Saatva has some of the Best yet Cheap  Memory Foam Mattress. Quality at cheap! Confused??!! Whether like the rate even the quality will also be poor? You might be wondering that why would a company provide a good quality product at such a lower rate? Your mind starts building up thoughts that there’s something fishy, there might be some problem with the product or the quality is not as good as it is being boasted about etc. etc.! My friends shoo away all these thoughts for SAATVA is a distinction! Like its name it provides true quality products to its customers as it believes in customer satisfaction . Want to know why saatva is providing its high quality product at a cheaper rate as compared to that of other mattresses? Read on!

Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress is all natural. Non toxic and comes with 100 Day trial. The features of the avacado mattress is quite impressive.

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Nectar Sleep Mattress

Buy Nectar Sleep Mattress. one of the few mattresses to give you a 365 Day trial period. its a best seller and they guarantee you a longer mattress life.

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Saatva is a purely on line store so the cost of setting up a physical store or giving the rent , the expense of employees salary , maintenance, utilities etc is all saved and since the store is an on line one so whatever transaction occurs it takes place directly between the customer and the manufacturer, so there’s no role of the middleman . Here again the middleman’s commission is saved! All these factors affects the cost of the product , actually the cost of the product is determined by all these factors. So when saatva is saving all these expenses it is extending this benefit to its customers as well! Saatva provides the product at a rate less all these expenses.


So now you know why saatva mattresses are cheaper. There’s one more advantage to saatva mattresses apart from being cheap they come with a 30 day free trial offer. So it is like you can use and then choose .After using it if you don’t feel comfortable or feel like it is not the right one , the chances of which are almost nill ,then you can return the product! As I said in the beginning they believe in Customer Satisfaction!

Saatva Memory foam mattresses are comfort cum Quality at affordable price!

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