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If you are in a search for a mattress that will relieve all your pressure points, that is easy to move around, and feels nothing like a typical memory foam mattress, then end up buying Wright Mattress.

Saatva is a well know name in the field of mattress manufacturing . It is very famous for its green initiative that it follows in the manufacturing of its mattresses. Green initiative is an environmental way of doing things, where it is taken care that the environment is not getting harmed or affected in a wrong way. The three main raw materials (innerspring, the cover, foam) used in the production of Saatva mattress are all Eco-friendly. The innerspring used in the mattress is created out of recycled steel. The outer cover is prepared out of organic cotton and bio-based foam is used to fill the mattress. The outcome is an organic product.

Saatva gives a lot of importance to customers satisfaction and their well being. Hence while designing their mattresses they made it a point to keep it allergy free. One of the main reasons of people having allergic reaction to mattresses is because of the irritating solutions used in the processing of the foam used in them. Saatva doesn’t uses any of the irritating solutions in the processing of its foam and the foam is also tested to check whether they meet the health,

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environmental and safety standards and then certified. The fabric of the cover is a combination of organic cotton and hypoallergenic fibers that are combined together using natural thistle barrier. The materials used in the mattress is fixed together in such a way that air can flow easily inside the mattress. This free flow of air keeps the mattress moisture free. Saatva mattresses are never kept in a warehouse, since they are prepared shortly before delivery. Thus germs and molds doesn’t grow in it, that usually get developed in products kept in warehouses. And even lot of care is taken while packing the mattresses, they are packed in such a way that nothing can enter inside except for air. So, no chances of bed-bugs.

Saatva is a pure online store. So, there is no need of a physical store set up thus reducing the carbon footprint and also the cost of the product. So, you get the quality of a luxury product at affordable price.

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