Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews

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Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses

Spaldin Sleep System mattresses are a product of Industries Tobia. It is a mattress manufacturer from La Rioja, Spain. Spaldin Sleep Systems, Inc., also known as Spaldin Natural Sleep, is its North American subsidiary and operating in USA since 2008. It is a manufacturer as well as a supplier of specialty sleep products such as non-spring memory foam mattresses, pillows, beds and more. This article reviews the Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses. Have a look at the content details below

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  • Spaldin Sleep – Introduction
  • Technology – Spaldin Sleep
  • Spaldin Sleep – Products
  • Where To Buy Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses?
  • Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses – Customer Reviews
  • Conclusion

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses Review

Spaldin Sleep – Introduction

Spaldin is popular as a maker of “green and ecologically safe ” sleep products. Spaldin Natural Sleep is the first developer of the use of plant-polyols in manufacturing polyurethane foam and its derivatives – memory foam. Some of its products also use natural materials, such as cotton and latex. In 2012, Spaldin Sleep Systems was the first company to receive the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certification for all branded finished mattresses and pillows marketed in the US.

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses are for people looking for luxuriously comfortable sleep experience. Their remarkable line of healthy, non-toxic mattresses is better and features highly developed European design. Their superior design and cutting edge clean materials technologies makes these next-generation mattresses better for sleepers and environment.

Spaldin Sleep – Technology

Spaldin sleep mattresses use the latest and most advanced European technologies. Some of the most prestigious international organizations, such as Oeko-Tex 100 and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), certify their products. These certifications ensure you are sleeping worry-free with no harmful chemicals in the Spaldin mattresses. Their European design Luxury, Nature inspired open-cell structure eliminates heat and moisture with enhance air circulation. Their robust plant-based foam mattresses adapt and support your body contours comfortably to reduce movements while sleeping. They use reticulated foam to keep mattresses both dry and cool.

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Matresses– Products

Currently, Spaldin Sleep offers mattresses under the brand names Tobia and Gemma. Spaldin also manufactures Eco-superior pillows. Spaldin B100 S mattresses are also available with superior features and comfort.

Their Five models sold in the U.S. through various online retailers are

  • Tobia Innovation Eco-Superior Firm Foam Tight-top Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress Tobia Memory Plus Eco-Superior
  • Tobia SClimatic Cool Evolution Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Tobia Tubes 7-zone Foam Mattress
  • Gemma Thermal Comfort Firm or Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Spaldin mattresses are entirely human and ecologically safe as its foams, fabric and natural fire barrier are Oeko TexStandard 100 Class I certified. Moreover, they meet all flammability standards. These mattresses does not require turning but definitely try to rotate it every few months. They work well with your existing frame, plat form beds, box spring or slatted frames. The heights of Spaldin models range from 8 to 11 inches. Below you will find some of their bestseller product details

Tobia Innovation Eco-Superior Firm Tight-top 8-inch King Foam Mattress

Product Description – This firm and innovative king-size 8 inch premium natural polyol foam mattress will give you ultimate sleep. It comes with an organic cotton cover and open cell foam technology to wick away moisture and create an antimicrobial allergen free sleep environment.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

This Spaldin mattress uses eco-friendly natural polyol foam, organic cotton cover and visil fire barrier. This tight top and firm construction is perfect for people who like firm support. Its sleep surface contains Hypersoft Sunflower and Soy based foam with 1.4 pounds density. The dimensions of this mattress are 8 inches high x 76 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Tobia Memory Plus Eco-Superior 11-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – Spaldin Tobia memory plus queen-size 11 inch mattress contains foam which naturally conforms to your contours and relieves pressure points while you sleep. It comes with visco, natural, plant-based foam and also unique open-cell foam along with quilted organic cotton cover.

Features – Tobia Memory Plus Eco-Superior uses 3.75 density 3-inch visco, natural, plant-based foam, 14 ILD over 2.5 density 7-inch HR natural plant-based foam and 19ILD unique open-cell foam to absorb moisture and provide clean sleeping surface. Its open cell foam structure maintains neutral sleep temperature by dissipating heat and moisture. In addition, it disperses your weight evenly and improves circulation while minimizing pressure points. It comes with 1.4 density foam zipper quilted cover made of GOTS-certified Organic cotton and 0.8-inch Hypersoft natural polyol. Its natural fire barrier made of Visil. All natural plant-based memory foam is dust mites resistant and is naturally antimicrobial. This mattress measurement is 11 inches high x 60 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Tobia SClimatic Cool Evolution 11-inch Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – The Spaldin sleep Tobia SClimatic 11-inch Queen-size mattress has ergonomic design and thermally adaptable. Its Visco cooling system betters the thermal regulation of your body. Its multi-layer construction and spine-shape design containing different layers of resilience and shapes allows perfect body alignment with maximum comfort. It uses all eco-friendly, premium, plant-based foams.

Features – The Tobia SClimatic special top surface offers you plush feeling. Their eco friendly foam contains Over 5 Pound density. Its temperature-smart gel memory foam responds to body heat and movement. Additionally, it reshapes to distribute body weight and relieve pressure points to improve circulation. This mattress is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. This is a queen size mattress dimensions are 10.6 inches high x 60 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Spaldin Tubes 84 10-inches Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – Spaldin Tubes 84 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress contains patented 7 zones 8-inch tubes core. Its surface layer is Hypersoft plant-based foam wrapped in organic cotton fabric that work with the Tubes core to wick away moisture to create a fresh, temperature-controlled, allergens free sleep environment. The Spaldin Tubes 84- Advanced Tubes mattress technology offers the support of an inner-spring pocketed coil mattress, but with additional benefits of adaptability, pressure relief and superior breath ability.

Features – The Spaldin Tubes is the only mattress certified to promote back health by AGR Cutting-Edge Green Materials. It uses the latest and best clean mattress materials such as the highest concentration of plant oils in foam formulations of any mattress (40-60% of polyols), GOTS certified organic cotton covers (with a recycled PES backing to maximize durability), a viscose-silica-based fire barrier. The Tubes maximizes air circulation all through the mattress, eliminating any heating issues and any possibility to sleep hot. It features lightly reinforced edges to make getting in and out of the bed easy. This mattress is available in multiple Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King. Their dimensions are Twin 38 x 75, Twin XL 38 x 80, Full 54 x 75, Queen 60 x 80 and King 76 x 80.

Gemma Thermal Comfort Plush 10-inch Cal King size Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description – Spaldin Gemma Thermal uses a revolutionary technology in combination with fully ecologically safe materials maximising  thermal comfort and ergonomics. The constant air movement comes from the second layer where each of the cells that make up the foam re-structures into a gem-like shape. This multilayer mattress comes with different foams plus an easy to remove cover.

Features – Gemma Plush Mattress features a gem-like (pentagon-dodecahedron) multilayer foam construction of different resilience and memory foams characteristics to create perfect body alignment, offer maximum comfort and relieve pressure points. It also allow for constant airflow inside the mattress while maximizing Thermal Comfort. It creates cool, allergen free and regulated sleep environment. Its density are Plush top layer 2 pounds, Visco layer 3.2 pounds and support layer 2 pounds. The foam is covered with a viscose material which should be cleaned using warm water. This mattress eliminates motion transfer and uncomfortable pressure points. Moreover, this mattress is third party certified as Excellent in Thermal Sleep Comfort test – with at least a 35-percent better performance than other memory foam mattresses. This California King dimension is 10 inches high x 72 inches wide x 84 inches long.

Where To Buy Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses?

Spaldin Sleep mattresses are only available online from well known retailers. Some of the online retailers of Spaldin Sleep Systems mattresses are Wayfair, Overstock, Nest Bedding and Olejo Stores. For more details you can visit Spaldin Natural Sleep website

Spaldin Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses – Customer Reviews

People love Spaldin mattresses because one there is no chemical smell or VOCs like other memory foam mattress, two no heating issues as it maintains neutral temperature and third they are luxuriously comfortable. Let’s see what people have to say about them

Menton is using his tube king mattress for several years now. This is the most comfortable bed he ever slept on but complains about the availability of mattress replacement cover.

Scifimama3 already have 2 Memory Plus queen mattresses and want to buy a Tube mattress because of its cooling property. She says her Memory Plus mattress does not retains heat plus hurts her back. Additionally, they are more firm, and do not really feel like a memory foam mattress.

Michela2001 says her Innovation Eco-Superior Firm king size mattress has perfect firm. Moreover, it is hard to find a certified healthy green mattress which is also firm. The Spaldin Innovation is exactly what the couple was looking for – certified green with no harmful chemicals or VOC’s as her husband is allergic.


When you purchase a Healthy, Non-Toxic, Eco-Superior and 100% organic cotton cover Spaldin Memory Foam Mattresses, you receive a perfect combination of comfort plus high-tech eco-friendly materials which safeguards your health as well as the environment health. Spaldin sleep system luxurious mattress collection – Tubes, Innovation, Memory Plus, thermal and SClimatic are truly remarkable which come with a 20 year warranty – 10 years non-prorated and 10 years pro-rated. Spaldin memory foam mattresses with its unique eco friendly feature are worth a try.

Somea South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews

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Somea South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses

Establish in 1940, South Shore Furniture is a Quebec based company with its operational unit in Juarez, Mexico. South Shore Furniture designs and manufactures affordable ready-to-assemble furniture, mattresses and a range of décor items. South Shore Furniture sells their mattresses under the brand Somea. This article briefs you about the Somea South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses. Keep reading to know

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  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Products
  • Maintenance and Tips
  • Where To Buy Somea South Shore Mattresses?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion


South Shore has a passion to create wonderful and excellent products which inspires your living. When you have a Somea mattress from South Shore furniture, sweet dreams waits for you. These mattresses are available in only two thick sizes – 8 inches and 6 inches. Let’s quickly go through its features, products, tips and more.

Features Of Somea mattress

Viscoelastic Memory Foam

The Somea South Shore mattresses contain the basic viscoelastic memory foam. Its upper layer is very soft viscoelastic memory foam with high energy absorbing capabilities. This kind of memory foam molds itself to your body shape to offer right level of support and minimal pressure.

High resiliency Base foam

The base high resiliency foam reacts to body heat and pressure, to evenly distribute weight over mattress for maximum comfort. It gives ultimate support to upper layer to help you sleep great.


The Somea mattress technology including both top and base layers just provides what you need to wrap yourself in cozy comfy mattress to let you enjoy a restful, easy night sleep.

No flip mattress

South Shore Somea mattresses are non-reversible. It integrates viscoelastic memory foam on the top and high resiliency Base foam at the bottom. The 8 inches thick mattress material composition is – 2″ memory foam top layer and 6″ high resiliency base foam. Its 6 inches thick mattress has 1″ memory foam top layer and 5″ high resiliency foam at the base.


South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses comes in a soft jacquard fabric cover. This makes a more stable mattress featuring a non-slippery on one side. In addition, this anti-microbial outer cover comes with a zipper on underside where your kids can’t reach it and bother you more. Also, the zipper makes removing the cover easy for washing.

The Most Comfortable Mattress


Almost all mattresses from South Shore furniture comes in white color only.


South Shore Somea 8 inches Memory Foam bed comes in multiple sizes – Twin, Full and Queen whereas the 6 inches is available in only in Twin size.


The South Shore Memory Foam 8 inches mattress measurements are 79.5″L x 59.5″D x 8″H and 6 inches are 73.5″L x 37.5″W x 6″H. These measurements are slightly smaller than the standard ones.


Depending on the mattress size the prices vary from $260 to $140.


All mattresses come with 1-year manufacturer limited guarantee from the date of purchase, to the original buyer only. This guarantee covers defects in workmanship and materials.


The South Shore Somea Memory Foam Mattresses products includes

  • South Shore Somea White Basic 8″ Queen Memory Foam Mattress
  • South Shore Somea White Basic 8″ Full Memory Foam Mattress
  • Somea White 8″ Twin Memory Foam Mattress
  • South Shore Somea 6″ Twin Mattress

Somea South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses Maintenance & Tips

  • The foam can easily be spot clean with a cloth
  • The mattress outer cover is anti-microbial which is beneficial for allergic people.
  • The outer cover of this mattress is removable and can be dry-clean to refresh it.
  • Somea mattresses is roll pack and compress for easy shipping
  • The vacuum packing compresses the foam, so allow it about 24-48 hours to return to its original shape and size.
  • Moreover, you may also notice the foam returns to its original shape naturally after you get out of the bed.
  • Please note the foundation bed and accessories are not included with the mattress
  • Before dispatch, the packaging is check and certified to reduce the risk of damage during shipment

Where To Buy Somea South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses?

These mattresses are only available online. They are widely accessible across the web through their approved retailers. The South Shore Furniture official website clearly displays the list of approved retailers and retailer partners where you can buy their products. Some of these well known online retailers are Wal-Mart, Amazon, Wayfair, overstock, Target, Home depot and many more.

Most of these retailers offer heavy discounts, offers and sale on these products. Moreover, if you are fortunate then you can also get the benefit of free shipping. Additionally, many of them have customer friendly returns and replacement policy so you can buy them here with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can ideally use Somea South Shore Memory Foam Mattresses?

Considering the features, sizes, these mattresses are best suitable for kids.

Does my mattress come heavy and in a huge box?

No, Somea mattress large box dimensions are 13″L x 61″W x 13″H and its weighs nearly 52.9 pounds. One or two people can easily manage this size box.

Where is the South Shore Furniture Company located?

South Shore Furniture has people working in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Their products are design and manufacture in United States or Mexico.

Does my 8 inches queen have a warranty period?

Yes, all mattresses comes with 1-year manufacturer limited guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.

I live in Canada, When can I expect my order to receive?

Currently, the company delivers products to U.S. residents only. For Canadians: contact them and they will do everything to find another retailer near you and get the product.

What is your return policy?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with you purchase, you can return it within 30 days of receiving the order. But they accept only those returned products which are in the same condition, in its original box or packaging. Moreover, you will have to incur 15% of the cost of the items returned as return shipping fees. Please note products on sale are non refundable items.


Somea mattress will provide your kid with the most restful sleep ever. Its high resiliency and viscoelastic memory foam guarantees maximum comfort, which children needs for their overall well-being. The essential technology in them helps minimizing body pressure, and distributing weight equally, so that your child fall into a deep sleep fast, stay asleep throughout and wake up feeling refresh.

Snugglepedic Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses give an extra punch to the comfort factor when it comes to sleep. Sleep is an essential part of our daily routine and providing restful is good for health. Snuggle-Pedic memory foam mattresses are now claiming its market share by entering into the customer’s good books.

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Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Mattresses Review

In this article, we will discuss about Snuggle-pedic memory foam mattresses in detail. Scroll through the below sections to know more

  • Features
  • Construction
  • About Snuggle-Pedic mattress maker
  • Who should buy
  • Free customization offer
  • Snuggle-Pedic mattress topper
  • Warranty and returns
  • conclusion

Features Of Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Works with a patented airflow transfer system and has 100 times breathability than any other mattress. Snuggle pedic claims that its mattress offers improved ventilation and cooling effect with its unique design
  • Another technique, which Snuggle-pedic uses in its mattresses, is the flex support technology. This technology intends to provide pressure relief and makes it easier to move around the mattress while sleeping. It offers superior support and is far better than a traditional mattress.
  • Snuggle pedic memory foam mattress is USA made and follows all standards
  • Snuggle-pedic memory foam mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified
  • This mattress makes use of eco-friendly processes and so is the materials used.
  • Emit low amounts of VOC’s and does not contribute to indoor pollution unlike traditional mattresses.
  • Zippered design Four-way removable mattress cover
  • Provides extra support and comfort with its firm lower layer
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Compressed, rolled and vacuum-sealed which makes it an eco-friendly shipping process
  • Adjustable friendly and works perfectly at even solid surfaces

Snuggle-Pedic memory foam mattresses – Construction

  • Has a profile of 10 inches
  • Snuggle-flex comfort layer at the top: 3- inch extra buoyant high-density snuggle-flex layer sits on the top
  • Channeled supportive layer at the bottom: 7-inch channelled supportive layer (high-density polyurethane foam) with airflow tunnels and surface holes.

More about Snuggle-Pedic memory foam mattresses – The mattress that actually breathes

Every memory Foam mattresses can provide pressure relief, but often they sleep too hot, due to their improper ventilation and closed structure. This is a common problem and you might find numerous mattresses that have added ventilation features. Snuggle-pedic memory foam mattresses also have made certain changes with the structure of their mattress.

They have improved the breathability of this mattress by creating airflow channels and surface holes to connect each other. This airflow network allows more air to pass through and allows 100 times improved ventilation than any other brand.

The top layer is somewhat softer and supports the shoulders and hips. It also gives a cushioning effect and cradles the body soothingly. The lower layer, which is on the firmer side, provides spinal support and helps in proper alignment while at sleep.

Both the upper and lower layer together support all kind of sleepers whether side, back or stomach sleepers. This mattress is great for couples who have different sleeping positions. Snugglepedic mattress is one of a kind and a great pick for combination sleepers.

The memory foam of Snuggle-Pedic is extra buoyant which helps you to move around freely. This mattress has a quick response time and adapts according to your body size. It automatically adjusts with the body temperature and provides pressure relief. Motion transfer is negligible as memory foam mattresses provide uninterrupted sleep usually.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

About the Snuggle-Pedic mattress maker

Snuggle-Pedic is a baby of the company called  RELIEF-MART. This company has a range of sleep products like pillows, mattress toppers, and mattresses. All their products undergo design and conceptualisation under the watchful eyes of Dr.Rick Swartzburg. He is the man behind all the products from relief-mart. Each and every, product is an outcome of continuous feedbacks and clinical trials. They have amazing customer responses regarding their mattress that keeps them motivated to crave for more.

Snuggle-Pedic mattress cover

Most of the mattress covers are non-removable and this makes it terrible when it comes to maintenance. Snuggle-pedic mattress covers are removable with zippers. The mattress cover works along with the layers to improve breathability and gives an ultra-luxurious feel. Micro-vented natural ivory bamboo (includes polyester and Lycra in smaller compositions) material ensures maximum breathability and gives a fine look to the Kool-Flow cover.

Who should buy Snuggle-Pedic memory foam mattresses?

  • Combination sleepers
  • People with chronic back pain
  • Athletes and pregnant ladies
  • Elderly people
  • Ardent lovers of memory foam
  • Looking for quality without spending more

Free customization program

This is something new and different offered by Snuggle-Pedic. Snuggle-Pedic mattress is one of the best mattresses that lend orthopedic support. It keeps the spine aligned and in terms of comfort, they are matchless. It is true that Snuggle-Pedic has included all the possible features to provide ultimate support.

However, the company believes that there is no “one size fit mattress” for all. Every individual is different and his or her needs are entirely different. So respecting the customer’s point of view Snuggle-Pedic has put forward the free customization program.

Once you purchase the mattress, you will have a four-month trial period where you can test the mattress. If you fall in love with the mattress then thank Snugglepedic, else you can return it. You have another alternative to choose from and that is to customize the mattress according to your preferences.

The interesting part is that they do it totally free and they do not charge for the shipping expenses. This is something that no other mattress makers offer to its customers. If you are unhappy with the firmness levels, springiness or comfort you can tell them exactly what you want to do with the mattress.

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Topper

I thought I should mention about this topper as it has similar features like the mattress. This mattress topper is neither firm nor soft. It is comparatively the best memory foam mattress topper available in terms of comfort and support.

The topper has a patented reversible Snugglepedic design just like the mattress. It has two layers with the top layer being soft and the lower layer being firm. The mattress topper has a profile of 2 inches and offers twice the support. Having this mattress topper on your sagging mattress can help you to sleep better. It allows you to move around freely without sliding out. The top layer has a plushy feel and the firmer layer at the bottom offers the right bounce and support. The top layer foam has 4 lb density and the lower layer foam has 5 lb density.

This mattress pad is perfect for combination sleepers, pregnant women, and elderly lots. This topper exhibits the same features as that of the Snuggle-Pedic mattress. It sleeps cool and has reduced motion transfer. Moreover, this topper is CertiPur-CERTIFIED and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This topper is an eco-friendly product made in USA. It comes with a 90-day trial period and 10-year warranty. If you have budget constraints then you can try this mattress pad and feel the change.

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Pillows

Snuggle-Pedic pillows are made from shredded memory foam. The memory foam is of very good quality, since they are the leftover pieces of the best quality mattresses. These foams are hypo-allergic and have very low V.O.C. Biogreen memory foam which is also CentriPUR-US certified foam. Hence these pillows are extremely environmental friendly. The soft and interlocking foam and Kool-Flow micro-vented bamboo cover add to the comfort, making these pillows one of the best available in the US. It is a fully Made in USA product. These pillows have a trial period of 90 days and 20 years of warranty.

A full size body pillow is also available from Snuggle-Pedic. The body pillows also have all the above mentioned features.

All the pillows can be customized to the size and needs of the customers and are really worth a try!

Return policy of Snuggle-Pedic mattress

If you still feel dissatisfied with the product, you can return it anytime during the four-month trial period at no cost. For this you will have to request for Return material authorization number from Relief-mart,Inc.,. All the returned mattresses ships to a local charity or undergoes recycling. In case you have crossed the four-month trial period and still wish to customize the mattress then you can contact relief-mart for the same.

Warranty policy

Snuggle-Pedic offers the best and highest quality mattress. Snuggle-Pedic is an eco-friendly mattress that undergoes a manufacturing process devoid of any chemical treatments. This mattress is CertiPUR-USA certified and there are very less chances of any manufacturing defects. The quality checking done are strict and it helps to ensure that the mattresses are of high quality. Nothing is impossible and if in any case you find defects in your product you can avail, the 20 year limited warranty with sag of ¾ inch. Proudly made in USA

Snuggle-Pedic mattress Vs other brands

Snuggle-Pedic manufactures its entire range of mattresses inside the US and they do not carry any Chinese made products. They have an experience for over 15 years and they know what customers require for achieving a better sleep. Snuggle-Pedic manufactures everything on its own facility at southern California, which gives them an upper hand when it comes to quality. There are mattress brands like, Casper, Tuft & Needle that offers mattresses at lower prices. However, they do not manufacture them in their own facilities but in turn get it done by some third party. Snuggle-Pedic makes sure that every penny spent on buying a mattress should be worth it.

Not to mention, Snuggle-Pedic also stands apart when it comes to the unique customization program. Additionally, No other mattress maker provides such exciting offers that too free of cost. Their mattress has everything that a perfect memory foam mattress should posses. It has super cool ventilation system just like the mattresses from giant brands like Sealy and Simmons. Overall, this mattress stands a though competition to most of the famous brands. Therefore, Snuggle-Pedic is for sure a great pick and worth buying.

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Customer reviews

Snuggle-Pedic is an excellent choice when you consider the price and the technologies utilized. As a matter of fact, they have one of the best value based memory foams in the whole mattress industry.

Customers love Snuggle-Pedic for the most part because of the comfort offered. Majority of the customers say that Snuggle-Pedic sleeps really cool. Another key point mentioned by customers was about the support offered by Snuggle-Pedic. They say that it is best suited for pregnant women especially for those who find it difficult to sleep. This mattress has a great name among its customers and it stays true to its promises.

A few reviews given by customers is shown as below

  • “Better than tempurpedic mattress and other so called high end brands”
  • “Wish I could give ratings over five stars”
  • “snugglepedic worth getting “
  • “Highly recommend”
  • “my first pain free sleep in a very long time”
  • “ very supportive and great mattress ever I have owned”


This mattress has everything to offer, in essence what a true memory foam mattress offers. It sleeps cool, reduces motion transfer, balances the body, and cradles the body comfortably. Hence, I guess Snuggle-Pedic is of the best and comparatively priced mattress worth buying.

Milliard Regular & Foldable Memory Foam Mattresses

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Milliard Regular & Foldable Memory Foam Mattresses

Any number of mattresses may not be enough when you have regular guests or have slumber party for kids. The foldable beds come as a great boon for them. These foldable mattresses are of 2 types. They are 2-fold and tri-fold mattresses.

Avocado Green Mattress

Milliard is the leading brand for the tri-fold mattresses. It is the best of all. Milliard also offers the bi-fold mattresses and the regular ones as well. All of these are memory foam mattresses for comfort for sleep and also for storage. Lets head on to see what these mattresses are and why we should use them in the first place!

Benefits Of Using Foldable Mattresses

  • Foldable mattresses are the easiest ones to store when not in use. The tri-fold mattresses are the easiest since they fold to the minimal size and can be stored even under a sofa or could also disguise as a make-shift sofa.
  • With the foldable mattresses you don’t have to waste space inside the closet. It can be used elsewhere.
  • Foldable beds, especially the tri-fold mattresses are the best options for trips and vacations. Keep them with you when you are going for visits where you might have to spend the night. Do not bother the host and get your own bed ready for the night.
  • The tri-fold mattress makes a great asset for camping. You don’t have to carry heavy weight mattress and nor do you have to compromise with a shabby platform for sleep.
  • Tri-fold mattresses can be ideal for kids when there is less space in the room. Fold the mattress during day and use it for sitting. Unfold it when it is bedtime.
  • The foldable mattresses are mostly made of memory foam and does not cost high.

The Ideal Thickness Of Foldable Mattress

The foldable mattresses are meant as convenience. They cannot be too thick. Ideally the foldable mattresses are 4, 6, or 8 inches in thickness. The 4 inches and 6 inches are the best options. They may not be sufficient for many adults but fits fine for children.

The thinner mattresses are equally light weighted. It helps the children to take it with them when going for sleepovers. In that case, the thinner ones are handier.

Now let us see which these foldable mattresses are and which the regular mattresses from Milliard are.

Memory Foam Mattresses By Milliard

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress Twin, With Ultra Soft Removable Cover And Non-Slip Bottom (twin)

  • This Milliard tri-fold mattress is 4 inches in thickness. It makes to a dimension of 78 x 38 inches in length and width. It is foldable 3 times. The folded dimensions are 38 x 26 x 12 inches. The mattress is made using certified foam with good ventilation inside.
  • The mattress could be placed anywhere for the night’s sleep. It is suitable on the floor, on a platform bed etc. The mattress can be folded or unfolded real fast. It folds neatly into a smaller size. The compact size makes it easier for transportation.
  • The air flow foam regulates the heat in the mattress. It does not allow the mattress to get heated too much and offers comfortable sleep. The mattress is 4 inches of open cell foam. The mattress is firm.

The main concern with this foldable mattress is that there are no handles. The mattress comes with a soft bamboo cover and it folds with the cover over it. The mattress cover is removable and washable. The cover has a non-slip bottom that keeps the mattress in place.

As much as the customers loved this foldable mattress many wished there also were a storage bag along with this. A handle and a storage bag would have made this mattress the best with no complaints.

Milliard 6-inch Memory Foam Tri-Fold Mattress With Ultra Soft Removable Cover With Non-Slip Bottom – Twin

This is a 6 inch memory foam mattress with 2 layers of foam. The top layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam with 4.5 inches of support foam. The mattress is firm in comfort with just enough softness at the top.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

The mattress folds to a convenient size for storage. It is available in 3 sizes, twin, full and queen. The dimensions of these mattresses are 78 x 38 inches and 73 x 52 inches. The availability of the larger size makes it easier for many. This can be used as any regular mattress. In smaller space like a condo, this could be folded and kept away to make space.

The mattress comes with a jacquard bamboo cover that is soft to touch. The mattress folds up with this cover. The cover is removable and machine washable.

When the mattress is open for sleep, you may not feel the folds or edges on the mattress. The mattress feels smooth and fine without any ridges. You can even use 2 mattresses side by side and cover it with a single large sheet. Still you feel like a complete single mattress.

Milliard Premium Twin 75 X 38 Folding Bed With Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress

This is a bi-fold mattress that comes with its bed. The frame for this portable bed comes ready to use. You don’t need to assemble anything. It has been done for you. The mattress is strapped to the bed frame so that it stays in place. The best feature is that the bed can have wheels to make it portable. It is the only part that you may have to fix.

The bed uses the 4 inches thick mattress with standard dimensions of twin mattress. The height of the bed is 16 inches. When folded, the mattress and the bed together folds to make only 12 inches of thickness. There are buckles added to tighten the folded bed in place.

This bed and mattress has a weight carrying capacity of 400 pounds. The IFD support is also rather high. The mattress is made using 2.5 pounds of memory foam. The comfort of the mattress is medium to firm.

The bed frame uses trampoline base where the mattress would be placed. The mattress stays tight and secure on the frame. There are strong metal bars for safety.

Milliard 8-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress With Ultra Soft Removable Anti-Microbial Cover

This regular sized mattress from Milliard is firm in comfort. It has 2 layers of foam, a softer foam at top and firmer foam for the support. The top layer is 2 inches of luxurious memory foam. The base foam is 6 inches thick. The support foam also has open cell technology.

The mattress cover is soft material that can resist the microbes and allergens. It keeps the mattress completely safe. The cover is removable and washable also.

The mattress can contour to the body and relieve back pain, pain in shoulders, neck etc. It is quite heavy. The mattress is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.

The 8 inch mattress is more suitable for children and for adults, only for those who prefer firm mattress. The mattress firmness is higher. Those who could break in the mattress it is comfortable.

Milliard 10-inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress- Dual Layered With Ultra Soft Removable Anti-Microbial Cover

This 10 inch memory foam mattress from Milliard is a luxurious mattress with a plush top layer. The top layer of the mattress is 2. 5 inches of memory foam. The memory foam used here is 4 pounds in density. The support layer is high density firm foam that is 7.5 inches in thickness.

This luxurious mattress is available in full, queen and king sizes. The high quality foam contours to the body and reduces any pain. It can support the spinal alignment and offers comfortable and healthy sleep. The mattress can support the weight of heavier people.

Many have used it as a luxury mattress and others have used it to get relief from back problems and joint issues. People have ended up using it their primary mattress after getting it for their guest rooms. The mattress can mask the motion transfer effectively and make it comfortable for partners.

Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses

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Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses

Slumber Dream based in Sparkhill, West Midlands is manufacturing quality beds since 1991 in its own facilities. They are making top quality beds and mattresses for over 25 years and are proud to offer them at the best prices. Their continual investment in machinery, technology and in market research enhances their products and helps extend its product lines. Read on to know more about Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses.

Avocado Green Mattress

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Gel Memory Foam Products
  • Visco-elastic Memory Foam Products
  • Where to Buy Slumber Dream Memory Foam Products?
  • Conclusion

Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses – Introduction

Slumber Dream has introduced a new memory gel range that integrates pocketed spring with a natural memory gel foam layer. Its memory foam bed collection combines individual pocketed spring with different thickness of layered memory foam. With 50mm or 70mm of the gel memory foam or Visco-elastic memory foam you can experience the benefits of these wonderful no turn mattresses.

Its memory gel foam from natural mineral oils contours to your body shape to soothe and relieve pressure build up, while reducing your aches and pains. Its memory gel foam is available with orthopedic, 1000 and 2000 pocket spring systems models. Whereas the visco-elastic memory foam is available with Sandringham, Princess, Westminster, Richmond and Seville mattresses

Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses – Features

  • The Slumber Dream memory foam mattress range includes visco-elastic technology to provide the most luxurious and calming nights rest.
  • Gel memory foam mattress from Slumber Dream contours perfectly to your body shape and keeps the surface soothing.
  • The pocket memory system beds come together with varying levels of body and support.
  • These mattresses includes new stress-free fabric such as Bamboo, Cashmere, Cotton, Belgium damask, Organic brand embossed and more.
  • These are no turn mattresses but if require rotate them occasionally.
  • Slumber Dream body pressure relieving mattresses are hypo allergenic.

Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses – Gel Memory Foam Products

  • Memory Gel 2000 – This mattress comes in king size with 2000 pocket springs. It has 50mm memory gel and soft layers of fillings plus a luxurious soft touch knitted fabric. It comes with micro quilted divan base with shepherd castors and linkage bars. The air flow mattress borders come with air vents and also has a micro quilted mattress finish.
  • Memory Gel 1000 – This king size mattress includes 1000 heat treated pocket springs and memory gel. It also includes soft layers of fillings with pure woolen tufts. It comes in a quality Belgium damask fabric. The vertically stitched mattress borders are for air vents and handles. This micro quilted finish mattress has stylish arch foot end at the divan base.

Slumber Dream Memory Foam Mattresses – Visco-elastic Memory Foam Products

Slumber Dream 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

  • Product Description – The 10-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress from Slumber Dream offers 2 layers of the high quality support foam. This mattress represents the perfect combination of comfort and support. Its Visco-elastic Memory Foam is simple build but offers great support and outstanding value. The combination of a layer of memory foam with high-performance support foam makes this mattress incredibly supportive yet keeps temperature neutral. It comes with a luxurious, soft, supple and also flexible stretch-knit cover. This cover adds an extra plush feel to the surface of the mattress and also adds value to its conforming properties.
  • Features – The Slumber Dream 10-inch queen mattress has 2 layers – top is memory foam and base is high-performance support foam. These two layers combine for advanced pressure relief and supreme comfort. It features 3-inch layer of luxurious Visco-elastic Memory Foam and 7-inch High Density base Foam which provides stability, support and longevity. It includes a luxurious Stretch-Knit Mattress Cover with a zipper to easily remove for cleaning. This mattress is available in Queen Size only and measures 60 x 80 x 10 inches.

Slumber Dream Westminster 5ft King size Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress

  • Product Description – Slumber Dream Westminster is handmade memory foam and pocket sprung mattress to provide comfort and longevity. It comes with an extra deep 70mm of high density memory foam over superior layers of soft fillings. Its pocket springs are heat treated for extra support and longevity. It has 3 rows of genuine hand side stitching for true edge to edge support, and helps extend mattress life. The luxury soft touch, stress free fabric encases the mattress. Select a smooth micro quilted finish or hand tufted for a firmer feel.
  • Features – It features 70mm Memory elastic foam on a 2000 pocket springs in a king size mattress, with pillow top. It also includes luxurious hypo allergenic layer of soft fillings. This mattress shapes to the contours of your body perfectly. This mattress is suitable for any type of base.

Slumber Dream Richmond Memory Foam 6ft Super King size Mattress

  • Product Description – Slumber Dream Richmond combines memory foam and pocket spring system to offer soothing and durability. It brings together an extra deep 70mm of high density memory foam and hypo allergenic fillings. The 3 rows of real hand side stitching offers true edge to edge support and increases your mattress life. Its cover in a luxurious soft touch, stress free fabric.
  • Features – This king size bed contains memory visco elastic foam on 1000 heat treated pocket springs plus soft comfortable hypo allergenic fillings. It comes in a vertically stitched mattress borders. It has flag stitch handles and air vents. This micro quilted mattress finishes in either Cashmere soft touch fabric or hand tufted with pure wool tufts. This mattress contours absolutely to your body shape. Its hand tufted option is suitable for any base type. This is a no turn mattress but can rotate occasionally.

Slumber Dream Princess 6ft Super King Memory Foam Mattress

  • Product Description – The Princess is a top of the range memory foam mattress by Slumber Dream. It includes 70mm of high density memory foam over lavish hypo allergenic soft fillings. It contains heat treated, extra durable 2000 pocket springs. The mattress provides true edge to edge support with its 3 rows of genuine hand side stitching. A luxurious soft touch, stress free micro quilted fabric, protects this mattress.
  • Features – Slumber Dream Princess 6ft Super King Memory Foam Mattress includes 70mm of visco elastic Memory foam on a 2000 pocket springs and the base is hypo allergenic fillings. The mattress borders come with handles and brass air vents which rightly help contour your body. This micro quilted mattress finishes in a soft touch superior damask fabric. This is a Non turn pillow top mattress with bamboo, a natural anti-bacterial deodorizer.

Where to Buy Slumber Dream Memory Foam Products?

Slumber Dream manufacturers and sells their products through retail traders only. Their products are available both online and in stores. Visit Slumber Dream official website to find a stockiest nearest to you. Moreover, the retail online sellers like sleeplandbeds, Amazon offers special discounts or free shipping.


Slumber Dream memory foam mattresses creates a more inviting and welcoming sleep environment to help you relax more fully and sleep more deeply. From its wide range of models, select the one Slumber Dream which best matches your choice.

Lifetime Sleep Products – Replacement Memory Foam Mattresses For Sofa Sleeper & RV

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Lifetime sleep products 4″ Low Profile Box Spring

There are so many options for this replacement mattress and the ideal choice would be memory foam. The simple reason why is that they are cheaper and comfortable.

Avocado Green Mattress

Mattresses are bought for a lifetime. AT least that is what we assure ourselves while doing the purchase. No matter what the price might be, no mattress is for a lifetime and their life is, as long as they live, as simple as that. The mattresses that may need replacement desperately are the sofa sleepers and for those in RVs. The sofa sleeper mattresses might need frequent replacement than any other types. Whatever that is you need, you have it with the memory foam mattress collection at Lifetime Sleep Products.

Memory Foam Mattress Is The Best Choice

There are so many options for this replacement mattress and the ideal choice would be memory foam. The simple reason why is that they are cheaper and comfortable. They can also be light weighted making it easier to handle or fold as required.

Another point why memory foam mattresses make the best choice for the replacement in a sofa sleeper or RV is that they are easily cut to accommodate the not-so-usual shapes. Some may have to be having rounded corners while some might need to cut at angles. Whatever the reason be, memory foam mattresses can be cut.

The last point is that whether it is a sofa sleeper or you planning to have the mattress for an RV, the simple design, the best. As a matter of fact, both of these mattresses may not be as frequently like normal mattresses, so a slight up and down about the price and quality are ok.

With the Lifetime Sleep Products you hardly have to compromise on the quality and can get the mattresses at a real cheaper rate.

Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses By Lifetime Sleep Products

Lifetime Sleep Products Sofa Sleeper Replacement Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

This sofa sleeper replacement memory foam mattress is 4.5 inches thick which the ideal thickness for this type of bed is. The mattress needs to be folded up into the sofa when being used as a sleep surface. This thickness allows it to simply squish into the sofa and not make a bulky fold.

The Most Comfortable Mattress
  • Mattress layers: The mattress construction is 2 layered with top memory foam and a base layer. The memory foam layer is 2 inches that add to the softness and the base layer is 2.5 inches for the support. This may not seem sufficient and some may even experience the bars on the frame.
  • Comfort: The mattress has a comfort level of firm. Those who want a little more softness may want to have a mattress topper for the cushiony effect. The same may be applicable for heavier people to avoid meeting the below surface.
  • This mattress can easily be used on a futon also. It is useful as a camper bed too. The mattress is provided with an anti-skid bottom that ensures that the mattress stays in place and no slide off.
  • The mattress comes with a zippered mattress cover. This could be removed and is completely washable. Remember that it is not a water proof cover.
  • This sofa sleeper replacement mattress is available in twin, full and queen sizes.

Customer Reviews

Steven is one happy customer. He bought this replacement mattress for his couch that had too bad a mattress. He finds this comfortable and assures that it will be comfortable for anyone not exceeding 250 pounds of weight.
There are other customers who did not find the mattress comfortable. Some have the opinion that it is juts good as a topper and not as a real mattress. In some cases where the mattress was bought for the guests and they find it comfortable but not the person who bought it!

The reviews reveal that the actual comfort may differ from person to person. For those who find it too thin or not as expected, they can use it as a topper or get a topper to go over this one for their comfort level.

Lifetime Sleep Products 60x75x10″ Memory Foam Short RV Mattress, Queen

This is a complete mattress that can fit inside an RV. This queen sized mattress is made of 2 layers of foam. The upper layer is 3 inches of plush memory foam layer. The support layer is 7 inches of high density polyurethane foam. The mattress uses certified foam for the mattress that reduces the chemical emission into the air.
The best part about this mattress is that it comes with a 120 day trial period. You could use it for that much time before you decide whether or not to keep it. The mattress also has 20 year warranty.

It is made to the RV size of 60 x 75 inches, the standard size. The mattress has a comfort of firm. For those want a little softness will have to rely on a mattress topper.

This is a low price mattress. Usually the high quality short RV mattress can cost you much higher.

Customer Reviews

Stacey bought it for her trailer wheels and is quite happy with the comfort. She recommends this to all with an uncomfortable mattress, whether or not they have a trailer.

Stephanie wanted a firmer mattress for her new trailer. They already had the spongy mattress at home and didn’t want that in for their vehicle. They are using it for a while now. It took some time to break in and is now quite comfortable with it.

10 inch Cool Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress – Short Queen (60x75x10 Inches) /10 Inch Premium Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Full Size (Free Shipping)

The 10 inch cool memory foam RV mattress contains the cool gel infused memory foam layer. The gel layer is 3 inches in thickness. The support polyurethane foam layer is 7 inches. The cool gel layer reduces the mattress temperature and can actually keep it cool.

The mattress comes with 120 day trial period for you to make sure if you want it or not. This kind of mattress usually do cost high and you are getting it for a much lower price.

The mattress is available in the sizes full, twin XL and queen sizes. Among the leading memory foam mattresses the queen size and the full size mattresses are included. The mattress really nullifies the motion transfer that you would hardly know there is another person sleeping on it.

Customer Reviews

Mark states that the mattress is not as hot as the other memory foam mattresses used to be. He uses it for his campsite. The problem he faced was that there was no explanation on how to open the mattress. The mattress was packed and rolled on the reverse side. If you are not careful, you would end up getting dirt on the sleep surface.

Lynn is happy that this mattress turned out perfect for their RV. The comfort level is also up to the mark. All were good for her except that the mattress was a bit heavier than expected.

Lifetime sleep products 60x75x 8″ Memory Foam RV Mattress, Short Queen

This is a thinner mattress to suit the RV trailers. This is 8 inches in thickness with 2 inches of cool gel memory foam and 6 inches of support foam. The mattress has a comfort level of medium to firm.

The mattress comes with the trial period so your money is in safe hands for until that time. Should you decide to keep it, there is this 20 year warranty period on this 8 inch RV short queen size mattress.

Customer Reviews

John bought this 8 inches mattress as that was his limit. He was worried about the comfort and all that was for nothing. The mattress came out comfortable and he loved the medium firm feel of it.

Cathy got this for her new trailer. She is surprised with the quality difference in the sleep she got on her next campsite. She recommends this product to all.

The Conclusion

As against the usual cheap foam, Lifetime Sleep Products uses quality foam with CertiPUR-US certification. The mattresses are less likely to have any nasty smell like the cheap mattresses. They are even safe for little kid to use them.

These memory foam mattresses are good enough for RVS where the usage is higher than average. It says that the more you use the RV higher should be the price of the mattress you are getting. Here there is no specific need for that and these mattresses have a better longevity than any other RV mattresses.

Emerald Home – Cool Jewel Memory Foam Mattresses

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Cool Jewel Memory Foam Mattresses

Emerald Home memory foam mattresses are part of their Emerald Sleep Systems that include the mattresses and foundations. The memory foam mattresses here are part of their ‘cool systems’ that has the mattress cooling technology in it.

Avocado Green Mattress

The cool jewel memory foam mattresses by Emerald Home range in the mattress thickness from 8-12 inches. The mattress construction is basically the same and it all comes to the thickness of each layer used to make them look and feel different from each other.

Some of the memory foam mattresses here use the special types like Green tea infused layer and a Bamboo charcoal layer as well. These natural ingredients make the mattress closer to nature and safe for the sleepers.

Basic Characteristics Of Cool Jewel Memory Foam Mattresses

All of the cool jewel memory foam mattresses mentioned here have the 4 layer construction. The mattress layers alternate with softer, soft, harder, hard layers. This is the same pattern in all the mattresses. With the difference in the thickness of each layer the output of the comfort differs. It also depends on the density of the foam used that decides the softness of the layers and ultimately of the mattress.

The first layer of the memory foam mattresses is the 4 pound density gel infused visco memory foam. The gel layer is cooling and dissipates the heat on the mattress faster. For the soothing sleep, the mattress should not be heated up and this gel infused layer eliminates this problem.

The second layer is another visco memory foam. Here this layer has open cells to allow air flow through the layer. The air flow also serves the same purpose of eliminating the excess heat. In addition, this would also help in relieving pressure points. The density of visco foam layer here is 3 pounds which is not as soft as the top layer.

The third layer is the hardest foam in these memory foam mattresses. Usually the hardest foam is seen at the bottom, but here it comes just above the support foam. As in the case of other memory foam mattresses, the purpose of this layer is support. This is a polyurethane foam with a density of 1.8 pounds which is high dense.

The bottom part of the mattresses is made up of high density polyurethane foam with a density of 2 pounds.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

The other features that are common in these memory foam mattresses is the cooling mesh along the bottom perimeter.

Some mattresses have the Green tea infused memory foam and Bamboo charcoal infusion inside the mattress.

Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses By Emerald Home

Emerald Home ESG8QM 8″ Cool Jewel Mattress Twilight Gel with Memory Foam, Queen

The 8 inch cool jewel Twilight gel memory foam is a medium comfort mattress. It has 4 different layers in varying thicknesses. The top gel memory foam layer and the open cell memory foam layers are 1 inch each. The firmer layer is 2 inches and support layer is 4 inches in thickness. The mattress cover is 100% polyester material that keeps the mattress together.

The top layers of the mattress are temperature sensitive and molding to the body. It also keeps the microbes and other allergens away to make a safer space for sleep. The comfort of the mattress is good enough for those who love memory foam mattress.

The 8 inch thick mattress is more suitable for the RVs than in the bedroom. Not that it does not suit in the bedroom, for many, the bedroom mattress would like to be thicker. People use this mattress in both these places and to be precise, loved it. Due to the thickness, many customers prefer it for their children’s room. It can make a rather luxurious mattress for the kids than the usual sizes.

Emerald Home ESG10QM 10″ Cool Jewel Mattress Moonlight Gel with Memory Foam, Queen, White

Emerald Home ESG10TXLM 10″ Cool Jewel Mattress Moonlight Gel with Memory Foam, Twin X-Large, White
For a luxurious sleep, the mattress needs to be thicker, at least 10 inches. The memory foam with gel infusion can be a safe haven to keep the temperature off. Here this Moonlight gel memory foam mattress from Emerald Home has the cooling mesh that guards the bottom perimeter.

The mattress layers are 1 inch gel memory foam layer, 2 inches of the open cell visco foam layer, 2 inches of the high density PU foam and the bottom most is the 5 inches of thicker polyurethane foam for the support.

The memory foam comes with its benefits like antimicrobial, anti-allergen facilities. The mattress contours to the body and reduce any pressure or pain. It is also able to minimize the motion transfer to let partners sleep in their individual space. This Moonlight memory foam mattress is available in all sizes from twin to California King sizes.

Lynda had been using heating pads to relieve the back pain for a long time. After using this mattress she no longer need them and could sleep without hindrances.

According to Smithling this medium comfort mattress is nothing short of sleeping in heaven.

Emerald Home ESG12QM 12″ Cool Jewel Mattress Starlight Gel with Memory Foam, Queen

This 12 inches thick mattress is truly luxurious. It has all the cool jewel features like gel memory foam, air flow through the mattress, open cell technology, and cooling mesh to finish off.

The gel memory foam keep it cool and soothing for the sleeper while the air flow system diffuses the heat and allow the cool air to pass through. The open cell technology also allows the heat to go away and cool air coming in. the cooling mesh regulates the temperature and maintains the breathability of the mattress where it is needed.

Mattress has its layers in the form of 2 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of cooling open cell visco foam, 2 inches of comfort foam and 6 inches of support foam. The available mattress sizes are, all the sizes from twin to California king.

The customer reviews are bombarded with superlatives like ridiculously comfortable, awesome, heavenly, never had before. Only very few customers were disappointed with the comfort it could offer. The overall comfort of the mattress is medium. It may also seem a little firmer

Emerald Home ESGC12KM 12″ Cool Jewel Mattress Midnight Gel with Visco and Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam, King, White

The Midnight gel memory foam mattress by Emerald Home is the most special of all. It not only has the usual gel memory, open cell, and support foam, but also has the natural infusions in the form of Green tea and Bamboo charcoal.

The cross section of the mattress is that it has the2 inches thick gel memory foam at the top followed by 2 inches of Green tea infused open cell visco memory foam. The core of the mattress is the 8 inches thick polyurethane foam that has the Bamboo charcoal infusion.

Green Tea And Bamboo Charcoal

The Green tea infusion keeps the mattress feel and smells fresh. It also reduces the chemical addends in the mattress. The Bamboo charcoal eliminates any odor from the mattress. It can also absorb moisture and reduce the humidity around the mattress.

These natural ingredients are also resistant to microbes and allergens. In addition it can also remove the chemicals and other odor causing compounds in and around the mattress to make a completely safe haven for people with allergies.

Warranty And Foundations

All the Emerald Home memory foam mattresses have the 15 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The mattresses are safe to use on box spring, platform beds, slated beds or adjustable beds.

The mattresses are compressed and rolled to fit inside a rectangle box for convenient shipping. They are rolled on their reverse side so be careful while opening. It takes about 24 hours to have it completely expanded.

There is no trial period so one must be sure before purchasing that they need a mattress that is not towards the plush or soft feel and more towards the medium to firmer side.

Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews

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Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattresses

South Bay International owns Sleep Science, a popular mattress brand. Costco is the main retailer who commonly sells Sleep Science mattresses online. Apart from the mattresses, this brand sells other bedding accessories like pillows, toppers and more. Its well-known product lines include Black Diamond, Dream, Ara, Emma and more. This article reviews some of Sleep Science best seller products.

Avocado Green Mattress

Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattresses – Introduction

Sleep Science assures premium mattresses that features quality, comfort, and affordability to offer a peaceful night’s sleep. Its luxurious beddings blend the latest in sleep technology and superior quality materials. The dedicated team at Sleep Science mattresses ensures excellence and superior standard material goes into creating the most comfortable mattress possible. Its wide range of mattresses is available from Ultra Plush to Extra Firm bed which matches every customer preferences. The ultimate comfort from these mattresses is suitable for any sleeping position.

Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattresses – Technology

Sleep Science designs brings the ideal level of comfort to your bedroom. Its proprietary technologies, pure materials and unique craftsmanship suit any body type and every sleeping style.

  • The Wedge – This proprietary feature of the Sleep Science mattresses product line, gives edge-to-edge sleep support. It not only helps stabilizing the sleeping surface but also prevents sagging and extends the mattress life. It is constructed of premium-quality, high-density HR polyurethane foam.
  • Air Channel Base – This Air Channel base technology creates a cooler sleeping surface by considerably increasing airflow through the mattress core and reducing friction. It responds like individual springs as it absorbs the force of the body from the upper layers of the mattress core and sleep surface. Moreover, it reduces friction between the base and upper mattress layers. This Air Channel is relief cut in 1” grooves that run horizontally and vertically.
  • 100% Pure Visco Memory Foam – Sleep Science commits to use only top quality foam, so that they could manufacture 100% Pure Visco Memory Foam products. They construct each mattress layer with foam of varying degrees of density and firmness. Plus, independent tests and verification of products, ensures that only 100% Pure Visco Memory Foam products with no fillers reaches you. To maintain product quality control, the company works in their own 700,000 square foot memory foam manufacturing facility.
  • Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam – The latest premium materials, Bamboo Charcoal is also known as ‘Black Diamond’ worldwide. The ultimate Visco Memory Foam when infuse with the porous Bamboo Charcoal makes the sleeping surface more breathable. In addition, combining Air Channel Base, with Bamboo Charcoal-Infused Foam offers a cooler sleeping surface which is best for people who sleep hot.

Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattresses – Features

  • Its patented wedge edge extends your sleeping surface and provides a stabilized sitting edge for you to enjoy every inch of your bed.
  • All Sleep Science mattresses are design in the USA.
  • Air Channel support Base reduces heat and improves airflow for a cool sleeping experience.
  • Its 100% Pure Visco Memory Foam is independently tested and verified for purity and quality. Most of these mattresses contain 4 inches of memory foam for comfort and 1 inch of latex for perfect touch of support.
  • Sleep Science Mattresses are available in various firmness levels – ultra plush, plush, medium, firm and extra firm.
  • Easily zip off the removable mattress cover for washing.
  • All foams in Sleep Science mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified which meets the consent, emissions and durability standards.
  • The prices of these beds vary significantly from $280 to $2200 with models and size.
  • Sleep Science Mattresses comes with a 20 Year warranty against manufacture defects.
  • Its visco memory foam is either manufacture in the company’s privately own factory in China, or through one of their manufacturing partners in the USA.

Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattresses – Products

Sleep Science Dream 8″ Queen Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Science Dream 8″ Queen Memory Foam is an ultra plush, soft Mattress. Its top layer is made of proprietary Slumber Tech visco elastic memory foam comfort layers and lies on an open cell air comfort layer. The base is made of Support Tech foam. The open cell design of the air comfort layer enhances air circulation in the center of the mattress, while creating a neutral sleeping temperature. The bamboo blend fabric mattress cover is cool to the touch and works as a natural wicking agent.


The Sleep Science Ultra Plush 8″ Queen Memory Foam mattress fits into most bed frames. Its top Layer is 3” of proprietary slumber tech Visco memory foam, middle Layer is 2” Air comfort layer, open cell structure for maximum air flow and Bottom Layer is 3” proprietary support tech base foam. The bamboo blend fabric mattress cover keeps the sleeping surface cool. This bed is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633 – Federal Flammability (open flame) standards. The Queen Mattress dimensions are 60” W x 80” L x 8” H and it prices at nearly $400.

Customer reviews

People have rated Sleep Science 8″ Queen Memory Foam mattress as 4.0 out of 5 stars on There are people who say it is very comfortable, durable bed that gives best sleep ever. In contrast, some people complain about the bed sleeping hot and expansion problems.

Marco67Red2015 says suddenly the couple in their late 40’s started waking up sore every morning. This was because of the aging mattress which got replace with this new bed. After a year of using it, the bed is still in perfect condition. Initially they had problem adjusting to this bed as it was different than a standard spring mattress. Unlike others they didn’t notice any heat issues and says they are sleeping their best in years. In addition, it absorbs motion effectively which makes it a couple friendly.

Tweedsmom says she took couple of days to get use to it but now she cannot sleep better on any other mattress. But she complains it really retains body heat.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

A sleep deprive customer says he bought it thinking soft bed that would help with his joint pain. Moreover, the bed didn’t expand more than 6 3/4 inches instead of advertise 8 inches. He also complains that he just sinks straight to the base and has no support.

Hppymoma says this mattress is very soft and sleeps hot. Additionally, it feels like sleeping in a hole, and it was difficult to roll out of this hot hole. After trying it for a month, finally they return it.

Sleep Science Black Diamond 11″ Twin Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Science Black Diamond 11″ Twin Memory Foam Mattress layers proprietary bamboo charcoal visco memory foam and supportive latex. Sleep Science blends bamboo charcoal fibers into its proprietary visco memory foam to create the black diamond visco memory foam. Bamboo charcoal fibers neutralize moisture; eliminates odors and increases the antibacterial properties of the foam.

Sleep Science Black Diamond 11″ Twin top layer consists of 5 lb density, black diamond visco memory foam. The second layer is 5 lb density premium visco memory foam to offer an added comfort layer. The latex layer provides excellent support for the visco memory foam. It also comes with patented Wedge, edge to edge support system. Its last air channel base is made of high resilient polyurethane foam to create a temperature neutral environment.


Sleep Science Black Diamond 11″ Twin Memory Foam Mattress comfort scale is Plush top layer with medium/firm support. It top layer is 1” of proprietary 5 lb black diamond bamboo charcoal visco memory foam, second layer is 1” of proprietary 5 lb slumber tech visco memory foam, third layer is 2” of medium latex and bottom layer is 7” proprietary support tech base foam. Its removable and washable mattress cover is silk blend fabric made. This Hypo allergenic and dust mite resistant bed features patented wedge support system. The twin mattress dimensions are 38”W x 74”L x 11”D and are availed for $900.

Customer reviews

Sleep Science Black Diamond 11″ Twin Memory Foam Mattress has received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Some people mention this is a firm yet soft bed perfect to offer comfortable sleep. While some people found it very hard to sleep good.

LavP is 6’3″ and weighs 175lb says he was constantly suffering from lower back pain, so he tried even expensive $4k mattress but nothing worked. Then from last 6 months he is using this bed and has absolutely no complains. There is no pain and wake up feeling great.

After using several memory foam mattresses, KenD22 and his wife today appreciates Black Diamond 11″ firmness level. They say although deliciously firm, it is still like floating on air comfortable. There is no back pain and no tingling limb problems when sleeping on side. Moreover, the reinforced edges completely eliminate the too soft edges of other foam mattresses. It sleeps cool and the temperature remains neutral all through the night.

Anglo63 says this is extremely firm and hard bed which causes hips and back pain. It makes him feel like sleeping on a shelf. In addition, the “off gassing” took about 2+ weeks.

TraeCo is using this mattress for nearly two years and says it is a very seasonal mattress. In the summer, it is very sponge like but supportive while in winter, the sleeping surface is hard like concrete which causes constant back pain and impossible to sleep on sides. She says a few good things – the mattress cover is easy to clean, the off gassing period was quick and not too bad and the wedges on the sides are great.


Considering the positive customer reviews, foam technology, warranty, and customer friendly return policy, Sleep Science Mattresses are worth a try.

Boyd Specialty Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

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Boyd Specialty Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

“Touch me and I will show you what I got. Push me and I will take your shape into my soul”. Memory foam mattresses are just heavenly to touch and to feel as they conform according to the body. The cradling effect is so special that no other mattress type can offer this kind of feel. Boyd specialty sleep is a brand that offers super cool memory foam mattresses that are synonyms for comfort and ultimate sleep. In this article, we will discuss about Boyd Sleep Specialty products especially their memory foam mattress line.

Avocado Green Mattress

Boyd Memory Foam Mattress Review

About Boyd Mattresses

Boyd Sleep specialty is not a new name. They started working in the mattress industry since 1977 serving customers with top quality sleep products. They have an extensive collection of gel enhanced memory foam mattresses. This company has specialized team that works to provide quality sleep to all. They have patented products and pending patents inside the US and in various foreign countries. They develop quality sleep products and are best in terms of value.

Boyd Mattress line from Boyd Specialty Sleep

Boyd memory foam mattresses are temperature neutral as they have microtec gel infused into them. This makes Boyd a perfect pick that offers a cool sleep along with great contouring support. The cooling microtec gel is a patented material exclusive to Boyd specialty sleep. You will not get this type of supercool memory foam with any other mattress maker. Their memory foam mattresses allow air to pass through and provide improved ventilation. The use of cooling gel technology reduces the heat retention problems associated with memory foam mattresses.

Most of their memory foam models have this microtec gel layer at their top layers to offer a cooler sleeping experience. Boyd has paid great attention to its memory foam mattress line in both design and manufacturing process. This is because they very well know the demand of memory foam mattresses in the mattress industry. Customers love sleeping on a memory foam mattress, as they are the best when it comes to sleep products.
They have two lines of appealing memory foam mattress lines and they are

  • Boyd’s gel rest memory foam mattress
  • Boyd Specialty Sleep Responda flex memory foam mattress

Gel Rest Memory Foam

Gel rest memory foam comes in a series of four models. They are the specialty products from Boyd Group. This mattress line offers contouring supporting and extra cooling effect. In the beginning, I did mention about Temperature neutral MicroTec Gel™ infused memory foam used in Boyd products.

All the four models in the gel rest series combines the cooling gel infused memory foam with other different layers. The construction of these mattresses supports airflow and improved ventilation. Sleeping on this mattress ensures sleeping cool the whole night even If you are a hot sleeper. The top layer of these mattresses is gel infused to impart cooling effect. The other layers differ according to the models.

Features of gel rest memory foam mattress line

  • Non- skid bottom
  • Stretchable poly-cotton blend cover with tone-on-tone pattern
  • Stylish cover with micro-suede accent
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • No flip and no rotate mattress
  • Manufacturing processes and Materials used are eco-friendly
  • Processing of memory foam are done using pressure and do not undergo chemical treatments
  • Emits low amounts of VOC’s and thus contributes less to indoor pollution.
  • Boyd’s Gel Rest™ mattresses pompously flaunts their Level I Safety and Environmental Seal

Below you can find the four models along with their specifications

The Most Comfortable Mattress

Gel Rest 413 Memory Foam

Total profile: 12 inches with four-layer construction design

Comfort Layers includes

  • 1 inch Memory Foam of 7 lb Density
  • 3 inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 1 inch Memory Foam of 5 lb Density

Support layer includes

  • 7 inch Polyurethane Ventilated Foam Spring Support Core
  • Gel Rest 412 Memory Foam
  • Total profile 12 inches with four-layer construction and design

Comfort Layers includes

  • 3 inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 1 inch Convoluted Memory Foam
  • 2 inch High Density Poly Foam

The Supportive layer includes

  • 6 inch Polyurethane Ventilated Foam Spring Support Core
  • Gel Rest 410 Memory Foam
  • Total profile of 10 inches with a three-layer construction and design

Comfort Layers include:

  • 3 inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 1 inch High Density Convoluted Foam

Supportive base includes

6 inch Polyurethane Ventilated FoamSpring Support Core

Gel Rest 408 Memory Foam

Total profile of 8 inches and a two-layer construction design

Comfort Layers includes

2 inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam

Support layer includes

6 inch Polyurethane Ventilated Foam Spring Support Core

Warranty details of Gel rest mattress

  • Boyd speciality sleep offers 25 years of limited warranty for the gel rest mattress line.
  • First 10 years non-prorated and 15 years prorated

Boyd Responda flex mattress

The Responda flex mattresses come in four models with different make and construction. They contain open-cell memory foam structures that provide improved air circulation and breathability. The open cell structures inside the foam consists of numerous balloon like cells (as described by BOYD) targets the heat trapped and releases it with effective air circulation. These tiny air passages keeps you cool all night and sorts out the problem of heat retention. Thus, it offers a night full of comfortable sleep.

Boyd mentions in their website that their Responda flex is much better than traditional memory foam mattresses. This is because normal memory foam mattresses do not handle air pressure properly. Whereas Responda flex has open cell memory foam that balances the air pressure as soon as you push into the mattress. In short, Responda mattress is all about soothing comfort and conforming support to the body.

Responda Flex mattress line also undergoes eco-friendly manufacturing processes just like the gel rest series. Responda flex mattress lines comes in four models with different layers of memory foam and types. One of the models have latex layer included to offer extra support and bounce. These mattresses are free from chemical treatment processes and emit low amount of VOC’s. Their construction and make are unique which makes them long lasting and durable.

Below are the four models and they are actually represented in the form of numbers


The first model has a profile of 12 inches and also has a Pillow top model construction. The cover of this mattress is a washable soft micro-quilted type that is removable. It has one inch of memory foam in it in a quilted style to provide a cushioning effect.

The next layer is a solid 3-inch memory foam that offers a bounce effect and offers comforting support. Below that, you can find three layers – convoluted foam topped over engineered latex foam. These two layers offer awesome support and enhance the performance of the mattress. The supportive layer consists of reflexa base foam (high-density foam) that makes the mattress durable and long lasting.


This model has a profile of 12 inches and belongs to the Plush Top category.

It has an eco-friendly bamboo fiber cover that is 100% rayon fabric. It has a sleek look and easily blends with any type of room décor. Below the fiber cover, you can find the top layer 2-inch memory foam layer. Beneath this layer, sits the comfort layer 3 inch convoluted engineered latex foam layer. 7-inch reflexa base foam acts as the supportive layer offering durability to the mattress.


The next model has a profile of 10 inches and has a quilted cover same as that of the first model. However, the only difference is that it does have a pillow top but just a normal cover that is removable and washable. The top layer consists of 3 inches open cell memory foam and also the supportive layer of 7-inch reflexa base foam. The construction and layers are simple in this model as it is one of the base models in this series.


This model has a profile of 8 inches and has a removable/washable Soft Micro-Quilt Cover. This has a plush top with solid 2-inch memory foam sitting at the top layer. The base layer consists of 6-inch reflexa base foam.


The last model has a profile of 6 inches and has a plush top feel. The cover is similar to the base models mentioned in the above model. The top layer consists of 1-inch memory foam and the base layer consists of 5-inch reflexa base foam.

The first two models of the Responda series offer luxury and extra comfort whereas the last three models mainly target comfort and come with basic features.

Warranty Period Of The Responda Flex

Boyd Specialty sleep also offers 20 YEARS warranty for their Responda flex mattress line.

Advantages of Boyd specialty Sleep mattress line

  • No heat retention problems as they contain cooling gel infused memory foam
  • Awesome design and construction with progressive layering
  • Great body conformance and contouring support
  • Eco-friendly and premium quality materials
  • A wide variety to choose from with various profiles
  • Reduced motion transfer

Disadvantages of Boyd specialty sleep mattress line

  • Fewer customer reviews and feedbacks
  • Mattresses lack edge support
  • No trial period

Where to buy Boyd specialty sleep mattresses?

You can buy Boyd sleep specialty mattresses from their retail outlets across the nation. You can also opt to buy from online sites like Amazon and other affiliates. For queries you can contact their customer care or email at (2440 Adie Road, St. Louis, MO 63043, Phone (314) 997-5222, Fax (314) 432-3542,

Boyd Specialty Sleep Mattress line also includes Latex mattresses and Air mattresses.

Boyd Specialty Sleep Latex Mattresses

The Boyd Latex mattresses are said to be a healthy mattresses. This is because, these mattresses are allergy free and free from attacks of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. Latex mattresses last longer and are very flexible. The covers are also anti-microbial and eco friendly rayon fibers made from bamboo fibres. ‘COOLMAX’ added to the covers makes them cool and comfortable to sleep on.
The foam that is used is channel vented foam with tri-zone construction for better back support. These mattresses carry the safety and environmental seal of the Specialty Sleep Association.

Boyd Specialty Sleep Air Mattresses

Boyd Air Mattresses or Air Beds are becoming very popular these days. The Air beds have individual air chambers to control and adjust support in the mattress. These mattresses use a dual air support system instead of the steel coils used in the innerspring mattress.

The speciality of some of the models of the Boyd Air mattress is that the mattress can be adjusted in 6 separate areas.

Advantages of the Boyd Specialty Sleep Air Mattress

  • The air chambers in the mattress have a cushioning effect and provide relief to pressure points in the body.
  • It is possible to adjust and comfort level and firmness in the mattress
  • Since each side of the mattress can be adjusted to different firmness levels, people sharing the mattress need not compromise on their individual comfort preferences in the mattress.
  • People tend to toss and turn less in the air mattress because of the conforming effects of the mattress.
  • Since the body weight is distributed evenly in the mattress, there is reduction in body pain while using this mattress.

Customer Reviews of Boyd Specialty Sleep Mattresses

Boyd mattress has very few customer reviews and feedbacks. This makes it difficult to make a judgement. Therefore, we collected information from retailers about Boyd mattress purchases. They say that people love this mattress and sometimes compare them with the Tempur-Pedic brand. They say that customers buy Boyd gel rest line mattresses because of their reasonable price and features.

Boyd does not offer any trial period and all you can do is personally go and get the feel of these mattresses.
Here are a few reviews that I found online posted by real customers

“Finally I found a mattress that gives amazing support! Every morning i used to wake up with a sore back and now i do not at all! I sleep all throughout the night. It does not get hot at night either! Which was a major worry while buying a memory foam mattress? This mattress is worth every penny. It is not hard to move around and is very lightweight. I would honestly say it is very as good as a tempurpedic mattress. I thought i would never say that, because I LOVE tempurpedic. If you cannot afford tempurpedic, this is definitely the route to go. Just be sure to get a platform and don’t put this mattress on a box spring because you won’t get the support you’re desiring and you will VOID the warranty.”

“This mattress is awesome! Extremely easy to set up, no smell and very comfortable… This mattress is easily as comfortable as a temper-pedic…, I would still be satisfied even if I had to pay double the amount.”


Boyd memory foam mattresses are ideal for those who have budget constraints and love to sleep on something just like the Tempur-Pedic. Therefore they are a best bet to invest on as they offer great features and comfort.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews

Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses

Established in 2001, Sinomax is continuously exploring and adopting the finest technology in its innovative products. Sinomax has 4 major product lines, including memory foam bedding series, ergonomic designed furniture, massage series and smart living products. Memory foam is a highly permeable particle, which can get fully compressed under pressure. The company carries out materials procurement, research and development, design, production as well as quality control to accelerate memory foam bedding products innovation and ensure quality. This article is all about the Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses, models, top 3 products, reviews and more.

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  • Introduction
  • Product Description
  • Features And Technology
  • Models
  • Top 3 Sinomax Memory Foam Products
  • Customer Reviews
  • Conclusion

Sinomax Mattress Reviews

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses – Introduction

Sinomax offers a variety of memory foam mattresses. The company uses a unique kind of sleep technology solely created by Sinomax. Its memory foam known as Ergocheck is an advanced pressure analyzing system, invented by Germany. These thermal-sensitive memory foam particles mold to the body shapes with the changes in body temperature and weight. Additionally, this material works best to relieve body pressure and support the spine to remain in its natural S shape contour and prevents the soreness caused by compression of muscles and nerves. It is also effective in relieving pressure points and helps you have a fully relaxing deep sleep. Read on to know about the various available Sinomax models and its top three products.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses Models – Reviews

Octaspring 360゜Mattress Reviews

 Sinomax Octaspring three dimensional foam springs developed by patented Octaspring technology is the key to the comfort, support and ventilation offered by this bed. It employs the second generation X-FOAM memory foam. This Mattress Height is 10″. It comes with 10 Years Warranty Period.

Vitiation i-Mattress Review

Vitiation i-Mattress is 8″ high bed which uses Sinomax X-Foam memory foam with Air-Dot design. It provides pressure-relieving and spinal support for the body plus increases breathability. Its FoamShield feature offers edge-to-edge comfort across the entire mattress. It helps the mattress retains its shape and provide long lasting comfort. It comes with 10 Years Warranty Period.

SC xMattress Review

It comes with Sinomax memory foam as the top layer and high-density foam as the base layer to fully protect your spine. This relatively hard foam texture is specially design for people requiring extra firmness during sleep. This mattress is 6.5 inch high and comes with 10 years Warranty.

Sliver lon X Mattress Review

This bed comes with air-channel plus quality supportive wavy cut foam to improve breathability. Its AG+ mattress cover fabric integrates with the latest silver ions cool-down technology to enhance antibacterial and revitalizing properties.

CEO X-IV Review

This Deluxe Smart mattress is 12″ High and offers you the supreme CEO sleeping experience with its cutting edge and AirTech high ventilation technology. Moreover, it has air-channel and air-tube design based on scientific calculation of foam density. In addition, its curvy carving system is design to outline your body contour.

The Most Comfortable Mattress

CEO X-III Review

This 12″ mattress contains AirTech high ventilation technology and Full Support zero-pressure foam. It’s innovative AirTech high ventilation technology provides supreme ventilation during sleep plus scientific carving technique which contours with body shape for perfect support and pressure relief. Its zero-pressure fully supportive foam gives a gravity-free sleeping.

CEO X-II Review

This 9″ mattress contains two types of Sinomax memory foam with separate texture and high ventilated air-channel design. These memory foams in combination with full support pillar foam are best for people who like a firmer support and a tender touch both together.

CEO X-I Review

The CEO X-I 9″ bed has Sinomax memory foam with high ventilated air-channel design together with superior pressure-relieving wavy shape foam which provides an effective temperature adjustment during sleep.

Sinomax xMagic Mattress Review

xMAGIC mattress caters to different sleeping needs by using two superior spinal supporting modules for ergonomic support. It uses innovative X-foam technology which offers added firmness and more support. xMagic is offered in 2 pressure-relieving Models to choose your tailor-made firmness – xMAGIC M and xMAGIC H

Sinomax President Smart and President Air Mattresses

These both Sinomax models contains airtech memory foam, memory foam with air-channel design, pressure-relieving foam and high density foam in wavy design.

Nano Silver Mattresses

The Nano Silver Mattress contains Nanotechnology on its fabric to suppress the bacterial growth. This is a three layers bed with its top and middle layer being memory foam. Its base layer contains high density fully supportive and comfortable foam. This bed contains 10 years warranty.

S-3Plus Relieving Mattress

This Double-faced mattress is best for people looking for different firmness preference. It contains the latest eco-friendly memory foam with organic elements on its top for the natural and pressure relieving comfort. Its middle layer contains durable reborn foam to eliminate muscles compression. The base is made of high-density foam for extra firmness. It comes with 5 years warranty.

S-3 Comfort Mattress

It comes with 1.5 inch top memory foam to offset body pressure and 1.5 inch high-density base foam to give firm support. This compact design mattress is perfect for double-deck bed use. It comes with 5 years warranty. Its multiple sizes include WxL – 30×72, 36×72, 48×72 and 54×72.

Organic Health Mattress

Its top and base layer contains separate densities Bio-Balance Memory Foam by Sinomax. It is a two sided mattress with both hard and soft textures for you to choose from. Its middle layer composes of quality foam layer for more stable support. Moreover, it has an Organicotton cover on top and comes with warranty Period of 10 years.

Magic Unit Relieving Mattress

This 8 inches high bed includes 1.5 inch memory foam at the top and 7 inch base layers to relieve body pressure and avoid muscle compression. It comes with an Ultra-Fresh anti dust- cover which has clear BS-7177 fire resistant standard. It comes with 7 years warranty.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses – Features And Technology

Octaspring 360゜Mattress Reviews

Its S-tech multi-layer design guides the perfect air circulation. It features octaspring 360゜ technology which is 8 times more Breathable. It provides constant air flow through body movements, pushing warm humid air out while drawing fresh air back in. Its 360 Degree Support features individual foam springs which moves three dimensionally to cradle and contour your body to give comfort and reduce pressure points.

CEO X- I to IV series Mattresses Review

These mattresses employ the second generation X-foam memory foam which is 400% more breathable. It features advanced firmness control and improved support. Also, new contains organic formula for a more refreshing sleep. Its S-tech multi-layer design directs the air movements. In addition, the open cell technology feature releases the body heat and offers extra body support. This product comes with tender-touch mattress cover with anti-bacterial properties in inner cover. CEO X-I and CEO X-II includes all these above features except for open cell technology.

xMagic Mattress Reviews

xMagic’s X-foam technology is 400% more breathable. Its X-organic formula features organic soybeans for a more green and refreshing sleep. Its special features include coolmax cover which helps removing the surface moisture while allowing air flow to enter and maintaining the surface cool and dry. Moreover, its high density foam provides superior quality, durability and comfort.

President Smart and President Air Mattresses

Their AirTech memory foam has 60% more ventilation ability than the traditional foams. Moreover, its memory foam with air-channel design offers better support to the natural body contour and enhances ventilation. It has more durable and supportive edges. President Smart features Pressure-Relieving Extra firm spinal support bed whereas the President Air features moderate firm mattress which maintains your body’s natural contour. In addition, the high density wavy design foam prevents muscles compression and Improves ventilation. Both these beds give better airy sleeping comfort.

Nano Silver Mattress

It’s upper and middle memory foam layer is with different densities. Also, its V-shape dual air flow system Quality foam layer at the base provides the best support and pressure-relieving comforts. Lastly, the net fabric along the mattress edge gives you a cool sleeping sensation. It is available in various sizes such as WxL – 36×72, 48×72, 54×72, 60×72 and 72×75″. This mattress can be customize as per your prefer size.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses – Top 3 Products

Sinomax 8” Recreational Vehicle Memory Foam Mattress, Queen short

  • Product Description – The 8-inch Recreational Vehicle Memory Foam Mattress by Sinomax combines the latest temperature regulating gel technology with optimal pressure point relief foam. This bed is efficient enough to suit for your RV’s. It includes 3-inch of gel-infused 3-pound memory foam which channels the heat away so that the sleep surface cradles your body. Its base layer is 5 inches of support foam for a balanced foundation. An elegant floral cover with breathable characteristics protects the mattress foams.
  • Features – Sinomax Recreational Vehicle Memory Foam Queen short size Mattress measures 8 inches thick and contains 3 pounds density Premium gel-infused memory foam. It reduces pressure points that cause tossing and turning which ultimately disrupts your sleep. Its temperature sensitive foam adapts to your body temperature so that you remain warm. Additionally, this bed eliminates motion transfer and uncomfortable pressure points. Moreover, its memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.

This bed comes with a durable non-skid cover. Its breathable, floral pattern 100% polyester cover is machine washable. It is design in such a way that no needs to turn it occasionally. It efficiently disperses your weight evenly all through the mattress surface. This imported mattress meets all flammability standards and is price at just $350. The Dimensions of Queen short are 8 inches high x 60 inches wide x 75 inches long.

Sinomax Luxury 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Product Description – Sinomax Luxury 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress contains the highest quality gel infuse memory foam. Its construction is 3 Inch of the premium 3 pounds gel infused memory foam and 5 Inch of high quality 2 pounds highly resistant base foam. This mattress has a polar 2 cover and a non skid PVC bottom.
  • Features – This gel two layers mattress has top with 3 Inch of gel infused memory foam and base 5 Inch of high density support foam to relieve pressure point and offer optimum support. Its polar 2 cover has non sliding PVC bottom. Moreover, it also has a CFR1633 flame retardant inner cover to meet and exceed all standards required by law. It comes in twin, full, queen and king sizes. Their dimensions are Twin 75 x 39 x 8 inches, Full 75 x 54 x 8 inches, Queen 80 x 60 x 8 inches and King 80 x 76 x 8 inches.

Sinomax Deluxe Luxury 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Product Description – The Deluxe Luxury 12 Inch gel memory foam mattress contains three layers. Its top includes high quality 3 inches of gel infused 3.75 pounds memory foam, middle is 3 inches of 2 pounds convoluted foam that creates air channel and last is 6 inches of high quality 2 pounds high resistance base foam.
  • Features – This three layers mattress features gel infused memory foam, convoluted foam and high resistant base foam. It contains a Glacier Cover with non skid PVC bottom. This cover also has a CFR1633 flame retardant inner cover to meet and exceed all standards needed by law. It comes in multiple sizes – twin, full, queen and king. The Dimensions are Twin 75 x 39 x 12 inches, Full 75 x 54 x 12 inches, Queen 80 x 60 x 12 inches and King 80 x 76 x 12 inches.

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattresses Customer Reviews

You will not find many customer reviews about the Sinomax memory foam mattresses. But other products from Sinomax have received very nice customer feedbacks. Its massage series and smart living products line meets the different needs of every customer.

Sinomax memory foam mattresses are manufactured in China and people feel hesitant to buy them online without trying, considering its quality and few customer reviews. However, known retail affiliates like, Amazon sells these mattresses, so you can try them if available during sale or heavy discounts.

Sinomax Memory Foam Topper Reviews

Sinomax Memory Foam Mattress Toppers have a density of 4 pounds . They are available in various sizes including the King size, Queen size etc. These toppers are naturally resistant to bacteria and dust. It reduces pressure on the body and hence help reduce back pain. Memory form toppers are temperature resistant and help prevent motion transfer. Sinomax memory foam toppers are anti-inflamamtory. Fitted with a cotton cover, these toppers are extremely comfortable.

Octaspring Topper Reviews

Sinomax Octaspring mamory foam toppers also use the Octaspring technology. These toppers, like the mattresses are more breathable by providing constant air flow. These toppers reduce pressure points and give comfort while sleeping.


The Top 3 Sinomax memory foam Products and models uses latest sleep technologies to provide you comfortable sleep all through the night. They are worth a try if you get them at hefty discounts, sales or under special offers.