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If you are searching for Vienna Va Organic Mattress, then Slumber Pros is the right place for you. Slumber Pros offers mattresses at the lowest possible price. Don’t be distracted seeing the low prices. Though the price is low, the quality of the products are very high. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. That is for sure!

Vienna Va Organic mattresses are the best choice if you want a safety mattress for you and your family. Organic mattresses are free of chemicals and are created using organic and eco-friendly materials which poses no harm to the environment nor to humans. The off-gassing problem that is usually seen in the inorganic mattresses or typical mattresses is not present in organic mattresses. The chemicals that are released by the mattresses in the initial stages is called off-gassing. It is also called as out-gassing. The off-gassing happens in typical mattress because, these mattresses uses chemical flame retardants, toxic foams and chemicals that are petroleum based in the making of the mattress to increase its life and to pass the fire test. According to America’s law on mattresses, a mattress should be treated with flame retardants or else you will need a licensed doctor’s prescription to get a mattress that does not contain fire retardant barrier. In organic mattresses, usually organic natural wool is used as a fire retardant instead of chemicals. Slumber Pros offers top quality organic mattresses that are free of all the chemical nuisance.

The organic mattress products present at the Slumber Pros:

  • Mattresses
  • Mattress topper
  • Pillows
  • Specialty products

Mattresses at Slumber Pros

Slumber Pros offers non-toxic latex mattresses which are are high in comfort and are super effective in lowering back pain and preventing joint pain that occurs due to extra pressure on the pressure points. Latex mattresses during their early days were not much popular, but now slowly they are ascending the best mattress charts into the top position for their heath benefits and effectiveness in providing supreme quality sleep. There are basically three type of latex mattresses. Mattresses made with natural latex, mattresses with synthetic latex and the last hybrid latex. In natural latex mattresses pure latex obtained from trees is used. This latex is pure without any mixing and no chemicals are added. Whereas in synthetic latex mattresses chemicals are mixed with latex, it is also called man-made latex. Slumber Pros latex mattresses are made with pure natural latex. The following are the brands offered at Slumber Pros Vienna Va Organic mattresses:

  • Pacific Eco Saver
  • Innomax
  • Natura
  • Natural Sleep
  • Sleep Tek
  • Strobel Organic

You will get a sea of options to choose from. Every brand in the list is well known for their quality products. If you have any questions you can contact the Slumber Pros customer care service executive. Slumber Pros has well trained and knowledgeable customer care service officers, who are well mannered as well.

Get your family a comfortable and safe sleep environment with Slumber Pros Vienna Va Organic Mattress.


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