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A.H. Beard Mattress is a brand from Australia that has been making top quality mattresses for over 100 years. Now this leading Australian brand, which is also available in New Zealand, is available across the world including the USA, China etc. The mattresses are made with luxurious knit materials, wool, latex, foam etc. Each of these materials offers its own benefits and comfort. This luxurious comfort is what one needs at the end of a tiring day to have a sound sleep at night.

A.H. Beard mattress has many brand names under it and each brand has its unique features and benefits. The range of mattress brands available from A H Beard are the Domino, Nature’s Rest, King Coil, Healthrest, FlexGel, iComfort, etc. There also other some others like the Ergomotion mattresses, Heritage collection etc. We will see the features of each of A H Beard mattress and an example from each of them.


A.H. Beard Domino Mattress Review

  • Domino mattress from A H Beard has the top layer made of breathable and stretchy fabric that is comfortable to feel.
  • There is also some antimicrobial protection provided in some mattresses that are meant as anti-allergic. This feature is popularly seen in kids’ mattresses from this brand.
  • The Domino mattresses usually have a quilting at the top which has the comfort range from firm, medium, plush, ultra plush etc. One may easily choose the right comfort for them.
  • The comfort is made with layers of comfortable support system for the spine. The pressure relief at many points and there are suitable 5 zones for the uniform weight distribution.
  • The coil system in Domino mattress is pocketed and well covered.
  • Most of the Domino mattresses from the A H Beard reduce the partner disturbance and does not succumb to sagging or dolling of the other.
  • All the Domino mattresses are protected in the edges by the special edge support technology from edge to edge, all the way around. This edge support provides wider sleep surface and helps with maximum utilization.
  • The Domino mattresses are also available in different sizes, single, king single, double mattress, queen, and king size mattresses.
  • All Domino mattresses from A H Beard mattress has a 10-year warranty.

A.H. Beard Nature’s Rest Mattress Review

The nature Rest series of A.H. Beard mattress has got latex inside them. The latex will conform to the body and will get back to its shape when the weight is relieved. This pressure relieving tactics of the mattress will cradle all the parts of the body thus reducing back pains and discomforts while sleeping.

Nature’s Rest mattresses from A.H. Beard mattress uses not just ounces of wool, but 2 kilograms of good quality wool for the maximum comfort. The pure New Zealand wool is used to wrap the latex layer for support. The nature of the wool will also wick away the humidity from the body to keep it dry and does not let the top layer of the mattress to be wet, during summer and winter.

The makers of the A.H. Beard Mattress make sure that the allergens such as mold, mildew, dust mites etc are kept away from the bed. The materials used in the making of Nature’s Rest mattresses are hypoallergenic and can inhibit the growth of these allergens and microbes. It allows you to draw cleaner air while sleeping.

Most materials used in the manufacture of the A.H. Beard Mattress Nature’s Rest are biodegradable and does not cause environmental pollution. The wool, latex, the pine base etc are all taken from nature and with this A H BeardMattress, you will be sleeping closer to nature than before.

The comfort layers in Nature’s Nest mattresses

The comfort of the Nature’s Rest is made with the comfort layers consisting of the Aeroquilt, aeroweb, aerolatex and the aerofoam. The aeroquilt is quilting foam that is more breathable than fiber, and has more opened cells for flexible foam towards the body impressions. The aeroweb is a 3 dimensional fiber web to create space between the quilt and the primary layers of the mattress. It allows more airflow through the bed.

The aerolatex relieves pressure and makes the mattress more flexible. It can also resist the dust mites and have antimicrobial properties. The comfort is also due to the gel infusion in the latex. The aerofoam is perforated comfort foam that allows better aeration and makes a healthier sleep environment.

Available types of Nature’s Rest A.H. Beard mattress

The mattresses in the Nature’s Rest from A.H. Beard are of many sizes of single, king single, double, queen and king sizes. The single measures to 92 x 187 cms, king single is 106 x 203, double is 137 x 187, queen size would be 153 x 203, king size is 183 x 203 cms in size.

There is also option to add a suitable base for the mattress. A slat timber platform is the available base for the mattresses. The comfort levels are available in firm, medium comfort, plush etc. All A H Beard Mattresses of any kind is backed by the 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. Depending upon the retailer, you may also get an additional warranty as well.

A.H. Beard King Coil Mattresses Review

King Coil is the leading brand form the A.H. Beard mattress. These mattresses have reflex support coil system that is engineered to respond to the weight of the body and its shape. This will help in full support to the body and adjusts with the pressure points as well.

King Coil from A.H. Beard mattress uses only hypoallergenic fabrics and materials that is approved by the National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice program. The fabrics and foams can resist the dust mites and other micro organisms to keep the bed hygienic and allergy free. King Coil mattresses are suitable for asthmatic people. They can have comfortable breathing without any problems and get a sound sleep.

The combination of the Aeroquilt, Aerolatex, Aeroweb and the Aerofoam takes the comfort to a higher level. The breathable components allow better aeration through all the layers of the mattress. A H Beard has invented unique configurations of these layers to make the comfort worthy of the money.

Another unique feature of King Coil is the utilization of the latest technology of Evofoam that is made in closed chambers, without the use of any chemicals. This makes a greener and cleaner mattress that assures to be good to the spine and the nature as well.

Types of King Coil Mattresses

There are varieties in the King Coil mattresses by A. H. Beard. There are mattress collections named as Hotel, Executive, Platinum, Platinum Ultra, and A.H.Beard Travelller.

  • A.H. Beard Mattress Hotel collection: The Hotel series makes a perfect blend of durability and body balance. It is difficult to get a commercial mattress that has durability and yet be comfortable to the sleeping body. This difficult task is met in the Hotel collection of A H Beard Mattress. The mattress is covered by a breathable knit fabric, which is also fire resistant. The mattress has 3 zone comfort support with edge border support all along the border for maximum surface utilization. The mattresses in the Hotel series of King Coil from A H Beard Mattress have 5 year warranty also.
  • Executive Series mattress has 3 zone comforts with the feel good fabric at the top. The Executive series from King Coil has open coil system meant for the commercial use but without compromising on the comfort level. The fire resistant knit fabric covers the natural latex to have pressure relief and support the body. All the edges are foam encased for a wider sleep surface that also prevents the border breakdown. The mattresses are covered by the 5 year warranty.

Platinum Series of King Coil Mattresses

  • Platinum series of King Coil makes supportive beds for better sleep with the ultra comfortable layers of fabric and foam. The coil systems have pocketed coils to have zonal differentiation in providing the right support. The fire resistant fabric makes a covering layer over the aerocomfort layers of the mattress that can conform to the body. The natural latex, gel infused foam supports the advanced support features with additional coils where it is needed. The edges are foam encased. A.H.Beard mattresses’ 10-year warranty is applied here as well.
  • Platinum Ultra series is luxurious. Everything falls in the ultra range. With the generous layers for comfort and dual coil pocket system in the zones makes the Platinum Ultra series, truly ultra. The dual coil system effectively reduces the partner disturbance. With the comfortable fabric, aero comfort layers allow better air flow through the mattress to keep it dry under all weathers. The edges are also taken care with encased borders for extra support. This series from King Coil by A.H.Beard also has the 10-year warranty.
  • A.H. Beard Traveller mattresses are the best quality beds for the commercial use that can also provide comfort. These mattresses are durable. The top layer is the damask fabric and is also fire resistant. The 3 zone coil system makes a firm support platform for the healthy sleep posture for anybody. The foam layers are Performa that conforms to the body weight and returns back to its structure when the weight is relieved.

A.H. Beard Health Rest Beds Review

The Health Rest brand from A.H.Beard is ultimately for the health. These mattresses are adjustable and the bed can be raised with Ergomotion. Most mattresses are not suitable for bending or changing its position except being flat, but these HealthRest mattresses can adjust to over 100 positions.

The Ergomotion technology helps in raising the bed at the head or at the legs for the comfort accordingly. The transition is easy and whisper-quiet. Within a few seconds, the flat bed can be transformed to a sit back. The positions can be adjusted in unique ways to suit your needs. With the options like changing only one side of the bed allows you to get your right position without disturbing the partner sleeping next to you.

Features of Health Rest mattresses from A.H. Beard Mattress

The Ergomotion features can be accessed by a remote control. The remote is cordless and has multiple settings so that you can just sit back and have the bed adjusted for you.

There is a wall saving feature that has a support or blocking system on the sides. This will make a barrier between the bed and other furniture nearby so that when the bed is adjusted it does not disturb the other furniture.

The Ergomotion bed also allows massage therapy. The therapy session can be set at 10, 20, or 30 minutes. This massage will ease the back pain and relaxes the muscles.

There are 4 main positions with the Ergomotion technology. Zero G position, elevated back, leg elevation, and rest and recuperation position.

  • The Zero-G position elevates the legs above the heart to increase the blood circulation and relax problematic areas. The stress, anxiety etc will be relieved. This position makes comfortable for relieving tension.
  • Elevated back position will support the upper body in a sitting position. This will be suitable for watching TV, reading or just talking. This position will alleviate the consequences by sitting up with only the pillow to support the back. This position with the Ergomotion will provide a full body support.
  • Leg elevation position will help to promote blood circulation and muscle tension relief. It is also a therapeutic position to rest the legs and lower back.
  • The rest and recuperation position will have the upper body in sitting position and the legs at a slightly elevated position.

Additional Features

The mattresses will be upholstered with anti-allergic fabrics that have embedded probiotics to normalize the odors.

The Ergomotion technology helps with people suffering from hiatus hernia, hay fever, reflux etc. Improved respiration is another plus point of this technology as there is option to elevate the head to any height. This will also help in reducing snoring. With the option of independent elevation you can have yourself raised without disturbing the partner.

The Ergomotion base will be available in different colored fabrics of black, beige, charcoal night and silver grey.

The suitable mattresses are from King Coil which can resist the mites. The available sizes are long single- 92 x 203 cm, queen size 153 x 203, and king that is 183 x 203 cm in dimensions.

A.H. Beard Signature Mattress Collection –  Review

A.H. Beard Signature collection mattresses combine tradition with modern technology. These mattresses are handmade using a strong support system and made with Australian natural fibres like alpaca, cashmere, mohair and wool. These mattresses are handstiched using the traditional method called button-tufting. These mattresses are also fitted with multi-tiered microcoils. These allow for better body conformation and also less disturbance to the partner while sharing the bed.

A.H. Beard FlexGel mattress is flexible

The FlexGel from A.H. Mattress are used in the hospitals. The mattress has pressure relieving tactics and the special gel technology that can adapt to the body weight. There will be less joint pressure and on bones or muscles. The transpiration rate of the mattress is high to keep it dry. There is also an increased air flow.

The FlexGel mattress can conform to the body and its weight. The partner will not be disturbed when you move or vice versa. The mattress is also known to reduce the allergies and asthma.

credits: http://icanhasgif.com/
credits: http://icanhasgif.com/

The FlexGel mattress can adjust to the temperature and allows you to sleep in a constant temperature. Whether it is cold or hot, the fabric can adapt itself to insulate and combat the sweating or the chills.

The types of FlexGel mattresses are FlexGel Enchanted, Montage, Accolade and Individuale.

  • The Accodale has a resilient foam core for a form support and suits anyone who wants a form comfort.
  • The Enchanted series has Euro top with zoned pocketed coiled system.
  • The Montage series combines the health and comfort with eco friendly latex as the base support.
  • The Individuale has adjustable sleep surface that are customized as per demand.

A.H. Beard iComfort mattresses review – mattresses for extreme comfort

Couples are always at trouble to find the right mattress that suits them both. Here is one such mattress that fulfils the demands of both the partners. The iComfort mattress from A.H.Beard mattress is custom made with preferences of comfort level on either side of the bed. One may choose the right comfort on the side they prefer. This makes a perfect compromise for the couples who have totally different comfort level choices.

While purchasing the iComfort mattress you can select the comfort level on the left side and on the right side. The options available for comfort are extra firm, firm, medium, and plush. You can also add a base.

The top layer of the iCOmfort mattress has AeroLoft cover to have better aeration around the bed. In the inner layers is the Aeroflow foam to cushion the pressure. There is always a constant flow of air to dissipate the heat and remove the moisture.

The mattresses come with a 90-day guarantee for satisfaction. The unsatisfied customers may return the mattress for a full money re-payment. If the comfort chosen is not right for you, you may still return the mattress to alter the comfort level to the desired one.

Frequently Asked Question on A.H. Beard mattress

What is the A.H. Beard mattress 6 weeks sleep challenge?

The A.H.Beard 6 week sleep challenge is an online interaction for the 6 weeks starting from a particular date. The members who want to join this program will have to sign up. They will get advises and opinions of other fellow challengers and their experience with the A.H.Beard mattress. There will be talks about the sleep pattern, any disturbances and their solution, importance of exercises, diet etc. The motto is to improve the general health of the challenger in the 6 weeks time span. It is like a sleep diary of individuals where they can discuss the same.

Do I need to rotate the A.H. Beard mattress?

Yes, you may need to rotate the mattress from head to toe on a monthly basis or at the least once in 2 months. This will allow the pressure points to relieve themselves and get back to their former shape. This rotation will improve the durability of the A.H. Beard mattress. Mattresses from all brands of the company can be rotated. But none of them can be flipped. They all are single sided beds. It is also noted that for a king sized mattress the rotation will hardly make much difference as the center of the mattress still stays the same.

What is the use of the side handles?

The side handles are for your convenience while rotating the mattress or while accessing it to remove or spread the mattress cover or bed sheets. These side handles are never to be used to carry the mattress. The A.H.Beard mattresses are all very heavy and carrying them by the side handles will only damage the handles and possibly the mattress also.

What base can be used for the A.H. Beard mattress?

All A.H.Beard mattresses must use a firm and solid base. The flexible base can reduce the flexibility of the mattress. The damage done by the flexible base are not covered by the warranty offered for the A.H.Beard mattress. The base may preferably be a new one. You better not use an old base for the new mattress unless it is recently bought. While using an old base, make sure that it is of the compatible size and the mattress fits just fine.

The base from the A.H.Beard brand must be checked regularly for any loosened screws, as they may come loose over the period of time. The legs and castor screws are the ones that need more attention.

What can I do to increase the life of the A.H. Beard mattress?

A.H. Beard mattress has longer durability and the same may be increased with its proper use. One must have a mattress protector at the top right from day 1. It will protect the mattress from water and moisture. A washable mattress topper will be good to keep it clean always.

Occasional vacuuming of the mattress will remove the dust and will keep the mattress as brand new. Also use a fabric cover to protect the base as well, to avoid any discoloration of the fabric in that part.

A.H. Beard Mattress Review

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