If you are planning to buy mattress online and suffer from a back pain, Welcome to Matracos. Back pain is a common issue as age progress. Its sometimes a lifestyle condition caused due to accidents, overweight and a persons height in general. But a lot has to do with sleep and sleep patterns, positions and the mattresses people use. Majority of people suffering from back pain have a pattern in the types of mattresses they use and their sleeping positions. For instance, a light person sleeping on a firm mattress will end up having a back pain eventually. parts of the body are left unsupported while sleeping. The lower back is usually a place which is not well supported on a firm mattress for a light person (in weight). On the contrary, a heavy person can find the same firm mattress very helpful in supporting his overall weight. Research also shows that stomach sleepers and side sleepers often encounter back pain related problems as opposed to back sleepers.

Classifications of a good Memory Foam Mattress

Mattresses are classified to be good when there are certain factors in play. The conformity, firmness and support. Conformity sums up 90% of the needs of all mattresses. The term may be a bit daunting but all it means is the ability of your mattress to conform or adjust to your body curves, giving equal support to the overall body. a mattress with good conformity would be able to support your entire body without leaving spaces. the Mattress surface will bend enough to touch the surface of your body with equal pressure and thats all to it. Firmness is important when it comes to weight of the person. Some people associate firmness of a mattress to comfort. Thats always not true. A heavy person may find a firm mattress far more comfortable than a soft one. They find it more comfortable to move around the bed and also get out of it as opposed to a soft mattress where they are buried in it. Support is the final factor which comes to play. Support of a mattress is calculated not only in the initial period of the purchase when the mattress is brand new, but also over a period of time. Sagging is one of the main concerns when we speak of support. Most traditional mattresses, including the spring and coil versions often faced the problem of sagging. Sagging happens when the mattress is used over a period of time by a person. The heavier portion tends to dent and create a hammock effect. Though it may sound very comforting to sleep on a hammock, its not a great experience to do that over a period of a year. Unnatural sleep positions often create problems to the back, shoulder and neck .

Here are some of the brands which have been on the top list of memory foam mattress helpful for people suffering from back pain

Top 4 places to buy Mattress online

saatvalogoSaatva Mattress

Probably among the first few mattresses to be sold purely online, Saatva started a trend which made mattresses, specially memory foam mattresses cheaper. They cut down on the cost of a showroom and the staff, and shared it among the customers. There have been a lot of set backs to that pattern of business initially, but it was soon ironed out. Today, saatva mattress is one of the few mattress companies which manufacture affordable, quality memory foam mattresses with a great warranty. You can buy Mattress online at the saatva mattress website . Check out offers and deals.



Sizes Available  Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King Shipping  $99 Shipping charges. Delivery in 10 days
Styles / Thickness  11.5″ , 14.5″ Construction  Memory Foam Topper with Coil encased Base
Color White Warranty  15 Years with 75 Day Trial
Reviews and Ratings  9/10 Seller  Saatva Mattress

saatvalogoLoom and Leaf Mattress

Another innovation by Saatva mattress, the Loom and leaf is far more advanced in many ways. With organic foam and organic covers, the Loom and Leaf mattress has tried to go over the boundries of traditional Memory foam mattress using Polyurethane. This not only balances a lot of problems with the material but also removes a lot of contaminants and toxic material off the mattress material. Loom and leaf is considerably new to the mattress industry, but doing the right thing from the beginning has given the brand a good head start.


Sizes Available  Twin , Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King Shipping  NA
Styles / Thickness  12″ Construction  Memory Foam
Color  White Warranty  75 day trial and 15 Years warranty
Reviews and Ratings  9/10 Seller  Saatva Mattress

Wright Mattress

Wright mattress went through some of the best testings. The design is innovative, Perfected over a period of 2 years. The prototype when through 27 stages they claim. Clearly a great mattress but only one variation and multiple sizes, you do not have the option of choosing between firm, soft and medium. This mattress is not a fit for all, but confirms with the needs of people suffering from back pain and sleep issues. Reviews of the mattress are positive and people who have purchased it have found it beneficial in overall sleep.

Sizes Available  Twin , Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King Shipping  Free Shipping
Styles / Thickness  NA Construction  Memory Foam
Color  White Warranty  15 YEars warranty, 120 Night Trial
REviews and Ratings 8/10 Seller  Wright Mattress

Tuft & Needle

Affordably priced, Excellent craftsmanship and durability marks the Tuft and needle mattress. The company pushes its product by comparing the prices of their mattress with their competitors. The mattress has ideal support for just a fraction of the cost compared to competitor brands. Tuft and Needle has a warranty period of 10 years and that should suffice for most mattresses at the cost they deliver. Packed in a box, the mattress is easily transported to your home and it takes 24-48 hours for the mattress to reach the full size once unpacked. Tuft and needle is clearly a winner when it comes to price and its not a bad quality mattress at all! The foam is adaptive and helps people with back pain reduce their problems in less than a week!

Sizes Available  Twin , Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King Shipping Free Shipping
Styles / Thickness  10″ Construction  Memory Foam
Color  White Warranty 100 Night trial, 10 years warranty
Reviews and Ratings  8/10 Seller  Tuft & Needle