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Why hotel Mattress are So Comfortable – Mattress Type, Firmness Levels and More

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Its no surprise that most people love their stay in hotels. Apart from the great ambience most hotels provide, its the mattress which is always of particular interest to most guests. People who just stay the night in a hotel expect a good sleep and care very little for the ambience. If the Mattress is not to the expectation of the guests, the chances of them returning to the hotel is near impossible. Hotel owners and staff know this. Its one of the key reasons why hotels invest a lot in their beds and mattresses.

Look Carefully and you will notice that the mattresses hotels use are also available online or in stores. Its not custom crafted for a specific hotel (except for a very few). Most Hotels purchase mattresses from established vendors. They test the product and purchase the product which fits the hospitality industry. 

Type of mattress

So what kind of mattresses do hotels use? Most hotels will go for a hybrid mattress . Some go for a latex hybrid while most go for a memory foam hybrid. Some hotels prefer a Double sided or Flippable mattress. These mattresses have a longer life and comfort which is not compromised. These mattresses are regularly flipped to prevent sagging. Most hotels flip their mattresses at least once in 3 months. Some hotels do flip their mattresses every month. For mattresses that are not flippable, they are rotated to ensure a balanced wear out!

Memory foam mattresses are generally not preferred in the hotel industry as it retains a lot of heat. Many guests have preferences and health issues and memory foam mattresses are prone to allergies to some. 

Latex mattress on the contrary are excellent replacement for Memory foam mattress but come at a higher price. Most hotels avoid latex mattress as they replace their mattress every 3-5 years. Memory foam Hybrid mattresses are often considered cost effective and comfortable. 

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort levels, we all believe that softer is better. In the hotel industry, its the medium and Medium firm Comfort levels that is the most preferred. Considering the fact that the guests could be of any weight category and may be side sleepers , back sleepers or stomach sleepers, the best firmness level for all these sleep positions and weight classes is the Medium or medium firm. 

Soft mattresses though may be the first thing which comes to our mind when it comes to a hotel mattress, hotels refrain from using softer mattresses as many customers find it uncomfortable to roll or move in the bed. They are also not comfortable for people who are on the heavier side or for elders . All these considerations should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress for a hotel.

Firm mattresses on the other hand are often a clear no. They are hard and not comfortable at all. Most users don’t want to feel like they are sleeping on a slab when they paid a few $100. Comfort is often crucial and hotels don’t take risks with a firm mattress

Why is it so comfortable in the Hotel

Hotels are about mattresses and good sleep but they are also about the ambience. The rooms are set to be comfortable in every way. From the right temperature to the painting on the wall in some hotels, its all carefully crafted. What is more important is the sheets , the pillows and the arrangement of the bed itself. Its not just the mattress alone which feels comfortable. Its everything which goes over and under the mattress too. From the sheets to the duvets (have you noticed there are no duvet covers but duvets are covered with sheets?) and a combination of all these that make guests feel perfectly comfortable.

Big hotels like the Marriott take extreme care in arrangements. From the bed height to the sheets and pillows everything is taken care of. The mattresses in these hotels are replaced every 3 -4 years and meet extreme quality standards.

When it comes to sheets, hotels have choices. Most hotels prefer a combination of fabric in their sheets, usually polyester and cotton. The combination allows for cooler feel with good airflow. The feel is smooth to touch and does not retain heat making your overall sleep better.

When it comes to comfort, the Sheets used in a hotel is key. The sheets in most luxury hotels are soft to touch, dont retain heat and always clean. The sheets have a specific thread count, usually between 250 and 600. These sheets are cool, permits perfect air flow and reduces heat retention. The key here is soft. Cotton by itself is soft but does not really look luxurious. A small mix of polyester makes the sheets look a lot shinier and luxurious. 

Though some hotels (usually the exorbitantly high priced ones) do have sheets up to 1000 Thread count, most will go only up to a 600 Thread count.

Mattress protection – how do hotels protect their mattresses

Mattresses in hotels are regularly used and by a lot of different people. There is sex, drinks and food involved in bed most of the time. Chances are we all worry about the safety of these mattresses. Yet, these mattresses are pretty clean. A Research shows that the worst case scenario is a staph infection (if the sheets have not been changed). How is it mattresses in hotels are so clean in spite of all the action it sees?

Mattress protectors are almost always used in hotels. The bigger hotels with expensive beds use polyurethane Covers to protect their mattresses. These covers are breathable and yet protect from stains and spills. Mattresses are usually a huge investment for hotels and high end hotels have expensive mattresses . Spills and accidents happens from time to time with a wide range of guests. While some guests have children accidents happen. Protecting a mattress with Good quality covers ensure that the guests comfort is not compromised while the mattress is not ruined either. These covers are usually a small investment compared to replacing a mattress itself. 

Brand – What brand of mattress do hotels use

While brands are the last thing which come to consideration, they are important. Mattress companies with a good history is required for warranty , fast replacement and services from time to time. Even then, the first priority is always the quality of the mattress itself. When it comes to brands, there are a few brands which stand out. To name a few, Tempurpedic, Sealy, Serta and Saatva are the most used mattresses in high end hotels.

What type of mattress do 5 Star hotels use

Here are some of the best hotels in the USA and the mattress they use.

  • Four Seasons – Saatva
  • Hilton – Serta
  • Leows Hotel – Stearns & Fosters
  • Comfort Inn – Beautyrest By Simmons
  • St . Regis – Saatva
  • Ritz Carlton – Sealy Posturepedic
  • Four Seasons Resort – Simmons
  • The Peninsula Chicago – Stearns and Fosters
  • Park Hyatt – Saatva

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