Saatva Mattress

When you lie down on your comfortable mattress that gives support and rest to your body, you feel relaxed and are able to doze off easily. Sleep is like the ship that takes you away from the shores of stress and chaos.

‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything’ – How does Saatva practice these facts? The Saatva reviews will make you realize that it is the best mattress for a good and long sleep.
When was the last time that you had a great good night’s sleep? Don’t remember? Don’t worry. That is the case with most of the people these days. The chaos that surrounds you the whole day, the stress, the tension, everything affects your physical and mental state, but at night if you have a good mattress that can offer you good sleep, then the next morning you get up with enough fuel (energy) in your body, that will give you the kick to handle the rest of the day’s issues efficiently. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates you and helps your mind to be in a state of balance. But then for a good night’s sleep, the main ingredient is a good mattress, without which a good night’s sleep is something that you can only just dream of. In the market today, you will find innumerable types of mattresses, but the one with quality and affordability are rare. So, when it comes to the best mattress for good sleep, what can be the option better that Saatva mattresses? Saatva, not by its words but, by its actions showed that high-quality mattresses can be made at a low price.

When you lie down on your comfortable mattress that gives support and rest to your body, you just feel relaxed and are able to doze off easily. Sleep is like the ship that takes you away from the shores of stress and chaos. Saatva has created its mattress in a way that it offers a luxurious experience and a great night sleep making the user fall in love with it.

What makes Saatva the best mattress for good sleep? It is its efficiency in providing a sleep experience that is so high in comfort and rest that it awakes the sleeping energy of the user!

The best features of Saatva

  • The coil-on-coil structure: The coil-on-coil structure which consists of a base wherein hourglass-shaped coils are connected together to create a base and on top of that individually pocketed coils are placed. This is an innerspring mattress design that you will find in only luxury hotel beds. The steel used is oven baked (recycled).
  • The bio-based foam: As a part of Saatva’s green initiative, it uses only bio-based foam in its mattresses. The foam is certified by CertiPur as safe and consisting of low VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). The bio-based foam is not infused with any type of chemicals.
  • The smooth cotton cover: The materials of the mattress is covered with a cotton cover. The cotton used is 100% organic and is prepared using hypoallergenic fiber. So the problem of allergies will not be faced with Saatva mattresses.
  • Natural fire retardant: the fire retardant used in the mattress is ‘natural thistle barrier’. The fire retardant mainly consists of pulp from wood and a small amount of polyester.
  • Free of chemicals: Saatva wants its product to be safe for use for its customers and it does not want its mattress to be a cause of health trouble. So, it does not use chemicals in its mattresses.
  • High in comfort: The individual pocketed coils with and the seasoning of foam encasement is a perfect combination that can offer your body with great comfort and rest. The mattress easily changes its shape to support the body’s shape. When the mattress molds easily to the body’s shape, the body’s pressure points get relief and this characteristic of the mattress also helps the body to maintains its alignment.

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  • Patented Spinal Zone technology: The Spinal Zone technology used in the mattress makes the mattress perfect for back problems. The spinal region in the mattress that is the area on the mattress where the spinal part of the body rests is made more supportive and comfortable so that the user gets proper spinal support and the spinal region does not get pressurized. Improper alignment of the spinal region can cause severe lower back pain and may prove dangerous in the long run.
  • Breathable: The mattress is constructed in a way that air can easily travel inside the mattress. A breathable mattress is a live mattress! Proper air ventilation inside the mattress protects the mattress from the night perspiration. A damp mattress can be very uncomfortable to sleep on and will affect the quality of sleep. And moreover, dampness invites molds and fungii.
  • Low in price: Saatva offers its mattresses at the best possible lowest price. It offers its luxurious queen size mattress at just $899, whereas if you search for such excellent quality mattress with such a wonderful design it will easily exceed $2000.

With Saatva mattresses you can be sure that your sleeping hours will be restful and comfortable. Great in feel, design, and price, Saatva mattresses are the best mattresses for good sleep, no doubts.

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