Buy Allassea Gold Mattresses With The Unique Features For The Best Price

Allassea Gold mattress is an Atlanta based mattress company that makes mattresses for all sleeping positions. There are memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses for you to choose from. It fits fine for all to get quality sleep. The unique feature is the availability of a mattress liner that can actually kill the bed bugs to keep you safe anytime, anywhere.

Allassea Gold Perfect Nite 12-Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress, Queen
The firmness of the mattress varies with the model. You can find a medium, medium firm and firm mattresses from Allassea Gold.

There are adjustable bases and other bedding accessories to choose from. You will get the Allassea Gold mattresses at the best price from Amazon and other online stores.

The price of Allassea Gold mattress ranges from $200-1000, depending on the model and size. Though the mattress is available in a few showrooms, the best price for Allassea Gold mattress is on Amazon that can also give you free shipping.

You can buy the Allassea Gold mattress from online stores of Sears, Kmart, WalMart etc and a few others as well. Interestingly, not all the models are up for sale in the online stores. Most of the models you can buy only from the showroom.

Allassea Gold Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Sleepedia gives the Allassea Gold mattress, a rating of 8.2 out of 10. The best feature of this mattress is durability and comfort. In Amazon, the general rating is in the range of 4-5 for both the mattresses as well as for its bases.

The user reviews show mixed opinions that are mostly positive if you can ignore a few comments about the lack of edge support and inflation issues for these mattresses.More Details »

Best Mattress Models From Allassea Gold Mattresses

There are 3 major types of Allassea Gold mattresses- hybrid, memory foam, and latex. Each mattress type has its unique feature. The most popular model of all is the Allassea Gold Perfect Nite 12-Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress, Queen (Also Available in King) from Amazon.

The Allassea Gold Perfect Nite 12-Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress have got 5 different layers inside the mattress.

The top layer is the gel infused cool foam that reduces the heat on the mattress surface. 2 more memory foam layers before the spring coils that make the core of this mattress follow this layer. The spring coils are open and have the protection of foam on the top, sides as well as on the bottom.

The side protection by the thicker memory foam makes this mattress stable, maintains its shape and avoids sagging issues as well. You can make full use of the mattress surface, without having to worry about falling off the mattress.

The other online available models of Allassea Gold mattress are

  • Allasea Gold Serenity 8-inch Premium memory foam mattress, King
  • Allasea Gold DreamRoyal 12-Inch Cool-tex latex mattress, Queen
  • Allassea gold DreamQuest 12-inch Ice foam gel mattress, King

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Allassea Gold Mattress Sizes

Most of the Allassea Gold mattress models are available in all the sizes like a twin, twin XL, full, queen, and the king and California king. The compatible adjustable bases are also available for each size. The mattress sizes and the bases all follow the standard measurements so that you can them with mattresses or bases from other brands as well.

The size of the 10-inch mattress would be

  • Twin XL- 79 x 37.5 – 55.1 pounds
  • Full- 75 x 53.5 inches – 57.5 pounds
  • Queen- 79 x 59.5 inches – 61.9 pounds
  • King- 79 x 75.5 inches – 76.6 pounds

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Allassea Gold Mattress Specifications

Allassea Gold mattresses use special types of memory foam, latex, and specialized support foam etc.

  • ICE foam is the special advanced medical technology foam that adjusts to the body temperature.
  • Gelution memory foam has micro gel beads infused in it that reduce the heat on the mattress. This is also effective in reducing the pressure points and minimizes the back pain.
  • ICEberg support foam allows aeration and can provide better support. The foam can also be flexible to give comfortable sleep at night.
  • ICEberg base foam is another variety for the support. It is durable and can bear weight easily on it.
  • Cool Tex is the reflexive latex foam. It is eco-friendly and cooling to reduce the heat.

The other specifications include the different thicknesses of 8, 10 and 12 inches. The 12-inch mattress is hybrid with support from the spring coils.

All the Allassea Gold mattresses have an attractive mattress cover. The hybrid mattress has these specialized non-slip beads on to the covering material that makes it easier to use it on any mattress bases.More Details »

Allassea Gold Mattresses Trial Period, Warranty And Guarantee

The Allassea Gold mattresses have got a 10-year non-pro rated warranty period against manufacturing defects.
There is no trial period for the Allassea Gold mattresses and no money back guarantee as well. You buy the mattress totally at your own risk.More Details »

Price of Allassea Gold mattresses

Allassea Gold mattresses price starts from $229 for the 8-inch memory foam mattress to $969 for the 12-inch CoolTex latex mattress King size.

A few of the mattresses are available at a discounted price from Amazon. You can also find the same at the other online stores. There also are seasonal discounts at various stores that you can take advantage of.More Details »

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Allassea Gold Mattress

Coupon codes are available for the Allassea Gold mattress that can get some savings of 20% off the mattress prices. You can avail the coupons from Details »


When you want a package of mattress and foundation, Allassea sleep systems is a one-stop destination. You get the mattress of your desired comfort level, adjustable beds or frames, and the unique bed bug killing mattress liner as well. You even have the bed frame has a covering skirt to keep the whole bedding things looking uniform and neat. Buy the Allassea Gold mattress online or go to the nearest retailers so you can try it in person.

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