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Vispring Mattresses are handmade mattresses that use no foam and use only natural ingredients. The coil system is the only non-natural ingredient in these mattresses. There are several models of Vispring Mattresses for you to choose from. The best feature about this mattress is that you can customize them as you needed. Right from the filling layers in the top portion to the gauge of the steel springs used, you have the right to say about what you want and how you want them.

You may buy them online or from selected stores, which you can find from the official website of Vispring Mattress. The mattresses are available in different sizes. The mattress is highly expensive owing to the customize option and usage of natural ingredients.

Independent Reviews On Vispring Mattress

  • Rhoda- “The salesman recommended this mattress for me. I was unable to find the comfort mattress that I wanted, and I zeroed in on the Vispring mattress Elite model. This is perfect for me. Yes, the price is high, but I am happy with it.”
  • Heidi- “It’s been a year since I had this mattress. It is superb. The comfort is amazing and feels luxurious as well. I had spent a lot on this mattress, but every penny is worth. I recommend the Vispring mattress pad as well.”
  • Joey- “I was sceptical about buying this expensive mattress. But let me tell you, this is worth every penny. The best bed I have ever had.”

Best Mattress Models from Vispring Mattress

Vispring Masterpiece Vicuna mattress

  • Vispring Masterpiece Vicuna mattress is the most expensive mattress form this brand. Yes, the mattress costs over $100,000 for the larger sizes.
  • The mattress uses the most sorted after Vicuna wool which is a symbol of royalty from the Incan Empire. Using it is nothing short of royalty in feel.
  • There are 3 layers of coil systems inside. The gauge is up to the customer.
  • The padding layers of the mattress use Shetland fleece, Mooseburger strands, cashmere, alpaca, vicuna, Shetland fleece wool, and cotton.
  • The Vispring Masterpiece vicuna mattress has a finishing with 5 rows of side stitching for the finishing.
  • Th quilting at the top is with silk and cashmere.
  • This mattress model is available in all the 7 sizes including Super King. The mattress height is 11.5”.

Vispring Elite mattress

  • Vispring Elite mattress is the entry-level model of this brand.
  • This is also the cheapest mattress available from this Vispring. The mattress comes in 7 sizes.
  • The height of the mattress is 9.8 inches.
  • Starting from the top, the mattress cover and quilting is done with Belgium Damask material.
  • The padding layers are made of British Fleece wool & cotton in different weight and layers.
  • The core mattress support is from the vanadium steel coil system.
  • The finishing uses 2 rows of side stitching.
  • The mattress will be comfortable with a standard box spring of 9 inches height or a low-profile foundation of 6.7” height. Both these foundations are available with the mattress for purchase.
Nectar Mattress

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    Vispring Coronet mattress

    • Vispring Coronet mattress is one of the cheaper mattresses from this brand.
    • The mattress is only 9.8” in height.
    • The mattress has Belgium Damask fabric for the mattress cover that prevents the allergens and dust from entering the mattress.
    • The comfort layers use British fleece wool and cotton for the padding.
    • The vanadium steel coils are single layered
    • The mattress could use both a high-profile foundation of 9” or a low profile one of 6.7”.
    • The mattress is double sided so that you can flip and rotate the mattress as you want. There are handles provided for the mattress flipping or rotation.

    Vispring Signatory Superb mattress

    • Vispring Signatory Superb mattress is a low-end luxury mattress with 4 layers of comfort materials and your choice of the steel gauge coil system.
    • The mattress has a quilted layer made of Shetland wool and silk material.
    • The comfort layers are made of British fleece wool, Mooseburger long strand horsetail, Shetland fleece wool & cashmere blend and finally the Shetland fleece wool and organic cotton mix.
    • The innerspring coils are in 2 rows one above the other.
    • The side stitching is in 4 rows.
    • The total height of the mattress is 11” and goes well with a standard foundation.
    • The mattress comes in all 7 sizes.
    Avocado Mattress

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    Vispring Masterpiece Superb mattress

    • Vispring Masterpiece Superb mattress is a rich mattress with a cashmere-silk blend for quilting top.
    • The comfort layers are made with Shetland fleece wool & organic cotton, Horsetail strands, cashmere, alpaca, silk & Shetland fleece wool.
    • The coil system is 3 layered and stacked one above the other.
    • This mattress model has 5 rows of side stitching.
    • The height of the mattress is 11.5”
    • The mattress suits well with a standard box spring foundation with a height of 9”.

    Vispring Regal Superb mattress

    • The Vispring regal Superb mattress is a quilt-top mattress with padding layers and innerspring coil system.
    • The quilting uses Shetland Wool and Rayon blend.
    • The padding is present on the top as well as on the sides of the mattress. The padding uses different materials as required.
    • The available choices are fleece wool and cotton, horsetail and British fleece wool and the final choice is Shetland wool and cotton.
    • The coil gauge is custom that would finish with 3 rows of side stitching to finish.
    • The model is available in 7 sizes- twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal King and Super King. The mattress height is 10.5”.

    The Best Memory foam Mattress Recommended for Healing. 

    Vispring Tiara Superb mattress

    Vispring Tiara Superb mattress is a 10.5” thick mattress with plush layers for the comfort over the spring support. The mattress quilted layer has the allergen resistant Belgian Damask fabric tightly woven over the padding layers. The padding layers use Shetland wool, organic cotton and hand teased blend of long strand horsetail with Shetland wool for the cool and plush comfort layer. The support system is 2 tiered with 2 layers of springs placed one above the other. There are 3 rows of side stitching for the mattress. The mattress has got 2 handles each on all 4 sides for the ease of moving and rotating.

    Vispring Classic Superb mattress

    Vispring Classic Superb mattress is also on the lower range of the brand. The mattress is 10.5” in height. The quilted layer has organic cotton fabric which is tightly sewn to avoid any intrusion into the mattress. The padding layers are 3 in number with 2 layers of British Fleece wool with the loose hand teased long strand horsetail in between them. The core support is from the 2 layers of vanadium steel springs. The side stitching is finished with 3 rows. The mattress is quite suitable with a standard sized box spring. The price of this model of Vispring mattress is in the mid-range which depends on the spring gauge, comfort level, and size.

    Vispring Sublime Superb mattress

    Vispring Sublime superb mattress uses Shetland wool and viscose blend for the quilting at the top. The padding layers are 3 with one British fleece wool, a blend of long strand horsetail, Shetland wool, South African mohair and Chinese silk in the next layer and a mix of Shetland fleece wool and organic cotton for the last layer. The support layer has 3 rows of spring coils stacked one above the other. The sides of the mattress have 4 rows of stitching and 2 handles each on every side. The total height of the mattress is 10.5”.


    Widest choice of Mattresses, from Memory foam, Latex and Luxury series. The Best Mattresses at affordable price


    Vispring Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

    All the models of Vispring mattress are available in 7 sizes of twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal King and Super King. The dimensions are,

    • Twin 38” x 75
    • Twin XL 38” x 80”
    • Full 54” x 75”
    • Queen 60” x 80”
    • King 76” x 80”
    • Cal King 72” x 84”
    • Super King 71” x 79”

    There is no estimation of the weight of the Vispring mattress as it is completely dependent on the choice of materials.

    Vispring Mattress Specifications

    The core of the Vispring Mattress is vanadium steel springs. The spring coils are handmade and have the hand-sewn wrapping and closure for each coil.

    The spring coils could be single, double or triple layers inside the mattress. The number of layers depends on the customization demand.

    The gauge of the steel also varies with the requirement. The steel coils could be of 9 wire gauges to as high as 58 spring types.

    The upholstery of the mattresses is with wool, cotton, silk, bamboo and horsetail materials.

    Vispring Mattresses are breathable and stays cooler than other types of mattresses. The natural materials help with the temperature regulation.

    The thick mattress cover prevents all allergens from entering inside the mattress.

    Maintenance On Vispring Mattress

    Vispring mattress has handles on all 4 sides. These handles help you move, rotate or flip the heavy mattress on its foundation. The mattress needs regular rotating that prolongs the life of the mattress.

    There are a few models of Vispring mattress that are double-sided and that you can flip occasionally. These mattress needs flipping once in a year and rotate them once in 3-6 months depending upon the weight or number of users.

    A mattress pad or a protector on the mattress is highly necessary. The mattress cover is non-removable so you need a removable cover which you can wash and clean regularly.


    Vispring Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

    The Vispring mattresses have a pro-rated lifetime warranty for all the models. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of all kinds, including indentation and opening of the stitches etc.

    Vispring mattresses do not have a trial period. These custom-made mattresses are forever. There is no return or exchange either.

    Discount Prices On Vispring Mattress

    This is where things get tight. The Vispring mattresses are insanely expensive mattresses that have a starting price range of $3850. The highest price can be over $110,000. The majority models of Vispring mattress have a price range of over $9000.

    The price of the mattress depends on the choice of the ingredients with which the mattress is custom made. The materials, thickness, and the steel gauge are all deciding factors here.

    The mattresses do have a discount price when bought from US-Mattress. You would also get financing option for the same. Discounts are also applicable on the floor models of Vispring mattress types where the comfort level is pre-determined. They are available for most models. The offer may include only the mattress or a combo of the mattress with its base. The available comfort levels are soft, medium, medium-soft, medium-medium and firm. The discounts could be as high as 30%.

    Coupons Codes & Discounts For Vispring Mattress

    Luckily, there are several of the Vispring coupons available online. They help you get larger benefits in terms of discounts. There also are coupon codes for where you may find coupon codes for even 88% off on the products.

    Vispring Mattress Shipping & Delivery

    Vispring mattress gets a free shipping from US-Mattress store. You can choose the delivery service as you needed. There will be 3 options of delivery on the road-side which takes 2-3 weeks by default. The mattress is made on demand so takes time to compile and construct.

    The next option in in-home delivery and setup. The white glove delivery team would bring the mattress to its destination, help you set it up and take away the packing materials as well.

    The third option is in-home delivery, setup and old mattress removal. The third option has a charge of $49 for the mattress removal. You may choose, as per convenience.

    You can schedule the delivery prior to a week. Someone must be at home for the delivery. There is no usual delivery on weekends. If you want, you can request for the same with a nominal fee. Call in at 1-800-455-1052 for the weekend delivery request.

    Vispring Mattress Setup & Installation

    There are no setup steps needed for Vispring mattresses. The mattress comes ready to use. All you need to do is to get the mattress to its room, remove the packaging materials and place it on the convenient foundation. The mattress can be heavy, so it is better to choose the white glove delivery for this mattress.

    Adjustable base For Vispring Mattress

    Vispring mattresses are NOT compatible with any adjustable base. Using it on an adjustable base can damage the spring and can nullify the warranty as well.

    Vispring Mattress Firmness Analysis

    There are different comfort levels for the Vispring mattresses. They can be soft/plush, medium-soft, medium, medium-medium, firm and firm-firm. The comfort level depends on the materials used in the padding layers. Depending upon the padding material and their arrangement, the comfort level differs from one another. There are pre-made mattresses with a fixed comfort level but if you need a custom mattress, the comfort level could be different from these types. The gauge of the steel spring is also a major factor which decides the firmness of the mattress. You may also opt for different rows of springs coils.

    Vispring Mattress Frames & Foundation

    A box spring is the best choice for the Vispring mattresses. The height of the foundation is ideal at 9 inches. It could also work well with a low-profile foundation. There are foundations available for purchase along with the mattress.

    Vispring Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

    Vispring mattress is available in several countries across the globe. Go to the and click on find us and then choose store locator. There you can select the country and town to see the available stores.

    The search results will have the address and contact details of the store. You will also be able to locate the store on the map.

    Vispring Mattress Financing

    The Vispring mattress financing is available with Affirm. You need to get a prior approval or qualify for the same. Once you get qualified, you can choose Affirm at checkout and pay for the mattress on a monthly basis for 3, 6, or 12 months’ time. The APR would be 10-30%.

    Motion Transfer on a Vispring Mattress

    Vispring mattress has a steady construction that offers 100% motion isolation on the mattress surface. The detailed construction method and arrangement of the spring coils reduce all kinds of motion transfer on the mattress surface. This is one great advantage of paying a huge amount for the mattress.

    Sagging Problems in Vispring Mattress

    Vispring mattresses would not succumb to the indentation or sagging on the mattress surface. The mattresses have quality materials for the padding that may show small impressions but that is not sagging. The high-quality vanadium steel coils will spring back to life when not in use and would not cause any kind of sagging issues on the mattress.


    Vispring mattresses are high-end mattresses that do not have a major user bank. Not many would be willing to invest huge amounts on a mattress. Yes, those who want such mattresses would do that. All things considered, the Vispring mattresses are top quality, using only natural ingredients for the comfort. This is any day better than the memory foam or latex mattresses. Since all good things have a price to pay, the Vispring mattress also has its price. You need to have a strong will to see the mattress aging with you.