilize the ecofriendly ideas where they use natural green products that are available on earth.
The outer cover of saatva mattress is made up of organic cotton and the inner layer is made of steel that can be recycled. It also has an additional layer called the memory foam layer which is a bio based form layer. These spectacular designed layers help one to lie comfortably and have a satisfactory sleep of both mind and body.


Saatva mattresses use only ecofriendly products for its creation. The products can be recycled which will help in boosting the ecofriendly behavior. The online service also helps in saving money.

Saatva mattress do not use formaldehyde based materials or any other irritable materials for its creation.


The outer layer which is organic contains non-irritating thistle barrier. The product avoids friction and it improves one’s stability while using saatva for sleep. Saatva Company creates a long term service for all their valuable customers all over the country making it more popular among the American people.


Scams occur the world over. It is common among the mattress companies as the customers find it difficult to buy as the model number, names related to the product etc. are easily masked or fooled by other products. There are even shops that sell their products in Saatva’s name that create a very huge loss for the company. The customers are misinformed by the Saatva scams occurring day to day. When one purchases a scam product of saatva and uses it, that person will probably say no to the product and the service. Hence his impression about saatva would be on a very low mark and the bad word of mouth will prevent others from purchasing Saatva. These products that are sold in the name of saatva are very costly with less quality.


Saatva scam alert provides a list of information for avoiding scam related products present in the industry. It provides information to the customers to buy the original saatva product. They instruct you to check the components of the mattresses which instruct one to check the number of coils, latex, outer structure etc. Remember saatva provides 30 days home trial. Check for those warranty for the saatva like products.

Saatva scam alert advice’s the customers to ensure about the money back guarantee scheme provided only by the saatva. A special instruction to note is that no additional chargers on delivery is required. Kindly report such incidences when asked for additional charges.

Saatva scam alert provides information to the customers on how to check the quality of the springs that are used, the number of coils, the width of the coils and the distance between the coils. They strictly warn the customers to check if the inner layer is made from the recycled steel. Saatva scam alert advice’s their customers to ensure about the memory foam and stability of it. Check for the outer layer- ensure if it is thick smooth grippe. All this will provide customers with good sleep. It would be best if one would buy from the official website. The website will provide a-z information about the product, ordering statements, payment details and methods for contact for service.

Saatva scam alert advice’s customers to have a glance at the videos that is available in the official website so that one can escape from the scam industry.

Exploitation of consumers is very common in the current market scene and industrial field. One must be aware of the product and it is very crucial to have a good knowledge from the website, books and the others users’ reviews so as to choose the best without involving in the scam.

Saatva Luxury firm mattress review 2014


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Firm mattresses are the most recommended mattresses by doctors for back pain, as these offer the support to the lumber region due to the absence of which the back troubles occur. When it comes to firm mattresses, Saatva holds the trophy! A Saatva luxury firm mattress is something that will be loved by even the ones who are not a big fan of firm mattresses. The mattress is firm enough to provide support but is not hard. Too hard mattresses can aggravate the condition of back pain, while soft mattress may not provide enough of support. So what Saatva did was, to create a mattress that offers the perfect level of firmness.

Saatva firm mattress can be used by any position sleepers, but will best suit those who prefer sleeping on their back or stomach. Stomach and back sleepers need lot of support than side sleepers while sleeping. Otherwise it may lead to improper alignment while sleeping which can result in back ache. Some people don’t like the sinking feeling, while lying on their mattress and prefer a firm yet comfortable base. Saatva firm mattress can turn out to be the best option.

Saatva firm mattresses comes under the innerspring mattresses category. A wonderful coil-on-coil construction that offers flexibility and contouring features and the encasement of memory foam generate a sleeping space where the sleeping experience cannot be matched with anything less! The base of the mattress has the connected hourglass design that creates a strong base for the mattress. On top these there are individually pocketed coils. The ‘Spinal zone’ sleep technology used in the mattress is a highly advanced technology that gives the lumber area of the mattress extra support so that the person lying on the mattress will get extra support on the lumber area and will not have to face back problems. The upholstery consists of memory foam and the cover of the mattress is prepared out of cotton. The steel used in the mattress is recycled and the cotton used is 100% organic. So, Saatva is in a way eco-friendly, though not a complete 100% organic, still it is made using environmentally friendly materials. The design and content of the mattress is all luxurious mattress types, but the price is of the mattress is comparatively less when compared to that of other luxury mattresses.

Saatva firm luxury mattress is very low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and for the same it has got the CertiPUR certification. It is free of PDBE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) which are fire retardants and are very toxic and harmful for health. Saatva firm mattress is also free of heavy metals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde etc. Usual mattresses contains these stuffs that makes the mattresses toxic and unsafe for use. Saatva firm mattress won’t be polluting the air inside your bedroom and you will not have to worry about inhaling chemicals.

Saatva is an American based online mattress company and has been labeled as ‘America’s best piced mattress’.

Vi-Spring mattress review Vs Saatva Mattresses


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

VI-Spring Mattress Review

Vi-Spring Mattress is of the royal brands in the mattress world. Comfort and quality are the main virtues of Vi-spring that makes it popular among the masses. Vi-Spring mattress is a perfectly designed handmade mattress that will astonish you with its style, quality and profound comfort. A guaranteed satisfaction! Created out of selected materials of highest grade the Vi-Spring mattresses is a result of unison of quality and luxury. The people who work behind the making of Vi-Spring mattresses are well trained and experienced in the art of making mattresses. Their efforts and experience together result in the production of the finest mattresses in quality and durability making them unique! Every small thing is taken care of. Vi-spring mattresses will change your life!

Vi-Spring mattress makers are nature lovers and are well aware of the benefits of using natural materials. That is the reason, they chose natural material to make their mattresses. Materials that are obtained naturally like raw silk, springy horsetail, warm cashmere, supple bamboo and strong coir are used by Vi-spring. Vi-spring keeps the glue and synthetic foam away from its mattresses, to maintain the natural composition of its mattresses intact.

Vi-spring are the pioneers of the pocket spring mattresses. They developed it in 1901. The company holds a century of experience and knowledge in the field of mattress making and this can be seen in the quality of the product they offer to their customer and the way they treat their customer.

The mattresses offered by VI-spring are:

The Masterpiece Superb Review: The Masterpiece mattresses like its name is a masterpiece. The fillings in this masterpiece is hand filled. A combination of Shetland wool, cashmere, alpaca, European long stranded horsetail, bamboo and cotton is used in the mattress. The sides of the mattress is hand-stitched (5 rows of stitching which takes almost six hours when done with hands), but when you will look at the mattress you will be astonished with the beauty with which it has been done!

The Signatory Superb: the Signatory mattress leaves a signature of it on your life that will change your life for good. 50mm in diameter vanadium wire spring (2 layers) are used in the mattress. The upholstery consists of cashmere, real Shetland wool and horse tail. These together form a comfortable bedding for the mattress.

The Sublime Superb: These are simply superb! Vanadium wire spring when sewn into calico pockets and then made into a honeycomb nested unit. The sides of the mattresses are hand stitched. The mattress is filled with wool of two different types (Shetland wool and British fleece wool), silk, horsetail and mohair. The mattress is highly comfortable and is great to rest on.

The Shetland Superb: This mattress consists of 2 layers of 2.35 inches in diameter vanadium wire spring. These springs are sewn into individual calico pockets and developed into a honeycomb nested structure. Mainly Shetland wool and British fleece wool has been used in the mattress and the final touches to the mattress is given with a cover made of worsted wool fabric and woolen tufts.

The Classic Superb: Superbly classic, this mattress is awesome in look and feel! Horse hair is very skilfully laid into the mattress using age old upholstery technique. Like every other Vi-spring mattress this mattress also consists of Vanadium springs, the difference is only in the diameter of the spring. It is greatly supportive and highly comfortable!


The Regal Superb: Like its name this mattress provides a magnificent sleeping experience to its users. Made of horsetail and British fleece wool taken in a balanced proportion, this gives the mattress a perfect blend of springiness and softness. The user will get the proper support that will help the user to get a great goodnight sleep.

The Coronet: Again the Vanadium spring and the British wool & cotton, these trio create a magical sleeping space that will cradle the user into undisturbed soundful sleep. The mattress offers superb support and contour easily to the body shape.

The Elite mattress review: You will be delighted to have this mattress. This mattress offers extra comfort and support which will make your body feel like it is floating. The Vanadium wire springs topped with thick layers of British fleece wool and cotton offers unmatchable comfort.

Tiara Superb: This is a traditional mattress from Vispring. It uses pure natural materials which are very deep layered to give a very soft and comfortable feel. The mattress can adapt well to different sleep patterns of partners.

Price of the mattresses:

All mattresses are priced on the higher side, since they are luxury brands and make use of only good quality natural materials. Prices differ according to the brands.

Lifespan of the mattresses:

Once you shake hands with Vi-Spring mattresses, then its a life long friendship that you have created. All VI mattresses have a lifetime warranty. Once the guarantee has been signed, the mattresses can either be repaired or replaced depending on the damage. The user has to contact the store from where the mattress was purchased.(But, there are terms and condition).

Where are Saatva mattresses made?


Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

A purely American production, Saatva Mattress is an all-in-all American product and all Saatva Mattresses are made in the USA! Saatva has got 11 independent American Factories that manufactures the eco-friendly high quality superb Saatva mattresses. Alongwith 11 American Saatva Mattress factories, it has got 31 distribution centers in various parts of America which makes the delivery easier and also helps in reducing the delivery time. Due to these 31 distribution centers, the mattress does not have to travel much before reaching its destination.

Saatva mattresses are made with eco-friendly materials with utmost care and protection. At every stage of the production, it is made a point to maintain the purity and freshness of the mattress, so that the quality of the mattress does not lessen even by a single percent. White glove transportation firms is what Saatva uses for delivering the order [white glove transportation firms are those firms that not only just delivers the product but also place it inside the home where you want your furniture to be placed and clean the packaging materials from your home]. The long distance delivery of Saatva is looked after by the NVC Logistics Group. Then there are many other small transportation firms that look after the nearby deliveries. As Saatva does not have any physical set up of stores and middlemen in its business, it saves a lot of expenses. Saatva makes it a point to share a part of the benefits it earns by reducing the cost of its mattresses. Saatva high quality luxurious mattresses come at a price in which you can only dream to get a elegant luxurious mattress and that is why it is rated as the ‘America’s best priced mattress’.

Saatva mattresses gives more importance to customer’s satisfaction and product’s quality than its own profits. Every person who works in the warehouse or in the distribution center are very well trained. Whether it is the customer care executive or warehouse staff they know how to treat people and make them comfortable. So, your interaction with Saatva whether it is face-to-face or via phone, one thing is sure, you will not be disappointed. Rudzin, the president of Saatva wants his customers to be happy, for he believes that happy customers are the assets of a company.

Saatva Mattress Return Policy

Not just the price and quality, Saatva mattress is one of the best return policy-wise also. Saatva is very sure about its product quality and its efficiency in providing a great sleep, and maybe that it is the reason that its product comes with a 45 day trial period. So, the customer can actually first give the mattress a try and then make the decision. Not only buying but also the return procedure is made easier by Saatva for the convenience of its customers. If, by any chance the customer doesn’t like the product and wants to return it, the customer will not have to take any load, the returning procedure is made completely hassle free by Saatva. The customer will not have to pay anything for returning the product, no return shipping charges, no handling charges nothing. In such returning cases, the only charges the customer will have to incur is the initial shipping charges.

All-in-all the pride of the American mattresses, Saatva mattresses are awesome whether it is in terms of comfort, quality or price!

Best mattress for good sleep – Saatva mattress


When you lie down on your comfortable mattress, that gives support and rest to your body you just feel relaxed and are able to doze off easily. Sleep is like the ship that takes you away from the shores of stress and chaos.

‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything’ – How does Saatva practice these facts? The Saatva reviews will make you realize that it is the best mattress for a good and long sleep.
When was the last time that you had a great good night sleep? Don’t remember? Don’t worry. That is the case with most of the people these days. The chaos that surrounds you the whole day, the stress, the tension, everything affects your physical and mental state, but at night if you have a good mattress that can offer you good sleep, then the next morning you get up with enough fuel (energy) in your body, that will give you the kick to handle the rest of the day’s issues efficiently. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates you and helps your mind to be in a state of balance. But then for a good night sleep the main ingredient is a good mattress, without which a good night’s sleep is something that you can only just dream of. In the market today, you will find innumerable types of mattresses, but the one with quality and affordability are rare. So, when it comes to best mattress for good sleep, what can be the option better that Saatva mattresses? Saatva, not by its words but, by its actions showed that high quality mattresses can be made at low price.

When you lie down on your comfortable mattress, that gives support and rest to your body you just feel relaxed and are able to doze off easily. Sleep is like the ship that takes you away from the shores of stress and chaos. Saatva has created its mattress in a way that it offers an luxurious experience and a great night sleep making the user to fall in love with it.

What makes Saatva the best mattress for good sleep? It is its efficiency in providing a sleep experience that is so high in comfort and rest that it awakes the sleeping energy of the user!

The best features of Saatva

  • The coil-on-coil structure: The coil-on-coil structure which consists of a base wherein hourglass shaped coils are connected together to create a base and on top of that individual pocketed coils are placed. This is a innerspring mattress design that you will find in only luxury hotel beds. The steel used is oven baked (recycled).
  • The bio-based foam: As a part of Saatva’s green initiative, it uses only bio-based foam in its mattresses. The foam is certified by CertiPur as safe and consisting of low VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). The bio-based foam is not infused with any type of chemicals.
  • The smooth cotton cover: The materials of the mattress is covered with a cottony cover. The cotton used is 100% organic and is prepared using hypoallergenic fiber. So the problem of allergies will not be faced with Saatva mattresses.
  • Natural fire retardant: the fire retardant used in the mattress is ‘natural thistle barrier’. The fire retardant mainly consists of pulp from wood and a small amount of polyester.
  • Free of chemicals: Saatva wants its product to be safe for use for its customers and it does not want its mattress be a cause of health trouble. So, it does not uses chemicals in its mattresses.
  • High in comfort: The individual pocketed coils with and the seasoning of foam encasement is a perfect combination that can offer your body with great comfort and rest. The mattress easily change its shape to support the body’s shape. When the mattress moulds easily to the body’s shape, the body’s pressure points get relief and this characteristic of the mattress also helps the body to maintains its alignment.

  • Patented Spinal Zone technology: The Spinal Zone technology used in the mattress makes the mattress perfect for back problems. The spinal region in the mattress that is the area on the mattress where the spinal part of the body rests is made more supportive and comfortable, so that the user get proper spinal support and the spinal region does not get pressurized. Improper alignment of the spinal region can cause severe lower back pain and may prove dangerous in the long run.
  • Breathable: The mattress is constructed in a way that air can easily travel inside the mattress. A breathable mattress is a live mattress! Proper air ventilation inside the mattress protects the mattress from the night perspiration. A damp mattress can be very uncomfortable to sleep on and will affect the quality of sleep. And moreover dampness invites molds and fungii.
  • Low in price: Saatva offers its mattresses at the best possible lowest price. It offers its luxurious queen size mattress at just $899, where as if you will search for such excellent quality mattress with such a wonderful design it will easily exceed $2000.

With Saatva mattresses you can be sure that your sleeping hours will be restful and comfortable. Great in feel, design and price, Saatva mattresses are the best mattresses for good sleep, no doubts.

Saatva mattress – The Company with the best luxury mattress

Best luxury Mattress

How would it be, if you can get a mattress superior in quality and inferior in price which means the best luxury mattress at an affordable price? It would be a great deal, won’t it ? Actually it would be super awesome! Saatva presents to you this super awesome deal; it is the company with the best luxury mattress, which it offers at an amazingly cool price! Saatva mattresses are epitome of luxury and comfort! Saatva is an online company and brand that is considered one of best in the mattress industry.

Well built innerspring mattresses with the encasement of foam is a design that can be seen only in hotels of luxury. These types of mattresses are very high in terms of comfort. Saatva has the same design, actually it has got more than that. It has used in its mattresses advanced technology that further enhances the quality and increases the comfort providing capability of the mattress. The feel and the exemplary sleeping experience that you get in a luxurious hotel bed, the same enchanting luxurious sleeping experience can be enjoyed in the comfort of your very own bedroom, courtesy Saatva mattresses!


Why are Saatva mattresses defined as luxurious? The structure and constituents of the mattress makes it so. Saatva mattress is an innerspring mattress built using the advanced coil-on-coil technology. In this technology coils are placed on top of coils, this arrangement creates a strong structure that not only offers support but also provides flexibility to the mattress. This flexibility helps the mattress to contour to the body shape easily and lift the pressure from the pressure points. The contouring is made easier by the bio-based foam that encases the coils and forms most part of the upholstery. The elegant looking cotton cover of the mattress is made up of 100% organic cotton. The steel used is the high quality recycled steel. The mattress does not just look luxurious, it actually feels luxurious.

  • Saatva in a nutshell
  • Saatva is an only-online American company.
  • Saatva has got 11 factories that manufactures its luxurious mattresses and 31 distributing centers.
  • Saatva mattresses are hand made by skilled craftsmen.
  • Saatva has embedded sleep wellness technologies in its mattress.
  • Saatva mattresses follows green initiative.
  • The mattresses are available in three different types (plush soft, luxury firm and firm).
  • Saatva mattresses have a 15 years non-prorated warranty period and also comes with a 45 day trial offer.

Best Mattress Online – Saatva Reviews


Online market is like a vast shopping sea inside which the options are simply indefinite! When it comes to mattresses, it becomes very difficult to decide which one is the best and which to go for! Here the reviews come to the rescuer! After going through various reviews on mattresses, the one which caught the attention was the Saatva reviews. Good, awesome, will recommend it to my friends, is the best etc were the remarks given by the users in the Saatva reviews, every customer was simply happy! Saatva reviews proves the mattress to be ‘the best mattress online’! And why would it not be? The price at which it offers an luxurious mattress is simply commendable. Now many WHY’s? and WHAT’s? Might be coming into your mind, give a halt to your skeptical run and Lets get to know what makes Saatva ‘The best mattress online!’

The Saatva Mattress in Detail

A mattress is rated mainly according to the comfort it provides. If a mattress is expensive but provides great comfort, then the owner may not regret spending his hard earned money. Price does play a role but then comfort tops the list! Saatva offers great quality comfort, actually luxurious quality comfort to be precise at an affordable price. Saatva mattresses are awesome in the feel , luxurious in their look and cheap in terms of price (cheap as compared to other luxurious quality mattresses!). Now here a ‘HOW’ pops up! How is this possible? Let us have a step by step look into what exactly Saatva is, in the process you will get the answers to all your ‘WHY’s’, ‘HOW’s’ & ‘WHAT’s’!


The meaning of the word SAATVA is ‘Truth’ and the company like its name tells every truth about its product. It is very transparent about its transaction and every other detail. It wants its customers to hold no doubt about the company or its product. Saatva has clearly stated the truth about its ‘high quality low priced product’ on its website. No one opens a business for charity purpose and Saatva is no exception , but what sets Saatva apart from other business-profit driven companies is that it alongwith its profit thinks about the welfare of its customers. (But yes Satava does indulge in a lot of charity works, whenever its fellowmen need its help, Saatva’s helping hand is always present for the service. One of its works include the donation of its 50 luxurious mattresses to the ‘Sandy’ hit victims.)

Why is Saatva mattress cheap? Or how is Saatva offering a luxurious mattress at an affordable price?- because no physical store, no middlemen and no unnecessary expenditure on advertisements.

Saatva does not exist in a physical store state. It is an online business and it consists of only online stores. The Saving process starts from here. Imagine there are multiple physical stores, each store will need multiple employees, a sales person, an accountant, cleaning staff etc. Now salary will have to be given to all these people. Then there is electricity bill, rent of the place etc all these are expenses, expenses that Saatva saves! No physical store, no employees that means no salary, no electricity bill and no such kind of extra expenses which a company with physical store has to incur. These expenses are also one of the reasons for a product’s expensive price.

No middlemen, No middlemen commission!! Saatva don’t use middlemen to reach its users, it don’t believe it needs a mediator between itself and its customers. All the dealings are between the manufacturer and the customer. The customer also finds it very comfortable not to have to go through a second person to reach the company. This has two benefits. Saatva does not have to spend from its pocket for the middlemen commission and the direct interaction will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.

Saatva does not use expensive advertisements to promote its products. It follows the verbal advertisement technique. The people who use Saatva are sure to recommend it to their near and dear ones. Saatva speaks through its product. Saatva save the expenses from the advertisement sector also.

All these savings that Saatva is incurring is reflected on the price of the product. Setting up a physical store, then its maintenance, then the salary of the employees, bills, middlemen, commission, advertising charges everything adds up the total price of a product. Business people inorder to get profit, doubles the price of a product, whereas in reality the real price of the product might be half of the selling price. Reaping profits by cheating the customers by selling cheap quality product at a high price is not what Saatva believes in. Saatva saves its expenses and helps the customers to save theirs! Saatva is America’s Best priced mattress.

Sleep Quality & Comfort

Saatva offers exceptional quality sleep. It is soft at the same time supportive. Saatva mattresses contours easily to the body’s shape and helps the body to get a restful sleep. The quality of the sleep Saatva mattress offers can be described in three words:- sound, restful and peaceful. A sound and restful sleep will refresh you and will give you the energy to deal with the day in a positive attitude. A restless, disturbed sleep has a very negative impact on your personal and professional life. If your mattress fails to provide comfort to you then a good night sleep will become a distant dream and insomnia a close reality. With Saatva mattresses sleepless nights will be gone like the wind. You will not get up in the morning with an aching back and sprained neck.

Saatva mattresses has been made in such a way that the mattress provides a soft touch with a supportive base to the pressure points of the body. Too much pressure on the pressure points cause pain in the body since Saatva mattresses easily contour, the pressure points get lot of relief and are able to rest. Saatva has given special attention to the lumbar area of the mattress. This area is where your torso region rests, your lumbar area of the body is a part of the torso region and one of the important and delicate parts. If this region does not get the proper support and comfort then it results in back pain, sometimes of severe type. The middle portion of the mattress is given an additional padding so as to provide extra comfort and support to the lumbar area. So when you are sleeping on Saatva mattress, you will never have to worry about back pain or ache.

Saatva mattress’s Construction

Saatva mattresses are handcrafted in USA by experienced and talented craftsmen. The are constructed using the coil-on-coil technology. The base layer is made of bonnell coils and is in the hourglass connected shape. On the top portion of the mattress is prepared using pocketed coils that are wrapped in bio-based foam. Saatva has incorporated the patented ‘Spinal zone’ sleep technology in its mattresses. The edges are also encased in foam to make the edges more supportive and soft. The dual edge support system used in the mattress prevents the edges from sagging and offer extra sleeping space. The mattress is covered in organic cotton fabric.

Saatva’s structure in a nutshell

  • Top layer of the mattress consists of individually pocketed coils encased in foam.
  • Bottom base is prepared out of bonnell coils designed in an hourglass structure.
  • Upholstery of bio-based foam.
  • Lumbar region padded with extra layers of bio-based foam.
  • All these covered inside a 100 percent organic cotton cover.

Materials used in Saatva mattress

  • Saatva uses eco-fiendly materials in its mattresses so as to make them safe for humans as well as for the environment.
  • Recycled coils
  • Bio-based foam
  • Natural fire retardant – plant thistle
  • Natural covering – 100% organic cotton
  • Saatva is not 100% organic but is safe. It has got certification from various highly reputed organizations.
  • Options at Saatva
  • Saatva offers only three best options:
  • Plush Saatva mattress
  • Luxury firm Saatva mattress
  • Firm Saatva mattresses


NO discount please! Saatva does not provide discount on its mattresses. So, no matter which time of the year you decide to buy a Saatva mattress, you will get it at the same price. Saatva mattresses price is same for every customer, no partiality here friends!

Customer Service

Saatva treats its customers like kings! Saatva’s customer care executives are highly efficient and knowledgeable. Every question of yours, every doubt of yours will be answered and cleared. Saatva customer executives informs you not manipulate you! They will clearly make you understand what the mattress is, every specification of the mattress. The customer care service has got a 4 star from its users!

Return policy & Trial offering & Warranty

Alongwith a 45-day trail offer, Saatva mattresses comes with a 15 year warranty. According to the 45 day trial policy you can return the product without any problems, if you find the mattress to be unsuitable for you. But you should try the mattress atleast for 30 before drawing any conclusion. The 45 day trial period starts from the day of delivery.

Tempurpedic vs. Saatva vs. Sleep number – Top 3 Premium Mattress Reviews

Tempurpedic Mattress

Here are the reviews about the top three best premium mattresses – Tempur-pedic reviews, Saatva reviews and reviews of Sleep number.

Tempurpedic vs. Saatva Mattress vs. Sleep number

Tempur-pedic Mattresses – A review

Tempur–Pedic: for those who are looking for memory foam mattress, Tempur–Pedic mattress is undoubtedly the one gaining good words for its high quality foam among its competitors. One of the best features of TempurPedic is it contains high density foam which makes a person ‘stay still’ rather than keeping them tossing and turning through the night. When compared with Saatva or Sleep number, they make lesser noise as they are made out of foam unlike Saatva that contains innerspring system or air pumps like Sleep number that leaves you with squeaky and weird noises when in use.

Tempur-pedic also ensures long lasting quality and a good lifespan compared to Saatva or Sleep number. It even has the ability to ease away any body pain from your body especially back, hip or shoulder.

But on the con side, Tempur-pedic are quite pricey and also provide a “too warm” feeling when you sleep as it retains the body heat instead of releasing them to give you a cool feeling.

Saatva Mattress Sagging – A review

Saatva mattress’s innerspring and memory foam delivers a good combination that provides you excellent relief from pain. Saatva mattress has very good varieties of firmness levels for those with different tastes ranging from ultra firm to ultra soft. The best part of Saatva mattress is they promote ‘green’ products i.e. all their materials such as cotton are organic, steel are recycled and memory foam is bio based. They only have online website to shop from which also helps in less carbon foot print. Apart from an affordable price, they also give you a 30 day trial period so that you can return it if you don’t feel its worth it. Saatva mattress has also received its chiropractic seal of approval.

But on the con side, the individual coil construction makes their product less durable when compared to Tempur-pedic or sleep number. Product which has inner coil beds with pillow tops are the ones that pose problems to consumers such as sagging.

Sleep Number – A review

Sleep number mattresses are basically permanent air mattress. That doesn’t mean it works like an air mattress. In fact, they are quite comfortable by letting you adjust the firmness. This is one of the reasons people buy Sleep number beds so as to adjust their different levels of firmness as per their situation such as injury, illness or body pain. The best feature of the air mattress Sleep number is it contains its own air chamber that works solely to have fluctuating firmness. Sleep number also competes with its rival Tempur-pedics for reducing back pain or any other bodily pain by providing therapeutic relief. It is also the favored by pregnant ladies as it helps them move easily without any discomfort.

The best part of Sleep number is they have a good life span than other mattress and the mechanical parts can be easily replaced. The air of the sleep number mattress does not compress easily over time and provides good longevity for your money and product. As they are air, it is light in weight and can be moved easily.

On the con side, unlike other silent mattresses such as Tempur-pedic or Saatva mattresses, it makes a noise because of the firmness level which requires an electric air pump. They are also a bit on the expensive side though only the highest level of mattress. The air mattress are quite fragile as even a slight hole can make you lose the air of the mattress. As there are partially made out of mechanical equipments, they can wear out easily and does not have a long life unlike Saatva mattresses or Tempur-pedic.


Basically, from the review of these three mattresses, one of the good products to choose would be Tempur-pedic but if you are on a budget or a hate-to-shop personality, then Saatva would be great. Sleep number is best for those who want firmness while they sleep.

Luxury Mattress: Types and Its Features

About one third part of a person’s life is spending on a bed. Therefore the overall health of a person is determined by the comfort and discomfort of the mattress. Mattress plays an important part in getting sleep and comfort. There are many different types of mattresses depending on the material, filling, and size.

1. Size

The size of the mattress depends on the person who is sleeping on it. There are mattresses made for babies to those that can accommodate 3-4 persons on a single one. The child’s mattresses are made customized to the crib size. The adult mattresses come in sizes single, twin, double, queen size and king size. The length varies from 4 ft to 7 ft, while the width ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft. Mattresses have different thickness also. The thickness ranges from 4 inches to eighteen inches.

2. Types

  • Innerspring Mattresses are the type that has steel springs that support the body lying above it. The mattress has three layers. The foundation is made of a wooden or metal frame that supports the upper layers. The next is the spring coils and on top of that is the insulation layer that protects the top layer from the spring coils. The next layer is the middle padding made of foam and the top most layer is the ticking and quilting.
  • Foam Mattresses are made of memory foam or latex foam. The memory foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic foam over base foam. This type of foam is different under different climatic conditions, in colder areas the mattress is firmer, and in warmer areas it is softer. The mattress softens with the temperature of the sleeping person. Latex foam is made with a blend of natural and synthetic latex. The mattress can be heavier or lighter with the make.
  • Air mattresses are adjustable and can be stored. They can be stored flat when not in use. They are air pumped when in need of use. The amount of air depends on the requirement.

3. Features

  • Innerspring mattresses must be rotated and flipped every 3-4 months otherwise it will sag too easily. This is good for heavy weighed persons as they get a firm support. But the spring coils do not spread the body weight evenly and do not support the back or spinal alignment. This is not suitable for people with back pain.
  • Foam Mattresses is helpful in distributing the body weight evenly. They are heat sensitive and will adjust with the boy temperature to give comfort. The other advantage is that it need not be flipped over. These mattresses will weigh more with the material and can cost higher than usual.
  • Air mattresses are adjustable with weight but the body will need firm support. So if someone fails to make the bed firm may end up waking up with back pain.

Choose the right one that the body prefers. All types of mattresses have their own life span. When the person sleeping on the mattress does not find comfort or finds any discomforts it is no longer suitable for them.