Are you a crazy person for dresses, modern trends, cosmetics and everything? Then why not for mattresses. How much time do you give in choosing the right bedding’s. Just look into the mirror and answer this question. Obviously, the answer will be a sharp no… who am I to blame, even I used to do the same thing. I used to go for branded clothes and everything selective. But a big mistake was my bed. For that I suffered in the form of disruption of my spinal cord for a long period. 10 years back, I decided to go for a cheap bed costing less penny. But, the bed really played pranks on me. The result was, I had to spend a large amount of money in the hospital. In conclusion, the incident made me feel has if I have seen death near to me.


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After all Hippocrates has said “ When in the sickness look to the spine first”

We cannot think sometimes what we consider as silly becomes our enemy.

After all Hippocrates has said “ When in the sickness look to the spine first”

We cannot think sometimes what we consider as silly becomes our enemy.

Spinal cord injury

This affects our day to day regular activities. Spinal chord sends impulses from our brain to all parts of the body. Also the reverse action of sending messages from body to the brain takes place. An injury near to the neck leads to paralysis in the whole body.

Why to choose a branded mattress

  1. Happens in many cases: Mostly, we will be in search of a low cost mattress. Usually the shopkeepers take advantage of the situation. They bluff us by giving a mattress which almost costs the same amount to the expensive types.
  2. Physical components might not be good: The inner springs and the coils are the ones which give support to the body. In cheap mattresses the coil patterns might be of low quality.
  3. Low branded mattress wont support for back pain: A best mattress supports natural curves. Gives alignment to the spinal health. We cannot hope for these qualities in cheaper mattresses.
  4. Offers worst damage to the spinal region: Spinal chord is a combination of nerves and other related tissues present in the vertebrae of the spine. This vertebrae are the bones placed on top of each other making up the spine. Resulting in complete loss in mobility and sensation in the affected area.
  5. Affects pressure points: We spent our maximum time on the bed. Cheaper mattresses is bounded with thinner padding. Back pain arises due to unbalance in the areas of pressure points.

What a good mattress will offer you

  • Enhances the immune system
  • Relieves back and neck pains
  • Lowers the chances of allergy
  • Exceeding attention skills


There are different kinds of mattresses available in the market namely latex, memory foam, natural waterproof etc etc…. Some people say that foam will be the best option. While, others say that something else will be best. Whatever, the choice is up to you. But what I suggest is don’t play with your health. Bring a change until its too late.