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Zenhaven Latex Mattress By Saatva – Review

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One of the Best Latex mattress in the Industry , Now By Saatva

Zenhaven mattress is an all-latex natural mattress with no toxic materials used for the making. This mattress is from the brand Saatva. This is the all natural latex only variety of mattress from this leading brand. You can buy this fair newcomer among the mattresses from various online sources. The best place to buy this mattress is directly from the manufacturer where you will get free shipping and white glove delivery service as well.

Zenhaven mattress Amazon: Zenhaven latex mattress is NOT available in Amazon.

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Zenhaven mattress reviews and ratings

Mattress Clarity rates the Zenhaven natural latex mattress a whopping 4.7 out of 5. The best features of this mattress, according to them are the quality of materials and the reputation of the mother company- Saatva. The only thing that was not up to the mark on comparison is the edge support where the mattress tends to sag slightly if not too much.

The Sleep help site also rates the Zenhaven mattress at 4.9 out of 5. The flipping option makes it all the more attractive. When you are not sure about your comfort level, you can try both the sides of this mattress or use it for 4 months before you want to return it for a refund. This has also been a major factor in the ratings and reviews.

Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress Comparison

  • Zenhaven Vs Saatva: Both Zenhaven and Saatva are made by the same company. The differences between are that the Zenhaven is 100% natural and organic materials. The Saatva mattress has only ‘some’ of the natural materials. Zenhaven is bouncier, durable and more resilient. The Zenhaven is more premium quality and heavier as well.
  • Zenhaven Vs Loom and Leaf are also from the same company. The major difference is the all natural construction of Zenhaven. The Loom and Leaf mattress is made of memory foam and the Zenhaven is latex mattress. The Zenhaven mattress weight and its durability are the other factors that differ these mattress brands. Finally, the Loom and Leaf mattress has more of the sleeping ‘in’ the feel than that is Zenhaven.
  • Zenhaven Vs Avocado: Avocado mattress is pocket coil system while Zenhacen has Talalay latex. Zenhaven is flipable mattress while the Avocado is non-flippable. Avocado uses Dunlop latex layer while Zenhaven uses only Talalay latex. Avocado mattress has got thicker comfort layers than that in Zenhaven.
  • Zenhaven Vs Plushbeds: Zenhaven has only firmness options while the Dunlop has got multiple options. Zenhaven has zoned comfort at the top layers which are lacking in the Plushbeds. Zenhaven uses only Talalay while the other brand uses Dunlop latex.
  • Zenhaven Vs Casper: The difference between Zenhaven and Casper is that the former uses only natural Talalay latex for the construction while the other uses memory foam and polyfoam. The former is more durable, heavier and bouncier. The major difference is that Zenhaven is costlier by about $1000 than the Casper mattress.
  • Zenhaven Vs Purple: Purple mattress uses hyperelastic polymer and polyfoam for the construction. Both the mattresses are highly responsive while the Zenhaven is bouncier. Purple mattress stays ahead with the motion isolation while Zenhaven scores with the 100% natural ingredients.
  • Zenhaven Vs Amerisleep: Amerisleep mattress has 5 different firmness options and is made of bio-memory foam materials. The Zenhaven is fully natural but having only 2 comfort options. Price wise, the Zenhaven is more affordable in comparison. The Zenhaven has also got better ratings for its performance than the other brand.

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Zenhaven mattress model specifications

The Zenhaven natural latex mattress is an all latex mattress with each layer in a variety of natural latex. There is only one model for this mattress.

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  • The outer layer is the quilted organic cotton cover with a 1-inch layer of New Zealand wool for fire resistance. Incise this quilting is 4 layers of latex that have a firmer layer on one side and a softer layer on the other for the flipping purpose.
  • The firmer side has 1.5” thick gentle firm comfort layer. This layer is 5-zoned for supporting the body according to their weight. It eases the pressure points effectively. Having this layer on the top makes the mattress firmer in feel.
  • On the other side of the mattress, this comfort layer is made of 1.5” thick Luxury plush that gives this mattress a softer feel.
  • In between these 2 layers, there is one firm base layer and a plush base layer that are both 3 inches in thickness. The firmer base stays next to the firmer comfort layer and the plush base layer lay close to the Luxury Plush comfort layer.
  • Having the comfort layer and base layer individually on either side makes this mattress 2-in-1 that you can flip if you don’t find the comfort level up to your requirement.
  • The open cell structure of the mattress layers makes it breathable and keeps it cool. The cotton cover absorbs the moisture and keeps it dry.
  • The latex foam is body conforming and feels very comfortable. The elasticity of the latex and the natural bounce gives it a soft-to-touch feel even for the firmer side.
  • The mattress thickness is 10 inches for all the mattresses.
  • Zenhaven mattress weight varies with the size and ranges from 80-165 lbs. The twin- 80 lbs, Twin XL- 822 lbs, full- 100 lbs, queen-125 lbs, king and Cal king- 165 lbs. these mattresses are a bit on the heavier side.

Zenhaven foundation

There is the Zenhaven foundation that you can buy with the Zenhaven mattress. There are 2 options with the foundation. The foundation is made of solid wood with wooden slats. The foundation is also covered in eco-friendly foams all around with a cover made of organic cotton.

One is a normal foundation with a profile of 8.75” height. The other is a low profile foundation that is just 4.75” high. The foundation is available in all the sizes fitting for the mattress sizes.

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There is also an option for a split foundation in case your doors are smaller to carry the larger ones. The split foundation is available with the king and California king sizes. The queen size foundation is available as a standard single piece by default. If you need a split queen size foundation, you need to place a request for a fee of $35. The split foundation would be made just for you. The split option is not available for the twin and full sizes.

Linear Adjustable Base

Zenhaven offers the compatible Linear Adjustable Base with the mattress. The remote-controlled adjustable base has a few smart features for convenience and comfort.

  • It is a flowing one-piece construction.
  • There are corner retainers on the bottom part to keep the mattress in place.
  • The legs are adjustable to have a height of 6-10 inches as required.
  • The whole adjustable base is upholstered with an antimicrobial material. The color of the upholstery is neutral grey.
  • The adjustable base offers zero-G support that balances the head to foot very well.
  • There is under the bed illumination to light up during the night. You could even find a misplaced item from under the bed.
  • The base offers full body massage option or has the head massage, leg massage etc. There are 3 speeds for the massage controls.
  • The base works with the help of a remote control. It has preset settings and customizable options.
  • The base can adjust to positions convenient for reading, living or working.
  • There is wall hugging design that has the base glide towards the wall to leave no space between them. This helps to have the bedside table closer to no matter what position you are on.
  • Finally, the motor of the adjustable base works whispers quietly. It is inside a sealed case for safety purposes.
  • You will get the Linear adjustable base in all sizes from twin to Cal King. The price ranges from $1299-2499. If you want to add the frame to it, the price would be $1458-2817.

Shop Saatva’s Organic Latex mattress – Zenhaven now!


Zenhaven natural latex mattress trial period, guarantee and warranty

Trial period

The Zenhaven latex mattress comes with a 120-nights trial period. You can use the mattress for as many as 4 months before you return in case you don’t like the comfort. It is the longest trial period for any mattress brand.

The return will be taken care by the manufacturer. You may either return the mattress for a full refund or have the option to exchange the mattress. The refund excludes the delivery fee of $99.


Zenhaven natural latex mattress has 20-years warranty against manufacturing defects. Any, body impressions on the mattress surface that is greater than 3/4th of an inch are covered by the warranty.

You will have the mattress replaced if it is within 1-2 years. After 2 years, the repair will be done for free but you may have to pay for the transportation ($99).

There is also the Fairness Replacement Option after 2 years where the mattress replacement can happen. With this, you may keep the original mattress and get a replacement mattress at a lower price.

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Zenhaven mattress price

The Zenhaven natural latex mattress price ranges from $1299 – $2499 from twin to Cal King sizes.

  • Twin- $1299
  • Twin XL- $1349
  • Full- $1699
  • Queen- $1899
  • King- $2499
  • Cal King- $2499

The Zenhaven natural latex mattress discount prices are applicable for military members who can get $50 off. That is also the only discount available for this mattress brand. The pricing stays the same for every year.
The Zenhaven foundation costs $250-300.

The Lineal adjustable base costs $1199-2498. There is also a bed frame available for $99.

Zenhaven mattress coupon codes and promo codes

There are Zenhaven coupons and promo codes available that can get you free shipping plus 30% off on the final price. The coupon codes are available from,,, etc. The coupon codes get you discounts of 30% to up to 70% off on the Zenhaven products.

Shop Saatva’s Organic Latex mattress – Zenhaven now!

Zenhaven latex mattress shipping and delivery

Zenhaven latex mattress shipping done for free. There are no shipping charges apply for this natural latex mattress. The mattress will be delivered for free with the white glove facility where the delivery personnel would set the mattress up for you in the desired room. All of these is done without any additional charges.
On the delivery day, you will get a call to schedule the delivery. There is a 4-hour delivery window. In case the delivery is late by any reasons, the customer will have the option for rescheduling the delivery for another day to cancel the order for a full refund.

There is nobody to receive the delivery, the shipment will be sent back and the customer could either reschedule or cancel the order. In this case, the cancellation could cost $99 for the transportation charge.

For any damaged items delivered, the customer can refuse it for a full refund, exchange it for a new mattress.

Zenhaven mattress return policy

The Zenhaven mattress return policy urges you to use the mattress for 120 nights and then decide on its fate. The return of the mattress should be done within 120 nights from the day of delivery to get the refund.

A full refund will be done for a delay in delivery, delivering wrong size mattress or damaged mattress etc. In all these cases there would be n additional charges for the customer.

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Zenhaven mattress complaints

there have been no complaints so far about the Zenhaven mattress. In fact, people are liking it very much because of its natural make and non-toxic features.

Zenhaven mattress BBB Profile: Zenhaven mattress has got A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Zenhaven factory location

There are several factories in the USA and Canada where the Zenhaven latex mattress is made. In fact, there are 19 independent factories with 145 fulfillment centers for the Zenhaven mattress.

Off-gassing in Zenhaven mattress

There is no off-gassing from the Zenhaven latex mattress. The latex used here is natural with no chemicals. There are no VOCs to worry about or petroleum products that can pollute the air either. These mattresses are completely safe for all, even for those with chemical sensitivity.

The fire barrier used here in New Zealand wool that is added as a thick padding over the mattress layers and under the mattress cover.

Shop Saatva’s Organic Latex mattress – Zenhaven now!

Is Zenhaven mattress non-toxic?

Yes, completely! The Zenhaven natural latex mattress uses only the natural latex making process to develop Talalay variety that uses no additional chemicals. It uses only the non-toxic addition for the latex formation and that is that. The mattress cover is organic cotton and the fire resistant layer is natural wool.

Is Zenhaven mattress good for back pain?

Zenhaven latex mattress is a perfect blend of bounce and support to ease the pressure points and relieve you of any kind of back pain. The top layer of the mattress has 5 different zones that mold to the body differently according to the body weight and needs. The elastic property of the Talalay can respond to the body and its sleeping positions.

Moreover, the pressure relief can improve the blood circulation that relieves the pain in the muscles and allows the cells receive more nutrients.

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Can Zenhaven mattress repel bed bugs?

Since the Zenhaven latex mattress is made of natural latex, it can repel the bed bugs and other insects effectively. The mattress can stay bug-free even there is some delay in cleaning or maintenance of the mattress. It can also hypoallergenic and breathable material. The mattress can resist dust mites and mold as well.

Environmental safety of Zenhaven mattress

There are no petroleum-based or toxic substances used in any stage of this Zenhaven latex mattress. There are no VOC producing foam, formaldehyde, heavy metals or nothing that could raise the toxicity of the air. The Zenhaven natural latex mattress is completely natural from top to bottom. There is no trace of a fire retardant chemical either.

Zenhaven mattress in stores

Zenhaven latex mattress is an online-only mattress that is NOT seen in any of the stores. There also are no outlets by the manufacturer.

Zenhaven mattress firmness analysis

Zenhaven latex mattress is available in 2 firmnesses in the same mattress. The mattress is flappable with one side giving a plush feel and the other having firm feel. On a scale of 1-10, the plush side would be rated at 4-5 and the firmer side would be between 7-8. The firm side is only slightly above the medium firmness.

Zenhaven mattress blog

The Zenhaven latex mattress blog talks about the importance of sleep and ways to achieve some quality sleep. You may find various other articles on how to clean the indoor air, mattress maintenance and anything that can be related to sleep and its environment.

Zenhaven financing

The Zenhaven offers to finance for the mattress or any purchase. The financing helps you pay the amount in 6 months time with no APR. If you fail to pay completely in 6 months an interest of 19.99% is applicable. There is also a minimal monthly payment as well.

The financing is done with the association of Klarna. You need to select the klarna at checkout. You also need to answer a few questions. The approval depends on the company.

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Zenhaven mattress customer service phone number

For any queries and complaints, you can call in the customer service center. The customer service phone number would be 1-877-517-6266. The number works 24×7 and all days of the week as well. The email id is The mailing address is
Saatva, 8 Wright Street,
Suite 108, Westport,
CT 06880

Zenhaven mattress safety and certifications

The Zenhaven latex mattress has got certifications from Confidence in Textiles and Sustainable Furnishing Council.

Confidence in Textiles certificate shows that there is no formaldehyde, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, phthalates or heavy metals in the latex. The Oeko-Tex standard for the textiles keeps up the purity of the textile used. The natural wool makes a fine barrier against fire and that is added on both the sides of the mattress.

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The Sustainable Furnishing Council certifies that the company is committed to the planet is safeguarding its environment with low carbon emission, lesser pollutants and is using sustainable sources for the mattress making.

Maintenance of Zenhaven latex mattress

For the maintenance of the Zenhaven latex mattress, it is recommended to have a mattress pad or mattress protector over the mattress to keep it safe from liquids and dirt. Washing them would be far easier than cleaning the mattress cover.

The 5-zones top layer does not require any rotating of the mattress. Yet, doing so can sustain the shape and quality of the mattress. You may rotate it every 3-6 months at best. Using another suitable mattress cover is also suggested.

Motion transfer on Zenhaven mattress

Zenhaven latex mattress is quite able to reduce the motion transfer on the mattress. The motion transfer is felt only when the sleeper is heavier on the other side of the mattress. Otherwise, the mattress remains the same and the partners can sleep undisturbed all through the night.

Sagging problems in Zenhaven mattress

The Zenhaven latex mattress does not succumb to sagging or sinkage unless the sleeper is highly heavier. Even with the heavier sleeper, the sinkage is only for a few inches. The latex material is quite capable of bouncing back to its original shape as soon as the weight is off.

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Zenhaven natural latex mattress is the best way to get connected to nature. There are no chemicals that can pollute your home environment. The natural material is naturally resistant to allergens which add to your advantage. The organic cotton cover makes it easier to block the latex and avoids any smell or odor from the mattress. If you are not too particular about the firmness of the mattress, want an all-natural mattress, looking for a durable and quality one for the back or stomach sleeper in you, Zenhaven latex mattress is the best option.

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