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Imagine, that someone is asking you a question that which will you  choose Duxiana mattress or Trump? What would be your answer? I bet, it would be none other than Duxiana. After all, who has time to care for Trump in the midst of heavy work!

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Duxiana Mattress Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Duxiana Mattress Reviews / Customer reviews

Can’t express in words! The overall quality of Duxiana mattress is quite high. Also, the construction is really worth and the component strategy is stunning for extra longevity. Over all, it has been given 5/5 stars by its users. Isn’t that great…

One of the best reviews says that “Oh, Duxiana. I can’t imagine a world without her. Dux beds are quite expensive, but the quality of beds is fantastic. Thus, I will give 105 stars out of 100. But, there’s no such option on the site.
What to do?”

Discount Prices On Duxiana Mattress

Duxiana Mattress Prices

How much do Duxiana mattresses cost?

Duxiana mattress prices are on the higher side.

A Duxiana 1001/ Dux 1001 mattress price will range from USD $3445 to $8500

The Dux 3003 / Duxiana 3003 mattress price is in the range $4445 to $8500

The Duxiana 6006 / Dux 6006 mattress price is between $6020 to $11,540

The Dux 8008 / Duxiana 8008 mattress price is between $7590 to $14,680

The DUX Axion 15 mattress is a dual-base adjustable bed. The DUX Axion twin mattress price is $7390 USD while the DUX Axion Queen mattress  price is $12,260.

There’s nothing wrong in paying $10,000 for a mattress like Duxiana! You’ll never regret, it’s worth the investment

Exactly, from the past few decades, Duxiana mattress has been a long – sought answer for all the sleep-deprived issues. The product has a big price tag that comes between $3,700 and $12,700.

So, it’s time to conclude that Duxiana mattress is a winner! Do you agree?

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Well, if the same question will be asked to me, I would definitely say Duxiana…

No Trump! Trump! Trump!

It is almost impossible to talk about Trump without using the word Narcissism and anger. Exactly, he is the leader of the new hate-filled draconian movement. Most of them want to know that, how could this man be on the edge of topping the republican selection led by Lincoln? Will he win? What will be the future or result of presidential election etc. etc.

My goodness Duxiana! You know, she is the complete opposite of Trump. She is very soft and calming in nature and not a rude fellow like Trump.

This is an ultimate truth and not a false notion, made by Donald trump like “a lot of erroneous things are being told about me in the speeches held at the democratic national convention.

Hey, now are you confused that who is Duxiana? Is she the third candidate who is standing in opposition to Trump, apart from Hillary Clinton?

No-no, the answer is very simple; Duxiana is the world’s best mattress with Oeko-Tex standard certificate. It is loved by everyone.

Smart People Choose Duxiana mattress!

Duxiana is a leading manufacturer of luxury sleep systems. Dux is a Swedish company, which produces premium luxurious beds with a unique spring system. Moreover, they have been using finest quality materials in beds such as Natural latex, Swedish steel and Nordic pine. Above all, this Duxiana bed is distributed internationally through the Duxiana Retail chain.

Duxiana Mattress Review

Really, it’s a vehicle for well being. It lets your body to repair, rebuild and restore by itself. Whether, you are suffering from back ache, hip or joint trouble Duxiana is always there to help you. Overall, It can give you the utmost comfort, which you are wishing for.

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Wake up happy and in perfect health with Luxi mattress that offers you amazing features at an economical price!!! Regardless of your sleeping style, Luxi mattress offers one mattress that suits the need of everyone. Definitely worth a try!!!

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Ten Best Reasons – Why You Should Buy This Bed. Enjoy The Difference!

  • It keeps your spine in line: The bed’s unique continuous coil system is capable of maintaining your shape and body movements at night. Besides, it enables your muscle to relax by increasing the rate of circulation.
  • Continuous coil Bed Spring Designs: Unbelievable! The final product consists of around 4,180 interconnected bed springs for yielding maximum pressure relief to every part of your body.
  • Proved by Karolinska Institute that Duxiana bed can provide (up to 10% more deep sleep) than other normal mattresses, available in the market.
  • Pascal: The top layer of this bed is supported by customizable cassette system. It comes in three different forms like: soft, medium and firm. Just, simply open the top area of the bed and you can arrange the cassettes according to your body shape, size and needs.
  • Customizable lumbar support: This works well for certain conditions like sports injury or pregnancy. The Dux model 818 contains two removable levers for increasing the bed’s lumbar support up to 1.5”.
  • Duxiana is a wonderful fruit of 90 years of research and development.
  • The Dux Component strategy: This is something amazing! What most of the customer look for! One can replace, renew and restore. Moreover, each element in this bed is replaceable and up gradable.
  • Includes high performance materials: The bed does not contain any harmful substances. It includes everything from high-tensile steel to the slow growth Swedish pine wood.
  • The joy of the bed that breathes: The presence of a spring system allows the air flow to be generated by the users’ movements. Also, it provides the essential ventilation that is necessary to combat odors, fungus and bacteria.
  • Last but not the least, the time tested technology. Seems good!

It’s The Duxiana Bed Line-Up Time (different types of Duxiana mattresses)

  • 3003 (single mattress bed)
  • 1001 (Dynamic two layer spring mattress)
  • 8008 (Ultimate sleep experience)
  • 6006 (Individual personal comfort zone)
  • Axion 15 (with elevation capabilities)

Duxiana Beddings and Accessories

Dux Headboards: Special creation for special people! Duxiana offers a collection of headboards to complement your Dux bed. They are available in many styles with different upholstery options like adjustable backrests for support and many more. Amazing, right?

Some of them are:

  • Faruk Headboards
  • Astoria Headboards
  • Flex Headboards
  • Quadro Headboards

Fine Linens – Highest quality goods for your bedroom, try it you’ll like it! Duxiana has a vast collection of custom made linens for creating an ideal sleep environment. Besides, there is a large selection of colors that can match any décor (by giving a perfect finishing touch to them).

Base Covers and Bed Skirts: Finest selection of luxury bed accessories, including bed skirts and base covers are available at Duxiana.

Axion Bed Skirt: This is a fitted deluxe bed skirt with slits at the corners and is available in more than 100 colors.

Allergy cover: Often, problems like sneezing, coughing and wheezing caused by allergies can ruin your good night’s sleep. But, don’t worry! Here is a magical allergy cover, which is lightweight, breathable, thinner than silk. Luxurious enough to provide a barrier through which allergens and dust mites cannot pass.

Legs: Let’s have a look, at some of the bed legs offered by Duxiana (which can be used in an existing bed frame).

  • Square Legs
  • Tapered Legs
  • Round Legs (2″ and 4″)
  • Aluminum Legs

Xupport Top pad: This is an integral part of the Dux bed for enhancing the personal feel and comfort. This Xupport pad comes in 2.5” deeply tufted latex with woven cotton cover. It’s very simple; you can simply replace the top pad without replacing the entire mattress.

In conclusion, ergonomically correct sleeping is Duxiana’s biggest selling point. So, from this moment only Duxiana, forget Trump!