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Why are latex mattresses good for fibromyalgia and the Preferred mattress type?

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One of the few problems faced by fibromyalgia patients is sleep disorders. Other problems are fatigue, Tiredness, Lack of concentration, inability to think, poor memory, headaches, migraine, depression, anxiety and pain, and stiffness all over the body. Read that again and you will notice that most of the problems, except pain and stiffness all over the body are usually the cause of poor sleep. The real problem with fibromyalgia is stiffness and pain in the body, which results in poor sleep and then creates a range of other problems because of poor sleep.

Sleep is essential for recovery. May it be from pain or stiffness in your body, sleep recovers most problems and with the right diet, things can really speed up. But if the cause for your problem is sleep itself, then you need to make all arrangements to rectify that very problem. 

For fibromyalgia patients, its important to get the best possible rest. If the possibility of a poor mattress causing sleep deprivation is even lesser than 2% , its important that you rectify it. The mattress should be changed. Medication should be considered to improve sleep. 

When it comes to mattresses, fibromyalgia patients complain about pain, inability to move, and often stiffness when they wake up. A poor mattress could cause these problems. Sleeping hot should be avoided. A mattress too soft or too firm should be avoided. The mattress is required to have the best motion isolation if you sleep with your partner. An adjustable bed should be considered if its going to help.

Let’s just look at why Latex mattresses are recommended for fibromyalgia patients and why Latex hybrid is one of the best options to be considered. Latex mattresses are expensive when compared to memory foam mattresses but latex mattresses are a lot better than foam counterparts. 

To begin with, Memory foam mattresses are usually soft, though there is a range of mattresses that come with firmer options. Memory foam mattresses retain heat too, but then there are gel alternatives that keep the mattresses cool. Memory foam mattresses are not as supportive, but then the hybrids of memory foam mattresses are excellent and are recommended for most people who are suffering from back and hip problems too. They are also medically recommended. Memory foam mattresses are never organic and are produced from synthetic material and this is on the thing which cannot be changed. 

The Latex mattresses have everything a memory foam mattress could have and a bit more. They are organic. They are free from chemicals and are a bit safer than memory foam mattresses. They sleep cool, The hybrid versions of latex mattresses are as supportive as memory foam hybrids and depending on the manufacturer, maybe even better. Latex hybrid mattresses breathe easily and are easy to maintain. They are compatible with most adjustable beds and depending on the brands, they offer a better warranty and replacement if you don’t like the mattress.

The latex mattress qualifies to be one of the best mattress types for people with fibromyalgia because they have excellent heat regulation, are supportive, and have great motion isolation. 

But before you jump into purchasing your latex mattress now, be warned. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fibromyalgia patients and mattresses. While Latex hybrids are the number one choice, it’s also important to consider firmness levels. This is where things get a bit tricky. Firmness levels are different from person to person. The most recommended firmness level for fibromyalgia is a medium-firm mattress. While most mattress companies will sell multiple firmness levels in their mattress models, the real firmness level a personal experience is based truly on their weight.

A person with a weight of 80 lbs to 100lbs may find a medium-firm mattress a bit too firm while a person in the weight range of 150-200 lbs may find the mattress labeled medium-firm a bit too soft. This is where a patient should really put the mattress to test. If you are on the lighter side of weight, it’s recommended that you purchase a softer mattress in the spectrum. If you are on the heavier side, opt for a firmer mattress. 

Mattresses tend to become a bit softer over the course of a month. This period is often referred to as a break-in period. When purchasing a mattress, prefer a mattress just a bit firmer than your comfort level. The mattress will become softer and to your liking over the course of a month. 

When purchasing a mattress for a fibromyalgia patient, ensure that the mattress can be returned in a month or two if it’s not to your liking. It doesn’t matter, where you purchase your mattress, online or right off the store,  returning the mattress in 2 months, should be possible.  Do not try to return your mattress in a week or two just because you find the mattress a bit uncomfortable. Chances are the mattress may feel a lot better in a month. If the mattress is not to your liking in a month and a half, ensure that the return process is started.

Unfortunately, if you return your mattress, it’s not just the pain of returning the mattress but enduring 30-45 days of poor sleep. 

Latex Hybrid mattresses are plenty in the market today. There is a range of brands that can be recommended. Latex for less is one of the few mattress brands which give the best mattresses online. There are others like the latex mattress factory, avocado mattress, and plush beds, which are all excellent brands and come with a  wide range of models and have great return policies. The brand in most cases are irrelevant. What matters is the comfort and the support of the mattress itself. 

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