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Saatva Vs Leesa Mattresses

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Mattress buyers look for either the spring mattress or the modern foam mattress. Sattva and Leesa mattresses have a wider range of mattress sizes. The mattresses are available in all sizes starting from the twin to the largest California King.

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Saatva and Leesa are leading brands of mattress that have been in the market for a while. Both are best in their own terms. The mattresses are of high quality and come with a guarantee. At the same time, they have entirely different characteristics that make them stand apart. Let us have a look at each of these.

Saatva Vs Leesa – The Price

Price is a huge factor for the majority, so let’s start with the price comparison. Both the Saatva mattress and Leesa mattress have their starting price around $500. Saatva is slightly higher in price than the Leesa. The high end, larger sized mattress is much costly from Saatva than in Leesa. Leesa mattresses are more economical when it comes to the larger sized mattresses.

The price of the mattresses increases with 100 bucks with every larger size mattress of Leesa mattress. For the Saatva mattress, the price almost takes some plunge from one size to another. But at the end, it is not the price that is the decider for choosing the mattress. It is just for your information.

Saatva Vs Leesa Mattress Sizes

Sattva and Leesa mattresses have a wider range of mattress sizes. The mattresses are available in all sizes starting from the twin to the largest California King. The mattress sizes stick to the standards and there is no major change in the sizes except for the thickness.

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Leesa mattresses are all 10 inches thick. The foam based mattresses are constructed in the same way to reach the same thickness, regardless of their comfort level, whereas the Saatva mattresses are thicker at 11-15 inches. With the combination of foam layers and the spring mattress of 7 inches height, the mattress thickness is higher. Add in the 5 inches of foundation, you have a higher mattress. You need to calculate the total height of the Saatva mattress before you head for mattress shopping.

Saatva mattress has the additional option of different size of 5 inch mattress with a 4.5 or 8.75 inches thick foundation. Leesa mattress does not have these additional options with the sizes. Whatever they have is only the limited edition make.

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Comfort Level

Mattresses are meant to be comfortable, no matter what comfort level you choose. Saatva and Leesa mattresses do have their specific comfort levels. Leesa mattresses have only a single comfort level that falls in the middle.
On a scale of 1-10 where the higher value is firm, the Leesa mattress has a comfort level at 6. The feel of these mattresses is firm but not hard and soft enough without too much sinkage into the mattress. Leesa mattress can be a compromise mattress for couple having different tastes for the mattress firmness.

Saatva mattress has 3 different comfort levels in the form of Plush soft, Luxury firm and firm. The comfort values for these mattresses would be 3-4, 6, and 8-9 respectively.

Mattress construction

The mattress construction is an important point for the ultimate comfort. The tactically added layers of the mattress have different outcome. Saatva mattress uses the spring coils are the major layers with an additional layer at the top, bottom and on the sides to cover the coils. Leesa mattress uses 3 distinct layers of foam. Each layer of foam has different purpose and feel.

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Saatva mattress

Saatva mattress uses the foam only for the covering purpose around the coils. Only the side support foam is thicker. It uses 2 layers of spring coils one above the other. The spring coils on the bottom are the high profile support coils while the upper coils are the foam encased coils that contours to the body weight.

Being a spring mattress from top to bottom, the mattress needs side support. They have it in the form of the thicker foam that is 5 inches wide that makes the mattress stand its ground on the foundation.

At the top, the Saatva mattress has the 0.5 inches of Euro style pillow top for the comfort. There is also a thin layer of memory foam right after the pillow top and before the coils. The same foam is present at the bottom of the mattress to support the coils.

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Leesa mattress

Leesa mattress uses 3 foam types. The topmost layer is the 2 inches of Avena foam followed by 2 inches of memory foam layer. The support layer is the 6 inches of support foam.

The Avena foam has grooves under the layer to have better aeration through the mattress and reduce the heating up problem usually seen with the foam mattress. Avena is an alternative for latex foam. It is comfortable and durable than the latex foam. The middle layer is the contouring memory foam. The top layers complement each other to have soft feel and have perfect balance with the support foam below.

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Covering material

The Saatva mattress uses the plain old cotton fabric for the mattress covering. Interestingly, they have converted this cotton into something that is attractive and comfortable with the pillowtop idea.

Leesa mattress ticks t the basics and uses Lycra material for the covering. They simply cover their mattress layers in a single covering case, without going into any complications.

Other features

  • Motion transfer: The motion transfer reduction on Saatva and Leesa has a tough fight. While it is minimal with the Leesa mattress because of its all-foam construction, it is only moderate for the Saatva mattress. The use of double layer of coils has its drawback with the motion transfer.
  • Trial period: This is where things get interesting. It is always safe to have a trial period for the mattresses so you can try the mattress for a while and could return if it doesn’t fit for you. Saatva mattress has a trial period of 120 days while the Leesa mattress offers only 100 days of trial period.
  • Returns: When you have decided to return the mattress for any reason, you will get full return and additional benefit of taking the mattress for free with the Leesa mattress. For the Saatva mattress, you will get a full refund but you will have to pay the delivery fee.
  • Warranty: Leesa mattress has 10 years of warranty from the day of purchase and the Saatva mattress has a longer warranty period.
  • Shipping: Shipping of the Leesa mattress happens sooner within 3-5 business days. There is no shipping charge as well. you get the mattress shipped and delivered for free. Saatva mattress comes at a small price towards the delivery of the mattress the shipment happens within 7-15 days and takes longer than the Leesa mattress.

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Prospects of coils Vs foam mattress

Simply put, Saatva Vs Leesa could very well be coils Vs foam. They are different types of mattress that has their individual pros and cons. There are people who part for one and dislike the other. They have their own reasons for that. Here are the few pointers on the pros and cons of using spring coils and foam in the mattresses.

Spring mattress

For a bouncy mattress, you need spring coils. The durability of the spring mattresses is relatively lower than the foam mattresses.

They can provide support but may not be enough to counter the pressure points. It could easily lose its support and could be unable to provide support for longer. IT may not be suitable for couples.

Memory foam mattress

On the other hand, the memory foam mattresses have more durability and stay at the same comfort level for longer. It can distribute the weight evenly over the mattress relieving of any pressure points. It also offers minimal motion transfer making it perfect for couples.

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Which one to choose, Saatva or Leesa

It is really hard to recommend any mattress as both are really good in their own terms. Saatva mattress could be one of the best quality spring mattresses in the market. It has a decent construction and the double layers of coils can counter act the usual drawbacks of the spring mattresses. The side support foam makes full use of the mattress surface.

On the other hand, the Leesa mattress is one of the simple and good quality memory foam mattress. The use of Avena foam makes it suitable for people with latex allergy and yet has the same comfort at the top.

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The bottom line is that, if you are a spring mattress lover, Saatva mattress is a good bet for you. If you want a foam mattress at the medium comfort level, the Leesa mattress could be proven your best choice. It is simple, fairly thick with a comfortable mattress top, and available at a reasonable price as well.

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