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White Lotus mattresses are 100% natural mattresses with no use of any chemicals anywhere. The raw materials used here are cotton, wool, and natural latex. They make a natural barrier and can also regulate the body temperature. The mattresses are available at the firm or medium-firm comfort levels.

This natural mattress manufacturing happens in the USA. You can buy the White Lotus mattress directly from the manufacturer or from other online stores. You can also check out the mattresses from their showroom located in New Jersey.

The White Lotus mattresses cost from $514-4850 depending upon the mattress model and size. The price mainly depends on the model. If the mattress has no fire retardant added, the cost is most likely very high.

White Lotus mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The White Lotus mattress reviews say that the mattresses are quite comfortable and suitable for various health issues. People who have been having ill effects of spring coils are sleeping comfortably. The wool and cotton really do act as temperature regulators and works quite well for colder regions. Since the White Lotus mattresses feel a bit firmer, many are making good use of the mattress topper for the extra comfort layer.

Best Mattress Models from White Lotus mattress

There are a total of 8 models of White Lotus mattresses. Each model depends upon the material used for the mattress making. The only materials used are wool, cotton, and latex which would be in a different combination for each mattress model. The models from White Lotus mattress are,

  • Pure cotton mattresses would either have only cotton material inside the mattress or have a combination with wool as the fire retardant. There is also the variety where the boulder mattress type that has several fluffy layers inside. The pure cotton mattresses are available in 6, 7 or 8 inches in thicknesses. The sizes available are from cot mattress for children and as large as Cal king sizes. The size availability depends on the thickness of the mattress. These mattresses will have no spring coils in them. The price ranges between $1255-4006. The comfort level of these mattresses would be firm.
  • Green cotton mattresses include the prescription mattress- Green Cotton Mattress without fire retardant prescribed by physicians. The mattress uses no amount of dyes, perfumes or chemicals of any kind in its making. It is likely purer than the purest cotton which is most suitable for people with health issues. The cotton-wool combo or the Green Cotton & Wool Dreamton mattress has natural fire retardant. The same model is also available in Boulder design as well. The mattress type is available in all sizes with differing thicknesses ranging from 6-8 inches. The mattresses are medium weight in standard sizes. It is available in all the sizes. Most importantly, this is a flappable mattress at an affordable price. The price of this mattress model would be $514-1799. The mattress firmness is medium-firm with no core.
  • Cotton & latex core mattresses will have a cotton-wool-latex combo with the latex core, wool covering for fire resistance and cotton covering for the skin-friendly approach. The mattresses are either pure cotton or Green cotton. The mattresses may or may not have the wool fire retardant as well. There are mattresses which have only the cotton covering and latex core. This type would require a prescription for purchase. The mattresses are available in all sizes and thickness of 6-8 inches. The price of the mattress would be $939-4850.
  • Natural latex mattresses are natural Dunlop mattress which is just 7 inches thick. The mattress is available in twin, twin XL, double/full, queen, king and Cal king sizes. This mattress has a medium-firm feel with a slight bounce as well. The mattress is allergen free and natural. It has a wool barrier for fire retardation and a stretchable material for the cover. The price range is $700-2650. There is also a variety that has an additional mattress topper with the mattress. The features are the same except for the price. The mattress would be 7” and the topper is 3” making the whole thing 10” high.
  • Cotton & foam core mattresses use cotton, wool and natural foam made of petroleum products, vegetable oil, soy and castor oils. The mattresses may or may not have the wool as the fire barrier. The mattresses without the fire retardant are prescription mattresses. The mattress thickness is standard between 6-8 inches and is available in all standard sizes. The price depends on the components inside and ranges between $615-3987. These mattresses are firmer in feel.
  • Evergreen foam mattress is made of the eco-friendly foam. The mattresses can be 6”, 7” or 8” thick with an optional mattress topper of 3 inches thickness. The mattresses have a wrapping of wool over the foam followed by cotton on the top. The available mattress sizes are the toddler, twin, twin XL, double, queen, king, Cal King. There is also the similar foam White Lotus mattress topper that is 3 inches thick which is available with the mattress.
  • 5” Futon mattresses include most of the above-mentioned mattress models. The only difference would be that this particular type or purpose of the mattress is only 5 inches thick.
  • Children mattresses are available in crib size as well as for toddler mattress size. The mattress types available are pure cotton with wool, only pure cotton, Green cotton only and Green cotton with wool. The price of these mattresses is $232-786. The mattresses are 28” x 54” x 3.5” in size. The only difference is that the crib mattresses are firmer while the toddler mattresses are slightly softer.

White Lotus mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The White Lotus mattresses are of the standard dimensions for each size. The available sizes of all are,

  • Toddler/crib 28” x 54”
  • Twin 39” x 75”
  • Twin XL 39” x 80”
  • Full/Double 54” x 75”
  • Queen 60” x 80”
  • King 76” x 80”
  • Cal king 84” x 72”

The mattresses weigh anywhere between 70-180 lbs depending upon the make and size. The White Lotus Crib mattress weighs just 20-30 lbs.

If you need any other mattress size other than that is present, you can call the customer service at (732) 828-2111 for the custom-made mattress.

White Lotus mattress Specifications

  • All of the White Lotus mattresses use only natural raw materials inside the mattress.
  • The cotton is the covering material for all and the core for a few mattresses.
  • Wool is the by default fire barrier which is lacking in some models.
  • The mattresses without the wool barrier are prescription mattresses. This is applicable for all types of mattresses from White Lotus.
  • There are no spring coils inside the mattress and they are suitable as futon mattress as well.
  • The Cal king size of the White Lotus mattress is available only in 6” thickness for all models.
  • The Pure cotton means pure organic cotton and Green cotton is made using no chemicals or processing of any kind. Moreover Green Cotton is the cotton taken from plants grown in the USA.
  • The mattresses come with a fixed firmness which you cannot choose. The mattresses are either firm or medium-firm with a slight plush feel according to the material used. The latex mattresses are most likely the medium-firm ones.


White Lotus mattress Topper

White Lotus mattress topper is available in 6 types. The name of these toppers says it all. The toppers are either 2 inches or 4” in thickness. The latex mattresses are 3 inches thick. The thicker mattresses will have a suffix or extra to its name. The mattress toppers are available in all size. The mattress toppers are,

  • Pure cotton topper uses 3 layers inside.
  • Wool topper in Pure cotton case
  • Natural latex topper
  • Green cotton topper in cotton case
  • Evergreen foam topper
  • Wool topper in Cotton case
  • You can use these mattress toppers for the extra comfort or as a replacement of pillow top.

White Lotus mattress Bedding Accessories

The White Lotus bedding accessories include pillows, duvets, sheets, roll away guest beds etc. The guest beds and stows are pure cotton, Green cotton or wool in making. There also are cotton mattress pads from Coyuchi.

The bed sheets are cotton sateen in block colors or printed. The sheets are either fitted sheet or flat sheet. It is not a set so you have to purchase each separately. The sheets are available in all sizes.

The White Lotus duvets have wool, pure cotton or Green cotton filling inside. They are non-washable. You can also get the suitable duvet covers made of cotton twill fabric in various color options. Duvets are also available in various sizes.

White Lotus Buckwheat sleep pillows are the most popular pillow type here. The pillows are available in neckroll, travel pillows, standard, and queen and king sizes. The pillows can be with the zip or without the zip. There is also the KaPillow- Kapok contour pillow available in standard, queen and king sizes, with or without zippers.


White Lotus mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

There is no trial period for the White Lotus mattresses like the other brands. Though it has a 120-nights trial period offer, it has its own conditions. The mattress should either have a defect that you decide to return it for a refund. The other reasons could be that you are completely unsatisfied with the mattress even after the recommendations from the company via customer service before purchase. The mattress return and
The user could return the unused mattress that too within 30 days only. The used mattresses are ineligible for return. There is also no guarantee that there would be a refund. It entirely depends upon the company and the mattress condition.

The same conditions are applicable for any exchanges when needed. The return shipping is the user’s responsibility.

The White Lotus mattress warranty is for 10+ years for Pure cotton and Green cotton varieties. The latex mattresses have 15+ years of warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. The company would choose either to repair or exchange the mattress as per the company decision.

Discount Prices On White Lotus mattress

There are no discount prices applicable for the White Lotus mattresses. The mattresses are available at affordable prices but the larger mattresses do cost higher for comfort. You could use the discount coupon codes and promo codes for any discount.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For White Lotus mattress

There are White Lotus Home coupons available from popular coupon code websites. These coupons can get you discounts of 20% or the likes on the White Lotus mattresses or other products from White Lotus Home.

White Lotus mattress Shipping & Delivery

The White Lotus mattress has free shipping for all mattresses. The delivery comes with a white glove delivery and setup option if you need.

White Lotus mattress Setup & Installation

  • The White Lotus mattresses arrive in a box for easy transportation. It will be in the compressed and rolled state. Open the box and take out the mattress.
  • Carefully cut open the wrap around the mattress and place it on the suitable foundation of your choice.
  • Unroll the mattress and let it expand on its own.
  • If the mattress does not become fluffy as you want, give it a good old pat, beat or fluff up the mattress. This works for the cotton and wool mattresses. The foam and latex mattresses will have a better expansion on its own.

White Lotus mattress BBB Business Profile

White Lotus mattress has not got the BBB accreditation.

Are Bed bugs in White Lotus mattress a Possibility

NO, the White Lotus mattresses are completely immune to bed bugs, especially the ones with wool barriers. The bedbugs cannot thrive in these natural materials and you are safe from these bugs. Just make sure that you clean the sheets regularly and have a convenient mattress protector in use.

Is White Lotus mattress Non-Toxic

Yes, completely! The White Lotus mattresses use only the natural raw materials devoid of any chemicals. The mattresses especially the Green mattresses are 100% safe from all kinds of allergens and chemicals.

Are White Lotus mattresses Any Good

Yes, White Lotus mattresses are more than being good. Not all people are fond of the chemical filled mattresses. The White Lotus mattress is organic and natural with no chemicals of any kind in use. People with certain health condition would need the natural mattresses and the White Lotus Home provides just the right choice of mattress.

White Lotus mattress Firmness Analysis

  • As mentioned, the White Lotus mattresses have either medium-firm or firm comfort levels. The cotton mattresses and the eco-friendly foam mattresses are firm in feel.
  • The latex mattresses have a natural bounce from the latex layer. This would reduce the firmness and make it medium-firm in feel.
  • The crib mattresses are firm and that for the toddlers would be medium-firm.

White Lotus mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

The White Lotus mattress factory location is in New Jersey. The showroom address is
745 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Ste E, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

The store works from 10 am to 6 pm on. For visitation on Sundays and Mondays, you need to take a prior appointment.

White Lotus mattress Customer Services Phone Number

The White Lotus mattress customer service number is (732) 828-2111. The customer service works during the EST.

The fax number is 732-828-4159.

White Lotus mattress Financing

White Lotus Home does not offer financing option for their mattresses.

White Lotus mattress in Stores

White Lotus mattresses are available in several stores across the USA. It is available from UrbanGreen in New York or you can order from their website online. Affiliated stores are at California, Colorado, Gerogia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Manhattan, Chelsea, Oregon, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. You can find the address and exact location, working hours and other details from the White Lotus Home website.

White Lotus mattress Safety & Certifications

The White Lotus mattresses have GOTS certification for the cotton, Green cotton uses no chemicals at all and wool used is completely natural. Only wool is used as the fire retardant.

Motion Transfer on a White Lotus mattress

White Lotus mattresses do a very good job with motion isolation. The firm or medium-firm mattresses have more of the firmer layers than any fluffy layers. Even for the latex mattress, the wool and cotton layers can reduce the motion transfer and make the mattress ideal for partners.

Sagging Problems in White Lotus mattress

The pure cotton can compress over the period but that cannot be termed as sagging. The cotton can revive itself with some fluffing and beating. If you feel that the mattress has sagged, give it some good beating from top to bottom, or simply drop the mattress from a slight height over the foundation to let in air to make the mattress softer. The hybrid mattresses with latex or foam would not have this problem. The mattresses that are on a slated bed would be lesser prone to this than the ones on a platform bed.


When people are going natural and organic they have to change their mattresses as well. It is where they spend most of their life. The White Lotus mattresses are natural, organic and even chemical free for the extra caution. It is one of the kinds of mattresses that require a doctor’s prescription as the law states that a mattress has to have a chemical barrier. Some of the White Lotus mattresses have no fire barrier and the doctor has to state that the patient requires such a chemical-free mattress. White Lotus mattresses are in the high-priced range but every penny on them is worth as you get to sleep as close to the nature as possible.