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Why You shouldn’t Flip Your Bear Mattress but we recommend that you Rotate it!

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The construction of a mattress is key to its features and benefits, which include comfort. Traditionally, Mattresses were made by filling in cotton or wool into a thick cover and packed to provide comfort. Unfortunately, these mattresses were not state of the art and those days of cotton mattresses are over.

Today Mattresses have evolved and each mattress has something specific about its construction. Some mattresses are designed to help people with mains and aches, while others are crafted for excellent comfort. Hotel mattresses are so well crafted that they feel soft, yet sturdy and firm providing you the much-needed rest and comfort

The bear mattress is crafted for comfort and support. The design involves a firm base and a softer top with multiple layers in between depending on the type and model of your mattress. The Base is key for support and retention of the shape of the mattress. Flipping your bear mattress will result in the firm Baselayer on the top. This is not the most comfortable layer to sleep on and was not designed for the same. Also when you put the soft base on a frame, chances are the frame will ruin the shape of your mattress’s softer side.

Do not flip your bear mattress. This will only render the mattress unusable. But if you intend to increase the comfort and life of your bear mattress, Rotate it. This ensures that the head area of the mattress moves to the foot and vice versa. This balances the wear and tear on the mattress and prevents the mattress from sinking in a particular area over time. 

Also switch sides with your partner if you sleep on a queen or king mattress. This will also help slow down the aging of the mattress.

Many mattress are flippable. Some of the cheaper mattresses used in motels are usually flippable. 

One of My favorite Flippable mattresses is the Layla Mattress. The Layla mattress allows two firmness levels in one mattress and is an excellent option if you are looking to buy a mattress that can be flipped or if you want a mattress with 2 firmness levels. If you are not sure about what firmness level is perfect for you, chances are you will find the Layla mattress perfect. There are other features like copper-infused foam and free from allergens which are all great for someone who is a bit inclined to look for a very healthy mattress.

While Bear mattress cannot or should not be flipped, this is one feature that does not affect the quality of the mattress. Even without flipping the mattress, your mattress is bound to last in good shape for over 4-5 years. With regularly rotating the mattress, expect another year or 2 to the life of your bear mattress and also the additional comfort. 

There is also the question of the weight of the person who sleeps on the mattress which decides how long the mattress will last in good shape. If you are 130 lbs or below, chances are your mattress will last a long time, usually 8-10 years without any problems. If you are in the heavier side and you do not rotate your mattress regularly (at least once a month or so) expect your bear mattress to sag after 4-5 years. The slow and minor sag may not be noticeable for many but could result in aches and pains apart from poor sleeping conditions.

Experts recommend that you replace your mattress in 6-8 years. If you are on the heavier side, expect to change your mattress in 6 years and not 8. 

Bear mattress in general is a great mattress. You shouldn’t worry about flipping your mattress every other month. These mattresses are so well crafted and designed to last a long time and provide you with the most comfortable sleep you deserve. 

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