Winkbeds Mattress

The available sizes of Winkbeds mattresses include Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Split-King and California King, Depending on the size, the weight of the mattress also ranges from 58 and 93 pounds which makes it easier to move around the mattress

While many people look for the comfort and the right firmness in the memory foam mattresses, my primary concern is about the ‘look’ of the mattress. A mattress has to have a thicker material as the cover with some eye catchy designs or whatever that makes it look attractive. I didn’t have to look further than the mattresses at Valeo Collections. Read More …

These memory foam mattresses at Valeo Collections are different grade altogether with specific combinations of the memory foam layers. There also are the different categories for each type. In addition, each category also has the variety of firmness for the mattresses. This is truly one of a kind of memory foam mattress range where you get to pick a lot of choices before you nail down the one that you want.

Valeo Collections Mattresses

The categories at Valeo Collections are named as Eco, Anew, Ascent, and Rejuvigel. One could deduce what each type could mean by the name itself.

The Eco mattresses have eco friendly foam in each layer and top with a bamboo rayon fabric for the outer cover. The motto is to keep the mattresses closer to the nature and not cause additional damage to it. The mattresses are also comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

The Anew is for a refreshed waking up in the morning. The foam used here are highly resilient to keep the sleep movements minimal and also to give cushion effect throughout the night.

Ascent mattresses are mainly pressure relieving and that can cradle the body when the weight is placed on. You can get all the comfort levels in this mattress range.

Rejuvigel uses the gel wave technology in the foam for the cooling effects. The softer visco foam also add to the cushiony feel. It is also made in the perfect combo of support and comfort.

Top 5 Valeo Collections Memory Foam Mattresses

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The top 5 memory foam mattresses include that from the Ascent and Rejuvigel series. There are 2 from the Ascent and 3 from Rejuvigel series.

Ascent 4 Mattress King Size

Ascent 4 is a medium firm mattress with 10 inches of foam. The mattress can make a perfect nest for the night. It uses softer foam at the top for comfort and support foam below to give the support for the body. The body can sink into the softer foam while the base foam supports it well. The mattress is covered with a super stretch
The softness of the foam allows smoother movements during night and at the same time it can reduce the motion transfer allowing the partner to have a good time without disturbance. It relieves the pressure point, improves blood circulation, and promotes relaxation.

The mattress is available in all sizes like twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. The popular size for this comfort level is the king size.

Ascent 5 Mattress Cal King Size

Ascent 5 is medium in comfort level. It has this extra layer of foam for the soft feel. The added foam has pressure relieving ability that simply adds to the existing foam. There is the base foam that is just right for the support follows the cushiony foam layers. The Ascent 5 mattress has the enveloping cushiony luxury with ample support from the base foam to reduce any chances of aches and pains.

The mattress is 11 inches thick with good firmer feel. The upper layers are highly responsive and allowing relaxation to the core. The mattress is soft but can reduce the motion transfer that a partner can join in like a whisper.

The mattress is available in all sizes from twin to California king, including the twin XL size. The popular size happens to be the largest California King size. The soft stretchable covers simply make the whole package worth it.

Rejuvigel 1 Mattress King

Coming to the Rejuvigel mattresses, the Rejuvigel 1 is the firmest in this series. It is ideal for those with back pain. They have a rigid yet soft surface to sleep on. it can make you feel refreshed. No need to say, this can be enjoyed, only by those who prefer the firmness.

The mattress uses this dual wave gel technology that can add softness and at the same time support the body well enough. The softness of the gel layer enveloped you initially and the core foam of the mattress makes a firm support from beneath. The difference can be seen when you wake up feeling good and refreshed.

The mattress can reduce the pressure points and motion transfer. It also responds immediately with each movement the person takes during the night. The mattress comes in all sizes possible. The popular size here is the king size, obviously couples love to have this comfort at their home.

Rejuvigel 3 Mattress King / Cal King

Rejuvigel 3 is the softest mattress of this series. It is a combination of cushiony feel and support. There are 3 layers of foam and the first two layers are zoned to have proper pressure relieving tactics at the key points. This zonal design is awaiting the patent. This design also allows better air flow within the mattress. The base foam is again, the back bone of the mattress that truly supports the softer upper layers of the mattress.

You cannot miss the ‘ahh’ feeling that you express while lying on this mattress. This will be loved by everyone, who has an affinity towards the softer mattress.

The mattress is available in all sizes. There are 2 popular sizes for this mattress, regardless of the price that it comes in. this 13 inches thick mattress has its favorites in the king size and California king sizes. It can contour to the body in each movement and help you relax.


If you are looking for the cheap rated memory foam mattresses, then the Valeo Collections is not for you. They are not cheap by any means. It comes at a price that fits for the luxury feel that it evokes. The Ascent mattresses are cheaper in comparison while the Rejuvigel mattresses are real pricey. Overall, these mattresses worth every penny spent on them with the comfort and feel that it provides. It stays true to what it claims.