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Do you know your bed is an important part of your life as we spent a third of our lives asleep? So choosing a premium quality bed from a skilled manufacturer is also essential as it can immeasurably improve the quality of your sleep when compared to the poor quality beds. Vogue Mattresses is a top quality bed that’s proven at offering you a good night’s sleep. Similarly, with this, you will never feel grumpy as it helps increase your happiness without making you irritable or feeling depressed. Further, check out its reviews as it’s available for sale at the best lowest prices.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Vogue Mattresses

  • Single – 3″ x 6’3″/ 90cm x 190cm
  • Small Double – 4″ x 6’3″/ 120cm x 190cm
  • Double – 4’6″ x 6’3″/ 135cm x 190cm
  • King Size – 5′ x 6’6″/ 150cm x 200cm
  • Superking – 6′ x 6’6″/180cm x 200cm

Vogue Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

There are excellent reviews stated for these beds as it has an array of features that help in supporting a healthy posture. However, you will love the quality and the modern, beautiful design of these beds. Visit the site for detailed understanding.

Independent Reviews On Vogue Mattresses

  • Neil says “The bed offers a great comfort never offered before.”
  • Angela says “Love this mattress a lot.”
  • Sarah says “Good quality bed you must bring at least once in your lifetime. You can trust them…”
  • Jack says “Excellent 5-star beds!”

Best Mattress Models from Vogue Mattresses

Well, there are plenty- some of the top selling beds include Vogue Regatta Mattress, Vogue Latex Paedic Mattress, Vogue Viscount 800 Pocket Memory Foam Mattress.

Vogue Mattresses Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, these Vogue beds are available in single, small double, double, king and super king sizes. All these beds are good at providing you a basic support whilst you rest.

Maintenance On Vogue Mattresses

These beds are quite easy to care. All you need to rotate or turn it out in between every week or month.

Vogue Mattresses Specifications


    Vogue Regatta Mattress

    This Vogue Regatta is a single-sided mattress which provides a firm, orthopedic support to the users. It is specially designed to stay stable up to the edges as it’s made using the 9 gauge wire frame surrounding the mattress borders. Besides, this supportive fiber comfort mattress is hypoallergenic and very easy to care.


    • Includes open coil springs – The bed features open coil springs of high tensile steel that are joined together by a steel rod edge surrounding the springs.
    • Orthopedic support – This Regatta mattress works best for individuals who need extra support for their lower back and shoulder areas.
    • Mattress depth is 23cm (approximately 9.1″).
    • No need to turn – The mattress is beautifully designed to be single sided. Thus, there’s no need to flip it over.
    • Turning handles – This bed highly benefits from handles, which in turn assists the movement of the mattress.
    • It’s fire-resistant and thus it’s considered ideal for use at home.
    • This Vogue Regatta bed made in the UK comes with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

    Vogue Latex Paedic Mattress

    This Vogue Latex Paedic bed is a beautifully designed ortho mattress, made with the pressure relieving properties of natural Talalay latex. It makes use of the open coil spring system that spreads out evenly and molds your body shape as you lie on it. Besides, there are several noteworthy features like – 3 rows of stabilizing border stitches, tufts that lock the mattress fillings securely along with a lovely soft knit cover.


    • Natural latex – Addition of natural latex offers a comfortable, responsive sleep to the users. Equally, it offers a natural contouring support to your body shape along with great levels of comfort and support.
    • Mattress depth is 25cm (approximately 9.8″).
    • Features open coil springs.
    • Knitted cover – This bed is covered in a luxuriously soft knitted cover and is breathable in nature.
    • Orthopedic support – Meant at offering the extra needed support. However, it’s good for people who require better support for lower back and shoulder areas.
    • Turnable mattress – This is a double-sided turnable mattress with fillings on both sides.
    • Turning Handles – The bed highly benefits from handles. This, in turn, assists the movement of the mattress.
    • Fire resistant in nature.

    Vogue Viscount 800 Pocket Memory Foam Mattress

    This is a personally tailored pressure relief mattress good at offering a luxurious comfort to the sleepers. It is made using the pressure relieving benefits of Blue Cool Memory Foam along with the addition of pocket springs. The bed is stitched on handles, along with three rows of stitching on the mattress edge for greater longevity.


    • Individual Pocket Springs – Showcases 800 resilient, heat treated highly supportive pocket springs. This lets your partner sleep in your own zone without affecting your partner.
    • Memory foam – This added memory foam responds to your body heat by matching the shape of your body. It effectively disperses weight throughout the mattress, alleviates pressure points and allows proper blood circulation.
    • Perfect for individuals who prefer a firmer level of support.
    • Mattress depth is 26 cm (approximately around 10.2″).
    • This is a double-sided turnable mattress with fillings on both sides.
    • The bed highly benefits from handles which helps in assisting the movement of the mattress.
    • Specially manufactured in the UK, fire resistant and NBF approved.

    Vogue Mattresses Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

    Guarantee & Warranty – The company offers a one year guarantee period on their beds. Thus, you can easily repair these mattresses in case any damage happens to your beds.

    Trial period – Well, the website doesn’t state much on the trial period offered on these beds. But, in case you are not happy with the comfort offered on these Vogue beds then you may return them at the earliest (within the initial 14 days).

    Coupons Codes & Discounts For Vogue Mattresses

    You can avail free delivery on all the orders at Mattress Online, 20 to 50% off on mattress orders, Divan beds starting from £145, Wooden bed frames ranging from £99 and metal bed frames starting at from £95. Further, visit the site or login with your concerned email address on the seller’s website for more info on upcoming deals and offers.

    Vogue Mattresses Return Policy

    The manufacturer offers a 14 days return policy on their mattresses. So in case you are not happy with the sleep quality lent by these beds. Then you can contact the manufacturer’s website for everything.

    Vogue Mattresses Shipping & Delivery

    Their delivery process is fast and you can receive the mattress immediately the very next day on ordering. Moreover, their shipping is absolutely free as the company doesn’t accept any shipping charges on their products.

    Vogue Mattresses Setup & Installation

    The setup and installation of this mattress are quite easy. You can refer their instruction manual or check out the setup videos available online.

    Adjustable base For Vogue Mattresses

    Yes, Vogue Mattress offer additional benefits to the user by offering great comfort and enhanced needed support. You can check for the adjustable bases available at their official website. They are available in different size charts – standard base and deluxe base…

    Sizes ranging in – 75 x 198cm, 90 x 198cm, 120 x 198cm, 135 x 198cm, 150 x 198cm, 180 x 198cm.

    Mattress Pads by Vogue Mattresses

    The mattress pads by Mattress Online are breathable, it offers moisture management and thermoregulatory properties to the users. Equally, it helps you remain cool in the summer, warm and in the winter seasons. Currently, there are plenty of choices available at the manufacturer’s website. Hurry! just get into them before the offer ends.

    Vogue Mattresses Cover/Topper

    The cover of this mattress is superb and easy to take care of. It’s made of supportive fiber layers and is hypoallergenic in nature.

    Vogue Mattresses Bedding Accessories

    Well, there are no specific Vogue Mattress bedding accessories available with Mattress Online. But, if you want you can check for related bedding accessories available at their site.

    Vogue Mattresses Firmness Analysis

    The mattress is excellent when it comes to firmness. Afterall, it’s the best combination of comfort, durability, and quality to meet your sleep requirements.

    Vogue Mattresses Frames & Foundation

    Vogue Mattresses Frames & Foundation offers a solid, uniform foundation for their beds. This could provide you with a more restful sleep you never had before. Hence, it’s suggested you get them at the earliest for a wonderful night’s sleep.


    Vogue Mattresses Complaints & Consumer Reports

    Until now, there are no complaints or bad reviews stated for these mattresses.

    Vogue Mattresses BBB Business Profile

    This Vogue Mattress is not BBB accredited. Further, refer to their official website for more.

    Vogue Mattresses Scam

    No, this Vogue Mattress is not a scam. Mattress Online are pioneers at making a range of products that boasts excellent design and technical innovations. Get into the site for related details.

    Are Bed bugs in Vogue Mattresses a Possibility

    Bed bugs are common occurrences in the mattress. They can be found on the tufts and folds. Thus, it’s suggested you try some home remedies or go for some heat treatments to get rid of this bed bugs attack. Look into the respective site for more info.

    Is Vogue Mattresses Good For Back Pain Problems

    Yes, this mattress is good at supporting your lower back pain troubles. It offers a proper cushion to your hip and shoulder areas. Equally, encourages good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles by providing a healthy wholesome sleep to the users.

    Is Vogue Mattresses Non Toxic

    The mattress is safe made without the use of any harmful chemicals or toxic substances like antimony, mercury, formaldehyde which leads to serious health issues. Further, visit their respective site for every single info listed.

    The Vogue Mattresses Blog

    For Vogue mattress Blog you can refer the site, where single info on a good night’s slumber is stated.

    The Vogue Mattresses Showroom & Store Locator

    Mattress Online is having their showing at Rotherham, with six doors and rooms for storing more than hundreds of mattresses at their place. You can check their address at:

    The Bed Shop

    Units 6-9 Alexandra Centre, Rail Mill Way, Parkgate

    Rotherham, South Yorkshire

    S62 6JE.

    Vogue Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

    The customer support number for Vogue Mattress is 01709780881. You can call them for all your doubts and worries on these mattresses. Their customer support is always ready to answer you everything.

    Black Friday Deals & Sales on Vogue Mattresses

    With Vogue Mattress Black Friday deals and offers, you can save around $100 to $200 on all their beds. But, at present, there are no Black Friday deals available with these manufacturers. Hence, it’s suggested you keep an eye on them for latest deals and offers.

    Vogue Mattresses Delivery Fee & Time

    The company offers a next day delivery on all their mattresses. So, you can be sure as there’s nothing to worry about their delivery processes.

    Vogue Mattresses Financing

    The company doesn’t state much on the financing options available on these mattresses. Better you look into other websites for related info on this subject.

    Vogue Mattresses in Stores

    No, these beds are not available at the local stores in your destination. You can get them online only. Thus, it is referred you look into the company’s website for greater insights.

    Vogue Mattresses Safety & Certifications

    This mattress is safe, NBF certified in nature, made without the use of any volatile organic compounds or harsh chemical fumes.

    Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Vogue Mattresses

    Well, it’s hard to say as you might experience a slight chemical-like smell while unboxing the mattress. However, the best methods to get rid of this smell is to open your mattress outside and let it breathe for at least two days.

    Motion Transfer on a Vogue Mattresses

    These beds are best at reducing motion. Similarly, you can feel relaxed with these beds as energy here is absorbed directly and rarely transferred to another side of the beds.

    Sagging Problems in Vogue Mattresses

    Sagging issues generally arise due to manufacturing defects. Most of the company uses inferior quality materials in its construction. Such mattresses lack the durability and longevity needed to handle the wear and tear of the bodies. But, Vogue beds are quality mattresses and you will not find any sagging issues reported in these mattresses.

    Vogue Mattresses Video Ads & Promo’s

    No particular information is stated on video ads and promos on Vogue beds. Better you check with other sites for everything.

    The Vogue Mattresses Giveaway

    Currently, the site doesn’t specify much on the giveaway offers available at But, you never lose hope, instead, keep checking the site for more info on upcoming deals and offers.

    The Vogue Mattresses Lawsuit

    Until now, there are no legal issues or any criminal cases filed against these top selling mattresses. Still, if you are not happy with the reviews then look into the seller’s website for more.


    Hope this article could provide you with more info on Vogue Mattresses online and other related details. The mattress is soft and offers a peaceful sleeping environment to the sleepers. Order one for yourselves before it’s too late.

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