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Sleep is a vital part of our life. We cannot think of a day without sleep. Hence, sleep is called as a golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. Choosing a right mattress for a good sleep is an important matter of concern. Many studies have been made on this factor. Showing how mattress is correlated to sleep quality, pain, and day time function. Most people suffer from health issues like pain in the neck, shoulder, back etc. Usually, we find it difficult to get adapted to a new bed when we are away from our home. We miss our personal bed very much. Kids are the one who finds such conditions very troublesome and began to cry.

Distinguishing the present from the earlier mattresses

There are different kinds of mattress available in the market nowadays. But the question is how to opt for the best one. Will it last for a longer term? Usually now it’s seen that mattress has a life span of hardly 8- 10 years depending upon the maintenance. A proper mattress is the one which maintains the hip position in an alignment. Earlier times had no modernization. Our grandparents used to sleep on mattress made of steel springs which can hold the hips in a right position. Such mattress offers good health and greater life span of nearly 25 years.

Importance of mattresses

It’s always better to sleep on a mattress which is not too hard and too soft. A firm mattress affects the areas of pressure points and aids in misalignment of the body. The soft one allows you to sink into bed leading to a bad posture during sleep. Back injuries are the most reported cases characterized by muscular and nerve problems. Such patients go for pain killers and other medications. These patients are advised to go for right sleeping patterns by the doctors. It’s difficult when you wake up with a pain and suffer for the whole day. Unable to concentrate on your days work.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress” made using pressure relieving foam is softer than expected. Why? Because it serves the purpose of sleeping cool with the gel-infused foam layer, worth of offering air flow and breathability.

Toxic chemicals commonly used in mattresses

Even the modern mattresses are made with the use of flame-retardant chemicals like boric acid, antimony, Formaldehyde etc. Such chemicals are mainly toxic and carcinogenic which interferes with our respiratory system. This is a major matter of worry. Since, bed is a place where we spent most of our time (around 8-10 hrs) sleeping. This might be a cause of sleeping disorders like insomnia, affecting the hormones causing pains in the joints and muscles. This is hazardous to the growing children. PBDE is another toxic chemical which were used in U.S mattresses to make it highly flame retardant. In order, to protect them from catching fire. Polybrominated diphenyl ether when inhaled results in reproductive and brain damage, low sperm count, problems associated with thyroid.

What can be trusted?

Memory foam – is it worth it or bad?

Many people say that memory foam mattress is good for sleeping. Since Memory–foam mattress have a foremost layer of temperature sensitive viscoelastic material. This mattress is given prime importance acting as a reliever against back pain. Memory foam balances the warmth of the body. Focuses on areas of pressure points and promotes great comfort to the body. But some say, the same bed is responsible for back pain. So, again the same issue comes in front. Could the mattress be good or bad? What will happen if instead of good health, we are sinking into a bad condition?

Water bed – is it good or bad for back pain?

Another type of mattress is the water bed mattress which also removes pressure from the spine. Back ache results in protrusion of the discs affecting the central nervous system. Doctors prescribe this flotation treatment to be effective against back and neck problems. But again the same worry comes, which to be chosen?

Changing People’s Mindset

Even people are reluctant to throw away their mattress after several years of use and somehow try to sacrifice by sleeping on the same mattress for years. One has spent a lot of dollars on the same. So it’s difficult for them to buy a new one. But this way we are damaging our health and end up with a bad neck and back. It’s not wrong to say that a mattress, which  we consider simple has a key role in moulding or ruining our lives.