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Wright Mattress

120 night trial
15 Year warranty
Free shipping and returns
Premium hotel mattress

Wright Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Size – W1.27 mattress is 11” tall, which matches to the US sizing standard. Competitors’ luxurious branded mattresses offer ultimate thick mattresses, more than 11” but it won’t impact or improve its performance. The different sizes with the dimensions, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness of the Wright Mattress is as under.



Twin XL








California King


Split King


Wright Mattress is a new entrant in the already crowded mattress industry. Wright Mattress has all set on to break industry’s bench marked mattresses by delivering products that are worthy to fit the most peaceful space in your homes.

Today the mattress market is flooded with a number of brands – all claiming to offer the best bed-in-a-box. But in actual this overcrowded market had made mattress buying a strenuous process. In actual it should be easy, relaxing and encouraging process but in contrast, it is confusing, stressful and intensely irritating. One mattress retailer would be selling several varieties of soft, plush mattresses under the same brand but with unique style names. To help you free from all these fuss, Dan Hauber had founded Wright Bedding, the world’s most comfortable mattress. Wright Mattress offers just one perfect mattress in different sizes and a minimal range of elegant bedding to help you sleep easy. Here in this article, I had included everything you need to know about Wright Mattress and so that you can know why it is the most comfortable mattress ever made.

After two years of diligent product testing, and 26 prototypes, Wright struck perfection with its 27th iteration and launched its signature creation W1.27 mattress. W1.27 mattress is just one perfect mattress in different sizes offered by Wright bedding. The W1.27 is a supportive, yet cushy four layers medium-firm memory foam mattress which offers an optimal balance between comfort and support. Its minimal range of well-made bedding includes duvet covers and pillow shams designed by Brooklyn-based painter and textile designer Caroline Z Hurley. Additionally, Wright also retails 100% white duck down 400 count Supima cotton shell pillow and comforter.

After reading all the reviews regarding Wright mattress, I decided to give it a try since it sounded like the perfect mattress for me.! I was looking into a memory foam Tempurpedic mattress but was not convinced that it was worth twice the price of Wright mattress. I was impressed when I called the customer care for some questions that wasn’t on the FAQ on the website. Dan answered all my questions patiently. I ordered right away through Dan and the team came to set up the mattress either day later. I have only 2 weeks but after airing it out for a day, I have been sleeping much better than my 10-year-old Beautyrest.


The comfort of the mattress is good. The cover does not fit well so not sure about that. We will see. Does it continue to expand? Have had it for 5 days now.

Jeffrey C

I never knew that sleep could be so restful. The bed is so soft yet supportive. Perfect for a side sleeper like me. Installation is easy. I look forward to going to bed more than ever before.

Brett T

Wright mattress may be the choice for those who are looking for a luxury mattress. It has all the traits of a great mattress to provide wonderful sleep. the Covers are thin enough to not trap heat, the mattress is firm, yet soft, A features which is preferred by side sleepers and the memory foam is very breathable. Overall, The Wright mattress is reviewed to have a rating of 8.5 out of 10 and is clearly one of the best sellers and the best mattress.

Wright Mattress Specs

The W1.27 contains four layers of Certi-PUR certified foam. Its top layer is 1.5” of 5 lb density viscoelastic memory foam, infused with heat wicking 8 IFD alumina gel particles. The base layer is 6” of 2.4 lb density base foam, with an IFD rating of 32. The middle layers 3.5″ are made of heat responsive open cell memory foam with a perfect balance of densities and airflows.

Wright Mattress is a quality product with several unique features which makes it unique from its competition.

  • Perfect Balance – Wright Mattress is marvelously comfortable, yet largely supportive to provide entire body alignment all night long.
  • Well designed – Its top layer is precisely placed to lie flat and also the fabrics are optimally positioned so that sheets stay tucked at the corners but lay smooth across the top.
  • Breathe Easy – It utilizes proprietary quilt fabric which provides an extra layer of softness. Its textured surface creates air channels between the mattress and sheets offering it greater breathability.
  • Verified foam – Not all foam created are the best, but Wright Mattress uses only Certi-Pur verified foam supplied by the world’s best suppliers that are guaranteed for 15 years.
  • Safe and Natural Material – Wright Mattress contains natural fire-resistant fibers in the custom fire protective layer and no chemical fire retardants included.
  • Maintain Its Cool – Unlike other foam mattresses which traps heat, Wright mattress’s breathable open-cell foam is contained with heat wicking gel particles, with breathable corner panels that improves airflow throughout your bed
  • Zipper At The Top – Its top is removable for easier cleaning, with a zipper carefully placed at the foot of the bed where it won’t hurt your head.
  • Doorstep Delivery – Wright ships mattress straight to your door, anywhere in the US and Canada, as per your convenient time within two days.
  • Free Installation – Wright arranges to deliver as well install your new mattress and help you get rid of your old mattress if you don’t require it.
  • Free Trial – It gives you full 120 days as trial. If you’re not satisfied for whatsoever reason, return or exchange the product without paying any shipping costs. Both ways shipping costs are incurred by Wright.
  • Made In The USA – All Wright products are built in the US, using only American-made material and components.
  • Sleep Trouble-free – Wright is committed to building great beds and a trusted brand so all its products are made with integrity in the US, and are backed by a guarantee for 15 years. You will be happy to know that all returns are either recycled or donated to charity.

Wright Mattress Comparison

Wright Mattress compares itself to some of the best mattresses in the industry. They include puffy mattress, WinkBeds, Saatva Mattresses, Loom & Leaf mattress, and Tuft & Needle. All these mattresses are almost of the same quality and price. There are small differences but for most people, one look wouldn’t be enough to differentiate. What makes wright mattress different from all these other mattresses is the service and the trial period. they have excellent customer services and a wider chain of dealers and retailers. Unlike some of the new mattress vendors who only sell online, Wright mattress has a Showroom in Los Angeles. this adds credibility to buyers and also a great way to try out their product at the store.

Wright bedding had made the best memory foam mattress on the market. It has no near competitors to match their product. Its W1.27 mattress provides incomparable balance which makes it supremely comfortable to lie on and offers improved body support when compared to other products. Like any memory foam products, Wright mattress has minimal motion transfer which means your sleep won’t get disturbed when your partner sleeping next to you changes sides.

Wright mattress has set itself apart from the competitors by delivering true luxury. It is the highest price bed-in-a-box, but its quality materials, service, and other stuff justifies the price and makes it matchless to any traditional mattress brands with similar specs. Wright Mattress offers 120-day trial whereas most other products give only 100 use. Wright Mattress comes with 15-year warranty and many other products are backed by a standard 10-year warranty.

When you buy a Wright mattress, all you complications after placing an order of your preferred size is taken over by its dedicated team. They arrange for free convenient doorstep delivery, free installation and removal of old mattress if it is not required by you. Within days they make you enjoy a restful sleep in your new bed which no known company does for its customers.


  • Great design and branding – Without any doubt, Wright brand and mattress cover have a classy look than most of its bed-in-a-box competitors.
  • Quality durable materials – Looking at its carefully selected quality material and components, Wright mattress is expected to last for quite a long duration.
  • Best memory foam – Wright has certainly utilized top-end memory foam, offering the most required comfort and support from a mattress.
  • Very comfortable – Wright is 11” tall and has four layers foam to offer you the most restful sleep possible.
  • Little motion transfer – This Memory foam mattress had outperformed other mattresses in the motion transfer test.
  • Very Soft Top Layer – Wright mattress’s top layer is very soft to touch providing matchless feeling of weightlessness.
  • Prevent heat trapping – Heat-wicking particles in top layers, cross-hatching and ventilated side vents improve breathability and air circulation to keep it cool.
  • Balanced Mattress – Wright Mattress is set to provide an excellent balance of support and softness.


  • Not great edge support – Same as many other memory foam mattresses, Wright does not have the best edge support. If you cling to the edge of the bed while sleeping, you may feel like a falling-off bed.
  • Expensive – Wright Mattress is more expensive than its several bed-in-a-box competitors. But, looking at its specs, quality, durability, service, etc., paying a bit more is worthy.

Wright Mattress

120 night trial
15 Year warranty
Free shipping and returns
Premium hotel mattress

How is Wright Mattress Made

Wright Bedding offers just one best mattress called W1.27 and other bedding stuff includes pillows and comforters made with 100% White Duck Down. W1.27 mattress is made in Coweta County, Georgia wherein the foam utilized in it is poured and cut on-site and fabrics woven in Rockingham County, North Carolina. Its 100% White Duck Down pillows and comforters features a 400 thread count Supima cotton shell and are sourced from the Great Lakes region in the US. The pillows and duvets are filled and finished using the locally sourced material in Southern Ohio. Let’s have some more details on all Wright products.

The core of Wright products is Wright 1.27 mattress (W1.27) which is made using 100% ventilated viscoelastic memory foam. Every