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Latex mattress is basically made of pure latex which is naturally available and is the best seller among health conscious buyers also called as green buyers.

Recently I has visited my friend’s beach house. Stayed there for a couple of days enjoying the warmth of the sun with all of that tan running over my body. I really had a good time. Especially enjoyed her guestroom with the double bed and latex mattress which she had opted for it. I am person who wake up with terrible back pain every morning and end up screwing my whole day. But to my utter surprise I woke up with a happy face without even having a thought about any aches and pain. Well I guess latex mattress did all the magic for me as I really felt so comfortable. I had a great sleep which I never had since ages.

This was my first encounter with a latex mattress. As you all know that it has a limited availability and are not easily seen in most of the showrooms. They are a rare species in the mattress industry which has all the features of a memory foam mattress without its disadvantages being tailed to it. Yes it does not produce heat or emit some sort of smell like memory foam mattress since it is a natural product.

Here a few things that every buyer should know about a latex mattress. I will explain how I felt sleeping on top of it.

Puffy Mattress

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There are two types of latex mattress generally available

  • Completely made of latex and no other additional materials are added
  • Hybrid variety which includes upper latex layer and lower layer may be of foam or springs or whatever the maker likes to insert for base support.

So basically you can chose form these two varieties. But I would suggest to go for the former one as it is a complete natural product and feels so good to coddle on top it. On the cost side pure latex mattress may price a bit higher than the hybrid varieties. But when you can get a good deal of sleep why compromise with mattress for a few extra bucks. After all you are going to invest for a long time so it shouldn’t go waste.

For those who are having normal back pain and muscle strains caused due to office jobs and other household chores I would suggest buying a latex mattress. It really works. I had already replaced my old mattress for a new latex mattress with a medium firmness level. This is the first time where I could actually try a mattress and then buy one for my use.

Features Of Latex Mattress

Latex mattress are available with varying level of firmness for all sleeping positions. It does not produce any odor or even emit harmful substances which may cause indoor pollution. Basically am on the heavy side on my weight scale and my 10” latex mattress supports my body very evenly.

Latex mattresses are easy to maintain and mostly sold by reputed dealers. So you don’t have to worry on the warranty and return policy stuffs. I bought my mattress online where it is mostly available and it was delivered promptly.

There are hundreds of doubles available for a same product. So don’t get fooled and make sure that you only buy organic variety which is purely natural. Natural latex mattress contains wool cover instead of layers of flame retardant chemicals so it is really a good catch.

I am really happy for I have got the sleep I was craving for since a long time. Buying this mattress is like investing on two conventional mattresses at one shot as it stays for a long time without any wear and tear.

Latex Mattress