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Brooklyn Bedding RV Mattress

4 Varieties of mattress with excellent comfort and pressure relieving features. Cooling and supportive. the best choice for Your RV

Our Choice of RV Mattress – The Best RV Mattresses

  • Plushbeds – Offers Latex options and one of the most Affordable RV Mattresses
  • Brooklyn Bedding – Easily the best RV Mattresses. Great range and easy to select based on your preference
  • Zinus Mattress – Great mattresses and one of the most affordable too.

Some of us are travelers who are on the road most of our life. Others travel once in a while. It does not matter how frequently you travel, You will always need some of the basics. Food, clothing, Sleep. Sleep. Driving more than 10 hours a day is fun but you may want to get the rest required to do it all over again tomorrow. A good RV mattress is not an option. May be you could get drunk and sleep under the RV once in a while, but thats not really a healthy option. You need a good bed. A firm surface which is hygienic, welcoming and relaxing. It should feel like home, make you feel rested to take on “Tomorrow” with your best smile again. 

RV mattresses are just like regular mattresses and should be so when it comes to comfort. You should feel no difference in comfort levels from your bed at home, in the bedroom and the bed in your RV. Most of the time this is quite hard. But try to get one which will equal in comfort. If you dont know how a bed at home feels like and have been living your entire adult life in an RV, dont worry. You may just need to look for the mattress which makes you comfortable. 

Things to consider while purchasing your RV Mattress

  1. Who is it for
  2. What comfort levels should i look for
  3. What type of mattress should i buy
  4. What size is your RV and how much height can the mattress be?

That Would be the simplest 3 options you need to keep in mind. Are you the only person using the bed or do you have a partner. How much do you and your partner weigh? What are your preferences when it comes to comfort? Do you like firm or Medium firms? Can you and your partner decide on a common comfort level? Are you allergic to memory foam or latex ? Do you have a preference between foam and latex? 

When deciding on a mattress a hundred questions need to be answered. Consider answering a long list of 100 Questions before you purchase your mattress. This may help you decide on your mattress and ensure that you don’t make a mistake and regret after the purchase.

Who is it for?

Are you the only person who uses the RV? Do you have a partner who will be traveling with you and sharing the bed? How much do you weigh and how much does your partner weigh? Are you heavy? Are you light and below 130 lbs? These factors play a major role when it comes to deciding the right mattress for your RV. A person who is heavy will need a dense mattress. Something too soft or too light will make the bed too uncomfortable. For a person who is traveling with a partner, you need to also consider the possibility of sex. You dont want to find yourself with carpet burns because your mattress was not supportive. You will need to consider the comfort of your partner too. If you and your partner agree on the firmness levels, it would be one of the first steps to take and a successful one. Most people find it hard to decide on the comfort levels even for a home mattress and this is going to be be no different when it comes to an RV Bed. 

You may also want to consider a lot of other factors. For instance, are you facing any health issues. Back pain, Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica etc. You will need a mattress which is supportive to these conditions. Purchasing a mattress for frequent travelers needs careful consideration and when it comes to health, there is no reason to be careless. If you are not one of those few who travels frequently or live in an RV, you may want to consider a mattress which is durable. You need to take weather conditions into consideration too. When you purchase a mattress for your home, the weather is more controlled. You know when its going to be hot, you know when its going to be cold and you know how to control the temperature. When purchasing an RV Bed, The weather could be unpredictable. One day you are at a beach and the next day you may be trekking somewhere cold! Your mattress may be durable for the first year or two but frequent temperature and moisture level changes can make the mattress a bit fragile. Chances of the foam breaking apart, mold and fungal growth in humid areas are all possible if your mattress is not well cared for.

Comfort Levels

Most people enjoy a soft bed, which is plush and comforting… until its not comforting anymore. Traveling has its own set of problems. Back pain is common among most people who drive for hours and continuously for days. A good mattress should be supportive and any mattress which is too soft is going to hurt your back a lot more. Consider a medium firm mattress and sometimes even a firm mattress. Firm mattresses are known to be a lot more supportive to your back and neck than the softer mattresses. They are also great for people with conditions including fibromyalgia, sciatica or spinal injuries. 

If you weight less than 130 pounds, you may need to consider a mattress which is medium firm and not too firm. Never prefer a soft mattress no matter what your weight is. 

Other considerations when it comes to comfort includes heat retention. Most memory foam mattresses are known to retain heat. If you are a person who is traveling to a hotter region and you happen to sleep in a memory foam mattress without cooling gel, you are bound to wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely even with the air condition on. You mattress is required to keep you cool as a matter of fact, your mattress should be a degree cooler than your body temperature to ensure longer, deeper sleep. If the mattress is colder or hotter, chances are , you will end up with disturbed sleep, waking up frequently. For an RV owner, nothing can be worse than bad sleep. If you had to drive 8 hours without proper sleep, chances are you are not going to be in your best self. Chances of accidents increase and if that doesn’t happen, you will have to face a foul mood the entire next day.

Some other factors to consider which aren’t as important as firmness and cooling include edge support, motion isolation, Contouring and ease of movement, and the quality of the material itself. Most memory foam mattresses are poor when it comes to edge support, unless there is a dedicated edge perimeter layer, Which again is very rare. But if you can get a hybrid mattress , chances are you will find better edge support than all foam or all latex mattresses. Motion isolation is usually a given when it comes to memory foam mattress and its not of concern if you are the only person using the bed. But if you are sharing the bed with your partner, you may need to take motion isolation into careful consideration. Contouring and ability to move around in a mattress is important for couples and people who suffer from conditions. Contouring is the ability of the mattress to mould itself to the shape of your body. This factor directly indicates how supportive your mattress is. While some mattresses are found to be excellent when it comes to factors of contouring it fares really bad when it comes to responsiveness, or ability to retain its original shape immediately after the person move. This one factor makes moving in a bed which conforms well a painful endeavour. A mattress need to be conforming and also easy to move around, be responsive. Latex mattresses fare a lot better than most memory foam mattresses when it comes to both these factors.

What types of mattress should I buy for an RV?

When you look at RV mattresses, there are Memory foam and latex mattresses which are the most preferred, You may find a Hybrid and sometimes an air mattress which may suit your requirement but both these mattresses are rare and don’t really go well with RV’s according to RV Experts.

When it comes to RV Mattresses its usually the Memory foam mattress with cooling the choice among most RV owners. They are cool, Conforming, and most often come with custom size options. They may not be as responsive as the Latex mattresses but they are cheaper and easier to come by. Unfortunately, Memory Foam RV Mattresses are not really as good as a Latex RV Mattresses. From durability, responsiveness and cooling, the Latex RV mattress usually fares a point or two better than most Memory foam mattresses. Also , Latex mattresses are found to be more denser with lesser profile, a feature which is quite often a requirement for most rv owners. 

In most cases its not the Type of mattress that is important but all the other factors like Comfort and durability which helps make purchase decisions. As long as you are not allergic to Memory foam or Latex, The type of the mattress and what goes inside the mattress usually has very little impact. But if you looking for a mattress which is free from chemicals or want something which is organic or maybe You are allergic to latex, you may want to consider the Type of mattress. By the way, a hybrid mattress is great for back pain and has a better support but memory foam mattresses are not far behind. And yes, hybrid mattresses usually have a big profile which is not so great with most RV owners.

This does not really mean that the type of Mattress is not worth considering when purchasing a RV Mattress. It does have a key role to play and often, overlooking this one factor could be your biggest mistake.

What size should your mattress be to fit into your RV?

Your bedroom may be spacious and capable of fitting a king sized bed or even 2 of them with a lot of extra space but an RV has limited space. You need to be able to fit your mattress into this space and feel comfortable with it. This goes way beyond the length and width of the mattress and has a bit to do with the profile, or height of the mattress too. Some RV’s have limited space for sleeping areas and the height is skewed. You may be able to fit in a mattress into the space but may not be able to fit yourself into it after that. 

Before you purchase your Next RV Mattress measure. Measure first and order later. Measure everything , once and then twice. Do it right. Get the length, width, height and the space around too. Check if you are comfortable with the space, position of the mattress and the overall placement. Picture the mattress on your RV while you are inside it. If needed, get a sheet to place on the area where the mattress needs to fit. It helps you picture the mattress and how much space it will take and how much space you have around it and a lot more. 

Most RV mattress companies offer Custom sized mattresses for your RV. There are companies like zinus which don’t have a custom size but have wonderful mattresses which may fit your RV. Check out the dimension and ensure that you buy the right size. Consider the Mattress Profile at all times.

The Best RV Mattresses you could buy

Brooklyn Bedding RV Mattress

4 Varieties of mattress with excellent comfort and pressure relieving features. Cooling and supportive. the best choice for Your RV

Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn mattress has 4 options of RV mattress for you with one memory foam and 3 Hybrids

The Brooklyn Wanderlust 

The Brooklyn Wanderlust is the pure memory foam mattress which has multiple height options and a range of sizes to choose from. These mattresses cannot be custom sized. you will need to pick one of the few sizes available on the website. The mattress features a stain resistant cover and cooling gel. the wanderlust RV mattress is made in the USA and comes with a 120 night trial. The mattress is affordable priced at $149

The Brooklyn Arctic dreams hybrid and pure foam

The Brooklyn Arctic dreams come in both pure foam and hybrid options. The key features include the cooling, luxurious , stain resistant covers and the cooling gel foam. Both the options are responsive and pressure relieving. The Arctic dreams come in a single depth and cannot be changed. Custom size is not available in the arctic dream RV mattress but there are a range of sizes to choose from.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Premium Quilted top with titanflex foam. Excellent Temperature control and a inner coil mattress which offers the right amount of bounce. Great for couples but works well if you are single too. 3 levels of firmness and comes with a 120 night trial. Proudly custom made in USA. Available in 15 sizes. The Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress is one of its kind especially when it comes to people with back problems and want a comfortable sleep when they are traveling. Its cool, Supportive and comforting. Perfect mattress for RV

The Brooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid comes with Copperflex. Its pressure relieving and antimicrobial. No allergies and prevents most problems related to bacteria and germs in the mattress. Copper is known to be therapeutic. The Titancool technology keeps the aurora mattress cool, always maintaining a good temperature. Its never too hot or cold to sleep on it. Its contouring like memory foam, Responsive like a latex and the Hybrid nature provides better support for you back and joints.  The aurora is one of the few good Hybrid RV mattresses but its a bit more expensive than the other option

Plushbeds RV Mattress

Widest choice of Mattresses, from Memory foam, Latex and Luxury series. The Best Mattresses at affordable price


Plushbeds RV Mattress

Plushbeds is known for its wonderful latex mattresses and latex hybrid beds. They also make great eco friendly rv mattresses and even memory foam rv mattresses which are quite affordable. Plushbeds RV mattresses come with 100 night trials and a 20 year warranty. The Best in the industry for RV mattresses. Unfortunately, Custom sizes are not available with Plushbeds unless you contact the vendor directly and they agree to make one for your needs. The standard sizes are available and ready.

Plushbeds 8” Eco Green Natural Latex Mattress

8 inch profile is not a lot for most RV mattresses. With the Latex foam, it’s always cooler and natural and add it with an organic cotton cover and its perfect bliss. The Plush Eco Green latex mattress is supportive and pressure relieving. Its free from allergens and a perfect addition to your RV. 

Plushbeds 6” Original RV mattress.

The most affordable RV mattress from Plushbeds. Its also the starting model. The memory foam RV mattress is 6” and is perfect for most rv’s which require a smaller profile. Its supportive and pressure relieving. Being a base model, there are no special features on this mattress except for the fact that its quite affordable. The covers are stretchable and the company claims that the Original RV mattress is cool. 

8″ Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress

The Deluxe Memory foam RV mattress is dense and supportive. It has stretchable bamboo covers and the mattress itself is quite firm and pressure relieving. The mattress is guaranteed not to sink in or sag after constant use. Dense mattresses are known to be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but softens up a lot after a few days of use. The Deluxe memory foam mattress is 8 inches thick and is cool.

8″ Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

The Cool Gel Bliss Memory foam RV mattress is one step ahead of the deluxe foam mattress. The Bliss Gel mattress is cooler, supportive, dense and pressure relieving. Its known to withstand most people’s weight and is comfortable to sleep on. You can be sure that the mattress will not sag. With the 20 Year warranty and a 120 night trial, the mattress works great for most people. The Plushbeds mattresses are manufactured in the USA

Zinus RV Mattress
  • 100 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Range of Hybrid, Foam and Gel Foam


Zinus Mattress

The Zinus Mattress does not have a mattress specifically designed for RV’s But most of their mattresses are perfect for RVs and can be set up easily on one. The mattress is exactly the same if you had to buy one for your home. Which means it has all the features including cooling, Excellent covers and the material. There is no difference at all from the mattress you buy for your home or RV. This is great for people who already love the Zinus mattresses and have tried one for their home. The Zinus mattresses are known to be one of the most affordable mattresses and setting it up on an RV is just cost effective .