Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress” is a hand crafted mattress, constructed using the body adaptive materials. It features Cooling Cloud technology aiding great pressure relieving properties for the sleepers. Read on!

Are You Missing Out On Your Sleep Because Of Your Mattress?

A lot of people are sleep deprived because of their mattress. When the mattress that they sleep on is uncomfortable, they wake up in the morning feeling tired. Many people experience aches and pains or numbness in their bodies. So if you are one of those who wake up in the morning feeling stiff and uncomfortable, then it is time to change your mattress.

When To Change Your Mattress !

  • Is your mattress looking old and worn out? Does it sag a lot? If you find visible signs of wear and tear, then it is time to replace your mattress.
  • When there are aches and pains when you get out of bed, and you feel miserable, then too, its time to change your mattress
  • If the mattress is more than 7 or 8 years old, then it is time to change your mattress. 10 years is the maximum time that you can use your mattress. Most mattress don’t provide the support and comfort that is required beyond that period. The quality of the mattress and the way a mattress is used, is also very important.
  • If you have made lifestyle changes like getting married or increased or decreased your activities, or gained or lost weight, then the old mattress may not be suitable for your new lifestyle. As a person ages, the body too undergoes changes. There then is a requirement for more body support. So if your old mattress is not providing you with that support, you may end up with a bad back. It is then time to change your mattress. New mattresses come with a number of enhanced features and it is easy to choose a type of mattress which suits your requirement.
  • If you are sharing your bed with your partner, then check with your partner. If your partner is not sleeping properly and is tossing in the bed all night, then your sleep too might get affected. This means that the mattress does not have motion transfer. So when both the partners are affected, its time to change the mattress . If space permits, a bigger sized mattress is also helpful.
  • If you sneeze a lot when you get into bed, the mattress might be causing you allergies. So it is necessary to get a hypo allergic mattress which suits you and makes you comfortable. For allergic people, changing mattresses will help. The other option is to use mattress pads, and change or wash those frequently to get rid of dust and mites.
  • If you find that you are sleeping better when you are away from home, especially in hotel rooms, then it might be the mattress that is the culprit. So go ahead and change your mattress.

Mattress Care

It is advisable to turn or rotate the mattress at least once a month. Single side mattresses cannot be flipped, but double sided mattresses can be flipped and flipping a mattress is useful even if manufacturers do not recommend the same

Children should not allowed to jump and play on the mattress, as it will decrease the firmness and also the life of the mattress

The mattress should be supported by a good bed frame. The center of the mattress especially requires good support. So provide your mattress with a good support to make it last longer

So, to get better sleep, always check your mattress for defects and aging symptoms like sagging and lumps. Replace it at least every eight years. Better sleep leads to better health and a comfortable mattress should be a priority for every person who values health.