• Uncomfortable with the mattress smell: Loom and Leaf mattress is made with certified plant-based foam that does not allow any off-gassing. Even the cotton used for the covering is organic and coupled with natural fire retardants than using harmful chemicals. The natural thistle is used as flame retardant which is soft material and also gives a textured feel.
  • Looking for a tempurpedic mattress: If you are looking for a Tempurpedic mattress, Loom and leaf mattress is suggested better than that. The motion transfer is much lesser that the Tempurpedic mattress, in fact it is minimal or none. Where the tempurpedic mattress is too soft for feel, the Loom & Leaf stays around 6 for firmness on a scale of 10. Even for the pricing and warranty, Loom and Leaf takes the prize. While the Loom and Leaf are made with organic and natural ingredients there is no clear explanation of the materials used for the Tempurpedic mattress.
  • Loom & Leaf mattress
    Why Go for an organic mattress ? Its expensive and its probably not worth the cost. Is it even as safe as what they say? The loom & Leaf mattress removes all doubts when it comes to mattresses and organic ones in specific.

  • One who sweats at night: The medical grade gel infused memory foam keeps you and the mattress cool for longer. The cooling gel is placed in the spinal region where the body is in contact the most. The better aeration in the foam below dissipates the heat from the body and cools it faster. The gel works well on the contouring parts and look better for a memory foam mattress. The 5 pounds of memory foam is well combined with the cooling gel to give it an overall aesthetic look.
  • Switching position too often: Not everyone can keep their sleeping position the same for the entire night. I am among those who HAVE to toss and turn every now and then. The relaxed firm comfort level offered by Loom and leaf is made for people like me to have some relaxation. The firmness is somewhere in the middle as not too soft or too hard. Though it may sound as medium firm, but it is softer than that.
  • Not alone in the mattress: Loom and leaf mattress can nullify the motion transfer and suits well for a couple. It is hardly noticeable when someone is getting in or out in the middle of the night. Beware of intruders! The edge support is more than average to keep the shape and strength of the mattress for longer and makes use of the entire surface.
  • Running a tight budget: Loom and Leaf mattress price is pocket-friendly. The largest mattress costing far less than the smallest bed of other leading brands. You buy directly from the manufacturer and not a retailer that saves more money. The price is the mattress is one greater advantage it has over other mattresses.
  • Game for some risk: Loom and Leaf is a new venture from Saatva mattress. If you are game for risks, this mattress is recommended. There is hardly any negative opinion about the mattress. It also helps to have some trial period offer coming with the mattress for you to have a closer look. The return policy is comforting that allows you to have a complete refund.

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