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Back pain is one of the most common problems. The main relief those sufferers get is when they are on bed at night. A peaceful sleep at night is enough to ease much of the pain. But the same mattress where they sleep could also pose a bigger threat. Nest Bedding Memory Foam Mattress -What makes the mattress effective for back pain?
There are so many choices of mattresses that can help in relieving the back pain. What to choose? Who to trust? Confused? One of the most effective mattresses that can reduce the back pain is Nest bedding memory foam mattresses.

Nest Bedding Memory Foam Mattress

Unlike the other ordinary memory foam, Nest Bedding provides a rather modern and fashionable look to their mattresses. Here, the mattresses are either completely made of memory foam and gel foam or with an additional coil system as the base. Either way, the mattress is enough to provide the comfort or the firmness that you seek. In fact the memory foam mattress choice could be chosen from soft, medium, or firm comfort.

What makes the mattress effective for back pain is the medium firmness that is soft enough for comfort and should be firm enough for the back. The mattress must be this two-in-one to be effective for back pain and Nest Bedding mattress in the medium firm is sure to fulfil that requirement.


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Mattress Layers

The top layer of quilted cover has enough air flow to remove the heated effect of memory foam and at the same time can relive the pressure points.

Following layer is the copper infused memory foam that draws heat from the body to itself and from there releases the heat through the air channels. This layer is 2” thick.

The third layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam for better cooling. The heat drawn from the copper infused layer is transferred to the gel layer where it is dissipated.

The final layer in most of the Nest Bedding mattresses is high density 8 inches thick memory foam that serves as the base. This harder foam is enough to support the body weight and yet give enough pressure to stay put. In the hybrid mattresses, this base layer is 6 inches of pocketed coils for support.

The main difference that makes the mattress soft, medium firm or firm is the quilted top. The quilted top is 1.5 inches thick and is present in both soft and medium firmness, while it is absent in the firm mattress. Another difference between soft and medium firmness is the thickness of the second layer. It is 3 inches for softer mattress and 2 inches in medium firm mattress.

The covering material is breathable to reduce the heat and keep the surface cooler. It is soft to touch as well and makes the mattress feel soft.

What Makes This Memory Foam Mattress Effective For Back Pain?

Before we know how the Nest Bedding mattress works we need to know the main reasons why a mattress is important for the lower back health. Most often the reason for developing back pain from a mattress or the reason why a mattress is not able to support the back or relieve the back pain is that,

  • It is too firm on the back. Firm or harder mattress cannot mold to the body well enough to make a cradling effect and support the back all over. This forces the back to make an awkward position so that the back muscles are not able to rest.
  • It is too soft. The too soft mattress is also not good as the body will not be supported well and will be going too deep for its comfort. Here also the muscles will have to work harder to keep a normal position for the spine. The result, back pain.
  • The third reason is not so good make of the mattress. Mattress made with non-quality materials cannot give the actual support the body seeks. Though many of the memory foam mattresses are boasting to support the back the lack of high density foam does not give the proper support.

Nest Bedding memory foam mattress features

Now the matter comes to the Nest Bedding memory foam mattress. This mattress is designed well and made with quality materials to alleviate these above mentioned problems. The Nest Bedding memory foam mattress is known to be medium firm that is not so soft or firm and is just the right firmness.

This right firmness allows the back muscles to relax and take enough rest. The soft feel cradles the body well enough and yet keeps the spine alignment as needed. The use of high density memory foam as a base gives the enough support for the lumbar region without forcing it on to the body.

The Additional Benefits Of This Memory Foam Mattress

That’s it about the back pain reduction by the mattress. Next is the additional benefit of having hypoallergenic foam that does not emit any kinds of chemicals or cause allergies. The memory foam is notorious for offensive smell no matter how old the mattress is. But the Nest Bedding mattress does not have any smell even as a brand new one.

Alexander Signature series mattresses use ‘Thermic phase change’ cooling fabrics which keep the mattresses cool and comfortable.

The mattresses are made with the foam that has CertiPUR-US certification which means it does not have any chemicals added in it or contains any compounds that when emitted can cause allergic reactions in people. When other mattresses use petroleum based materials to make the memory foam, Nest Bedding uses natural materials to make the same.

As for the pricing, Nest Bedding mattresses are available at a reasonable price that does not empty your wallet. The free shipping is an added advantage. There is also the 101-nights trial period for you to check the mattress for a good 3 months before deciding its fate. The return could be done without much hassle with your money returned in full amount. What more do you need? Try this mattress if you want a medium firm for your back and hate to have smelly mattress.