Are you ready to sleep like a dead? Then it’s time to check out for the Zombie beds… Zombie beds is a premium mattress with a unique multi-layered design. The manufacturer of Zombie comes from a lineage of families which had amassed more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of mattresses. This mattress definitely falls under the affordable category with prices ranging from 250 to 900 USD. Equally, they give due priority to the comfort level offered to its users and also comes with a super-impressive 100-day trial return period. Further, keep on reading to know whether Zombie meets your expectations or not. Also, check for its Zombie bed review, durability and much more…

Zombie Beds Review
Zombie beds are certainly a contender in the luxury mattress space with their comfort and their approachable prices.

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Zombie is a perfection mattress, made by industry professionals to last longer. It is designed using the good quality materials, needed to promote a better sleep for a better health.

Zombie bed design and construction

  • Foundation – A Zombie bed is designed with four layers starting with a high-density foundation for maintaining the consistency of the support and for ensuring maximum durability.
  • Micro coils – The foundation is followed by a layer of over thousand micro coils which contours according to the body, dispersing the weight and reducing the eventual sagging and settlement of the bed.
  • Cool gel – A special layer of cool gel is designed to facilitate airflow across the mattress to relieve any pressure (if present).
  • Soft polyurethane – A top layer features the cover of high-density, soft polyurethane which gives the added comfort, flexibility and support.
  • Attractive Features Of Zombie Beds – What Makes Zombie Unique From Other Mattresses Available Online?

The contouring effect is a striking feature where it takes the shape of the placed object.

The cocktail mix design of the micro coil, the cooling gel, and the foam ensures a more-than-good comfort level.

Similarly, the design accentuates the contouring nature of the foam for added comfort. The cool gel transfers the heat across the bed which makes the bed cool while we use it.

Zombie Beds Available Models

  • Twin Model
  • Twin XL Model
  • Full Model
  • King Model
  • Queen Model
  • California King Model
  • Base – King
  • Base – Queen

Zombie Beds Materials, Safety, And Certifications

Zombie beds claim that the materials used are all from the geographical region of America. All the products used in the manufacturing of zombie beds are CertiPUR-US certified. Beds are manufactured in the USA and the orders are sent directly from the manufacturing unit itself making the turnaround timeless.

  • These beds are purely made without the use of any ozone depleters.
  • It does not include any PBDEs, TCEP, TDCPP flame retardants, mercury lead materials or heavy metals of any kinds.
  • Equally, designed without formaldehyde or phthalates and are purely regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Is Zombie Bed Good For Back Pain Problems?

Yes, Zombie is a wonderful mattress offering a single firmness level that fits all. It is considered best for both the side and back sleepers as it involves more than thousands of microcoils, which offers the excellent comfort needed. Mainly because, these coils help in dispersing the weight, reduces sagging and relives all kinds of pressure.

Odor and Smell In Zombie beds

Well, Zombie mattress is a quality bed designed using CertiPUR US foams, without the use of any harmful chemicals. So, far no complaints are launched against these mattresses. But sometimes, this new foams can emit a slight smell on arrival. Don’t worry it will get eliminated with time and won’t last for a longer time…

Zombie Beds Base And Bedding Accessories

Zombie beds also offer a base for the beds for better endurance and stability. Their prices are mentioned in the price listings stated for your reference. Besides, they also offer covers for the beds with a range of color options. Further, you may check with the concerned website for more info.

Zombie Bed Review

Zombie mattress is an excellent bed, specially made by the real mattress builders keeping everyone’s comfort in mind. The three comfort layers like high-density foundation, micro coils and a top layer of soft polyurethane are worth at offering the most needed comfort. Moreover, it’s durable, long lasting and can lead you to the best sleep you ever had. Overall it’s satisfactory in every term. But, there are only few customer testimonials available for these beds. Check out off the site for more info!

Where To Buy Zombie Mattress? – Zombie Beds For Sale Online

Getting this product is quite easy! You can get them from the Zombie’s official site at They are cheap, best selling and everything comes handy with many discounts, coupon, and promo deals.

Zombie Beds At Amazon

Currently, the bed is not available at the Amazon popular destinations. But, you can check for the Zombie bedding accessories or prefer getting into the official website for more details.

Zombie Beds Prices

  • Twin Model – $499.00
  • Twin XL Model – $550.00
  • Full Model – $699.00
  • Queen Model – $799.00
  • King Model – $899.00
  • California King Model – $950.00
  • Base – Queen: $225.00
  • Base – King: $250

Zombie Beds Discount, Coupon, & Promos

Currently, Zombi beds are offering an impressive discount of $100 with coupon code ZOMBIE100. Equally, the company also offers free shipping deals on all their orders. So, it’s best you log in with your email address for receiving all the newsletters on upcoming deals and offers. Hurry! Immediately try them off… Never miss such great deals.

Zombie Beds 100-Night Sleep Trial

The manufacturer provides a liberal 100 day trial return period for Zombie beds on a ‘no questions asked’ basis which I think is pretty cool. It gives you plenty of time to discover all the best features that the mattress offer.

Zombie Beds Shipping And Warranty

Zombie offers free shipping deals on all their orders and it would take around 6 to 10 days to deliver the mattress right to your doorstep. Similarly, when it comes to warranty, the company offers a 10 year limited warranty period on this mattress. But, it is only limited to the manufacturing defects or workmanship.

Zombie beds – Frequently asked questions

What about the order Placement on Zombie mattress?

The order for a Zombie bed can be placed through the website with a delivery time of 6-10 days. Zombie beds accept three modes of payments like PayPal, Shopify, and Klarna.

Can I use a mattress pad for this mattress?

Yes of course! You should definitely buy a mattress pad for your mattress as it helps them stay clean.

Do I need to flip my Zombie bed?

No, there’s no need at all. The mattress is constructed using the durable materials, which can last for a longer duration. But, still, you can rotate it 180 degrees every quarter or with the season as it helps in preventing the body signatures.

How long will it take for my bed to expand fully?

Usually, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for your mattress to fully expand (when taken out of the box).

I have some doubts and queries regarding these beds, So where should I contact?

For this, you can send an email at or write all your queries at the contact form provided at their site.


The refreshing design and the color combination makes it both attractive and efficient. So, with all the above info I would vote that Zombie beds can confidently boast their tagline ‘Sleep like the dead and wake like the living’…