Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress” is highly popular for the durability and materials included, worth at giving the great comfort or feel. The foam added offers good pressure relief and the needed bounce without any discomfort. Read here!

Banner Mattress is a brand name that manufactures ready made mattresses using high quality materials, and latest technology. These mattresses are available at a reasonable price and the sizes are available in a range of twin to king size mattresses. Banner Mattresses are available online and also operates from local shops. The Banner Mattress Company sells mattresses from other brands like Sealy, Serta, Scorziell also.

The peculiarity of Banner Mattress is that they offer custom mattresses to customers, in the way you want them in size, shape and also in the material. Being in this business from the 1920s, this brand has maintained its name and quality from the Southern California base.

  • Banner Mattress is available in two types, the basic and economical banner value collection, and Nuzone collection. The basic value collection is available in firm foam, euro top, pillow top etc. They are extra firm with steel edges and high density foam covered edges. They are soft and durable as well. The NuZone collection has three comfort zones of personalized, body comfort and the support. These mattresses are made with high density foam edges and foam padding on the top.
  • The memory foam in Banner Mattress responds to the body type and adjusts to accommodate. It exerts the right pressure at the right points, making it a orthopedic mattress.
  • Banner Mattress can prevent transfer of motion while a partner joins the bed. The coils inside the mattress are individually wrapped to allow support and comfort to be distributed evenly.

Additional Features

  • Banner Mattress also has ventilated edges to cool off the mattress and do not allow the heat to build up.
  • Banner Mattress has a 60-night comfort guarantee. The mattresses may be returned within 60 days or rather, nights, for a replacement with a brand new one for more comfort.
  • Banner Mattress is confident in offering a 10% money return if you happen to find a cheaper mattress if the same size with all the comforts that offer.
  • Banner Mattress relieves you of the extra money spent on the middle man. You can purchase the mattress directly from the manufacturer and save money on that also.

The Banner Mattress comes in all the sizes ranging between the twin and king size. The size and its dimensions are given below. The given sizes are the width and length respectively for each type.

credits: raphapinta.blogspot.com

credits: raphapinta.blogspot.com

Twin 38” x 74”

Full size 53” x 74”

Queen size 60” x 80”

California king 72” x 84”

Eastern King 76” x 80”

The Eastern King mattress would almost look like a square mattress and the Californian king size will be lengthier. The other sizes are the standard sizes.

There are 4 popular models for Banner Mattress; they are  Vale, NuZone, Deluxe and memory foam varieties. Each category of mattresses from banner Mattress has the firm, pillow top, or plush options.

Banner Value firm is the entry level mattresses from banner Mattress. They are great for the back support with firmness and yet comfortable to sleep on. The mattress is made on a base of 312 coils made of 13-gauge wire. It is the same gauge used in high end mattresses. The Banner value is a no-flip mattress that must be used on the same side all the time. It comes with a 5 year warranty as well.

credits: dewebsign.com

credits: dewebsign.com

Banner Value pillow top offers a pillow effect for those who sleep on it. These mattresses from Banner Mattress are also made with coils of the 13-gauge wires. This variety has extra soft support over the top layer to form a feathery deep cushion like effect. This also is a no-flip variety and with a 5 year warranty.
Banner Value Plush, as the name suggest, is simply plush than the basic mattress. Made with the same number of coils, 312 made of 13-gauge wire, individually covered with foam for firmness and support. The top is made plush with high density foam. The edges also have a solid support to avoid sagging and make full use of the top surface. This Banner value plush is also eligible for the 5 year warranty.

Banner Mattress NuZone firm is the basic of the NuZone mattresses. The NuZone is an innovative, tri-zoned coil system that offers separate support system for three zones, the top/head zone, middle zone and the bottom/leg zone. The coils are spread in such a way that the weight is supported as needed, instead of making an even distribution. The coils are topped with a layer of high density foam for comfort. The edges are also foam encased for extra support, stability, and durability. These types of mattresses from Banner Mattress have 10 year warranty.

Banner Mattress NuZone Pillow top mattresses are made with 6 turn tri-zone coil system made of the 13 gauge wires. This coil system is well supported by the comfort foam for optimal back support. The coil system is topped by layers of comfortable foam. At the top is a layer of the soft quilt like foam for firmer look and added comfort. The stability of the edges is also taken care of and the sleeping surface can be used to the fullest. The mattresses of this type have a warranty period of 10 years.

Banner Mattress NuZone Plush is made with three distinct zones for the proper comfort. The coil system is well encased and is topped with high density foam padding. The edges of the mattresses are foam encased for its stability. The sides of the mattress stay firm making full use of the top surface. One may avail the 10 year warranty if the comfort is not up to the mark.

Banner Mattress deluxe pillow top has a deep cushioned surface to sleep on. The mattresses are softer with all the luxurious additional layers of soft foam. The foam can still provide ample support for the back while lying down. The edges are well supported with enough foam casing. The mattresses of this type from the Banner mattress are covered by a 5 year warranty against any defects or discomfort.
Banner Mattress Deluxe plush is made with comfort foam that is contouring to the body that sleeps over it. The foam layer at the top can give form support that is evenly distributed. It is also able to prevent the weight transform.

The Banner Mattress Gel memory foam mattresses are pressure relieving tactics to conform to the body sleeping on it. It provides personalized support and extra comfort for a peaceful sleeping. The heat is not allowed to build up but is encouraged to be pushed away. The sleep surface will remain cooler. The mattresses are eligible for a 15 year warranty. The mattresses available in this type are of 8”, 12” and 10” thick.

Banner Mattress memory foam mattresses are made with just simple memory foam. The mattresses can provide pressure relief and also conforms to the body. It helps avoid the constant tossing and turning during night. The mattresses will have motion separation so that the person sleeping will not be disturbed by the partner who joins later. Here also, the mattresses have a 15 year warranty. The mattresses come in 8” thickness.

The Banner Mattress hybrid is made of two layers of plush memory foam that can adjust to the body weight and shape. This weight distribution is done by the individually wrapped coils in the core. It can provide support to wherever it is needed and can adjust thus so. The change foam is capable of adjusting to the body temperature and eliminates the heat throughout the sleep time. The tensel fabric at the top can act as a wick system to eliminate the heat and moisture. The firmness provided by this mattress is medium and also minimize the movements by the other person. The mattresses of this kind from Banner Mattress has a 15 year warranty. The Banner Mattress hybrid variety is available in 10”, 12” thickness as well as in 14” thickness.

All these types of mattresses are available in all the sizes offered. The mattresses can also be custom made according to the dimensions of the bed or to the very shape as well. This customization from Banner Mattress comes at a much lower price than you can get from any other brand.

  • NO cleaning agents must be used over the mattress to get rid of the dirt. Those cleaning solutions may harm the covering and fill inside the mattress. The best way to clean the mattress is vacuuming.
  • Always use a mattress protector to avoid getting it dirty.
  • Sitting at the edges of the mattresses also should be avoided.

    credits: www.oyster.com

    credits: www.oyster.com

  • The proper and suitable mattress support is also important as the other caring tips. Make sure that the support is of the right size and has the firmness to support the weight on top of it.
  • The mattress corners should not be bent at any time and one must keep the kids away from jumping on the mattress as the jumping can lessen the durability of the coils.
  • The bigger sized mattresses will need a base that has support on all four sides and also in the middle of the part. A metal bed frame would be preferable for them.

There are a number of customer reviews available at Yelp.com. Almost all customers were very happy with the salespeople and their thorough knowledge about the products. They very very helpful in choosing the right product in the preferred budget. Banner Mattresses give a 120 day trial period where there is no money back, but the mattress can be exchanged for another one.

There are a few customers who found the mattresses sinking after some time and found the springs squeaky. They were also annoyed with the warranty conditions. One had to pay extra $50 for warranty inspection. Another customer was asked to pay $120 delivery charges to get his mattress exchanged.

Overall the customer satisfaction rate was very high for Banner mattresses and from the numerous reviews available, customers found the salespeople to be highly knowledgeable, professional and helpful.

Where can I find the shop locations of Banner Mattress?

The shop locations of Banner Matttress are seen in Apple valley, Cathedral City, Chino, Corona, Hemet, La Quinta, Moreno Valley-Riverside, Palm Desert, Murrieta, San Bernadino etc.

Are the body impressions bothering you?

The body impressions are quite natural and those of 1- 1 ½ inches should be considered without worry. Remember to rotate the mattress regularly, shifting the head and leg regions to avoid deeper impressions.

What are the pick-up timings at shops?

The pick-up timings are from 10am to 4 pm on week days and 10 am to 3 pm on weekends. The pick-up is done at the warehouse at Colton, CA or from the local shops.