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Zombie Mattress advertised as Sleep Like the dead, Wake like the living is probably an overkill. This is a simple, Affordable mattress which i would use in a guest room or a hostel. Its far from being a perfect mattress which you would want to sleep on over a year. With that said, the price is very very affordable. The queen size mattress costs $800 and the mattress is durable. The mattress has 4 Layers. The high density foam foundation, A micro-coil layer a gel and finally a memory foam . The covers are good but not really the best. The micro coil seems to have no purpose but for a better movement of air. It does probably help keeping the mattress cool preventing you from sleeping hot. but apart from that, this mattress is just simple and plain.

Cancellation of orders will cost you $100. Returns are to be done in 100 days and the returns require you to donate the mattress yourself to 501-C3 facility, cost incurred by you. Also the recipt of the donation has to be submitted before the trial period ends to Zombie Beds.


Pros and cons of the Zombiebeds Mattress


  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • 100 Night trial
  • Free Delivery



  • Cumbersome Return policy
  • Average product 


Why i would buy Zombie Beds

With all said and done, The Zombie bed has its own set of benefits. Its durable, Affordably priced and its not so bad when it comes to bounce and firmness. It ranks 6-7 in the firmness rating and the bounce is considerably good. 

The mattress is also good on various bases and even adjustable ones. Very few mattress companies offer a decent mattress for less than $500 and with a 10 year warranty, it would be very hard to find one. 

the design and construction of the mattress is simple, installation easy and overall just about right if you are in a tight budget.



Size and Pricing

Twin XL$550

ZombieBeds Review

Not a lot of websites have reviewed zombiebeds. The product is relatively new and priced a bit low. There are a few satisfied customers and Amazon customers seem to be notably satisfied. Overall thhough the ranking from some of the vendors are low, Zombie beds rate just below 80/100.


  • Amazon 100% 100%
  • 76% 76%
  • 78% 78%

Zombie Bed sheets, Frames, Toppers and Pillows

Zombie Beds also offers a range of accessories including pillows (one travel pillow and a normal pillow) Adjustable and Classic frames of different sizes, Bed sheets and toppers and protectors for various sized mattresses. All accessories are non refundable and not returnable.

The discount coupons are not applicable to some of the accessories. 

For a $100 Discount, use coupon code Zombie100


Zombie Bed Sheets

  • Micro fiber sheets
  • Deep pockets up to 18″ deep
  • comes in 6 Different sizes
  • Wrinkle Free