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Mammoth Mattress Reviews – Compare Pocket 2000 vs 3000 vs 270

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  • Medical Grade Foam
  • 32cm Deep
  • Medium Support (3)
  • Tencel Fibre Cover
  • Convenient Removable Cover
  • No Need To Turn
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Buy Mammoth Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

The Mammoth mattress was an initiative for the wellbeing of athletes. Later it became available for the common man. Since sleep in the foundation for general wellbeing, the health should start from the mattress. The Mammoth mattress is one brand that many of the health professionals recommend.

There are many models of Mammoth mattress with each of them having different comfort levels to suit everyone. These mattresses are luxurious mattresses that have a higher price. You can find them in traditional construction method as well as in the contemporary styles.

You can easily buy the Mammoth mattress online either directly from the makers or from other online stores like Mattress Next Day.

Mammoth Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Mammoth mattress reviews hugely appreciate the comfort of the various mattresses. People have found success with their recovery process, general comfort for sleep, pressure relief and peace of mind with the Mammoth mattresses. There are users who are freshly into this mattress and those who have been using them for decades as well. Both the category of people say that the mattress is good and has quality. The only drawback would be the high price of the mattresses, even for the smaller sizes or a simpler model.

Best Mattress Models from Mammoth Mattress

There is a total of 8 mattress models from Mammoth mattress which we can divide into 2 categories or traditional mattress and contemporary mattress.

Traditional mattress models are the ones with spring coils for support and memory foam for comfort. There are 3 such models

  • Mammoth Pocket 1600 mattress
  • Mammoth Pocket 2000 mattress
  • Mammoth Pocket 3000 mattress

Contemporary mattresses from Mammoth mattress brand have 5 different models. All of them have memory foam construction in different manners to make the difference.

  • Mammoth Fast Track 22 Medical grade mattress
  • Mammoth Performance 240 mattress
  • Mammoth Performance Sky 270 mattress
  • Mammoth SuperSoft 270 mattress
  • Mammoth Mammoth 320 mattress

Mammoth Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

All the Mammoth mattresses are available in 5 mattress sizes. The sizes and dimensions of the mattresses are,

  • Single 90 x 190 cm
  • Small Double 120 x 190 cm
  • Double 135 x 190 cm
  • King 150 x 200 cm
  • Super King 180 x 200 cm

Mammoth Pocket 1600 mattress

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Mammoth pocket 1600 mattress has 1600 spring coils for the support. The mattress has a comfort layer made of Medical grade foam and then the supportive spring coil system. the thickness of this mattress is 24 cm. the mattress has a removable and washable cover as well. The mattress is available in 5 sizes- single, small double, double, king size and Super King size. The mattress has a comfortable feel of the medium.

Mammoth Pocket 2000 mattress

Mammoth Pocket 2000 mattress has 2000 odd spring coils for wider support for the body to have better pressure relief. The top layer is a medical grade foam for the comfort. The mattress has a medium feel and can help with temperature regulation. The mattress has 5 size choices- single, small double, double, king and Super King. The mattress has an overall thickness of 27 cm.

Mammoth Pocket 3000 mattress

Mammoth pocket 3000 mattress carries a denser number of coils- 3000 coils for larger support. The mattress has a soft feel and a depth of 32 cm. this is the most luxurious model of Mammoth mattresses. The specialty o this model is an extra layer of medical grade foam instead of a single layer. The second layer increases the softness and thus this soft comfort level. The mattress is available in the same 5 sizes as the above-mentioned models.

Mammoth Fast Track 22 Medical grade mattress

Mammoth FastTrack 22 mattress is a medium feel mattress made with medical grade foam from top to bottom. The mattress is most suitable for athletes to get rest and have an effective recovery.  This model of Mammoth mattress is a brand new version for 2018. The mattress offers comfort and makes an ideal platform for restful sleep. The special coil-like structures called PostureCell Comfort technology by the foam reduces partner movement. The mattress is 22 cm in depth and is available in 5 sizes.

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Mammoth Performance 240 mattress

The Mammoth Performance 240 mattress has a depth of 240 mm or 24 cm. The mattress offers a medium to firm feel.  This mattress has one of the oldest designs for mammoth mattresses. It has a quilted layer at the top. The 22 cm thick medical grade support foam has the PostureCell technology foam attached to it at the top. The mattress is available in 5 sizes.

Mammoth Performance Sky 270 mattress

Mammoth Performance Sky 270 has a soft feel with 27 cm in depth. This model of Mammoth mattress has a special responsive layer in medical grade foam. this layer is sifter in touch. This layer has better adaptability and conformity than the regular medical grade foam which comes as the second layer for this mattress. The mattress gives more cuddling than other models.

Mammoth SuperSoft 270 mattress

As the name suggests, this mattress model is super soft in feel. The mattress is 27 cm in thickness. This is also the most pressure relieving model of Mammoth mattress. This mattress is most suitable for back pain problems and is also a favorite and official mattress of Tottenham Hotspur team players. Choose from any of the 5 available mattress sizes.

‘Mammoth’ Mammoth 320 mattress

The ‘Mammoth’ Mammoth mattress with its 32 cm thickness is as good as a bulletproof barrier against pain. The mattress offers ample support and is also favored by Great Britain’s Olympic Rowing team. The pressure relief from PostureCell technology and support from Medical grade foam, this mattress has a medium to firm feel.

Mammoth Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Mammoth mattresses do not have a trial period. They come with a 1-year guarantee upon registering the mattress online. You would also get a free 10-year warranty subscription as well the 10-year warranty works on a 5+5-year basis, where the mattress would be replaced under a nominal price of the original value.

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Mammoth Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The Mammoth mattresses have free shipping. The shipment may go out for delivery either on the next day or within 2-3 weeks depending upon the model. The memory foam mattresses will have faster delivery than the pocket coil series. The shipping and delivery are also dependent on the dealer if you are purchasing it from a retail shop.

Mammoth Mattress Setup & Installation

Mammoth mattresses arrive in different manners for the models. The pocket coil mattresses arrive flat, covered by a plastic wrap. All you need to do is to remove the wrap and place the mattress on its foundation.

The next method included compression and rolling. Such mattresses need the removal of the outer covering. Then place the mattress on its foundation. Keep the bottom part of the mattress towards the foot (where the Mammoth logo is visible). Remove the final bag from the mattress. It will expand on its own. It may take up to 24 hours for the complete expansion.

Discount Prices On Mammoth Mattress

The Mammoth mattresses price starts from $939 to a maximum of $2669. The price range of the different mammoth mattress models are,

  • FastTrack 22             $939-1469
  • Performance 240 $1199-1869
  • Sky 270 $1339-2139
  • SuperSoft 270 $1599-2399
  • Mammoth 320 $1739-2539
  • Pocket 1600 $1199-1869
  • Pocket 2000 $1469-2399
  • Pocket 3000 $1869-2669

You can get the Mammoth mattresses at a discounted price of 25-30% off from the original price, from Mattress Next Day and from a few other similar stores.

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Mammoth Mattress

There are Mammoth Sport mattress coupons and promo codes available online that are useful for discounts on the mattress prices.

Is Mammoth Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, the Mammoth mattresses are good for back pain problems. To be specific, the Mammoth SuperSoft 270 mattress is most suitable for the back-pain problems than other models. The other mattresses can also provide pressure relief and ease the pain but may not be as effective as the SuperSoft 270.

Mammoth Mattress Bedding Accessories

There are Mammoth SuperSoft pillows available at a price range of$89-99. The pillows may differ in their depth that is either slim or loft. The slim pillows are 15 cm deep and loft are 18 cm in depth.

Mammoth Mattress Firmness Analysis

The Mammoth mattresses are available in super soft, soft, medium and medium-firm comforts.  The softness of firmness of the mattress depends on the top layer and its density. Sometimes, having 2 soft layers make the mattress softer as in the case of Super soft mattress. All the mattresses have only one comfort level and there are no choices for the same.

Mammoth Mattress Frames & Foundation

Mammoth mattresses are compatible with a platform bed or a box spring. It is also suitable with a slated bed if the slats are not far than 7.5 cm from each other.

Mammoth Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

You can contact the dealer from who you bought the Mammoth mattress. For the Mattress Next day store, the customer service phone number is 0333 0069 769. The customer service will be available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. On Saturdays, the timing is 10 am to 4 pm.

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Mammoth Mattress Financing

The online stores may have the financing option for the Mammoth mattress. The financing allows monthly installments rather than a onetime payment.

Mammoth Mattress Safety & Certifications

Mammoth mattresses use the medical grade foam that is safe for all. All the mattresses comply with the fire and safety regulations. If your mattress feels damp on opening the plastic wrap, it is because of the safe fire-retardant agent that is in use. This uses a salt-based ingredient that can absorb moisture. It is the condensation that you see in the dampness on the mattress.

Maintenance On Mammoth Mattress

Rotate the Mammoth mattresses from head to toe to have even wear and to avoid any indentation. Rotation should happen every week for the first 6 months and then onwards, once a month.

The mattress cover is removable and washable but chose this option less often as it could cause damage. The better option is to have a mattress protector which you can remove and wash regularly.

Odor & Smell in Mammoth Mattress

As with any new thing, the Mammoth mattress may also have the new mattress smell which would go in a few days. These mattresses are made only when the order is placed so they are not inside the package for longer. If you open the mattress as soon as possible upon delivery, the odor or smell can be drastically low. There are no off-gassing issues from the Mammoth mattresses that use medical grade foam.

Motion Transfer on a Mammoth Mattress

Both the types of Mammoth mattresses have excellent motion isolation on the surface that makes them ideal for partners. The use of individually pocketed coils or the special PostureCell technology on the foam mattresses offers this movement nullifying feature.

Sagging Problems in Mammoth Mattress

Any mattress would have a slight body impression formation on the surface. Regular rotation is the best way to reduce or avoid these situations. Sagging is only when these impressions are deeper than what is normal. So far, none of the Mammoth mattresses have had this problem and are safe from any sagging issues.

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The Mammoth mattress is a leading mattress brand in the UK. The brand offers luxurious mattresses that can be mildly affordable and that are very expensive. These mattresses have won the hearts by its comfort and safety features. The mattress comfort is also decent. If you are looking for a firmer mattress, Mammoth brand may not be your ideal choice. If you are looking for pressure relieving and recovery supporting mattress, this is your best choice. The only problem is that there is no trial period within which you could return the mattress in case it is not satisfactory.

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