Buy Washabelle Washable Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

Now it’s time you check into Washabelle washable mattress available online. It is one of the world’s first washable mattress made with five washable layers. Besides, the mattress is safe as it carries the CertiPUR US seal, so you can be confident that Washabelle has been tested by an accredited laboratory for emissions, content, and durability. Further, look into the reviews and helpful customer ratings to know more.

Washabelle Machine Washable Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Washabelle Washable Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Washabelle washable bed is a unique, kid-friendly mattress, specially designed to stand alone without sheets. Equally, customer’s love this mattress as it is specially constructed at improving your health by aiding a good support to your bones. Thus, most of the users who have been through these beds are saying – “This is the best mattress I have ever used in my life.”

Best Mattress Models from Washabelle Washable Mattress

Well, there is one single model available for this Washabelle mattress (in the dimension 9” x 39” x 75”). Hence, you cannot find much on other mattress models. Visit their concerned site for better understanding.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Specifications

Washabelle washable mattress is a breathable, comfortable mattress for your children.

In addition, it is made of six layers, five of which you can toss in the washer and dryer.

Besides, the mattress is absolutely good at absorbing moisture while you sleep.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

  • Guarantee and Warranty – Washabelle offers a 10-year limited warranty on all their beds. So, you can repair them anytime, free of cost if the mattress gets damaged during this warranty period.
  • Trial period – The manufacturer offers a 101 night trial period on their mattresses. Thus, you can return them anytime for a full refund. In case, you are not happy with its purchase. All you need to stuff them back into its original box and the company will donate them to the local charity.

Discount Prices On Washabelle Washable Mattress

With Washabelle discounts and promo, coupon deals – you can buy these mattresses for just $399 along with free shipping and 101-night trial offer. Besides, you can also log in with your respective email id for receiving newsletters on upcoming deals and other major offers. Better you keep checking the site for more detailed analysis.

Independent Reviews On Washabelle Washable Mattress

  • Overall, this Washabelle Washable mattress has received 5/5 stars from most of the satisfied customers. Mentioned below are few honest user reviews for your reference. Just give a look…
  • Kara says “This mattress is really comfortable, also lives up to its name as truly washable. Besides, their customer service is top notch. Thus, I recommend the Washabelle enough.”
  • Kayla says “I just love these beds. Actually, I came across this mattress while looking for a replacement mattress for my daughter. Must say, the overall quality of this mattress is adorable, without the smell of any harmful chemicals. Besides, the ability to wash it gives me a real peace of mind. Definitely, I am going to purchase a second one for my youngest in the near future.”
  • Noelle says “This is mind-blowing for me. It is just as comfortable as my memory foam mattress. You will never regret its purchase…”
  • Kari says “Love it! Quite amazing and so comfortable for the sleepers. Feels like wow!”
  • Anne says “This mattress is awesome. Now there’s no need to worry about an accident ruining my expensive bed. But I wish they had bigger sizes.”
  • Sarah says “ I just love the comfort offered by this great bed. According to me, it works perfectly in the bed frame. I haven’t had an issue until now. But I think washing it would be a big help.”
  • Aliesha says “It’s a wonderful product. Finally, I got something for my potty training child. Actually, she has ruined a mattress before… But now I have peace of mind knowing this won’t happen anymore.”
  • Sheena Tatum says “No more stress! As I am the one who can’t stand to smell urine or staining on the mattress. Now the case is different as I am able to become a better mom with Washabelle.”
  • Jack Marker says “Comfortable, nothing much to exclaim more.”
  • Christy Donna says “Excellent! I couldn’t express those in words.”

Bad reviews of Washabelle Washable Mattress

So far, there are no complaints stated for this washable mattress. Overall it’s a best memory foam bed that comes with a washable, cool cover which absorbs moisture while you sleep.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Comparison

Well, no specific detail is listed on the comparison of Washabelle washable beds with other brands available in the market. Hence, it is recommended you visit the sellers for better understanding of this subject.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Return Policy

Washabelle offers a 101-night trial warranty on all their mattress. So, you can return them anytime if you are not happy with its purchase and the company will arrange a pickup for your mattress (at no cost of you).

Washabelle Washable Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The company offers free shipping to individuals anywhere in US. But currently, they won’t ship outside the US. All you will receive an email with order confirmation within a few hours of placing the order and your product will be delivered directly at your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. However, you will receive an email with UPS tracking as soon as your order gets shipped.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Setup & Installation

Setting this mattress is quite easy as Washabelle is specially designed for the growing kids. So, for a toddler, you can put it right on the floor. But as your kids get more boisterous, you can set it on a frame supported by slats. Apart from this, you can place it on a foundation (where the mattress can stay fresh and clean for years).

Washabelle Washable Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far, there are no complaints or criminal cases launched against these Washabelle beds. However, it’s good you refer their concerned site for more information.

Washabelle Washable Mattress BBB Business Profile

Well, Washabelle washable mattress is not BBB accredited. But still you will find only positive responses mentioned for these beds.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Scam

No, the company is not a scam. They are one of the popular companies, selling user-friendly mattresses to the kids. So, you can effectively solve the challenge of cleaning the mattresses instead of throwing them away.

Are Bed bugs in Washabelle Washable Mattress a Possibility

Very hard to answer! As bed bugs are a common problem in most of the mattresses. However, you look into some hot treatment methods to remove these infestations.

Is Washabelle Washable Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, this Washabelle mattress falls between plush and firm options. Thus, it is considered as a versatile choice for the side, back and stomach sleepers weighing between 25 to 110 lbs. However, they serve an excellent choice for children as they provide a good support for growing bodies and offer padding for comfortable sleep in any position.

Is Washabelle Washable Mattress Non Toxic

No… not all! The mattress is absolutely safe as all the materials used in its construction are tested by the independent laboratories. They are made without the use of any lead, phthalates, formaldehyde or PBDEs flame retardants. Further, refer their site for more in-depth analysis.

How is Washabelle Washable Mattress Made

Washabelle is an interesting six-layered mattress – Five of which can be washed.

They include a zip top cover, a memory foam top and bottom, a waterproof breathable zip out liner, a foam base and a washable bottom cover.

This is a durable, preshrunk polyester ticking quilted with fluffy batting designed with Rayon. Besides, you will find here, the top cover is firmly attached to the bottom cover using a heavy duty brass zipper.

2nd and 3rd Washafoam washable memory foam

These two comfort layers are identical and interchangeable in nature. Water washes right through them. But still, the mattress allow airflow for deep, comfortable sleep. Equally, they are lightweight, featuring 1.5 inches thick open-celled memory foam. Besides, the gentleness of this luxury memory foam makes it tough enough to withstand repeated washing.

Washable Zip Out Breathable Waterproof Protector

Under the washafoam layer lies this waterproof, breathable barrier material that protects the 6” foam base. One of the unique quality is that it’s quite easy to toss in the washer and dryer. It’s constructed with billions of pores that are small enough for water to pass through.

Foam Base

This is a bottom supportive layer, made of 6 inches of premium quality conventional foam. But, this 6” x 39” x 75” layer is not machine washable or dryable.

Washable Zip Bottom Cover

Features a durable preshrunk polyester ticking covered with fluffy batting made with Rayon.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Washabelle Washable Mattress

This single bed mattress comes in a typical dimension (9” x 39” x 75”), so your twin sheet will perfectly fit on this mattress.

Adjustable base For Washabelle Washable Mattress

Yes, adjustable base works great for this Washabelle mattress. They are flexible enough to match the curves of the base and offers a comfortable shape for your bed. But at present, the company won’t sell any adjustable bed frame. Hence, it’s better you check into other sites for greater insights.

Mattress Pads by Washabelle Washable Mattress

Mattress pads offer a layer of comfort and warmth between the sleeper and the mattress. Currently, these mattress pads are not available at the seller’s website.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Cover

The cover of this Washabelle mattress is excellent featuring a zip top cover of durable preshrunk polyester ticking attached to the bottom cover with a heavy duty brass zipper.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Bedding Accessories

Currently, there are no bedding accessories available with Washabelle washable. So, if you wishing more, then you can refer other top-selling websites for everything.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Firmness Analysis

This plush-firm washable mattress is really an excellent choice for children because they offer a right amount of support and padding to your kid.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Frames & Foundation

Yes, Washabelle mattress works best on all kinds of mattress frames and foundations. Equally, they provide a solid, uniform support to your body. Better you get one for yourselves. But, currently, the company won’t sell any frames or foundations. Hence, it would be good you check them with other online destinations.

The Washabelle Washable Mattress Blog

There is no Washabelle mattress blog available at their site. Thus, it would be good you check with other interesting blogs for more info.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

You will hardly find any info on the showroom and store locator of these beds. Hence, it is recommended you check into the seller’s website for more listed details.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

No, the mattress is not available in the local stores. All you need to get them online from its official website or third party dealers like Amazon.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

For all your doubts and queries on this Washabelle mattress, you can contact their customer support team at 1.406.333.1771 or send an email at Their working hours are from 9 to 5 EST (from Monday through Friday).

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Washabelle Washable Mattress

You know, Black Friday deals serves as one of the best options to save your entire money. But, currently, the site doesn’t offer any Black Friday deal on this restful sleep mattress. Still, you keep checking and never get disappointed.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

There are no shipping charges involved for products shipped within the US. However, it takes about 3 to 5 days for shipment processing and you will get a confirmation slip after your order gets placed.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Financing

The company doesn’t offer any financing option to their customers. Better you consult their customer support team or check with other top-selling destinations for any kind of help.

Washabelle Washable Mattress in Stores

No, the mattress is not sold in the local stores in your destination. Thus, it’s highly recommended you check them online only.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Safety & Certifications

On the basis of results obtained from Underwriters Laboratories, we can conclude the mattress meets the test standard for Flammability. It is proven safe without the addition of any lead, phthalates or TCEP flame retardants.

Maintenance On Washabelle Washable Mattress

Cleaning this Washabelle washable mattress is quite easy. Remember you never bleach, all you need to separately wash the components in your washer and dryer on the requirement. Equally, wash them in cold water and then tumble dry on low.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Washabelle Washable Mattress

Tough to answer! Though this mattress is CertiPUR US certified you will find a slight smell coming out from these beds. Hence, it’s better you air dry them and the smell will disappear within a few hours of its usage.

Motion Transfer on a Washabelle Washable Mattress

Washabelle works best for motion transfer as it helps in reducing motion. Mainly because the energy absorbed is directly transmitted to the other side of the mattress. Further, look into their official website for everything.

Sagging Problems in Washabelle Washable Mattress

Here’s nothing to worry thinking that you will get stuck in the valley of this washable mattress. Overall, this mattress is good as it provides great support from the center of your bed.

Washabelle Washable Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For this, you may refer to the link They will offer you complete details on mattress unboxing, reviews and much more.

The Washabelle Washable Mattress Giveaway

With Washabelle washable mattress giveaway offer you could win a free mattress to update your child’s bedroom. But currently, the giveaway deal is not available at their site. However, it’s good you refer other websites for more details.

The Washabelle Washable Mattress Lawsuit

Until now, there are no legal issues or lawsuit filed against these beds. Thus, you can safely purchase everything from their respective website.


In conclusion, Washabelle washable mattress is a comfortable bed featuring two layers of washafoam, breathable waterproof base protector, bottom cover and base foam. However, it is thin, flimsy and lightweight in nature. Buy them and you will never regret its purchase.