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Winkbed mattresses and Sapira mattresses are both relatively new, start-up brands. While the Winkbeds mattress is a separate company, Sapira happens to be a branch of the Leesa mattress.

Both these mattresses are hybrid mattresses so it is easier for you to have a look at their comparison and see if this is what you really looking for. These mattresses have more similarity with each other than with any other brands. One could easily call them the same mattresses unless you are aware of the actual construction of them.

Winkbed Vs Sapira- The Similarities

  • Winkbed mattress and Sapira mattress are both luxury mattresses that are meant to last longer.
  • They could very well be the onetime investment that you would make for a mattress.
  • The hybrid mattresses use coil system and memory foam in layers for the making. Both the mattress types have foam encased coil system for the extra support and responsiveness. The Winkbed mattress has an extra layer of naked coils as well.
  • Both these mattresses are made with strong edge binding with thick foam, allowing you to take full advantage of the sleep surface. It also improves the longevity of the mattresses.
  • These mattresses are a classic blend of aesthetic and modernity with all the features that makes a mattress looking cool and feel cooler.
  • Finally, these mattresses really allow you to sleep on the mattress and are not feathery mattress. They have enough firmness but at the same time be a comfortable platform for support and sleep.
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Winkbed mattress Features

Winkbeds mattresses are well balanced with the high quality memory foam for comfort and support with the goodness of the 2 layers of coil systems. The 2 coil systems complement each other very well and make the heart and core of these mattresses. The coil layers have protection on all sides from the memory foam.

First layer

The topmost layer of Winkbed mattress is Euro pillow top made with 2 inches of Hypersoft foam and gel. This gel layer keeps the mattress surface cooler and helps in the heat dissipation. The foam used here is highly responsive and contours to the body shape. This breathing layer can maintain its shape and lasts long.

Second layer

Foam encased coil is the second layer. The coils are 2.5 inches in height. The coils are all individually cased to reduce the motion transfer. It also maintains the shape of the top layers. The coils encourage free air flow to reduce the moisture and heat on the mattress. It is great aid in relieving pressure. It makes the mattress surface flexible.

Third or side Layer

The third layer is in fact on the sides. This is the edge supporting layer made of high density foam. This foam layer covers the second layer of coil system from the sides. The thickness of this layer is 4inches and the height is about 9 inches. The edge support is for those who sleep on the edge of the mattress. You will also be able to sit on the very edge without damaging or sagging of the mattress.

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Fourth layer

The fourth layer is the second layer of the coil system. Here, the coils are not encased but are naked, except for the cotton mesh. These tempered steel coils come right under the upper coil layer providing the ideal support and weight distribution from above. It makes the mattress ideal for heavier persons who need the extra support from the mattress to help them sleep ON the mattress. The cotton mesh surrounding the coils reduces the noise.

Bottom layer

There is also the bottom layer that keeps everything on the top intact. The bottom layer is the 2 inch thick memory foam that is high density and meant for support. This layer is also the foundation of the mattress and keeps up the shape.

To top it all, the Winkbed mattress is covered with an eco-friendly Tencel fiber cover. This fiber is taken from Eucalyptus tree. The polka dot blue cover that runs along the top side gives it an aesthetic look with the cover bring white in contrast. The overall thickness of the Winkbeds mattress is 15 inches.


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Sapira mattress Features

Sapira mattress has 5 layers that is mostly varieties of memory foam and a layer of the Quantum core pocket coil system.

  • First layer is the Cooling Avena foam. This foam layer keeps the mattress cool by allowing air flow to make the night cooler with no hot pockets on the surface. This layer is bouncy enough to allow smooth movements of the sleeper.
  • Second layer is the contouring memory foam. This is the pressure relieving memory foam layer that is less denser than the top layer. This contours to the body shape and weight. It can also retreat easily maintaining the shape without any sagging or dents.
  • Third layer is the 1 inch thick core support foam base. This foam layer has higher density and makes a barrier layer between the coil and the top layers. It is also the stabilizer between these layers.
  • Fourth layer is the 6 inches high Quantum core pocket coil system. The tempered coils are individually pocketed. The coils are densely packed to get support to every inch on the mattress top. The coil system gets its support from top and bottom by the high density support foam.
  • Fifth layer is once again the 1 inch thick layer of core support foam base. This acts as support for the coil and also acts as the foundation of the mattress. There is also the edge support foam running all along.

The overall height of Sapira mattress is 11 inches. The moion transfer and comfort of the mattress are tested and verified. It is excellent for partners and heavier persons. The combination of memory and coil system gets the right balance of support and bounciness.